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Let us now get straight to the point on this matter of the Shelah third-part Millennial period.  If one was to ask – When did the church begin? – there could actually be several answers.  The best answer is probably – Pentecost.  But, one could also say it was when Yahshua began His ministry; and then again, one might say that it began when He was born; or someone could even say it was when the Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary.  The point is, there could be several points of beginning, depending on perspective. 


Likewise, one could say the same concerning the beginning of the Shelah Millennial period.  We do know that 1993 was a very important and significant year, marking the end of 120 Jubilees from Adam’s fall (read The Issue – II, page 8).  But we also see that Yahweh added ten years to this to bring it to 2003.  We have learned since 2000 when the Remnant Bride began, that 2003, with specific attention given to Tabernacles, was the most significant year and date yet in the church.  If there was ever to be a date marking the ending of the 2,000 year church period and the beginning of the third 1,000 year Shelah period, that evidenced to be the time.  For the sake of review and to have that information at hand here, we will briefly list these outstanding testimonies. In Psalm 90:12 we read – "Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."  Then verse 13 goes on to clarify what days need to be numbered for this needed wisdom, which we read - "Do return, O Yahweh; how long will it be?  And console Your servants."  Thus we see that the days that need to be numbered in order to have wisdom, are specifically the days that lead to Yahshua’s return!  Let us now number our days that we may have wisdom and know of His return. 









But someone might argue that there is nothing at all taking place today evidencing that we are actually in the third-part Millennial reign period, and we certainly did not receive the Euphrates latter rain.  That does seem so, but let us look at this further.


There are several issues at hand here.  One, we read in Leviticus 25:5 and 11 that Yahweh forbids for the (lit.) Nazirites (translated here, “untrimmed vines”) to be harvested on the Sabbath.  This offers a problem if we have already entered into the Millennial seventh day Sabbath, for we read in Ascending Alive, page 4, that the first resurrection must occur at the last trumpet before the Millennial reign.  If the Millennial reign, the Sabbath, has already begun, then there can be no first resurrection; at least it seems so.


But what have we been learning in the writing, A Lesson From Intercession, particularly from page 10?  We have learned that when Yahweh needs to accomplish something that, according to natural law, is not legal, He elevates it to a higher dimension and accomplishes it.  For example, it is not legal for anyone to labor on the Sabbath.  But, we saw that Yahshua repeatedly labored on the Sabbath.  Why?  Because He was foreshadowing the fact that He was going to have to come one “day” early and perform His labors.  Thus we see that by Yahweh stacking the eighth day, a day in which it is entirely legal to work, on the seventh day, where it is entirely illegal to work, this creates a higher dimension whereby Yahshua can labor on the Sabbath on the authority given to Him by the eighth day.  Of course only Yahweh has the authority or the power to do these things, and He has to do them or else man will perish.  He has to have mercy.  But He also has to have mercy legally.  He can never violate His own law; but within His laws are provisions for restitution.


Regarding this day of Tabernacles, 2003, in the writings on the test of Carmel, we noted that this test would be over at that time.  But we also noted in A Lesson From Intercession, page 10, that Yahweh is fulfilling His living prophecy in Joshua 10:12-15 and has caused time to a halt so that the Remnant can complete the battle and secure the victory that has thus far been waged in intercession.  Therefore, what we have at this time is another one of Yahweh’s divine overlaps, which He repeatedly uses in order to tie things together into one seamless work.


By causing time to stand still in order to complete the battle and secure the full victory, two things are going on at the same time.  Even though legally the last trumpet should have sounded at Trumpets, 2003, no one was ready; the work of the Remnant had not been completed, and Trumpets had to be delayed.  Therefore, though technically we are now in the Shelah third-part Millennial period, experientially time is on hold for the second Remnant so that we can finish the work, thus the divine overlap.


Technically, the eyes of those who have been blind from birth could not be opened until we entered into the Pool of Shelah period; but, in order for that to take place, Yahweh had to make a legal way for the Remnant to be able to enter into that vital period and still remain in our earthly bodies.  This earthly state is foreshadowed insomuch that Yahshua made spittle clay from the earth and placed it on the eyes of the blind man and sent him to wash in the Pool of Shelah.  Thus by this intercessoral act, Yahshua gave the second Remnant the legal right to enter into the Millennial reign while still in their earthly bodies and to accomplish opening the eyes that have been blind.  


