Yahshua's Nazirite Vow



No where in any of the four gospel accounts of the last supper do we read that Yahshua drank from the cup of wine. It clearly records that, "He took a cup and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, 'Drink from it, all of you" (Matthew 26:27). But the indication here is, at this point He ceased drinking wine. And not only did He cease, but it is at this supper at the close of His life that we see He instituted His vow and vital work as a Nazirite! Up to now He ate and drank with men. But having fulfilled that fellowship, He prepared to enter into His work of redeeming not only man, but also, very importantly, the garden kingdom.

Matthew, Mark, and Luke record Yahshua's vow to not drink from the fruit of the vine. By doing this, Yahshua placed Himself under the vow of the Nazirite.

In Matthew 26:29 we read the very significant final statement of Christ following the Passover meal, just prior to singing a hymn with His disciples and then departing to the Mount of Olives. What was His paramount statement? It was the vow of the Nazirite! Yahshua said (and we quote Him ,not only here but in each case, in a more literal translation of the Greek in order to get the thrust with which He spoke):

"And I tell you, by no means will I drink from this time on of this fruit of the vine, until I drink it with you new in the kingdom of the Father of Me."

Luke records a similar statement from Christ as He made this all-important vow:

"For I tell you, by no means will I drink from now on from the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God comes" (22:18).

But the most emphatic of all accounts is recorded in the book of Mark. Significantly, all three of these Gospels record His statement. In this book the entire Passover meal is recorded in a brief ten verses, yet very importantly includes this vital vow:

"Truly I tell you - no more by no means will I drink of the fruit of the vine until I drink it new in the kingdom of God" (14:25).

At this pivital point, Yahshua entered into the all-important vow as a Nazirite, even as His cousin John had been under for life. Yahshua was to fulfill all things, and it was vitally important that He fulfill the law concerning the Nazirite. As recorded in Numbers 6, the law provided for a man or woman to establish their vow for a given numbered "days of his separation." The vow was not necessarily lifelong, as it was for Samson, Samuel, or John the Baptist. Yahshua established "the days of His separation" to be specifically from that last supper, when He did not drink with His disciples, until He drank it "new" with them in the kingdom of God.


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