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This section is very important. We saw in THE ISSUE, and have considered here, that there have been two manifestations of the kingdom of God. First was to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The second manifestation was to the church at Yahshua's death, resurrection, and eight days of cleansing in heaven. Both of these manifestations have their own probation testing and waiting periods of 120 Jubilees.

We have already seen that this probation period beginning in the Garden of Eden was completed in 1993. Thus, Yahshua is now able to come and fully establish His kingdom on the basis of the Garden of Eden's completed probation, and bring men into resurrection. But what about Christianity? Can they now also enter into the garden's completed restoration and receive their resurrected bodies? No, for they too are also in a 120 Jubilee probation time, which is not yet completed, and they must likewise be given their promised probation time to prove themselves. The church legally has 4,000 more years in earthly bodies before entering into the fruits of resurrection. But we are going to see an interesting work of Yahweh's grace in their timing. Before addressing this, let us point out another testimony regarding this 120 Jubilee period.

The 5,880 years in 120 Jubilees (120 x 49 years) are essentially (and legally) 6,000 years. It is interesting how in Yahweh's infinite wisdom and understanding He can make so many truths work together. These 6,000 years are, in principle, the same as six days of creation - 6 x 1,000 years, or six 1,000 year long "days." Thus, what we see in the 120 Jubilees is man's chance to create in six "days" the "new heavens and new earth" kingdom - which of course he fails to do. We have said before that the church was to have 3,000 years of ministry to match Yahshua's three and a half years of ministry and three days in the grave. But following the 3,000 years of ministry must come another important 3,000 years. Chronologically, these two 3,000 year long periods, or 6,000 years, would be the six days of creation for the church.

This break of three and three is very importantly seen in the original six days of creation. The first three days of the original creation culminated in the third-day creation of vegetation and trees. The next three days of creation produced the sixth-day creation of man. What do trees and man have in common? Trees are prophetic of men and works in earthly man (e.g., the previously considered trees prophetic of the church kingdom). Likewise, recall the testimony of the blind man in Mark 8:22f who received a two-part healing? Upon Yahshua's first touch, the man saw men "like trees, walking about." The second time Yahshua touched him, he saw "everything clearly." This two part healing evidenced the same two part work seen in creation. The church's first 3,000 years were to produce the kingdom of God "tree" (which became defiled with birds, and will be cut down to produce tender growth from the stump). The second 3,000 years are to produce the born-from-above man who sees "everything clearly."

Let us look at the history of man and see the remarkable and confirming testimony Yahweh provided regarding this creation pattern. According to this Divine pattern, something would have taken place at the end of 3,000 years from Adam that would be the "tree" work, or fulfillment, or creation - something that was a fuzzy picture of that which was to be, but yet not the true fulfillment. This would be something that would foreshadow the true work that would not come until the end of the sixth day - that being the true fulfillment, the true "man" creation, or seeing everything clearly. It is now very easy for us to look back into history at those concluding years of the first set of three "days," to see what that prophetic "tree" was. Let us see.

This writing is united by one common testimony, providing the foreshadowing picture of the kingdom of God. That one significant common and uniting thread is - the witness of the reign of Solomon, the split of that kingdom, and, as you will see later, the claim to that kingdom by Solomon's grandson. When did all of this take place? From the beginning of the reign of Solomon, 2,925 years from Adam, right up to the 3,000th year from Adam. Thus, and most significantly, Yahweh's timing clearly points to the reign of Solomon and what happened to that kingdom as the foreshadowing "tree" of the first creation period. But of course included in that reign is the MOST important fact that the temple of gold into which Yahweh entered with His glory, was a most important foreshadowing of what must now take place - Yahweh's glory coming upon His Remnant! Thus we see that this testimony of Solomon was the "tree" work that would specifically precede and foreshadow the "man" work in the day we now live! This is why our examination here of Solomon is so revealing and important.

Looking at this six day creation pattern further, equally significant in these two three-day periods in creation is the fact that both began with the creation of light. The first day of the first three-day period (1, 2, and 3) was obviously day one in creation, while day four would have been the first day of the second three-day period (4, 5, and 6). As testimony to these two distinct three-day periods, each began with the creation of light (both the first and the fourth days). Thus we see in these two periods the two-part work of God. And this is the two-part work in the church that, equal to creation, is supposed to take two three-"day" periods for a total of six "days," or 6,000 years, or 120 Jubilees.

Combining both of these last points regarding Solomon and the six days of creation, we thus see the following.

For the sake of being able to address and make reference to these two creation periods, let us assign a name to each one. From earlier comments about Amer-ric-a, have you noticed that we saw precisely the same pattern. As the kingdom of heaven on the nations level, Amer-ric-a went through its first three-part period, and is now in its second one hundred year segment of its second three-part period. In other words, the first period was the 1600's, 1700's, and 1800's. The second period will be the 1900's, 2000's, and 2100's. The 2200's will bring the seventh day Sabbath rest for Amer-ric-a. This first period was aptly called the preparation period where Amer-ric-a was formed and prepared for its latter purposes. The second period was called the blessing period, where Amer-ric-a becomes a blessing to the world. (This is not to say that America has been or is perfect.)

Thus, as we describe these two periods, whether it be at the nations level kingdom of heaven, Amer-ric-a, or the higher true kingdom of heaven, we will identify the first three "days" of creation as the preparation period, and the second three "days" as the blessing period. Just for reference, the church has experienced two of its three days in the preparation period.

