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This matter of the fifth dimension of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil leads us to some new and exceptionally exciting information about existing dimensions and the assurance of other dimensions.  We have seen how the fifth dimension is the dimension of the spiritual kingdom of God on earth in carnal men - "A depth of good / A depth of evil" - and have briefly mentioned that the fourth dimension is time - "A depth of beginning / A depth of end."  Both of these non-spatial hyperspace dimensions (of more than three dimensions) relate specifically to the earth in its corrupt, base state.  In fact, all five of these first dimensions are only temporary, in that they are each related to the natural.  The spatial three dimensions are only temporary, since they in time will be replaced entirely by a new heavens and new earth (2 Peter 3:10-13, Revelation 21:1) which will not have the three-dimensional limitations of space.  Additionally, when the present universe is destroyed, obviously the present dimension of time relative to the sun and the moon will equally be destroyed.  Revelation 21:23 says, "And the city (the new Jerusalem from above) has no need of the sun or of the moon to shine upon it, for the glory of God has illumined it, and its lamp is the Lamb."  The natural elements which set the galactic-clock of the natural universe will be replaced by the perfect heavenly.  The natural is a corrupt type or preluding picture of that which is to come - the perfect complete fulfillment of the imperfect natural.  When this occurs, time as related to the natural will likewise be put away - time as we know it will be no more.  

So we see that the three dimensions of space, as we know it, will be put away, as well as the fourth dimension of time.  What then will happen to the fifth dimension of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil church?  One must keep in mind here that the fifth dimension relates to the earthly/the carnal.  The problem with Christianity is that indeed it is a mix - the earthly with the heavenly, the good with the evil - and this is the great problem!  The fifth dimension of Christianity relates to the earthly, and the earthly will be replaced by the heavenly.  Thus, the corrupt church must be replaced by the entirely spiritual church, even as the heavens and earth are replaced by the new heavens and new earth.  This is a two-part process for Christianity.  First, the corrupted body of Christ that chooses both good and evil, must be trained and purified to be a true Christ and do and choose good only.  Isaiah 7:15 states concerning Yahshua - "He will eat curds and honey with respect to His knowing to refuse evil and choose good."  Christianity has never been able to "refuse evil and choose good."  Instead, they are the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  As Zechariah 13:9 tells us, Christianity in the Millennium must be taken through the fire in order to purify it and bring it to this true example of good only, refusing evil.  Then second, in time fifth dimension Christianity will also enter into glorification, putting off their corruptible bodies and putting on the incorruptible.  When that occurs, equally the corrupted fifth dimension will be no more.  

Now, where does this corruption and eventual passing away of these first five dimensions leave man, the earth, the heavens, and the kingdom?  One must realize that Yahweh is indeed a God of laws and order.  These laws and order are observable even by the natural, even by those who have absolutely no belief in God whatsoever.  While not seeing God or accepting God by faith or some form of belief, man does see Him in creation.  God is observable to the natural man, but as natural Creation.  Thus, man can actually know God in part, by knowing His natural laws and qualities.  Amazingly, man can know in pattern who God is and what He will do, without recognizing or acknowledging God.  Man can do so by Yahweh’s natural laws.

Within the science of physics is Yahweh, the Creator of all things.  Now, men have not entirely figured out Yahweh, any more than physicists have entirely figured out the laws of this universe.  Some strides have been accomplished in physics, unleashing for man such developments as atomic energy (including the atomic bomb), radio, television, computers, etc.  But there remain mysteries in physics that man has not been able to decipher or prove.

Up until the 1900's, men pondered and fantasized what the fourth dimension could be.  It was not until the epoch-making introduction of the theory of relativity by Albert Einstein in 1905, that man understood the fourth dimension was in fact time.  Of course, it cannot be said that this was the first time man had knowledge of this, for we have seen already that this "depth of beginning/depth of end" was presented by Abraham almost 4,000 years earlier as one of the five dimensions of earthly man.  But as to the consciousness of man relative to the laws of "Nature," the gifted brilliance of Einstein reconciled that time itself was indeed the fourth dimension per man's earthly existence.

Since 1905, inquiring physicists have come to the conclusion that there must, in fact, be a fifth dimension in man's existence.  Physicists have absolutely no idea what this fifth dimension is, other than their remarkably amazing and paradoxical conclusion that it is small enough to fit within the nucleus of an atom, yet the earth and the entire universe is within it.  This is the extent of their understanding of the fifth dimension, yet most physicists now admit that in order for physics to all fit together, there must be this fifth dimension.

