The Remnant Bride Online Bible Study with Gary Naler


The Kingdom of Heaven as taught in Africa



Meet Walter

The Effectual Two-bird Pattern, and “Rebekah”

Would you like to know what Yahweh is doing by beginning this amazing Bride work in Africa? Would you like to know what relationship this amazing work has relative to the first Remnant, and how this work could lead to the desperately needed latter rain? And initially most disturbing to me, would you like to know why brother Dor, a former Muslim Sheikh, suddenly died, and what this clearly speaks to? And what relationship is brother Dor to the door in Song of Songs 5, wherein Yahshua extended His hand through it but was not there when the bride opened it? And finally, not only what but who is the Rebekah whom Yahweh told Gary to take with him if he wanted victory by the Holy Spirit when he traveled to teach? All of this and more is addressed in this highly revealing and insightful podcast.

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