Photo: The river of life

Well, we are on the other side of Trumpets, Atonement, and Tabernacles, looking in our rear view mirror.  So what took place?  To address this, Chris Meier and I did a radio program posted at Remnant Bride Radio.  Here is the description of the program. 

“There were a lot of hopes for the outcome of Trumpets, Atonement, and Tabernacles of 2008.  So what were the results?  Was there a flip?  Gary and Chris discuss those days and what took place.  While they did not evidence the full hope—that something highly overt would take place that would affirm, strengthen, and vindicate this Elijah Bride—the time was most certainly not without clear, affirming events that were beyond the natural.  Gary lays out the “substance” of those days, and the hope for the future.  And as Chris affirms, who else is in the place to do what must come about—the establishment of the Elijah Bride and the return of Yahshua?  This is and continues to be a most worthy quest that must be pursued.”  

Also, in the final hours of the Last Great Day, the eighth day that began at sunrise on November 6, Yahweh awoke me and revealed some most incredible truth regarding His ways.  I have started writing what He showed me, and it is titled The Waltz of Life.  I speak about it in the radio program as well.  Basically, Yahweh performs four measures of a triple time waltz of 1–2–3, 1–2–3, 1–2–3, 1–2–3, and thereby creates the kingdom of heaven on this earth with its temple and encompassing wall.  This He performs over a 12,000-year period.  If you want to know where we are in the waltz, we are right here, marked in purple:

        1–2–3, 1–2–3, 1

All we need is for the Elijah work to be fulfilled and for Yahshua to come back to this earth for the third time.  (His comings are marked in bold, as triple time always has its emphasis on the first beat.)

So, go to Remnant Bride Radio and listen to “Trumpets, Atonement, Tabernacles, 2008,” and in the days ahead when it is completed, I will post a notice on The Waltz of Life.  Don’t hold your breath though, this writing will definitely take some time.  It is QUITE AMAZING and WONDERFUL to see!  Once again you will see the incomparable seamless garment of truth that the Bride has received.  The river just doesn’t stop flowing.



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