As has been noted, this fruit-bearing "tree" that is to be brought forth on the third day is in picture the prophetic trees previously considered. The church has now had two of its three days to come forth with this tree; and based upon their progress - it will never happen! But Yahweh is the good gardener, and He knows this very well. If He is going to have a fruit-bearing tree on the third day of the church kingdom's creation, He will have to do some work on the tree, and that is - prune it! And this He has already done and will do. In order to have His fruit-bearing tree on the third day of the church kingdom's creation, He cuts off the old growth of the church, even down to the "holy seed" stump, and with the tender growth that comes forth, has His first fruit unto resurrection. This cutting off He has already legally done in order to bring forth the Remnant, but will also perform more completely at His return with the glorified two-part Remnant.

This, in the end, is good for the church kingdom (as it always is for a fruit tree). Yahweh's intervention insures that on its sixth day when "man" is to be created (that is, the promise of resurrection, or resurrected man arising out of the dust), Christians will likewise enter His new heavens and new earth kingdom in the required state of resurrected men. Thus, because of Yahweh's intervention, Christians will enter their promised resurrection (seeing all things clearly from His second touch) on their sixth day. More on this later.

Now let us lay out something very interesting. First, we will lay out in visual form the period of probation for the original garden kingdom. We will represent it as a bar inclusive of 120 Jubilees of time, or 6 "days" of creation (6 x 1,000 years each, or 6,000 years). We will expand this pattern, so it is important you obtain some grasp of what is graphically shown here.

The kingdom of God defiled by Adam was legally restored by Yahshua at the end of 4,000 years, or precisely 80 Jubilees, and once again given to man. But again we consider the very important question that we built up to after several sections: Was it time for man to be brought forth as the fruit of the kingdom in resurrected bodies? No, not yet! For we have seen that essentially 2,000 years were still remaining in the original kingdom's probation period, and this new church kingdom period initiated by Yahshua was just beginning. Thus, the work of Yahshua was "early," per the original garden kingdom. Man could not yet be resurrected as the fruit of the kingdom; thus there could not be fruit on the church fig tree.

In like testimony, we have seen that the 2,000 year period of the church has been the swine period in which the 2,000 swine receive Legion (Satan), and all run into the sea of death (Mark 5:1-20). Christian man in this premature period has been swine, unclean, for he does not have the power to "chew the cud" (i.e., to resurrect - even as chewing the cud resurrects food for beneficial purposes). Equally, Zechariah 13:8 tells us that this 2,000 year, or two part, period of the church will be cut off and perish - they die.

Let us now draw a second chart and show chronologically both kingdom probation periods with their overlaps, as both have their 120 Jubilee time periods to test them.

Although the church has not completed its probation period qualifying its members for resurrection, based on the original garden kingdom timing, men can now, in this day, resurrect into "born from above," New Jerusalem, imperishable bodies. Today is the time for resurrection for mankind!

It is also the time to enter into the seventh day, or the Sabbath rest - the Millennial kingdom! And very interestingly, it might be added here as further witness to the significance of this transition time we live in, that astrologically we are in the transition period between Pisces and Aquarius. What does this mean? For 2,000 years before the time of Yahshua, the first sign in the astrological zodiac was Aries, the ram. But, because the position of the stars in relation to the sun changes, the specific days of Yahshua's presence on this earth marked a transition time in which Aries (in the first place) was replaced by the last place Pisces two fishes. This change, to astrologers, marked a very significant time, dramatically testified to by the first coming of Yahshua. For 2,000 years we have been in the period of Pisces. But, once again a change is at hand, and astrologers are anxious! They know something significant must happen! (By pointing this out we are not condoning all the actions of astrologers, nor do we in any way suggest one read the astrological forecasts. But, there are some things attested by the stars that are indeed signs in the heavens from Yahweh, since all His creation testifies of His works - even as the magi were aware of the birth of Yahshua by the stars.)

With the elapsing of another 2,000 years since Yahshua, now is the time for Pisces to be replaced by Aquarius, or the water carrier. What will be the outcome? Let us point out Yahweh's testimony. The Christian ram that was first place, will be replaced (as occurred in the heavens) by the last place two Remnant two fishes connected by a ribbon - the last shall be first. This was testified by the beginning of the age of Pisces at the time of Yahshua. The right to the kingdom belonged to the two Remnant. And with the much needed establishment of the second Remnant, it is time to bring forth the water of His new kingdom, the water from which if a man drinks he will never thirst again, the living water which from one's innermost being will flow like rivers - the latter rain. And, as we will examine in the next section, it is the time for the flood at the end of the 120 Jubilee period! While the long period of the breach extended this two-fish Pisces astrological period (with one fish at the beginning and one fish at the end, united by one string of purpose), it is now complete and time for the water to come forth. These are the waters evidenced by Aquarius, and the heavens declare this change!

Noting all these:

clearly we are in the season of change! According to present evidence, this change will be the first resurrection and the Millennial reign of Yahshua - the two Remnants, the "two sons of fresh oil," will be the "first fruits to God and to the Lamb" (Revelation 14:4). The first Remnant will resurrect from the dead and be joined by the second Remnant, who are caught up alive in the time of His second coming. These two parts, that have been separated by breach Christianity, will be united in heaven to be glorified with Yahshua, even as Moses and Elijah were glorified with Yahshua on the mount of transfiguration. They will then return with Him and reign with Him on the earth in His Millennial kingdom. Let us try to chart this.

In the next section, we will consider in greater detail the above pattern.


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