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Dear Remnant Bride,

While the two candidates continue to battle for the right to lead this prophetic nation of Amer-ric-a, the nations level kingdom of heaven, Yahweh's prophetic patterns continue to be coursed out. Why? Because there is a battle taking place for the true kingdom of heaven, and we are seeing it played out on the nations level. What is happening and what will happen? As Yahweh's Remnant bride, we can look at events in a way none other can, seeing what is taking place according to Yahweh's word and plan. Let us see.

In the last e-mail, our position was that according to Yahweh's clear patterns, George W Bush will be declared the winner of this election - the second Remnant must prevail over the one who gores, Satan. Satan is the father of lies (Gore seems to think himself to be the father of many things; lying, though not claimed by himself, certainly is adequately demonstrated), he is the deceiver (which we see manifested by Gore), the accuser (which has certainly been the quality of the Demo[n]crats throughout the last three elections and Clinton's administration), he exercises the power of death (the Demo[n]crats have killed millions of innocent babies), he has the upper hand (as does Gore in his photo-op role as Vice President), and as we have seen in Gore, he can be very effaceable concerning his true nature and beliefs, appearing oh so virtuous (this makes me sick). Enough said regarding these disturbing similarities.

It has been written in The Signs That Cause Belief that the second Remnant is the Jael that drives the final-blow tent peg into Satan's/Sisera's head. Who, more specifically, was Jael? She was the prophesied fulfillment of the words of Deborah who told Barak in his request that Deborah go with him into battle - "I will go with you; nevertheless, the honor shall not be yours on the journey that you are about to take, for Yahweh will sell Sisera into the hands of a woman" (Judges 4:9). Jael was given the honor for defeating Sisera. And likewise, more currently and by prophetic pattern, Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris is the prophetic second Remnant Jael who is obtaining the victory over the Gore. Why? Because the feminine nature of the victory identifies the position that Bush has as the bride work, the feminine work that secures the victory over Satan.

Likewise, Katherine Harris is the Ester, who became Queen after a seven day banquet revealed Vashti to be unworthy of that place. Mordecai told Queen Esther when Haman's plot to kill all the Jews was revealed - "who knows whether you have attained royalty for such a time as this?" Equally, Katherine Harris has attained the position of Secretary of State of Florida "for such a time as this." Interestingly, Katherine's office is being done away with in two years.

Both in feminine Jael, as well as feminine Esther, the message is that the woman will save the people from their evil destructive enemy. This is the work of the feminine Remnant bride, the Jael who drives the second-blow tent peg into the temple (those things we have here on this earth with the little horns on their roofs) of Satan Sisera. This is the feminine Esther who by TWO dinners with the King reveals the plans of an evil Haman, resulting in him being hung on his own gallows of fifty cubits in height (the number of Pentecost). And, this is the feminine Katherine Harris who is providing the Presidency of this kingdom-of-heaven nation into the hands of second Remnant George W Bush.

Oh but you say, it now appears that the Florida Supreme Court may very well overturn that victory. Yes, prophecy continues; but let us see more.

This court has the clear record of being stoutly Demo(n)crat in its verdicts, and very likely will seek to hand this election into the hands of the one who Gores. Why? Let us see.

This writer is presently working on a new writing titled - The Mark Of The Beast! What is that mark? IT IS NOT 666! The deceiver would have you believe that; but if you read in some reference book or in the margin of a NAS Bible, the number 616 is actually found in some of the manuscripts, instead of 666. So, given that Satan has prevailed in the church for 2,000 years, guess which one is accepted? The false and misleading one - 666.

Anyway, neither number is the "mark," but the "mark" is to be calculated from the number, that being 616 (Revelation 13:18). SO, I will steal the drama of the next writing by telling you now what is the mark of the beast. Are you ready? Here it is. The mark of the beast is indeed a number, one that is calculated from 616 and cannot be calculated from 666, and is not only the number identified with the number of those judges sitting on the Supreme bench in Florida who have the power to overturn Remnant bride witness Katherine Harris' decision, but also has the identical configuration of the court based on its member's political leanings and placement - six Democrats and one independent. (The independent was appointed by George W Bush's brother, Florida Governor "Jeb" Bush, or John Ellis Bush, or John Elijah Bush. And let us not overlook the two-Remnant witness that exists in Texas Governor George W Bush and Florida Governor Jeb Bush.) The number and mix of that bench is the same number and mix of adding together the first two digits from the number 616, going either from left to right, or from right to left. The mark of the beast is the number and political makeup of judges in that court, and prophetically represents the mark of the beast on the church - SEVEN! (Mystery Babylon Christianity sitting on the seven-headed beast.)

