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The transition of this writing from the first sign to the second sign requires some necessary observation and commentary concerning the times we live in, as well as some very frank and straight forward comments on some of the accepted and enthusiastic teachings of this time.

Men everywhere are looking for and widely espousing all sorts of holocaust, cataclysmic, end time, World War III, beast dominated, bar code events that culminate into some "great tribulation" prior to the return of Yahshua. But nothing could be further from the truth of what will indeed come to pass. These are the often fictitious and even science fiction teachings coming from the source you observed whose face is engraved on the "snake kingdom" - the little horn that has a mouth that utters greatly, out of which comes a flood of false teachings. These are the science fiction thoughts of carnal earth-occupying fleshly men, liken unto those who came to John the Baptist to whom he declared - "you brood of vipers." Their ideas are all wrath, wrath, wrath, and they comb through current events for anything they can find to validate the devastation they falsely forecast. It is rightly written regarding the one who has authority over them and their teachings - "And the great dragon was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world," including all those who are in Christianity's "snake kingdom."

Remember, the first sign was a staff turned into a serpent; and that serpent has not yet been put away. He still has the freedom and authority to deceive which he has had from the beginning; and it seems that knowing his days are few, his teachings and the fervency with which they are embraced is ever so prevalent.

Of course the nature of deception is that no one knows they are deceived. Every Christian is fully and sincerely persuaded that they have "the truth," and every Christian has their Bible to prove it. But look once again at the face of him who is over Christianity and who has all authority to "deceive the whole world," and reconsider prevalent wrath-filled end time teachings. Who are these teachers from? They are from him who LOVES wrath - Satan! Christians with their end time dooms day drama and their "eternal hell fire punishment" are like the sons of thunder who wanted to call down fire on the unbelieving, those who resisted them. If you are looking for Yahweh's wrath, you will not find it in these days prior to the return of Yahshua. No, but instead mercy will triumph over judgment, even as it is written (James 2:13).

Yahweh's testimony or second sign to mankind will not be devastation. Instead, it will be just the opposite. His return and the time just before will be the expression of His own loving nature and goodness and mercy towards man, which man desperately needs! Yahweh's second sign will not be a plague (as we will address), it will be LIFE!

To introduce you to the fulfillment of this second and much needed and, as we will see, vitally important sign evidenced to Moses, let us recall from Two Trees In The Garden that the second tree central to that highly prophetic and most revealing garden beginning was the much preferable tree of life. From that writing, and addressed here, we saw that the first tree in the garden of God, or the kingdom of God, has been the serpent-inhabiting tree of the knowledge of good and evil of Christianity. This is well defined and established in these writings, and should be quite obvious to the reader by now. The second tree, or second work, in that kingdom garden will be the tree of life. We have pointed out before that that MOST needed tree is the two-part Remnant work that will be the first to join Yahshua in born from above imperishable bodies.

With this clear and revealing truth refreshed before us, one should gather most quickly that equally and most expectantly the next sign Yahweh will perform for mankind to cause man to believe is not the wrath that Satan spews out of his mouth, but just the opposite (which we should expect), it is the formation of the preceding Elijah work tree of life two-part Remnant. Truly, Hallelu-Yah!

While Christianity looks for and widely teaches that wrath is coming, Yahweh is preparing to bring to this earth for the first time His born-from-above tree of life work. How? He will pour out His Spirit in the latter rain and complete the work He began almost 2,000 years ago with the former rain. The former rain began the work to take a people to Jerusalem above and give them bodies that are not of this serpent sperm and earth egg, but rather bodies that are conceived of the Holy Spirit. But, there was a breach in that work. The first Remnant were the first to receive the Holy Spirit while in earthly flesh, and they corrupted the kingdom - the bride ate from the forbidden fruit first. The bride then gave the fruit to the masculine body of Christ, and the breach period has been the fulfillment of that death producing tree up to today. And even as Adam and Eve were cast out of the garden so that they could not eat from the tree of life, so the latter rain tree of life has been unavailable to the Christianity. Although men like Saint Frances of Assisi and others saw the vision of that tree, they could not eat of it either. No, the church has not had access to the tree of life work. Will the availability return? Will men have the opportunity to eat from that tree? That question brings us to the great need and promise of the second sign:

And Yahweh furthermore said to him, "Now put your hand into your bosom." So he put his hand into his bosom, and when he took it out, behold, his hand was leprous like snow. The He said, "Put your hand into your bosom again." So he put his hand into his bosom again; and when he took it out of his bosom, behold, it was restored like the rest of his flesh. "And it shall come about that if they will not believe you or heed the witness of the first sign, they will believe the witness of the last sign."