Here once again we see the incredible importance of intercession, as well as an incredibly important intercessoral act!  Even as Satan obtained his legal right to enter into the 2,000 years of the church by receiving the authority to enter into the 2,000 swine, so Yahshua purchased for us through like intercession the legal authority to enter into the Shelah Millennial reign while still in earthly bodies where blinded eyes can be opened.  We are the clay that is sent into the Pool, the third-part period, of Shelah.


It is obviously quite significant that in Nehemiah 3:15 the Pool of Shelah is located at the Fountain Gate.  The Hebrew word used here for “fountain” is “ayin.”  But this identical word is also translated almost 450 times as either “eyes” or “eye.”  Thus we see that Yahshua in fact sent the blind man to the Pool of Shelah by the Eye Gate, that his eyes might be healed and he could see!  This is the work that needs to take place today – the Eye Gate needs to be opened.


It is equally worth noting that of the twelve gates mentioned in Nehemiah, there were five that were specifically repaired.  And it is worth noting as well that of all five of those gates, only one received a covering.  In each case the phrase common to those five gates was –  they built and “hung its doors with its bolts and its bars.”  But only of the Fountain Gate do we read – “He built it, covered it, and hung its doors with its bolts and its bars.”  With so much emphasis that Yahweh has placed upon the necessity that the Remnant come under the covering of holding all things in common, it is most striking that this one gate of immense importance and relevance to today, adds the confirming evidence of coming under this covering.  While the Remnant Bride came under this covering in 2003 from Passover through Pentecost, it can be fully anticipated that entering into this Eye Gate where men begin to see all things clearly, will cause this vital covering to finally be established.


Another exceedingly important and revealing testimony related to this, evidencing that we have indeed entered into the Millennial reign period, is the witness of the sons of Israel.  After completing their forty years in the wilderness (even as the church has now completed its forty Jubilees in the wilderness), the sons of Israel entered into that promised land.  The first thing that happened when they crossed the Jordan was that the manna ceased and they began to eat the fruits of the land (Joshua 5:12).  In a similar regard, possibly this incredible revelation we have been receiving of late is a testimony to this fruit.  But also most striking is the testimony of Jericho. 


In the writing titled, Tabernacles and Devoted Things, we find that Jericho was a clear prophetic testimony of holding all things in common.  From that writing we read – “this first fruits practice of everything in Jericho being ‘devoted’ to Yahweh, is none other than the covering of the bride – regarding nothing that we have as our own, but devoting everything to Yahweh for the common need of His first fruits Remnant.  As we approach the days ahead, and even as we just saw testified by the fact that the Fountain/Eye gate was the only covered gate, it seems evident that the second Remnant will finally be afforded the ability to fulfill this vital covering, even as did the first Remnant.  Having entered into the promised land of the Millennial reign in Shelah, this will be our Jericho fulfillment.


And secondly from this testimony we find another witness that is equally confirming as to the ministry and function of the Bride.  In the writing, A Lesson From Intercession, page 4, we find the vital necessity that Yahweh must extend His second golden rod to man so that the Tamar Jerusalem above latter rain work can be effected, in contrast to Yahshua’s Rebekah Jerusalem above former rain work. 


The first indication of this second golden rod as found in this account, is the appearance of the “captain of the host of Yahweh” (Joshua 5:13-15).  We saw in A Lesson From Intercession that in Passover, 2002 and 2003, while we were fully expecting “the captain of the host of Yahweh,” Yahshua, to come and be with us, we failed to recognize that He did come in a crucified man.  His appearance, we learned, was in fact in the revelation of the second golden rod.  Thus, Yahshua’s appearance here just before Jericho testifies to that second golden rod work.


Furthermore, we also note in that writing that, quite significantly, “Tamar” means, “to be erect,” and is translated on numerous occasions as “palm tree.”  Knowing the already great significance of Jericho in its testimony of holding all things in common, is it not of even further excelling and confirming significance that Jericho is known as “the city of palm trees,” or literally “the city of tamar” (Deuteronomy 34:3)?  Jericho is the product of the Tamar second golden rod work that provides the shemen of the latter rain, the Tamar work that is accomplished at the beginning of the Millennial reign entrance into the promised land when we come under the covering at the Fountain/Eye Gate.


Furthermore, Deuteronomy 34:3 goes on to say – “the city of palm trees, as far as Zoar.”  What was Zoar and why was it mentioned here as well?  Zoar is an exceptionally important and relevant testimony.  In 1994 when the Spirit first came upon me, one of the outstanding testimonies at that time was this little town of Zoar.  (“Zoar” means “little.”)  Zoar was the town where Lot and his two daughters were allowed to stay when they came out of Sodom and, as a second Remnant testimony, were preserved alive while the fire fell down from heaven on Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19:18-23; read One Thing You Still Lack, page 2).  Of course we see testified here as well the third part of Christianity, or once again Shelah, that is burned by fire (Zechariah 13:9). 


