Photo: “joy” cut in stone

Last night a verse resonated throughout my sleep. It was, “the joy of Yahweh is your strength.” When I got up this morning, I got my concordance and tried to find it in the Psalms. But it was not there. It sure seemed like it would be a Psalm. So, I searched the Psalms in an internet Bible concordance. Still I could not find it. Further searching revealed that it was in Nehemiah. That got my attention! In Nehemiah 8:10 we read:

“Go, eat of the fat, drink of the sweet, and send portions to him who has nothing prepared; for this day is holy to our Lord. Do not be grieved, for the joy of Yahweh is your strength.”

This was stated after they had rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem and began to read the laws of Yahweh. On the second day the people were instructed to celebrate Tabernacles.

These events, of course, are why we are giving so much attention to the Tabernacles we are in right now—it marks the fiftieth Jubilee since the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem and their resulting celebration of Tabernacles. Of course the walls of Jerusalem speak to the new Jerusalem that comes down out of heaven—the second-Remnant Bride.

And remember, these matters regarding the temple and the walls are flipped. Thus, His joy should come following Tabernacles, then the law would be read, and then the walls would be built. In other words, following Tabernacles would be joy and teaching the laws of Yahweh—the preaching of righteousness. And for three years new Jerusalem will be built.

I, and we, have had ample grief, and I would MOST CERTAINLY like to eat the fat and drink the sweet (bitter herbs have been our fare for too long), sharing these with those who have nothing. I trust that this day is indeed holy, set apart, to Yahweh, and He will fulfill it and give us the promised Jubilee. May it be as it is written—the joy of Yahweh be our strength.

Our hope continues in Yahweh.


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