Have men believed from the first sign? Absolutely! That is the purpose of the first sign, and it has indeed caused men to believe. But, that sign is not enough. There is still remaining a MOST important sign that must be performed. This is the sign concerning which Yahweh declared - "And it shall come about that if they will not believe you or heed the witness of the first sign, they will believe the witness of the last sign."

Men have believed under the first sign of Christianity, but that sign is a corrupted, serpent dominated, death resulting sign that cries out for the most needed second sign of the two-part Remnant. While the first sign was purposeful and had its place in convincing men that Yahweh is God, it is the second sign that has the promise that if the first sign is not successful, then the second sign will cause men to believe.

How is it that this second sign is evidenced to be the two-part Remnant? You have already seen that this sign is a two-part sign, or a two-part work, even as the Remnant is a two-part work. The first Remnant is the placing of the hand into the bosom and it coming out leprous. This is precisely what happened to Yahshua's disciples whom He personally called out and established. These men and their followers were placed in the bosom of Yahweh; but, being men of earthly flesh and occupying a kingdom that is on this earth and under the dominion of Satan, when they were examined, they were unclean as with leprosy. And given these conditions, what more would one expect? The first Remnant was the hand going into the bosom and returning leprous. The second Remnant will be the second placement of the hand into the bosom, and it coming out clean and restored.

This is the same picture seen with the two birds in Leviticus 14 that were necessary for the cleansing of the person who had been healed of precisely the same disease - leprosy. You might recall from other writings here that the first Remnant was the first bird that was slain over an earthen vessel over running water, its blood being collected in the vessel. The next and final step towards the needed cleansing was the role of the second bird. The second bird was taken out to an open field, dipped into the blood of the first bird that was slain, and then released alive in the open field. There is no mistaking that the testimony clearly evidenced here is the work of the two-part Remnant.

The first Remnant is the first bird that was killed over an earthen vessel (their earthen bodies) over running water (Pentecost), and their blood (their life) was collected (even as Moses' body was secured, or as the male child was caught up to heaven). The second Remnant will be the second bird that is dipped into the blood of the first bird - they will have the calling, power, purpose, and certainly the prayers of the first Remnant. Fulfilling the vital work begun by the first Remnant, the second Remnant will be released alive in the open field to ascend to Yahweh. Just what that second anointing, a double portion anointing, will entirely accomplish in us is to be seen. One thing for certain though, it will cause us to walk in Him to the extent that we will ascend alive into heaven, even as did Enoch in the seventh generation.

The similarity of both of these testimonies involving leprosy and, more specifically, its cure, is quite obvious. The first bird that had to die (because of the sin or uncleanness of the leper), and the first placement of the hand into the bosom to come out leprous, are the same sign, the same work. They both portend the work of the first Remnant that had to die, not entering into the promised land, because they had to identify with unclean man and death. This is the bride that ate the forbidden fruit first. There is so very much to this which we cannot address here. But, this is only the first and much needed preceding part of this two-part work, which necessitates the second part to this sign in order to accomplish its complete purpose.

The second part to this two-part sign is the testimony seen in the second bird that was released alive, or the second time that the hand went into the bosom and came out clean from its previous leprous condition. Both of these testimonies reveal the second part of this two-part sign, and that is the work of the second Remnant. What an exciting and thought provoking proposition it is that this second work will now be clean and complete! Hallelu-Yah!

Thus, we see that the next sign that Yahweh will perform among mankind to cause him to believe, is not some wrathful cataclysmic beast dominated holocaust of destruction; but rather, it will be the attesting sign of the establishment of the second Remnant and its release to ascend alive to heaven to be glorified with the preceding first Remnant. This is the second sign that will cause men to believe. This is the sign of mercy triumphing over judgment. This is the sign of the tree of life, and not the death which Satan-dominated Christianity wants men to believe. There will be no bloodletting and holocaust that will introduce the tree of life. Life needs no such contradicting and evil foreboding introduction. Life comes to conquer death, not to increase it. Life comes to conquer death, and death must yield to its victor! Hallelu-Yah for life!

