A new Radio program was just released that you will not want to miss.  Its title is the same as the title of this posting, “Kissing, Lips, and Attesting Glory.”  Here is the program description:

“For several years Gary wondered what the prophetic significance was to a man and a woman placing their lips together—kissing.  He knew that it had to have great significance, but little did he know just how significant it was and the profound insight and understanding he would gain from seeing the answer.  You will be surprised at how dramatically the truth in this not only impacts the government of the two Remnant, but even the coming of Yahshua through Mary and His coming in the Millennial reign.  You will see as well why Yahweh gave the man the beard, and how incredibly relevant this is to Yahshua’s soon coming.  And directly related to this, you will see how critical it is that we guard every word that proceeds out of our mouths, treating them as the Word of God Himself.  This is a very powerful and insightful program!”

To listen to the program, click here.  If you have any troubles with the link, then right click here and download the MP3 onto your desktop.  You can also go directly to Remnant Bride Radio.


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