First a warning here—you can eat pabulum, bananas, Jell-O, and drink milk with your dentures left on the kitchen counter; but before you read this writing, you’d better put your dentures in with a liberal portion of denture cream.  You’re going to need them, as you might suspect from the title, which is a riddle.  Can you answer the riddle?  I strongly suggest you masticate on, read, this writing at least three times.  

I received some material from a gentleman concerning the intercession that Ezekiel performed in Ezekiel 4, calling my attention to it.  This is where Ezekiel laid on his left side for 390 days, corresponding to the 390 years of the iniquity of the house of Israel.  During that time he was also to eat his bread with human dung.  But at Ezekiel’s request, that was changed to cow’s dung.  Many translations say that he was to “cook” his food with this dung, but in fact he was to eat it with the bread.  Young’s Literal Translation reads, “A barley-cake thou dost eat it, and it with dung—the filth of man—thou dost bake before their eyes” (vs. 12).

Equally regarding the house of Israel, we read in Jeremiah 3 that because of their harlotry, Yahweh gave them a writ of divorce.  (It is to be noted here that adultery is the only justification for divorce as instructed by Yahshua.  Read Divorce, Women, and the Curse of 1920.)  With that writ He thereby sent them out of the house, out of the land, disbursing them abroad.  But even so, Yahweh is merciful and calls them to return to Him, as we read in verse 14: “ ‘Return, O faithless sons,’ declares Yahweh; ‘For I am a master to you, and I will take you one from a city and two from a family, and I will bring you to Zion.’ “

We know from history that the deportation of the house of Israel from its land began in 745 B.C., and was completed following a final three-year siege of Samaria (2 Kings 18:9-10), its capital, from 723 to 721 B.C.  Thereupon, harlotrous Israel was fully placed out of her house, out of her land.

Let us now examine some very revealing timing regarding this call for Israel’s return that relates directly to us today.  To begin with, we have seen on many occasions that Yahweh takes a time period spoken of in the Scriptures, or even that which can be discerned, and carries it out later on a higher realm in multiples of time.  For example, for Yahweh to fulfill this prophecy to the house of Israel on a higher level, He would do so in multiples of 390 years.  In this case, as you will see, a multiple of seven times 390 years affords marvelous hope and wonder.

We have seen in “Who is the mother of Elijah?,” that the number seven in the heavenly realm is a blessing.  However, in the earthly realm it is a curse, as it has been for the church for 2,000 years—the mark of the beast (The Issue – II, page 5).  Yet, we also see a seven related specifically to the Elijah that offers great hope and promise.  This is the seven-year covenant with the many that is set forth in Daniel 9 (The Great Tribulation).  We have also seen that the mother of John the Baptist, Elizabeth, tells us who the mother of the Elijah will be.  “Elizabeth” means “God of the seven,” as well as “God of the covenant.”  This seven-year covenant with the many is the legal right for the Elijah to be birthed, providing him three years to prepare the way for Yahshua’s return.

So what must happen in order to effect this change wherein evil can finally turn to good?  How can Yahweh turn a mark-of-the-beast seven into an Elijah seven blessing?  Quite simple.  He turns the serpent back into a rod!  This then causes evil to turn into good, the curse into a blessing.  In the end, this even turns our corrupt earthly bodies that man has possessed for 6,000 years, into heavenly bodies.

Yahshua, the heavenly from the good, from the Father (Luke 18:18-19), came to this earth and walked out three and a half years of that seven-year covenant with the many.  But did that heavenly blessing remain?  No!  He then went back to heaven, and as prophesied at the burning bush, the Rod was cast down to the earth and it turned into a serpent—Satan took His place as head of the church.  The blessing of the seven that came from Yahweh God became cursed, as the office of Elijah went to Satan, to whom it was promised (He Was Jealous With My Jealousy, Addendum).  Thereby, the seven became the cursed mark of the beast!

What must now take place in order to reverse this curse on the seven?  The serpent must turn back into a rod and become, or that office go to, a man.  Thereupon, the curse on the seven would be reversed, and the remaining three years of that covenant could be fulfilled.  The office of the heavenly returns to the earth—first to the Elijah, and then to Yahshua—and the seven returns to being good.  And, this is exactly what we see regarding the completion of these seven periods of 390 years and the associated events testified concerning Ezekiel and the house of Israel.

We have noted that Samaria, the capital of Israel, was placed under siege for three years—from 723 to 721 B.C.  We have also noted that Yahweh called Israel to return back to Him and that He would take her back as His bride.  Of course to do so, He would have to remarry her, having already given her a writ of divorce.  It is also true that in fulfilling this count in a multiple of time, it can elevate the fulfillment to a higher dimension, thereby a higher law, which is what we find here (otherwise the remarriage would be illegal, as written in Deuteronomy 24:1-4). 