Of course, while man was not persuaded of the fourth dimension until after 1905, though Abraham identified it 4,000 years earlier, it is most certainly unlikely that physicists will accept Abraham's equally accurate identity of the fifth dimension - "A depth of good / A depth of evil."  This identity by some might simply be called the dimension of the spiritual; and indeed it is, but we see by its very identity with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that, more specifically, it is the kingdom of God Yahshua restored and gave once again to carnal man.  The spiritual kingdom given to carnal man is the corrupted mix of the good and evil church, or Christianity, and has the unique identity as the fifth dimension.  But keep in mind, all five of these dimensions, including Christianity, exist and have their inherent weaknesses within the carnal earthly realm.

In the world of physics, there is a theory that Einstein proposed and called the "unified field theory."  In the closing thirty years of Einstein's life, he sought to formulate this "theory of everything" in which all the forces found in nature were explained, including light, gravity, molecular structure, everything from the atom to the galaxies.  But, this was never accomplished in the life of the brilliant Einstein, and has not been solved to this day.  As concluded by one physicist, whoever can resolve the unified field theory is certain to receive the Nobel prize for physics.

But, some physicists have proposed a theory they believe solves this elusive problem.  They believe that adding higher dimensions simplifies and unifies all the laws of nature.  At this time, physics is limited to four-dimensional analysis.  But as we have noted, most physicists now agree that there is indeed a fifth dimension.  This persuasion is pointed out in Michael Drosnin's book, The Bible Code (p. 196).  In Drosnin's book, he reports on the recent findings that "There is a Bible beneath the Bible," in what is called Equidistant Letter Sequences (ELS).  The validity and workings of this computer-enhanced discovery cannot be reviewed here, except to note that the scientific community finds it irrefutable, and that against all odds it is profoundly revealing and startlingly accurate.

Drosnin points out on page 50 of his book that ELS (the Bible within the Bible) specifically identifies "Einstein," and associated with his name the information - "They prophesied a brainy person;" "science;" the exceptional phrase, "A new and excellent understanding;" along with the amazing truth, "He overturned present reality."  His "theory of relativity" is also encoded, as well as the amazing truth which has more recently come to acceptance - "Add a fifth part"!  To the astonishment of scientists, mathematicians, a newspaper reporter/author, and multiplied readers, 3,500 years before man would even begin to unravel these truths of physics regarding the universe, Yahweh had encoded within the Bible the man who would introduce this process, and even suggest the solution which Einstein did not discover - the "fifth part" or the fifth dimension.

In physics, men understand that by adding hyperspace dimensions, all their problems in reconciling the laws of nature can be solved (the unified field theory).  In Michio Kaku's book, Hyperspace, we read on page 86:

Every undergraduate student learning the theory of electricity and magnetism toils for several years to master these eight abstract equations, which are exceptionally ugly and very opaque.  Maxwell's eight equations are clumsy and difficult to memorize because time and space are treated separately.  (To this day, I have to look them up in a book to make sure that I get all the signs and symbols correct.)  I still remember the relief I felt when I learned that these equations collapse into one trivial-looking equation when time is treated as the fourth dimension.  In one masterful stroke, the fourth dimension simplifies these equations in a beautiful, transparent fashion.  Written in this way, the equations possess a higher symmetry; that is, space and time can turn into each other.  Like a beautiful snowflake that remains the same when we rotate it around its axis, Maxwell's field equations, written in relativistic form, remain the same when we rotate space into time.

Though you will not likely understand the details of Kaku's comment here, hopefully you see his most important conclusion (which is the main theme of his book) - that higher dimensions resolve the laws of nature.  This is a most important principle in the ways of Yahweh that has been brought to light in physics.

Now, what hyperspace dimensions has man had to work with?  Well, in the dimension Kaku pointed out here, all men certainly have the fourth - time - to work with in order to reconcile nature.  But an even higher and added dimension is that offered by Yahweh to Einstein and to all men - the "fifth part," or the fifth dimension.  Indeed, despite all of Christianity’s ills, this tree of the knowledge of good and evil kingdom has certainly resolved many of the problems of nature.  It is a higher dimension that, in effect, lifts man up out of the restrictions of three-dimensional living, as does the fourth dimension of time.  Both of these dimensions, in not only the sterile calculated minds of physicists but as well in the experience of those who have entered into the fifth dimension of the kingdom of God here on earth, are proven remedies to the limited restraints of nature and the natural life.

