The Remnant Bride Online Bible Study with Gary Naler


The Kingdom of Heaven Series

Teaching #1:   What Is the Kingdom of Heaven? (Part I)

Provides an introduction concerning Gary's life, how these revelations regarding the kingdom came to him, and what are the initial three successive parts of the kingdom--two parts becoming a split work.

Teaching #2:   What Is the Kingdom of Heaven? (Part II)

Adds further highly revealing examples and testimonies regarding this split-work pattern evidenced in the kingdom.   Also, most importantly we see why Yahweh splits a kingdom work, and how this split work evidences being a Moses and Elijah.   And parenthetically, Gary speaks about the importance of having "God circles."

Teaching #3:   The Timing of the Kingdom

We find that the kingdom, like King Saul, actually came early, before its time.   Also, we consider what Christianity truly is--the breach, the great and terrible wilderness, even the time of darkness when the Passover Lamb is eaten.   It is the two thousand swine given to Legion that all went to the sea of death.   Finally we see that Christianity is equally split by the Millennial Reign.

Teaching #4:   Splitting the Kingdom To Make It Clean

Addresses why Yahweh splits kingdom works--to humble us and to make us clean.   A passionate and highly valuable appeal is also made, particularly to women, to become a servant.   With the bigger picture revealed here, we find the three separate resurrections--first the Bride, then the Body, and then the nations--as well as when they take place.   Gary likewise makes a passionate appeal regarding the necessity of moral virtue.

Teaching #5:   Splitting the Bride, Splitting the Body

First, we see who are the "obedient people" of Genesis 49:10.   Also, the breach of the Millennial Reign is clearly and amazingly attested when the Jordan River was crossed twice by Elijah and/or Elisha as recorded in 2 Kings 2.   In addition, the splitting of the Body of Christ is examined from Zechariah 6 where we see Yahshua's reign between two bronze mountains.

Teaching #6:   The Covenant Pattern

This opens with the passionate message regarding the overwhelming utter failure of women today to evidence godliness.   Next, the split work evidenced in marital conjugation, its immutable covenant, and the consequences of violating it are addressed, answering the question: When is divorce an option?   We also see the like conjugal work effected at the crucifixion.   But most importantly, the Millennial Reign effects the fulfillment of the covenant pattern of Genesis 15.

Teaching #7:   The Government of Coverings

Begins with Gary's personal story in understanding Yahweh's instructions about beards and headcoverings, which led to publishing the book Coverings .   We find that Yahweh places two coverings over every object to be covered, and removes the second covering in order to judge the object.   A substitutionary covering is then placed over the object until the true covering can be restored.   Also revealed is how Satan has been a substitutionary covering for the church, and the consequences.

Teaching #8:   The Office of Elijah

By examining John the Baptist, who had the spirit of Elijah, we learn where the office of Elijah originates, how it has continued, and what is its ultimate fulfillment in bringing forth Immanuel.   We also discover the role of Satan in that office so as to baptize the Body of Christ into death.   And most importantly, we discover how a rib is used to build the Bride, as well as who are the twenty-four elders around the throne in Revelation.

Teaching #9:   The Nazirite Vow

This is an incredible and highly compelling session, early on delivering a passionate appeal to uncover the rock and build upon it what is solid.   This is the second rock named Meribah, to which Yahweh is speaking today in order to bring forth much needed water.   Equally passionate instruction follows regarding the Nazirite vow.   We find that this vow is the sole provision for restoring the kingdom from the foundation of the world, and restoring man.

Teaching #10:   Stacking Time, Cutting It Short

This opens with a stirring appeal for the necessity to live righteously, adding moral virtue to your faith.   Here we also learn how Yahweh accounts time--reckoning it in increments of forty-nine-year Jubilee waiting periods.   The certainty of this is clearly evidenced by carefully examining the history of man, which Gary does so.   A most important conclusion of this count points to a highly significant year--1994.   Its significance and hope is considered.

Teaching #11:   The White Throne Judgment, Plus the Responsibility of Youth

What are the three resurrections?   Where do the lake of fire and white throne judgment fit into Yahweh's timing?   What is the lake of fire and what is its purpose?   How is it that all men find their places in the kingdom of God?   These questions and more are answered.   Also, the responsibility of youth is examined, as well as the authority of a father over his offspring and the impact of resisting one's father.   We also see that a father is to establish the kingdom in his own home.

Teaching #12:   The Governmental Nature of the Human Body

Our body is the temple of God and thereby prophesies, just as did the tabernacle or Solomon's temple.   How we groom or adorn our bodies, as well as what we do with them, prophesies and prays, revealing our true spiritual state.   We also see how in the kingdom there is a critical process of Mary -> Yahshua -> Bride -> Body -> Bride -> Immanuel.   Also, the prophetic significance of various body parts and sexual acts is addressed, and a passionate appeal is made to cleanse our temples.

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