Upon What Foundation Will You Build?


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In this section, we will look at those passages that were found via the concordance research, as well as some other related passages, all of which deal with the kingdom of God or kingdom of heaven. As you will clearly see, the evidence regarding how to enter into Yahshua's restored kingdom, and the conflict to entering that kingdom, is both abundant and consistent. Little commentary is needed here, for the passages are so implicitly clear that they speak for themselves. Some of these verses were cited in part, some in full, in The Love of Money; but one should not rush through any of these or skim over them. Take time to carefully read each one of them and let them soak in, for they are the instructions of Yahshua and should be wisely and thoughtfully examined before His return.

Having now examined these passages, something should possibly be said for your benefit regarding the kingdom. The focus of this writing is the hope of the establishment of the kingdom of God here on earth by Yahshua at His return; yet, you will also find addressed in these writings that Christianity has or is the kingdom. Both of these are true. The kingdom is both something that has been given to earthly man and has been corrupted, as well as that which Yahshua will establish here on earth at His return. So, do not get confused when you read that we await the return of Yahshua and the establishment of His kingdom, knowing that Christianity already has the kingdom. The difference is that Christianity is the corrupted kingdom that must be torn down (the holy place) so the way into the more perfect (the holy of holies) can be revealed - Hebrews 9:8.

The message in these numerous passages is abundantly clear, providing both direct instruction, as well as verifying warnings. Without any doubt, entering Yahshua's restored kingdom requires that one sell everything. But this is not all the evidence there is; for we are only beginning to get started. In fact, there is another statement made by Yahshua relative to this truth that is so incomparably clear and direct, that it will be the focus of the next section, and in fact will impact the entirety of the remaining of this writing. Let us now examine it.


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