In the September 5 posting, I noted what evidences to be Yahweh’s timing of events for the Bride.  Comparable to the water coming under the eastern gate in Ezekiel 47:1-12, in 1994 when the Holy Spirit came upon me for a week-and-a-half, the water was on the soles of our feet—I received the rights to the kingdom.  Then for the next fourteen years, the water was up to our knees—the time of intercession. 

This was not at all an easy time, with many hopes, followed by severe and even tragic disappointments.  An incredible amount of vital truth unfolded, but it was also a time that my family (as well as others) could not endure—I lost all of them.  But I must say though, their loss was a testimony of the surpassing value of what I had been shown.  

There were times that I did not want to live and even planned to blow life off—the pain and loss was too unbearable!  It was during this intercessoral period that Kyle Nixon called me the King of Disappointment.  But it was in fact my time, along with others, to identify with the body of Christ.  It was my own double-seven breach—Jacob’s fourteen years required to pay the price for the two-part Leah/Rachel Bride. 

Likewise, it was my Elijah time to kneel down to the earth—placing my face between my knees in my breach—not fully understanding what was going on, yet on the other side of my pain and disappointments always, always reaching forward for the hope of the desperately needed latter rain.  This Elijah did as well, persistently sending his servant seven times to “look toward the sea,” continually telling him to “Go back” and look again, until he received what he needed (1 Kings 18:43-46).

Finally, the report Elijah awaited came, arousing him to rise to his feet and to gird up his loins.  Girding up our loins is what I believe we are now entering into—when the water coming under the eastern gate is to our loins.  What happened to effect Elijah’s confidence, causing him to come out of his breach?  His servant returned to tell him, “Behold, a cloud as small as a man’s (lit.) palm is coming up from the sea.”  What could this mean for us today?

In that same September 5 posting, I told you about two ladies who have received Remnant Bride truth here in Salem, Missouri, where I live.  This began on August 14, seven days following the date of my completion of fourteen years on August 7, 2008.  There is an obvious testimony here to the 7 + 7 years of labor for the Bride.  Immediately following, there was another couple who heard and believed, marveling and rejoicing at the Bride truth.  Others will soon hear this truth as well.  (And, there is yet another amazing testimony unfolding that I will tell you about in the days ahead.)

Though there are indeed other Bride members who have read and rejoiced in these Bride truths, everyone up to now has done so while I have remained in my home.  As I shared before, like Ezekiel, I have essentially remained in my home with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth (Ezekiel 3:24-27, 24:25-27).  Now after fourteen years, for the first time I am gathering with people where I live and teaching Remnant Bride truth face to face with them, going house to house.  What then can we say is now taking place?  I believe that this work here in Salem could well be the “cloud as small as a man’s palm.”  It is finally a local work of my hands (palm) that I am being allowed to build where I live, and we here are very hopeful for the days ahead.

It is wonderful to have this fellowship, something that many of you who read these truths have longed to have as well.  And I hope that with the timing of the Bride—having completed our to-the-knees breach period—you too will begin to have this fellowship.  As many of you know, these last few years of knowing these truths without fellowship have been very difficult and lonely.  I hope this will now begin to change for you as well.  Try beginning to talk with others and maybe you too will begin to find receptive understanding and fellowship.  Share the radio programs and writings with them.  We will see what Yahweh does in the days ahead regarding this.

And what would this little cloud as small as a man’s palm (works) here in Salem foretell?  As we see attested with Elijah, it would be the sign that the latter rain is coming.  If all continues to unfold as we hope and would expect, we will see the flip on October 16, and the latter rain will come essentially three months from now, December 25/26.  That, indeed, is our hope!


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