Let us pause here and provide simply a few examples of this power of the fifth dimension to reconcile and resolve nature.  One of the simplest and most obvious to understand is the power of miraculous healing.  The three spatial dimensions in the case of an affliction may indicate that in time someone might die from a given illness or injury, or be permanently afflicted or physically altered.  Though natural provisions may not be able to correct the problem, nor may the dimension of time in healing, there have been many, many, multiplied cases in which the fifth dimension of the power of God has indeed reconciled and corrected an otherwise uncorrectable affliction.  This introduction of the higher fifth dimension into a naturally impossible situation, we call a miracle.  In truth, it is the higher fifth dimension that, according to the laws of physics, is in fact resolving the lower laws of nature.  And this power of resolution of the higher fifth dimension is oft repeated again and again with other problems - emotional, domestic, moral, financial, lack of information, direction, and so on.  Men have oft discovered that the spiritual fifth dimension indeed brings much needed resolve and reconciliation within their natural lives.

In addition to this brief look at the fifth dimension and its resolution of nature, before moving on in the progression physics offers us, let us look at some of the most amazing aspects of this same power in the fourth dimension of time.  Many aspects of the higher dimension of time in resolving the realm of space and nature could be addressed.  For example, Benjamin Franklin's wife identified one of the powers of resolution via the fourth dimension of time, when she declared to her husband following the death of their young son - "Time is an herb that cures all diseases."  This statement reveals the power of hyperspace in resolving the ills of nature.  Give time a chance, and a three-dimensional circumstance can be rectified, resolved, or healed.  Time can indeed be a most appreciated way of resolving the laws of and acts within three-dimensional nature.

Furthermore, all the laws of restitution laid out in Yahweh’s Word in which the offender restores the offended, are in fact fourth-dimensional ways of reconciling three-dimensional problems or offenses.  For example, according to Yahweh’s laws, if someone stole from a man, then the offense was to be reconciled by the offender paying back the offended.  This was to be the case, even if the offender had to serve the offended for a period of time to pay his debt.  In time the offense was more than fully restored.  Time thus restored the violation within nature.

Further reflecting on this matter of the fourth dimension of time, let us comment on one of the stickiest issues in the theory of relativity - Can there be such a thing as "time travel," going forward or backward in time?  Can man build a time machine?  While this feat, in theory, may arguably be possible (particularly with the addition of higher dimensions), the obvious reality at this time is that time travel as man imagines it is (gratefully) out of earthly man's reach.  But, and we add a most remarkable "but," actually earthly man can and does and has indeed experienced the reality of time travel.  Granted, everything experienced in this realm is relative to one's feet still stuck in mud (Jeremiah 38:6 - i.e., limited to this earthly body experience in a pit that leads to death) and cannot be altered until we "shake the dust of our feet off" (Lit. of Matthew 10:14, i.e., exit this body to put on the incorruptible); nevertheless, there is most certainly a way given to man to effect time travel.  

The remarkableness of this feat of time travel is seen in the matter touched on in this piece, and addressed more fully in THE ISSUE.  Let's say one wanted to travel back in time to the garden of Eden, where man in the beginning failed.  How then could we "warp," if you would, time so that we could enter into the garden?  Somehow we must enter into the garden in the fourth dimension, without our "world line," as Einstein pioneered, being broken or interrupted - i.e., without departing from these bodies.  And let it be noted that entering into a higher dimension than the fourth via a translation into heaven as Enoch or Elijah experienced, is not being spoken of here.  One's "world line" is associated with this world and these bodies, and remains unbroken thus far.  So, how can a fourth-dimensional travel through time occur without interrupting our "world line"?  

Those who imagine the application of time travel, often project the idea of going back in time and undoing wrongs that have been done - warning Lincoln to not go to Ford Theater, preventing Hitler from ever coming to power, stopping Oswald from entering the Texas School Book Depository, or preventing the tragedies or wrongs in one's personal life.  The point we note here is that in order to alter the consequences of a wrong, one must go back to the place prior to or at the time of the offense and correct it there.  This was the same dilemma Yahshua faced.  For Him to undo the problems created 4,000 years prior to His birth, He had to be able to return to the time of the offense in order to fix the problems.  In order to fix the sins of Adam and the corruption of the garden, Yahshua had to go back to Adam in the garden.