In 1994, one of the most striking testimonies to this man regarding the Remnant was the confirming truth of Genesis 13:10 and this second Remnant city of Zoar – “the valley of the Jordan” was “like the garden of Yahweh, like the land of Egypt as you go to Zoar.”  Zoar is the testimony of the restored “garden of Yahweh” in “the valley of the Jordan,” even “the King’s Garden” we likewise find attested to in Nehemiah 3:15 per Shelah.  And if this is not already sufficient affirming and significant evidence that Shelah is the third-part period of the church which is the Millennial reign, which we have entered, as even further evidence we note the following. 


We have already said that Yahshua must come early and labor on the Sabbath.  Therefore because of this, any miracle that He performed on the Sabbath and was recorded for a testimony, speaks specifically of what He will accomplish in the Millennial reign, which is the Sabbath.  Thus, it is highly significant that specifically recorded in John 9:14 we read – “Now it was the Sabbath on the day when Jesus made the clay, and opened his eyes.”  Again, this is one more testimony that we are indeed in the Millennial reign at this time – the Sabbath, where He heals the blind man by washing his eyes in the Pool of Shelah.  Therefore, it could equally be said – “Now it was the Millennium on the day when Jesus made the clay, and opened his eyes.”  Of course it is also equally significant that this miracle took place in Jerusalem, looking with hope to this same Tamar Jerusalem above work which is being manifested to us in this day.


And as one other testimony regarding the seventh day, let us very briefly consider another revealing account pertaining specifically to the latter rain and this Shelah Millennial period.


In kingdom John 2:1-11, we read of Yahshua’s first miracle of turning the water into wine.  This took place at Cana of Galilee.  But there was another miracle that took place there as well.  After this miracle, Yahshua went to Capernaum, Jerusalem, and Samaria, then in John 4:43 we find a specific prophetic reference to time – “And after two days He went forth from there into Galilee.”  This is where the second miracle occurred, and note that it is specifically per this testimony of “after two days.”


Keeping this brief, we first find a reference to the first miracle – “where He made the water wine” – and then a royal official approached Him, asking Him to “come down and heal his son; for he was at the point of death.”  Yahshua answered – “Unless you people see signs and wonders, you simply will not believe.”  When the official responded, “Sir, come down before my child dies,” Yahshua told him to go his way, “your son lives.”  The man believed and started back home.  Upon his arrival, his slaves met him and told him that his son was living.  This account ends by saying – “This is again a second sign that Jesus performed, when He had come out of Judea into Galilee.”  Let us get straight to the point.


Cana means “reed,” or thus even “staff or rod.”  These two miracles at Cana, or “rod,” with the breach of time between and the specific testimony – “after two days,” are clearly prophetic of the former and the latter rains.  Even as the man’s son was destined to die unless Yahshua “came down,” so kingdom man “after 2,000 years” is destined to die unless Yahshua cuts man’s days short and “comes down” and heals us.  And what must He do in order to get kingdom man to believe?  He must send the strong latter rain waters of the Euphrates that dismay, or “signs and wonders.”  This “second sign” is the second golden rod work attested to in these two former and latter rain miracles that took place at Cana, meaning “rod.”  These two miracles at Cana thus testify to the two golden rods.


Yahshua did not “come down” for this man, but sent him to walk in faith.  Such has been and will be the work of the Elijah second Remnant; we have had to carry out these things in complete faith, and will do so until His way is fully prepared.  As Yahshua declared to Thomas, the twin – “Blessed are those who do not see, and yet believe” (John 20:29).


Having seen the numerous clear testimonies that this account pertains to the latter rain where death has to be stopped, is it not equally relevant that when the man inquired as to what hour his son began to get better, the slaves reported – “at the seventh hour the fever left him.”  Taking everything into consideration here per this highly prophetic account, is it not clear that this reversal of death “at the seventh hour” is once again a testimony to the work of faith that takes place in the seventh day Shelah period?  Very much so!


As we have entered into the Millennial reign, we are experiencing the gently flowing waters of Shelah, the waters that when coming out from under the eastern gate are but a trickle.  But even as those waters increased from ankle, to knee, to loins, to deep enough in which to swim, so should the waters of the Spirit ever increase to become those abundant waters that dismay.



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