It is not natural Israel that Yahweh will now receive back, any more than He will selectively take a people to a natural Zion—“and I will take you one from a city and two from a family, and I will bring you to Zion.“  In fact, natural Zion was not even in Israel, but in Judah.  No, the bride He will take to Zion is the two-part Remnant Bride.  And the Zion He takes us to is where He is now—in heaven.  As it is written in Obadiah 1:21, “The saviors will ascend Mount Zion to judge the mountain of Esau (Christianity), and the kingdom will be Yahweh’s.”  And in like manner as Yahshua said, He will take one and two and leave others.

So then how does this promise relate specifically to us today?  If we take the Elizabeth number that births the Elijah, the redeemed seven, and multiply it times the period for the redemption of Israel’s iniquity for which Ezekiel interceded—390 years—the outcome is most hopeful.  The period of the siege was 723, 722, and 721 B.C.  Adding 7 x 390 years to each of those years, marking the end of the waiting period for the redemption of Israel and the time of her remarriage, brings us to three extraordinary years—2008, 2009, and 2010 A.D.!

What makes these years so extraordinary?  If Yahweh is going to reverse the curse, those three years of the siege must be reversed and turned into blessing, with, of course, the outcome of the marriage of the Lamb.  That is a lot to expect.  But, this is precisely the hope we have.  Why?  Corroborating this timing that we see here, Tabernacles, 2008, marked the outcome of yet another HIGHLY important count.  Let us here consider it as well. 

In 444 B.C., Nehemiah celebrated the completion of the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem by holding Tabernacles.  Counting fifty Jubilee waiting periods (50 x 49) from that event, brings us to Tabernacles, 2007.  (Read The Revelation of the Millennium, page 5.)  Therefore the next year, Tabernacles, 2008, would be Jubilee.  Today, we are still in that legal Jubilee year that began at Trumpets, October 16, 2008.  Remember, there was a flip at that Trumpets, changing the calendar so that Passover is no longer the first of the year, but Tabernacles.  And, whereas the former calendar was somewhat close to our Gregorian calendar in that Passover in the spring is somewhat close to January, now the first of the year in the New Millennial Calendar begins in the fall, at Trumpets, thereby overlapping the year far more into the next Gregorian year.  While we have said Jubilee is in 2008, the fact is it only begins there, and is ongoing as far as Trumpets, 2009.

Also, even as this Ezekiel count of 7 x 390 was relative to Israel’s divorce and her return to be His bride, you will recall that the ‘08/’09 Jubilee is relative to the walls of Jerusalem being rebuilt.  These are clearly the same, for in Revelation 21 we read that these walls of Jerusalem above that descend out of heaven, out of Zion, are indeed the Bride (vss. 2 & 9).  So, whether it be the return of Israel after being disbursed, or the Jubilee rebuilding of the walls after being torn down, both speak of the same thing—the second Remnant Bride being formed.

Therefore, it is quite amazing, legally highly significant, and very hopeful, that this Jerusalem-wall Jubilee and the beginning of the testimony of the reversal of the rejection of the house of Israel are a precise conjunction in 2008.  And in addition, even more amazing and hopeful is that the thee years of the siege plus 7 x 390 years, are precisely the period that should be the three years of the Elijah ministry—the fulfillment of the covenant with the many.  Remember, 7 x 390 from 723 = 2008.  And 7 x 390 from 722 = 2009.  And 7 x 390 from 721 = 2010.  Thus, 723, 722, and 721 B.C., correspond to 2008, 2009, and 2010 A.D., the Elijah period in which the walls of New Jerusalem would be built. 

Also, if you look at the prophecy which has to do with the return of Israel to be His bride, that count has to be from 721, the fall of Samaria, to 2010.  Therefore, with the completion of the 7 x 390 years in 2010, that means that in 2011 the Bride can legally ascend alive to Zion and be married to Yahshua.  And, this is precisely what we see in the three-year period of the covenant with the many and the ministry of Elijah!  Again, conjunction!  Considering that that three-year period began at Trumpets, October 16, 2008, it would end at Trumpets, 2011.  At that point the Bride would ascend alive to Zion.  Thus we once again have two conjoined testimonies culminating at the same wonderful event and point in time.  Both the Ezekiel accounting and the Nehemiah Jubilee accounting take us to precisely the same three years and the identical conclusion—the ascension of the Bride to Zion on Trumpets, 2011!

In 723 to 721 A.D., there was a three-year siege of Samaria for the purpose of preparing the house of Israel to depart from the land.  In parallel, 7 x 390 years later, there is a three-year covenant period that provides for Israel to return for marriage, even three years to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, the Bride.  Equally, those former three years prepared the house of Israel to go out, to be sent out of the house and be disbursed; and in parallel, 7 x 390 years later, there are three years that prepare the Bride to go up, to go up to Zion—“The saviors will ascend Mount Zion.” 

