Following are a series of e-mail exchanges in which this matter of the mark of the beast was discussed. We hope these will help you in understanding this GREATLY misunderstood subject.


From: Leslie
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 00:40:38 +0000

Subject: [RemnantBride] The number seven

Hello, folks. I have read Gary's email re: the mark of the beast. I looked up that 616 number and it is referenced in the NASB under Rev 13:18. Help me out here....I understood that the number seven was symbolic of perfection. Now 616 can also be 13, i.e., 6 + 1 + 6 = 13, which is symbolic of ill-omen as referenced in Bullinger's Numbers in Scripture. Seven is from the Hebrew root word shevah which means to be full or satisfied. God rested on the 7th day meaning perfection and completeness.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me?

Leslie Schwager



From: Gary Naler
Reply-To: Leslie
Date: November 27, 2000 7:44 PM

Dear Leslie,

Some numbers have different or even separate meanings. For example, the number 9 can mean both fruit or gifts, but also judgment. Seven is a similar number. While it is the mark of the beast, it is indeed a complete and even spiritual number. I believe the idea of "perfection" is not being perfect, but rather being complete. Let me give you a few examples of this corruption identified with seven.

* 7 nations destroyed in Canaan before receiving the inheritance - Acts 13:19
* 7 spirits more wicked - Matt 12:45, Lk 11:26
* 7 abominations in the heart of a fool - Prov 26:25
* 7 days a woman is unclean after giving birth to a male child - Lev 12:2
* 7 altars set up by Balaam - Num 23
* 7 sons of Sceva - Acts 19:14
* 7 days of uncleanness after touching a corpse - Num 19:11
* 7 sons born to a woman, and she pines away, shamed and humiliated - Jer 15:9

There are NUMEROUS testimonies to 7 being associated specifically with Christianity:

* 7 months bondage of ark of covenant in Dagon's temple among Philistines - 1 Sam 6:1
* 7 years drought and wandering of woman in land of the Philistines whose son was restored by Elijah - 2 Kings 8:1-6
* 7 branched lampstand between the two sons of fresh oil - Zech 4
* 7 men selected by apostles, followed by the first Remnant coming to an end - Acts 6:3
* 7 streams were formed when Yahweh dries up the tongues of the Sea of Egypt and men walk in sandals - Is 11:15
* 7 eyes on the stone of Africa which has the engraving of Satan - Zech 3:9
* 7 steps to the gate of the outer court facing north, or prophetically Christianity - Ez 40:20-23
* 7 loaves of Pentecost leavened bread multiplied with 7 baskets left over - Mk 8:5f
* 7 locks of hair were cut off Samson's head and his eyes blinded - Judges 16:19
* 7 heads on the great red dragon - Rev 12:3, 13:1, 17:...
* 7 lampstands and seven churches in Revelation
* 7 hills Rome is set upon

Now, if you want to visibly see the mark of the beast on the beast, then go to and look right between the horns of that devil/demon and you will see a 7. Look carefully, it is there. Once you see it, you cannot miss it. It is a very clear 7! It is the mark of the beast!

And in addition to these testimonies, we see Yahweh's witness that deliverance from Christianity is deliverance from the number 7:

* 7 sons of Saul (previous name of Paul) were slain in order to stop the THREE year drought caused by Saul's actions (whose head also went to Dagon's temple among the Philistines) - 2 Sam 21
* 7 times the son of the Shunammite woman's son sneezed before opening his eyes and coming to life - 2 Kings 4:35
* 7 demons were cast out of second-Remnant-representing Mary Magdalene - Mk 16:9
* 7 days a banquet lasted when Vashti rebelled against the king, bringing forth the Esther (whose great value is evidenced in these Elections 2000 - Katherine Harris) - Esther 1:5 & 10
* 7 times Naaman dipped in the Jordan to rid his leprous condition - 2 Kings 5:8-14

This should give you a quick sketch of the vast evidence that the mark of the beast is clearly 7. Keep in mind, the truth of the second Remnant will repeatedly be in conflict with established Christianity that has the mark. If you look to the writings of Christians to validate the truth of, as well as the truths brought forth by, the second Remnant, it will never happen. Christianity is entirely leavened, and leavened bread that Christianity offers is full of error and corruption. I will soon be sending out a new writing on this.

It is awesome what Yahweh is revealing to this unworthy man right now. Truly, the plowman is overtaking the reaper (Amos 9:13-15), and more comes to me now than I can even get out. The latter rain is flowing, and it will ever increase! More on this in the days ahead.

I hope this helped to strengthen your and other's understanding regarding this mark of the beast.

Blessings always,





From: Kyle Nixon
To: Leslie
Sent: Monday, November 27, 2000 6:45 PM
Subject: Re: The number seven

Dear Leslie,

Great question and Yahweh's blessings to you my sister. My current understanding is that the number seven is what you have said it is, meaning "complete" and a place of rest that is Set-Apart unto to Yahweh as scripture repeatedly states in the context of sabbaths. Otherwise we have just entered into the "number of the beast" 1000 year reign of who? I also "personally" understand that the "mark" spoken of in Rev 13:16-18 is the iniquity of working on the seventh [sabbath] and doing the opposite or reverse of entering into Yahweh's completed work and refreshing [rain], because Yahweh declares that the sabbath [the seventh day] is a sign [or mark] between himself and his people forever [Exodus 31:17]. How could it be a sign between Him and his people and also a mark or sign for the adversary? [only as by a reversal] Also the seven day feast of unleavened bread is a sign upon thy hand and a memorial between thy eyes [forehead] that the law of Yahweh may be in thy mouth [Exodus 13:9], then being inverted or reversed to the Rev 13:16 "mark" on the hand and forehead.

So the seven could be the mark of the beast, in the context of rebellion to it's original intended purpose, which is an attribute of Christianity - wicking the sabbath and all the words of Yahweh in their mouths. May you rest and be refreshed tonight and on the sabbath.

Your Brother in Yahushua,





From: Leslie
To: Kyle Nixon
Subject: Re: The number seven
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 20:58:08 -0700

Kyle, thank you very much for your message. After I wrote the email to the group, I was beginning to see some points in scripture....for example Yahweh uses a 7 day period for discipline (punishment), for example, when Miriam was given leprosy--she was to be outside the camp for 7 days. So, I am beginning to see more and your message has helped. Also, I don't know if this has any merit because it just occurred to me during all of this...that in the Bible "white as snow" (which sounds clean and purified) also was a way to describe leprosy which we know represents sin. So, your referenced reversal is a thought that I really had not known before. Again, my thanks to you for emailing me. Blessings to you,



Since this material was posted, there has been a writing published here that pursues even further this issue. There are two specific sections in the writing titled THE ISSUE - II that address first the number 666 and its real significance, and second the true mark of the beast and what it means. Click here to go to those two sections, or read it in its entirety later. It is located in the list of writings under - THE ISSUE - II.