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Recently I received two e-mails that I want to tell you about.  I believe you will find this information most interesting, encouraging, and very enlightening.  The first one came on August 20, followed by the second on the day after.  The first e-mail noted the following:

A devastating crash at Madrid’s Barajas airport has left 153 people dead, including 20 children and two babies.  Witnesses said the left engine caught fire as the aircraft reached maximum speed and started to lift, causing the plane to crash to the ground and break into two parts.

The second e-mail asked what the prophetic significance could be for tropical storm Fay.  They noted that “Fay” is Irish/Gaelic for “raven.”  

Let’s take the latter of these and address it first, getting straight to the point.  The raven is Elijah.  You will recall that the ravens fed Elijah (1 Kings 17:6), and Noah first released a raven from the ark, followed by the dove.  The raven work thereby prepared the way for the dove work.  In reality, the raven (John) baptized Yahshua so the dove work could begin—evidenced by it descending upon Him.  Furthermore, my own raven flew across town and landed outside the bedroom window and called out to the girl who would later be my bride (Return of the Raven). 

So, what did Fay, the raven, testify?  We certainly do know that it very much so took the rod.  In The Wind and the Sea Obey Him, we note that Florida intercessorally and prophetically is the rod.  We also know that the dramatic rash of hurricanes in 2004 were specifically relevant to the testimony of taking the rod.  With this testimony in mind, let’s address the rod.

In the writing, The Signs that Cause Belief, we note the two signs that Yahweh demonstrated to Moses that He said would cause belief.  The first of these was the rod in Moses’ hand, which when placed on the ground turned into a serpent, and when taken back into his hand turned back into a rod.  So, what does this sign mean, and how is it fulfilled so as to cause belief?

You will notice that the rod goes from rod, to snake on the ground, and back to rod.  Again to the point, who was first the rod?  Yahshua was the rod.  It was by touching the head of that Rod that the first Remnant received the shemen (oil), the former rain.  This shemen established them, but was also the Holy Spirit overshadowing them as a Mary so that they could be an Elijah and bring forth the first man child, the body of Christ.  The first Remnant then decreased and the body of Christ increased.  Simple?  Yes indeed.

But, what happened to that rod?  Yahshua went back to heaven; and thereby, the rod was thrown to the cursed ground and turned into a serpent!  With Yahshua gone, Satan was given the rights over the kingdom of heaven, the church, for 2,000 years—the period of the first Remnant and Christianity where Satan stands in the place of the twelfth apostle (John 6:70).

But in order to fully complete this sign that causes belief, what must now take place?  The serpent must go back into the hands of a Moses and turn back into a rod.  You will recall that Florida in fact testifies to being the serpent, particularly evidenced by the eye of the serpent seen in Lake Okeechobee (look at this in the Wind and the Sea writing) and the tongue of the Keys (which Satan has had for 2,000 years, the right to kill men; the tongue that we are told in James 3:5-8 is an evil set on fire by hell).

Thus we see that the rod (Yahshua) turned into a serpent (Satan), and must now turn back into the rod in order for men to believe.  How is this done?  As testified by Fay, the Elijah raven must now take up the serpent, and it turn back into a rod.  Remember, the Elijah restores all things—including the rod!  This is the man spoken of by Moses and declared by Peter (Acts 3:21-23)—a prophet like Moses.  This is the latter rain Elijah who prepares the way for Yahshua’s return—standing in His office, clothed in the Sun (Revelation 12:1-6), the sun of righteousness spoken of in Malachi 4 who is the Elijah.  This is the rod that must be restored so the second Remnant can touch his head and receive the shemen in order that the second Mary can birth the true Christ, Yahshua. 

This is very simple: the erect rod effecting shemen, the limp rod effecting the serpent (incapable of bringing forth shemen), and once again the erect rod again effecting shemen.  Thus, the former and the latter states speak to the aroused desire for and presence of the Bride.  The breach is when the Groom is away on a long journey (Luke 20:9) and seven demons come into the swept house (Matthew 12:43-45).

This is the golden rod that is extended to the Esther Bride so that she can touch its head so as to receive the two wine banquets—the former and the latter rains.  This is the Bride that, upon having the first wine banquet, requests the second banquet, and only then reveals the identity of the one who has secured the rights (Keys) to kill not only the body of Christ, but also the Bride. 

Are you getting the picture now?  Fay testifies to the Elijah taking the rod.  You will notice how securely this taking-process was evidenced.  Fay first took the Florida Keys, the power of death.  It then made landfall on west Florida, took the rod by passing all the way over Florida, went into the Atlantic, then crossed back over Florida to the Gulf, firmly securing the rod, and even went into the Florida panhandle at what would be the scrotum.  Fay definitely took the rod, accomplishing a record four hits on Florida by a single tropical storm!

By the way, “Fay” is Irish.  It is noteworthy that I am Irish, which is Judah and has the right to the rod.  But remember, the Bride is female and cannot take the rod, but can only touch the head when extended to her.

In a very real way, the first Remnant actually took the rod when they stood in the place of the Holy, cast lots, and chose a replacement for Judas.  As we have seen in The Great Tribulation, they therein effected the abomination of desolation.  That rod then turned into the serpent, Satan.  But now it has to go back to a legal first Remnant member via the office of the twelfth apostle.