Thus, the answer to the riddle.  There were three years that prepared Israel, the bride, to depart, and there are now three years that prepare the Bride to return and be restored and formed.  There were three years that prepared the bride to be sent out, and there are now three years to prepare the Bride to go up to Zion.  Once again, a waltz of life—the creation 1, 2, 3 and 1, 2, 3.  Thereupon, a new creation will be complete, at least for one work—the Bride will become one flesh with Yahshua, one immortal, incorruptible flesh! 

In truth, what we see here is the pattern of the two-part Bride, simply testified to in a larger, and in fact governmental way.  It gives testimony to the first Remnant and the second Remnant, separated by the breach, the wilderness, the cursed 7 mark of the beast.  This governmental work evidenced here pertaining to literal Israel and Ezekiel, is nothing less than the waiting period, the breach of Christianity, that separates the two-part Bride—the first bird, the siege, the first Bride that had to die; and the second bird, the Bride that ascends alive to Zion and does not die.  We, the second Remnant, now have the joy of ascending to Zion, of being united with the first Remnant for marriage with the Lamb. 

Also, this is the breach period when kingdom men have had to eat the dung of men—the word of Yahweh God digested by carnal man—with their bread.  Ezekiel ate his bread and drank his water in measured portions.  Such has been the case with Christianity.  They have been very limited in what they could receive—measured amounts of bread, and heavy on the dung.  The testimonies here are quite obvious. 

Now you see the meaning of the title, even the riddle—“Three To Depart, Three To Return … Three To Go Out, Three to Go Up.”  The answer is: What is the meaning of Ezekiel 4 and Jeremiah 3?  What is the two-part Bride? 

If this is not already profoundly sufficient evidence of the hope before us, there is something else that is equally important.  We have noted that “Elizabeth” means “God of the seven.”  We have also noted that Elijah is birthed because of the seven-year covenant with the many.  It is quite significant that Elijah would be birthed following another seven—these seven periods of 390 years marked from the beginning of the siege in 723 B.C.  And most certainly, the curse of the siege, and even of the seven, would thereby be reversed—just as we read in Malachi 4:5-6—turning these latter three years, as well as the office of Elijah, into a blessing. 

But also, even as the first Remnant experienced a Deuteronomy 16:9-10 single-portion 49 – 1 Pentecost, our hope is a Leviticus 23:15-16 double-portion 49 – 49 – 1 Pentecost on February 13, 2009.  (Read Tabernacles Pentecost, 2009.)  We also saw in “Double-Portion Pentecost,” that 49 – 49 – 1 is the same as 7 – 7 – 1.  Thus we see another remarkable pattern when Christianity’s two 1,000-year mark-of-the-beast periods are in fact a 7 – 7.  What is to take place after this 7 – 7?  The “1” must be added—Pentecost, even the Gihon that bursts forth to birth the Elijah.  Thus we see that not only a seven (7 x 390) births the Elijah, but a double-portion 7 – 7 effects the same—the birth of Elijah at the end of mark-of-the-beast Christianity.  Hope you have had your dentures in.

And for the sake of showing the seamless nature of Bride truth, this testimony of 7 and 7 – 7 is seen with Jacob as well.  While he had to labor 7 – 7 years for his two brides, it was in fact only one seven that separated them, separated his receipt of Rachel.  Upon receiving Leah, he received Rachel seven days later (Genesis 29:25-28).  Once again we see both testimonies relative to the two Brides, the same two testimonies we see evidenced in the two ways to count to Pentecost.  There is a 7 – 7 , but also a solitary 7.  

And, as an intercessor, this effectual pattern is evidenced in my own life.  From 1994, when the Spirit came upon me and began revealing these never-before-seen marvelous truths concerning the two-part Bride, to 2001 is seven years.  From 2001 to 2008 is yet a second seven years—my personal 7 – 7.  This means, as well, that 2009 is my personal “1”—my own time for Gihon.

Thus we see multiple amazingly corroborating testimonies that a three-year period beginning in 2008 is given to the Bride in order to form and prepare her to ascend Mount Zion at Trumpets, 2011, and be married to Yahshua.  This is our hope.  This is the hope for all mankind.


PS – There is a new Remnant Bride Radio program that addressees this and more.  To listen to it, go to Remnant Bride Radio and click on “Listen to the program” for “Three To Depart, Three To Return … Three To Go Out, Three to Go Up.”  Here is its description.

Do you know the answer to the riddle that is propounded in this title?  It holds marvelous truth and hope for us today.  As you will find in this program, two incredible testimonies—the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem and where Ezekiel laid on his left side for 390 days—point to marvelous fulfillments in 2008, 2009, and 2010, as well as the Bride ascending alive in 2011.  How can there be two completely separate accounts pointing to precisely the same timing and event, and it not be of significance?  Gary and Chris also examine historical events on February 13 from 1948, 1920, and 1861.  As you will find, the latter raises great concerns for Obama in his quest to so thoroughly identify with Abraham Lincoln.  Also, you will learn the answer to this riddle.



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