Question: What must I do to be a part of the Remnant Bride?


The act of entering into the kingdom of God is reckoned according to faith; thus, any part an individual has in the Bride of Yahshua must equally be by faith.

Faith assures the things hoped for, it evidences things not seen. This statement regarding faith found in Hebrews 11:1 is not intended to be a definition of faith, but rather it describes the purpose of faith. The presence of faith evidences and assures one regarding things hoped for, even things not yet seen. The closest definition of faith is found in Romans 4:21. First we will quote the verse, then state the definition expressed within it. Regarding Abraham, we read that he was "fully assured that what He (Yahweh) had promised, He was able also to perform." This is faith. Faith, as described here, is hearing from God, and acting in harmony with Him. This is what Abraham did - he heard, he believed, and he acted.

What you just read is the trinity of faith - hearing, believing, and acting. And any place that a person might have in the kingdom of God, and certainly in the Remnant Bride, is determined by the exercise of all three of these parts of faith. Let us see what these three specific parts mean regarding the Bride.

First, in order to be in the Remnant Bride, one must hear from Yahweh. By reading these writings, you have heard about the Remnant Bride. Romans 10:14 says - "And how shall they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a proclaimer?" Gary Naler is a proclaimer of the truths regarding the Remnant Bride, and reading these truths can lead one in their first step towards faith - hearing from Yahweh.

And just as we see confirmed here in Romans 10:14, the second part of faith is believing. If these truths are light and life to you, then you too will believe. And as we read concerning Abraham, believing is reckoned as righteousness (Genesis 15:6). Believing these truths is the second requirement for being a part of the Remnant Bride.

But faith is no more complete with hearing and believing, than the trinity would be complete with only the Father and the Son; or even clearer, it is no more complete than you would be complete with only a spirit and a soul. In these two examples, the trinity needs the Holy Spirit; and needless to say, you would be quite lacking without a body. This is true with faith as well. Hearing and believing without actions is, in the words of James, "dead" and "useless" (James 2:17, 20, 26). Even as you would be dead without a body, so faith is dead without actions, or works. Actions complete and consummate faith! Thus, merely to hear and believe is insufficient - true faith must be consummated by actions! Let us see what these specific actions must be for one who desires to be a part of the Bride.

Rebekah's choice as a bride for Isaac is widely recognized as a clear and exceptionally complete testimony of the bride that is to be obtained for Yahshua. Even as the bride for Isaac came to him out of the city of Nahor, which means "piercing," so we see the confirming evidence that the Bride for Yahshua comes to Him from piercing the body of Christ. And most assuredly, immediately prior to being joined to her soon-to-be husband, Rebekah's actions are critically attesting and highly relevant to what the Bride must likewise perform as we draw near to being joined to Yahshua!

We find that when Rebekah saw the one to whom she was about to be joined as he was meditating in the field in the evening, her response was to cover her head (Genesis 24:61-65). Equally, the Bride must now do likewise and cover herself. The vital question thus arises: What is the covering that the Bride must place upon herself, making herself ready, even as we read in Revelation 19:7? The answer: It is the same covering under which the first Remnant abided - holding all things in common.

If you read the writings under the heading, "The Covering For the Bride of Yahshua," you will learn a great deal about how and why the Bride must place this covering upon herself. In part, it is the covering that is necessary in order for her to prophesy and ascend to Yahshua.

The Bride began forming in Passover, 2000. Within the first year and a half, we examined the possibility of holding all things in common - the covering of the first Remnant - but it was not possible. Sensing our nakedness, we were then led to at least cover ourselves with the "fig leaf" covering of the tithe. Therefore, for six months, from Tabernacles, 2001, to Passover, 2002, the Bride was covered under the fig-leaf tithe. Like Adam and Eve, we too were naked - we were uncovered - and the best we could do was to cover our nakedness with the fig-leaf tithe. This is the covering in the kingdom of God that is both partial and temporary, and must be replaced by the "garments of skin" covering that Yahweh personally provides (Genesis 3:21) - holding all things in common.

From Passover to Pentecost in 2003, a handful of people held all things in common with the hope of an outpouring of His Holy Spirit. This was our goal, and upon the completion of this period we returned to our regular lifestyles.

Since those beginning years many truths have been added to our understanding, and it is evident that until Yahweh makes it possible for the garments-of-skin covering to be applied, we must at least obey and perform the third consummating part of faith by coming under the substitutionary covering of the tithe.

To understand these coverings, how the covering of tithing is to be applied, and how this relates to being a part of the Bride, read Tithing and the Remnant Bride. If you have any specific questions regarding this, feel free to e-mail Gary at

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