Another enlightening testimony that this second sign is the work of the two-part Remnant is the testimony evidenced by the bosom. Both of these signs that Yahweh will perform for mankind have in them the identities of there fulfillments. The first sign is identified with the staff and the serpent; both of which specifically relate to Christianity. This is supported and revealed by other testimonies as well. What are the identifying qualities of the second sign? We have already considered one such identifying quality - the two-part work of dealing with the leprosy of sin. The other identifying quality seen here is the bosom.

There are many testimonies regarding the bosom that relate to this matter of the two-part Remnant. It is not so expedient that we go into these to the extent that we did with matters regarding the first sign. If you see the remarkable truth of the first sign, you will be far more receptive to the testimony and evidence regarding the second sign. Without going into a great deal of explanation, let us quickly cover some of the attesting evidences that the bosom relates to the two-part Remnant.

The bosom is the testimony of intimacy. The most persuasive evidence of this intimacy and its relationship to the Remnant is revealed by John (the witness of the pure kingdom of God) as he reclined on Yahshua's breast at the supper prior to His crucifixion. John was the disciple of whom it was written - "There was reclining on Jesus' breast one of His disciples, whom Jesus loved" (John 13:23). Over and over in John, this phrase, "whom Jesus loved," is used to identify John, the disciple. The intimacy of reclining on the breast of a man is most often reserved for his bride. Prophetically, John is the bride figure; and this intimacy is seen most vividly here as John reclined on Yahshua's breast.

The breast or bosom also speaks of intimacy for the woman, intimacy both toward her husband, as well as for the care and nourishment of her children. The breast of the woman is the source of the milk for nursing her child. And milk, we know, is a picture of the provision of the promised land - a land of milk and honey.

Not only do we see the pure kingdom of God evidenced in the gospel of John (recall that representation as pointed out in Key To Their Understanding) where the one whom Yahshua loved reclined on His breast, but also in the breast of the woman which provides the promise of the kingdom - milk.

Providing further evidence to this testimony of the two-part Remnant are the words of the most intimate book, accepted as being the testimony of Yahshua and His bride - the Song of Solomon. In chapter 8, verses 8 through 10, we read:

"We have a little sister,

And she has no breasts;

What shall we do for our sister

On the day when she is spoken for?

If she is a wall,

We shall build on her a battlement of silver;

But if she is a door,

We shall barricade her with planks of cedar."

"I was a wall, and my breasts were like towers;

Then I became in his eyes as one who finds peace."

Here we clearly see the testimony of the two-part Remnant associated with the two sisters, relating specifically to the sizes of their breasts. The first Remnant is seen as the first sister who "has no breasts." Like the little sister, the first Remnant never had the timing nor the ability for their kingdom nourishment-providing capabilities to develop. They were cut short; they were incapable. When the first Remnant was spoken for by Yahshua, they were barricaded - preserved for the day when once again they will be called to be united with the second Remnant whose breasts will indeed fully develop. The second Remnant will be the sister whose "breasts were like towers." She is the sister who comes to full maturity, providing the nourishment and pleasure that her breasts afford to the intimate ones of her life. The "towers" speak to the kingdom ability to elevate the second Remnant to heaven as the Elijah.

This is the intimacy and provision of the breast; and this is the intimacy depicted by Yahweh when He promised to perform this second sign to cause men to believe. He would perform a work with His two-part Remnant - the first whom He would draw into His bosom would become leprous, but the second whom He would draw into His bosom would be healed.

This is also the breast testimony of the breastpiece of judgment which the high priest wore "over his heart" (Exodus 28:15-30). This is the breastpiece that had the two golden rings (the two Remnant) and the two stones, the Urim and the Thummim that were so closely associated with the priesthood (again, the two Remnant).

And there is further testimony. The breast in the great statue of King Nebuchadnezzar's dream was a breast of silver (Daniel 2:32), the element most frequently identified specifically with the Remnant (recall the "battlement of silver" identified with the two sisters). Historically, the breast that was depicted here was fulfilled by the Medo-Persian empire that conquered the Babylonian empire. And thus once again we see the breast associated specifically with a two-part Remnant-representing work - here the union of the Medes and the Persians.

In familiar contrast, the next part of the great statue was the belly of bronze. Now when we mention bronze, from what has already been pointed out in this writing you should immediately think of Christianity. And this is precisely the testimony delivered here on the higher kingdom of God level regarding this statue. Let us demonstrate this further.