Now for a question: Was Fay a timely prophecy as to what is about to take place with the flip on October 16?  I hope so.  Not only would it be the flip of Passover first to Trumpets/Tabernacles first; not only could it be the flip of money first to the Holy Spirit being first; not only could it be that the nations no longer have the right to rule, but that right goes to the kingdom; not only could it be the flip where darkness and evil can no longer prevail, but light and good prevail; but it could be the flip where Satan has to give up his rights to the office of the twelfth apostle and it goes back to a man—the serpent turns back into a rod!  We wait and watch.

We hope then that, once again, Yahweh is speaking from a whirlwind (Job 38:1), telling us that this is upon us.  We CERTAINLY see and understand what He is saying, which is VERY important and significant.  Who else sees these vital truths?

And seemingly remarkably significant, after the raven took the rod of Florida, that testimony is now immediately thereafter being followed by hurricane Gustav.  And what does “Gustav” mean?  It means “rod (staff) of God”!  So, after the raven took the rod, the rod of God will testify next.  Two witnesses!  It will be interesting to see what this hurricane prophesies as well.

The next question is: Is Yahweh speaking from an airplane crash where 153 people were reported killed, the number of the Remnant Bride (John 21:11)?  Let’s repeat the facts this person sent to me:

A devastating crash at Madrid’s Barajas airport has left 153 people dead, including 20 children and two babies. Witnesses said the left engine caught fire as the aircraft reached maximum speed and started to lift, causing the plane to crash to the ground and break into two parts.

These initial facts changed somewhat, but let’s take the testimony simply as it was first reported.

When this report came out, Yahweh was dealing with me about a related matter—Judges 7, where Gideon placed torches and trumpets in the hands of 300 men.  Verse 20 specifies that the torch was placed in the left hand and the trumpet was placed in the right.  So, on what side of the plane was it reported that the engine turned into a torch?  Once again, the left side. 

Of course the fact that 153 were reported to have died attests to the Remnant Bride—the number of fish that were caught when Yahshua appeared after the disciples had fished all night (the period of Christianity) and caught nothing.  All men remain in the sea of death after 2,000 years of the church—the 2,000 swine who all go to the sea of death (Mark 5:13), the two parts that are cut off and die (Zechariah 13:7-9).

What does this crash attest to and cry out for?  The fulfillment of the split two-part work to be fulfilled.  Let’s look at this further.

At the time of the crash, Yahweh was teaching me that the torch is a burning rod.  We see this testified when the covenant that Yahweh made with Abraham was effected by the furnace and burning torch passing between the split covenant parts.  This is the male passing between the split covenant parts of the female whereby the two become one flesh.  The male thereby not only becomes the head of the female, but takes full responsibility for her.  This also provides the shemen that makes it possible for the female to bring forth the offspring.  All of this is exactly what we need.

Furthermore, Yahweh showed me that Gideon secured victory when the men circumcised their torches by breaking the earthen jars that covered them.  Circumcision is the testimony of Yahweh taking full responsibility for an outcome, even as He had Abraham to circumcise himself (and all his males), and upon doing so brought forth the miracle son of promise.  This was following, and in contrast to, the son of the uncircumcised flesh, Ishmael—the works of the flesh that men have effected for 2,000 years.  Thus, when the men circumcised their burning rods, they secured the victory.  Yahweh thereby took full responsibility for the results. 

And what was the preceding testimony of that victory?  Yahweh told Gideon beforehand that if he was doubtful, to go into the Midianite camp with his servant, Purah, and listen.  Once again attesting to the rod covenant, “Purah” means “fruitful.”  There he heard a man tell of his dream, which was a barley loaf rolling into their camp and turning a tent “upside down.”  Can anyone say “the flip”!  I would suggest to you that when Yahweh circumcises this burning rod so as to reveal his light to all men, that the flip will begin to take place.  As many of you will know, barley speaks of the Remnant Bride.  (Wheat is Christianity, and grapes are the nations.)  It is the Bride who effects the flip.

And speaking of wheat, this same pattern of the burning rod between two parts is testified when Samson caught 300 foxes (Gideon had 300 men), tied them in pairs tail to tail, “put one torch in the middle between two tails,” and burned the wheat (Judges 15).  You can be MOST certain this is prophecy.

Also, there is hope in this Gideon account that the Curse of 1920 will be flipped as well.  Those defeated by him were the Midianites.  Midian was a son of Keturah, the Canaanite wife of Abraham.  He was the fourth son in the testimony of the Curse of 1920, his name meaning “contentious.”  You can read about this at, “Rock and Roll.” 

And quite interestingly, if the first Remnant sit at Yahshua’s left hand, that would mean that they are a torch work.  This would make sense, for the second Remnant is the trumpet work that ascends at the last trumpet.  If you have read the writings on the twelfth apostle that are included in The Twenty Four Elders compilation at, you know that the Elijah man is legally a part of the first Remnant, taking the place of Judas.  This would explain once again why this Elijah is in fact a burning rod, a torch.  And hopefully this is the day in which that torch can be revealed—Yahweh circumcises it—and the trumpet is blown.  The curse will indeed be reversed and we will ascend to be united with the first Remnant and Yahshua in the air.


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