Let us use a practical example to explain this.  If one was wanting to fix a mechanical problem, such as in a motor, if the problem existed deep within the motor, one could only fix it if they systematically removed part after part until they got to the source of the problem.  Once getting to the problem, then it could be fixed.  This was true with Yahshua.  He came to fix man and the kingdom of God; but, time offered a dilemma.  The source of the problem with both man and the kingdom was "located" 4,000 years prior in the garden of Eden.  How could He get back to Adam to fix man?  How could He get back to the garden to fix Yahweh’s kingdom?  The curses upon the man, the woman, the earth, and Satan, all originated at the foundation of man and the earth.  Like the problem with the motor, Yahshua had to some how get back to the source of these problems at the foundation of the earth and fix them there, in the garden.

How could the man Yahshua, now 4,000 years after the fall, go back in time to the garden and change or undo the sin that originally occurred there?  To do this, He had to utilize the fourth dimension in order to somehow return to the garden - "time travel."  Yahweh, of necessity, had indeed provided a way for this to be done.  We read in Revelation 13:8 that Yahshua was "slain from the foundation of the world."  This is indeed a wonderful statement, for in it we find the needed resolution to this dilemma of solving man's and the kingdom's problems at their source - the foundation.  But, this still leaves us with the question - How then could Yahshua the man effect time travel and return to the foundation of the earth to there be slain, thus dying for the entirety of all men since Adam?  (Remember that in time travel, an alteration of events is only effected from the point in which the traveler returns, thus necessitating that Yahshua return all the way back to the beginning of man in the original garden in order to restore all men.)

How then could Yahshua go back to "the foundation of the world," having been born 4,000 years later, and effect being slain there?  The answer to this is in the most important and vital principle of INTERCESSION and the vow of the Nazirite!  Through identifying with the garden elements in the vow of the Nazirite - the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the glory of God, and the tree of life - by intercession Yahshua in fact returned to the garden (testified to by His entering "a garden" upon taking His vow at the Passover meal - John 18:1), chose to partake of the tree of life (testified to by His journey to the Mount of Olives), identified with dead man (testified to by the sleeping three disciples), rejected the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (He prayed three times that the wine-possessing cup would pass from Him), and identified with the curse of man to work the earth by the sweat of his brow (in the garden, equally Yahshua sweat, and it was "like drops of blood, falling down upon the [cursed] ground" - Luke 22:44).  Truly and most surely, through the vow of the Nazirite and His garden experiences, Yahshua entered a place of intercession, and by it returned to the garden of Eden to correct by His blood and restored vow the sins of all men (1 Timothy 4:10, 1 John 4:14) and to restore the defiled kingdom!  In "time travel" reality, Yahshua by intercession was in fact slain as a Nazirite "from the foundation of the world," uniting the cross with the original garden!  Such is the immense power of intercession!  It is the power to travel through time and even space!

Now that we have seen the remarkable feat of traveling back in time, let us likewise see in Yahshua's intercession as a Nazirite the equally remarkable feat of traveling forward in time.  We will not elaborate on this a great deal, for the mechanics of it are laid out in THE ISSUE.  In that writing, we saw that Yahshua's intercession as a Nazirite was two-fold - both backward in time to the original garden of Eden, as well as forward in time through the body of Christ church period.  We clearly saw that Yahshua's garden period of prayer (immediately following His Nazirite vow at the Passover meal) was a specific intercessoral identification with the original garden, while His trial and affliction was a specific intercessoral identification with the body of Christ (albeit an equally preluding pattern).  When Yahshua went back in time, He returned to the garden of Eden.  When He went forward in time, He felt all the pain that would afflict the church - being delivered to His afflictors by "a devil" (Judas), tormented, blinded (with a blindfold), a crown of thorns (worldly cares) was placed upon His head, He was beaten, they spat into His face, He was crucified, and all of this culminated with the three hours of darkness and Yahshua's cry - "My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?"  All of these events were specific acts of intercession in which He experienced beforehand what the body of Christ would go through.  (For more details, see THE ISSUE, page 3.)  In Yahshua's affliction and death, He was equally performing time travel, this time passing forward in time through the body of Christ period and feeling all the pains of that good and evil kingdom that was to come.

But we ask the question - Why?  Why would Yahshua intercede for the church in its deprivation?  The answer is - Because Christianity of necessity needs deliverance from its corruption, and Yahshua as an intercessor gained the authority to deliver it!  An intercessor gains authority on behalf of the one(s) for which intercession is made, and Yahshua by His intercession for the corrupted church gained intercessoral authority to deliver it.  If He had not done so, the outcome of the church would be that which occurred at the conclusion of His affliction:  three "hours," or three thousand years, of darkness with the final dreaded - "My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?"  But this is the very point of His intercession.  He suffered for the church so that He might deliver it!  Yahshua will not allow the church to go three "hours" in darkness, but will cut its time short to two "hours" (or two thousand years) and return to deliver the church from its afflictor, Satan.  Because Yahshua interceded for the church in His afflictions, He has the authority to deliver it from its afflictor!