What was the object that was on the bronze pole that was fashioned in the wilderness? Was it not the bronze serpent? Indeed. This was the Nehushtan (meaning, a piece of bronze), which the people later worshiped and it had to be destroyed (2 Kings 18:4). Now, to what course was the original serpent in the garden destined for his influence upon Eve the bride? Was it not a course of having to crawl on his belly? Are you putting these witnesses together by now? Do you not see the remarkable witness that (1.) a bronze belly, (2.) a bronze serpent, and (3.) a serpent that is cursed to crawl on its belly provides for our understanding, if we should have eyes to see? All three of these testimonies relate to one work - Christianity, that has neither the gold nor the silver, but the less valuable bronze; Christianity, that has the inhabiting serpent.

And please forgive a bit more expounding testimony on this, but we can also see through this repetitive and consistent testimony regarding the belly, that it is Christianity that is testified to when Jonah was in the "belly" of the great fish for three days (the three periods of the church). This is the same picture we have already seen when the ark of the covenant was in the temple of the Philistine Dagon fish god for seven months. Whether it was three days in the belly of the great fish, or seven months in the fish god's temple, the testimony is the same - it is Christianity, the holy in the profane.

Just as Christianity has become the greater evidence of the belly-crawling bronze serpent on the pole that was lifted up in the wilderness in order for men to be saved, so Christianity has become the fulfillment of Jonah in the belly of the great fish, or even in the Dagon fish. Both belly and bronze empirically speak of Christianity. Christianity has now been in the belly of the great fish for two of its three days, or 2,000 years.

You have seen already in this writing two graphic illustrations of the true state of Christianity - Satan's little-horned head in Africa, and the little-horned building Christians gather under (even calling their little-horned building, the "church"). Now let us see another sign with which Christianity is identified, which is far more revealing than they know. This is the sign of Christianity's true state of being in the belly of the great fish for three days, or the fish god's temple for seven months. And here is their exceptionally revealing sign.



In the belly of the fish

It is truly amazing that these graphic illustrations revealing Christianity's true state have always been before our eyes, but we have been completely blind to their true meaning. Praise Yahweh that He is starting to open our eyes so that we may see!

And dare we not say something about Judas, who for thirty pieces of silver betrayed Yahshua during the night with a kiss. Like the breast, the kiss is supposed to be a sign depicting affection; but his affection was deceptive. This is Judas, who after betraying Yahshua fell headlong, and "he burst open in the middle and all his bowels gushed out" (Acts 1:18). What burst open on Judas, but his belly? Because Christians judge themselves by themselves, they become their own standard, and they neither understand the way Yahweh truly sees them or the depravity and corruption and error of their present state. Instead of comparing themselves and the church with the standard Yahweh requires, they are content and far more comfortable to compare themselves with themselves, or compare one schism and denomination with another. This is a GREAT fallacy and deception, and leads all men to fall short.

If Christians truly understood the fix they are in, the great depravity with which they have existed in the kingdom of God for 2,000 years, then they would cry out to Yahweh in desperation for His help and deliverance. People do not realize that as Christians, compared to what Yahweh requires, they are a Judas, betraying Yahshua with the sign of affection, the kiss. With their mouths they say one thing, but with their lives they say another; and by this they betray the Master. Earthly corruption and Satan dominion has caused men and the church to be far, far less than what Yahweh requires or demands. Some day men will look back at Christianity from Jerusalem above and loath their behavior and beliefs, even the best of them.

Should this grave assessment cause us to lose all hope for this present state in the flesh? Yes! Especially now while Satan is the ruler of this world. There is no hope for earthly flesh. That is why it goes back to the earth. But most of all, this corrupt state we reside in now is great reason to call out to Yahweh for Him to perform His MOST needed second sign - the establishment of the tree of life two-part Remnant. It will be this work that will finally begin to deliver men from this corrupt state the church has been in for 2,000 years. Though man has been under the curse for 6,000 years, including 2,000 years of Christianity, Yahweh will soon begin to deliver man from this curse. A remnant of mankind will be caught up to heaven to receive their incorruptible born-from-above bodies, opening the way for this greatly needed change in mankind. For the first time, men, human beings (though glorified), will stand before other men (who will still be in the flesh of this earth), and be able to give them the infallible and pure instruction, counsel, and guidance of Yahweh for their good and wellbeing. These glorified ones will be the first true representatives of Yahweh; not those who are under Satan's deception, and judge themselves by themselves.