What is the significance and the revealing testimony of this "calculation"? It is simple. Six, the number of man, when added to the number "one," the number of Yahweh who is one, adds up to the number of the mark of the beast - seven. What is the problem identified here? It is the same problem that occurred when the Philistines captured the ark of the covenant and took it into Dagon's temple for SEVEN months - the righteousness of Yahweh when given to the corruptness of carnal man, produces the abomination of desolation by the beast. Six (man) plus one (Yahweh) equals corruption of the kingdom - the mark of the beast, or seven! And as further verification of this most intact picture, how did the ark of the covenant get back to the field of Yahshua? It was taken there on a "new thing" (Jeremiah 31.22), a new ox cart, pulled by TWO milk cows whose utters were towering. This is the Song of Solomon 8:10 older sister second Remnant, while the first Remnant calves were locked in their stalls.

There will be much evidence presented in the upcoming writing, fully and entirely supporting this number as being the mark of the beast, including the previous example. Other examples from that list include the following sampling. Between the two olive tree Remnants in Zechariah 4, how many branches were on that lampstand of Christianity? Seven! And again, how long did the ark of the covenant remain in fish god Dagon's temple? Seven months! Likewise, by the words of Elijah, the woman whose son was restored to life sojourned in the land of the Philistines for SEVEN years due to a famine in the land, and at the end returned to rightfully receive back her land and even all the harvest while she was gone. This generous second Remnant right was specifically restored by the King (2 Kings 8:1-6). And to how many men did the apostles give the care of the widows just before the stoning of Stephen, marking the close of the first Remnant and the beginning of breach Christianity? Seven! And what is the name of the gospel that represents Christianity that has the mark of the beast, but Mark? The list and the evidence is almost endless, as you will conclude when you read the forthcoming writing; for clearly the mark of the beast is SEVEN, and that mark is on Christianity.

What can we expect from this six-plus-one State Supreme Court that is clearly descriptive of the mark of the beast on Christianity? We will have to wait and see, but if they continue to follow the strict prophetic pattern, they will seek to overturn the work and decision of Remnant Katherine Harris, rejecting the Bush and supporting the Gore! And if the decision remains, you know the outcome - Gore will seemingly prevail, presenting the testimony that Satan will prevail in the church for another 1,000 years, or right through the sabbath millennium. Death will continue to prevail over the sons of the kingdom, and the second Remnant will be defeated. Of course this is not real, being only a pattern; BUT, it is, most importantly, prophetic and would be a very disturbing intercession. The question is - Are there patterns in the Scriptures indicating that this could indeed happen? I am greatly relieved to answer - NO! Thus, we can only trust that Yahweh will in the end work these events out to the victory of the Remnant and its prophetic testimony - Bush!

What if the mark of the beast court upholds Katherine Harris? This will cut this decision process short and give the election to Bush; but, it will not alter the number seven testimony the court clearly provides as the mark of the beast.

But if the mark of the beast does seek to prevail over George W Bush, what could happen? There seem to be two options - the nine member SUPREME COURT would have to remove the seven member mark, and liberate the Remnant Bush to receive the victory given to him by his Jael, his Esther, Katherine Harris; or, a state-wide recount would again go to Bush. If there is a Federal Supreme Court victory for Bush, no higher authority could contest it. The issue would then be settled, and Bush would prevail by the nation's highest judicial authority! If Bush gets a recount victory, with Gore, who knows what is in store then.

For those who grieve over the prospect of the Gore prevailing, or frankly even for those who would like to be Gored, this prophetic and intercessoral process we see unfolding just before we enter into the new and seventh millennium, is emotionally wrenching! A great deal of intercession is going on here, and we will all be somewhat relieved for the outcome to be decided. But the only outcome we can ever be happy with, and in it we will exalt Yahweh, is for second Remnant Bush to receive the heavenly kingdom, and for this kingdom nation to be delivered from the curse we have known for two terms. Even those who adamantly support Gore, if they knew the GREAT prophetic and intercessoral significance of this election - being delivered from Satan, and death, and sorrow, and lies - would vote with one common hope - the establishment of the King and His kingdom.

Continuing with these highly revealing and confirming patterns, as a prophetic representation of the second Remnant Jael or Esther, we have noted that Katherine Harris shares the picture with Bush as being the bride of Yahshua. The purpose of the bride of Yahshua is to be united with Yahshua in order to bring forth spiritual offspring. In light of Yahweh's testimony with Mrs. Harris as the bride, these spiritual offspring would be sons of Harris, or Harris sons. So, is it not likewise significant that the only other presidents to share a father and son relationship (other than the two we have already examined in these election 2000 e-mails), is the father and grandson presidencies of William Harrison and Benjamin Harrison. These two Harris-son Presidents were separated by thirteen interim presidents. William Harrison is unique in that he was the first President to die in office (serving only 30 days), which began a string of SEVEN Presidents dying in office every twenty years, interrupted by the near death of the eighth, Ronald Reagan.