Thus we see, as a Nazirite intercessor Yahshua not only traveled backward in time to fix the problems of Adam man and the corrupted garden, but He equally traveled forward in time to gain the authority to deliver the church from its three "hours" of darkness.  Such is the most remarkable power of intercession - it provides the higher dimension capability of time travel, both back in time, as well as forward.  And this is the power of intercession available to all men!  Without making this a study on intercession, let us simply note that intercession is the power for any man or woman to perform time and space travel to accomplish things as though they were there in reality.  This fourth dimension of time is, in the laws of physics, the higher dimension that allows the simplification and unification of the laws of nature - either by time travel in intercession, by the resolution of past events with the herb of time, or in a sundry of related ways.

And before closing this section, what is to be said concerning Yahweh, the Creator of all things?  Is He under the constraints of time as is carnal man?  Does He relate from a single moment in time as men do?  Certainly not!  Yahweh is much higher than these first five dimensions of carnal man; in fact, He is higher than all the dimensions of man (to be considered in the next section).  Yahweh the Creator is not bound by time, and exists eternally with no beginning and no end.  In Revelation 1:4 we read that the Creator identified Himself as He "who is and was and is to come."  This describes an omnipresence of Yahweh, not just in place, but equally in time.  Yahweh is present in the present, the past, and the future, all at one time.

To help understand this, let us consider time as being a long scroll.  For man, he can only view the scroll at one given point as it unrolls before him, but then recoils after him.  But for Yahweh, the scroll is unrolled entirely from beginning to end as one continuous and observable sheet, laying completely open to Him so that He is present at and completely aware of all points on the scroll - past, present, and future.  Thus, Yahweh occupies all points on the scroll of time in the full stretch of time.  For this reason, He can declare:  

"Remember this, and be assured;
Recall it to mind, you transgressors.
Remember the former things long past,
For I am God, and there is no other:
I am God, and there is no one like Me,
Declaring the end from the beginning
And from ancient times things which have not been done,
Saying, 'My purpose will be established,
And I will accomplish all My good pleasure'" (Isaiah 46:9-10).

Yahweh alone can declare the end from the beginning of time because He not only sees all the works of man from beginning to end, but He also occupies and even establishes all of man's works for all time according to His good pleasure.

This forework, and thus obvious foreknowledge, of Yahweh is abundantly evidenced in Michael Drosnin's accounts concerning ELS in the Old Testament.  Drosnin notes that "apparently every major figure, every major event in world history, can be found with the level of encoding we already do know" (p. 46).  (One has to read this book to understand the fullness of his statement.)  How can Yahweh encode in the Bible all the names of now historical figures and their events thousands of years before they even take place?  Because Yahweh is not bound by the fourth dimension of time.  The Bible code provides irrefutable evidence as to what could be called the hyperdimension existence of Yahweh God (i.e., being above all the dimensions of man).

As noted in Drosnin's book, Albert Einstein once wrote on the occasion of a friend's death - "the distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, however persistent" (pages 31, 193-194).  This persistent "illusion" is most confining to man, yet to the Creator who exists above time, neither the past, nor the present, nor even the future offer any restraints, limitations, or surprises to the Creator, Yahweh.

Let us now close this section by returning to our consideration of the fifth dimension or "fifth part," which Yahweh encoded Einstein to add.

We have already seen that the fifth dimension in the physics of earthly man is the dimension of the kingdom of God that is good and evil.  While this most certainly is not the perfect kingdom that man is to enter into, it is the kingdom that has been available to carnal man.  The fifth dimension is an access to the highest yet dimension of physics available to man at this point.  A relationship with the Creator is available through the Son Yahshua, the anointed (or Christ).  By entering into this fifth dimension, the lower dimensions of time and space can be resolved.  In this fifth dimension, the God of creation and order becomes the God of miracles, with the result of the modification of space and even time.  Yahweh, in the fifth dimension, offers to man a higher level of physics that simplifies and unifies all that is available to him at his present point of time and space.

But is there more?  Is there only the get-by-in-carnal-flesh experience of the fifth dimension?  Is there more to come than the conflict of both good and evil?  Man left at this level is still woefully in the "wretched man" state of carnal existence and struggle addressed in Romans 7.  Surely Yahweh has created higher levels of dimensions to rescue man.  Once again we can look at the findings of physics to gain our answer.

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