When a man stands in a pulpit and claims to represent Yahweh - this is not so! He cannot represent Yahweh, whom he neither truly knows nor understands. Those who will represent Yahweh in truth are those who will have become like Him, those whose bodies will be born from the mother above where He is. As John the Baptist declared, "He who comes from above is above all, he who is of the earth is from the earth and speaks of the earth. He who comes from heaven is above all" (John 3:31). This John declared concerning himself (earthly) and Yahshua (heavenly). But, the day is coming when the true Moses and Elijah fulfillments, the two-part Remnant, will return with Yahshua in glorified bodies, and those words by the preluding Elijah - John - will entirely apply to these two witnesses and their message. The glorified Remnant will be the first from mankind who will no longer be of this earth, but will be "from above," and will not speak as from this earth, but will speak of that which is above.

There is one final most important and highly relevant evidence we must add upon closing this section. Its importance and relevance demands this.

It has been mentioned in the previous section that Thomas Didymus, Thomas the twin, reveals the two-part Remnant. The first Remnant identified with Yahweh's death (placing the finger "into the place of the nails"); and the second Remnant fulfills the pierced side by the bride coming out of the sleeping body (placing the "hand into His side"). These are the two works of the two-part Remnant.

While the hand twice into the bosom sign gives testimony to intimacy, the evidence offered in Thomas the twin gives testimony to the more technical aspect, affording more specific information as to what is involved here in this second two-part sign. It is important to note here though that both the two hands in the bosom testimony, and the finger in the hand and the hand in the side testimony, speak to one and the same work - the establishment of the two-part Remnant.

Furthermore, why did Thomas not say - "Unless I place my finger in His hand, my hand in His side, and my finger in His feet, I will not believe"? As we said previously, this latter evidence was obviously equally available to Thomas. The reason was, he was Thomas Didymus, the twin, and his request was for the explicit purpose of revealing the two-part finger-in-the-hand and hand-in-the-side Remnant. The third work or testimony of the pierced feet related to Christianity, and Thomas, in his representation of the two-part Remnant, would not identify with that work. Though the Remnant and Christianity are both the church, they are separate works with separate identities, as seen evidenced here by Thomas' request.

Now, a most important point must be noted in this greatly revealing testimony afforded in Thomas Didymus. Thomas declared, "Unless I shall see in His hands the imprint of the nails, and put my finger into the place of the nails, and put my hand into His side, I will not believe" (John 20:25).

Does this not sound familiar relative to what we have been seeing and learning? Do you not see that this is precisely the issue we have been examining in this writing? Thomas' expression concerning what it would take in order for him to believe, is the same issue of providing attesting evidence or signs to man so that he may believe. What Thomas requested is nothing less than the promise of the second sign given to Moses! What Thomas was in affect saying was - "Show me the second sign of Moses. I must see the two-part work attesting to the two-part Remnant. That is the only sign that will cause me to believe."

Did Yahshua show him this two-part Remnant sign? Indeed He did! While the disciples were behind closed doors, Yahshua came into their midst and declared to Thomas - "Reach here your finger, and see My hands; and reach here your hand, and put it into My side; and be not unbelieving, but believing." This sign to Thomas the twin was the sign that brought belief; and it is nothing less than the second sign that Yahweh performed by Moses placing his hand into his bosom twice. Both signs have the same fulfillment - the two-part Remnant. Both signs have a common purpose - to cause belief. Both signs address the placement of the hand into the body. Both signs speak of the same work. "That which has been, is that which will be," and what Yahweh testified to through the signs given to Moses, He equally testified to through the sign given to Thomas. Both signs speak of the same promise to bring forth His work of the two-part Remnant. More will be said regarding this very important witness in the next section.

It is hoped you now see not only the clear contrast of the first two signs that Yahweh will perform to cause men to believe, but also the GREAT need for the second sign. This is particularly relative to us today who undoubtedly will be the generation that will see and experience the fulfillment of the second Remnant. But there is more to this than just the awareness of these two signs and their fulfillments, which this writing has sought to bring to your attention and understanding. We need to take this one step further, and this we will do in the next section.


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