Who or what is this Remnant?

The term Remnant, as used in this writing, is in brief the two part work of the Holy Spirit performed at the beginning and the close of the church period. The former rain poured out on the day of Pentecost began a strictly Jerusalem based work which was unique in church history. This powerful beginning was not called Christian or Christianity, but rather "the way." It lasted up until the stoning of Stephen, at which time the church most considerably changed, particularly with the teachings of Paul out of Antioch where Christianity as we know it had its beginnings.

The coming latter rain will complete what the former rain began, once again performing a work entirely unique to what has and is being experienced in Christianity. This will be a work separate from Christianity; for even as "the way" came out of Judaism, and as Eve came out of Adam, similarly a second or latter part Remnant will come out Christianity.

This second-part Remnant will be caught up alive as the Elijah just prior to the return of Christ, will be united with the resurrected first Remnant created under the former rain, and the two will reign with Christ for 1,000 years as promised in Revelation 20:5-6. This truth is revealed and confirmed in numerous passages, one of which is the two witnesses Moses and Elijah glorified with Christ on the mount of transfiguration. This validation has been the topic of many of these writings (to be posted on this web site or can be requested by E-Mail).

The vast period of time between these two former and latter works is identified in the Scriptures as the breach, thus this writer uses the term "breach church" to represent the church minus the two-part Remnant. In truth, the church includes both the almost 2,000 year long breach period, as well as the comparatively very brief beginning and closing Remnant works.

Zechariah 4 clearly reveals all of these distinguishable parts as the seven-branched lampstand along with the two olive trees, one on each side. The entire work is called - "Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit." This is a foreshadowing representation of the entire church period. And as we see, this period has two (or three, depending on how you divide it) distinct parts - the solitary middle seven-branched lampstand, and the former and latter olive trees. Confirming these two trees as the products of the former and latter rains, the angel interpreting the vision to Zechariah identified them as the "two sons of fresh oil." These are the two Remnant parts of the church formed by the "fresh oil" outpourings of the Holy Spirit.

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