Anyway, we see here what is seemingly a promise that the Remnant will bear offspring - sons of our prophetic second Remnant bride, Harris, or bearing Harris-sons. These sons cannot come forth in the generation in which the Remnant is established (the Harris generation), but even as the cleansing of the moneychangers in the temple in Christianity Mark takes place one "day" later, so the sons of Harris must be the next generation. Likewise, Benjamin was the grandson of William, being removed by one generation, unlike the two Remnant father and son testimonies we have considered. Christianity enters into resurrection one generation following the Remnant.

Finally, we have seen numerous testimonies of the work of the second Remnant to land the second concluding blow on the head of Satan, effecting his death. (The first blow was inflicted by the first Remnant.) There has been Kill Devil Hill on the East Coast, from which my cousins, the Wright brothers, sought to ascend alive into the heavens exactly 100 years ago. Then there was the East Texas oil town with the little college - Kilgore. Of course the Bible has one of the most dramatic testimonies of this second blow death with the tent peg being driven into the temple of Sisera by the woman, Jael.

And regarding this second-blow tent peg to the temple, we have seen in the writing The Signs That Cause Belief the remarkable testimony of this second blow in the engraving of Satan on the continent of Africa - . To see this amazing testimony, scroll about two-thirds way down the page where this specific point is discussed. You will see there the evidence or sign of the wound, the second blow, that effects Satan's death. It is engraved on Africa by a particular lake, affording us one more dramatic testimony of what Yahweh will do in His true kingdom, and testified to once again by what He is performing in these HIGHLY prophetic and intercessoral year 2000 elections.

What is the name of that lake that marks the second-blow death of Satan? We can answer this question be asking a question - What is it that is the "hot" issue surrounding the recounts? It is the issue of the "chad." In testimony of Satan's death via the Bush second Remnant, that second-blow death mark on the head of Satan engraved on Africa is equally Lake Chad! It is unmistakably NO coincidence that Lake Chad and the election battle issue over the pierced "chad," both speak of the second-blow death of the Gore, the Kilgore, the Kill Devil Hill, the Lake Chad! As has been pointed out in these highly revealing writings, THE GREAT ISSUE AT STAKE HERE IS THE SECOND BLOW DEATH OF SATAN, THE ONE WHO GORES, TESTIFIED TO BY THE BATTLE OVER THE PIERCED CHAD. So whether it is a tent peg to pierce Sisera's temple/Lake Chad, or a voter's stylus to pierce the chad, the testimony is remarkably clear - the second-blow death of Satan!

Interestingly, "chad" means "fierce." In Habakkuk 1:8 we read - "Their horses are swifter than leopards and fiercer (chadad) than wolves in the evening." This is the evening for Gore, and he is fierce. This is the evening for Satan, and he too is fierce. Both know that the issue of a pierced chad/Chad can bring their end.

Why? Why is this Election 2000 so dramatically prophetic? Because this election ushers the heavenly kingdom, Amer-ric-a, into the next century with a new leader, a prophetic testimony of the true heavenly kingdom preparing to enter into the Millennial reign of Yahshua and the judgment of Satan. This is why this election is so prophetic, and such a fierce battle.

Before closing though, let us point out that these patterns and pictures are just that. Katherine Harris, Jeb Bush, George W Bush, Al Gore, even the identification of the Democratic party as the Demo(n)crats, are only pictures, and these pictures in no way determine nor affirm either the personal fate or all the personal qualities of these individuals or groups. For example, Harry Truman was a prophetic second Remnant, but he was also a Democrat. (However, we MUST also note that this was prior to what this party has deteriorated to become, and Truman in no way participated in the horrendous party platform of the murder of innocent babies.)

Also, it is hoped by your seeing the consistency of these remarkably repetitive prophetic facts and testimonies, that you will see we are not just playing some cute word games. These matters obviously go far beyond this into the realm of sovereign consistent Divine design. Who could doubt the coherency of all this - from the two Bushes and John Q Adams securing Florida for the the US, to the remarkable pierced Chad/chad issue.

No, these are Yahweh's prophetic and intercessoral testimonies we are seeing worked out here. Yahweh is opening the eyes of His Remnant bride, and we are seeing the back side of Yahweh as He passes by. Yahweh has removed His hand that has been over the church-in-the-breach for 2,000 years, causing them to not see or understand the works of Yahweh; but He is allowing His second Remnant bride to see His remarkable works, which are being graphically revealed in these dramatic year 2000 elections in Amer-ric-a.

Open your eyes Remnant bride and see!

In praise and all thanksgiving to Yahweh Father and His beloved Son, Yahshua,




(Further information on this matter of "seven" being the mark of the beast can be read by clicking here.)

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