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The progression of this writing has taken us from the leaven associated with Pentecost to the testimony of the feeding of the 4,000 with leavened Pentecost wheat bread, which clearly represents the leavened church. Let us now look at the chronology of events occurring immediately after feeding the 4,000 as recorded only in Matthew and Mark, and compare it with the chronology of events occurring immediately after feeding the 5,000 as recorded in uniquely different Luke. With this comparison, we find something EXCEPTIONALLY interesting and MOST revealing! Once again we will examine these with the insight gained in The Key To Their Understanding. Let us briefly lay out the recorded events, picking up with the last item listed in our previous comparison - their departure from Caesarea Philippi. As in the previous comparisons, you will again want to compare these two accounts item by item.


4,000 Fed

Matthew 16:13-17:2

Mark 8:27-9:2

• They departed to Caesarea Philippi

• They departed to Caesarea Philippi

• Yahshua asked His disciples - "Who do people say that the Son of Man is?"

• Yahshua asked His disciples - "Who do people say that I am?"

• Peter acknowledged He was "the Son of the living God"

• Peter acknowledged He was "the Christ"

• Yahshua stated to Peter - "upon this rock I will build my church"

• Yahshua stated clearly to them He must suffer and be killed

• Yahshua stated clearly to them He must suffer and be killed

• Peter rebuked Yahshua

• Peter rebuked Yahshua

• Yahshua said to Peter - "Get behind Me, Satan!"

• Yahshua said to Peter - "Get behind Me, Satan!"

• Yahshua expounded on the necessity of taking up one's cross

• Yahshua expounded on the necessity of taking up one's cross

• Promise that they would not taste death until His coming in His kingdom

• Promise that they would not taste death until His coming in His kingdom

• "And six days later" Yahshua took Peter, James, and John up to a high mountain and He was transfigured before them

• "And six days later" Yahshua took Peter, James, and John up to a high mountain and He was transfigured before them


Now that we have seen the events following the feeding of the 4,000, watch what happens in Yahshua's discourse following the preceding feeding of the 5,000 in Luke. Very importantly, notice the obvious similarity to the post-4,000 discourse above. The following events pick up immediately after the twelve baskets of bread were gathered. Take this information and compare these with the Matthew and Mark 4,000 accounts, once again item by item.


5,000 Fed

Luke 9:18-29

• Yahshua was praying alone when the disciples joined Him

• Yahshua asked His disciples - "Who do the multitudes say that I am?"

• Peter acknowledged He was "The Christ of God."

• Yahshua stated clearly to them He must suffer and be killed

• Yahshua expounded on necessity of taking up one's cross

• Promise that they would not taste death until His coming in His kingdom

• "And some eight days after" Yahshua took Peter, James, and John to a mountain and He was transfigured before them


This is rather amazing, isn't it? While we cannot review all the differences in these accounts (you can ponder on these yourself), the most obvious striking matter to note here is that the conversation that took place in Matthew and Mark immediately following the feeding of the 4,000, took place in Luke immediately following the feeding of the 5,000! In Luke, it is as though the time after the gathering of the twelve baskets of bread following the feeding of the 5,000, to the end of the feeding of the 4,000, did not happen, and the post-4,000 discourse picked up totally uninterrupted as though it was one undisturbed chain of events.

Amazingly, there is absolutely no hint in Luke that these events are actually separated in time by obviously several weeks. When reading the Luke account, one would never know of this separation. These events that are obviously separated in time, are uniquely united together as one continuous uninterrupted occurrence. The Matthew and Mark events were a blank spot, a loss of information so to speak. But we know otherwise from both of those books. The disciples did get into a boat and go out on the Sea, Yahweh and the disciples did make a trip to Tyre and Sidon, the 4,000 were fed, and Yahshua did warn about the leaven. But none of this is recorded in Luke, and events are simply tied together as though they were continuous! This is truly amazing! To help understand this, let's look at these differences graphically. We will first examine the order of these events as recorded in Matthew and Mark, with the occurrences that are absent in Luke enclosed in brackets.


Matthew and Mark

5,000 fed → [boat on Sea → Tyre and Sidon → 4,000 fed → leaven warned→] Peter, cross, and promise that they not die


But when we read Luke, we find that all of the occurrences within the brackets are entirely absent, and the account takes up and continues with Yahshua's address to Peter, His instruction concerning taking up one's cross, and His promise that some of those there would not die, as though these weeks of events leading up to and surrounding Pentecost never occurred! The account in Luke transpires as one continuous uninterrupted event with absolutely no hint of a break, and thus looks like this.



5,000 fed → Peter, cross, and promise that they not die


The entire course of events which transpired over three chapters and 66 verses in Matthew and three chapters and 75 verses in Luke, were entirely deleted with one brief statement indicating an in-text uninterrupted continuation of events - "And it came about...." Read this for yourself in Luke 9:17 and 18. There is absolutely NO hint whatsoever that between verse 17 and verse 18 are several weeks of events that are recorded in Matthew and Mark. Why? Why would the Holy Spirit do this? Because He is seeking to tell us something that is only revealed in a comparison of the gospels using the key to understanding these often dramatic differences. If you have not read The Key To Their Understanding, you cannot understand what will be shared here.

What then can this mean? It is absolutely profound what Yahweh accomplished prophetically by performing this deletion specifically in Luke, the second Remnant book! Equally so, it is one more amazing testimony of the awesomeness and intricacy of our God - how He can take the gospels, penned by four different men, and sovereignly declare His truth in hidden riddle form through a comparison of the gospels. Go slowly now and digest this next sentence describing what Yahweh did through these differing prophetic accounts. The sentence is long, so read slowly and thoroughly.

When Yahweh removed the Matthew and Mark sea of death, Tyre and Sidon world, Pentecost leavened events from the second Remnant book of Luke, and joined together the two accounts as one unbroken ongoing set of events, which were then immediately followed by the mount of transfiguration in which Yahshua and His two Remnant representatives were glorified (Moses, who died before entering into the promised land, and Elijah, who was taken up to heaven alive without dying), this was nothing less than a dramatic prophetic representation of the repairing of the breach by taking the dead, worldly, leavened church period of Christianity out and uniting the "5,000" unleavened barley first Remnant with the promise-not-to-die-fulfilling second Remnant, immediately followed by the glorification of Yahshua and His two Remnant witnesses on the mount of transfiguration! Did you understand that? I hope so. What He did is amazing! Absolutely amazing! Reread and study this descriptive sentence if you need to. What Yahweh accomplished here is truly astounding!

To help you understand this better, let us recall the account phenomenons found in Matthew and Mark as compared to Luke, and now provide a like graphic representation of how this prophetic pattern is actually fulfilled.

Matthew and Mark

First Remnant  [Christianity] Second Remnant



First Remnant [ ] Second Remnant

These patterns are precisely the patterns we examine in the numerous highly confirming and most revealing accounts in the writing The Promise. Again, what we see here evidenced with the removal of dead, worldly, and leavened Christianity as represented in the Luke account, is nothing less than the repairing of the breach separating the two Remnant. It is highly suggested that you read The Promise in order to better understand this.

Yahweh will repair the breach that has existed between the two Remnant, having been separated by 2,000 years of corruption and death in the kingdom. By uniting the two-part Remnant in heaven, evidenced by the immediately following mount of transfiguration, the breach of Christianity will be repaired and the two Remnant parts will become one. The 5,000 Passover unleavened barley bread promise first Remnant (the Moses), will be united with the promise fulfilling "you will not die" second Remnant (the Elijah). Thus in second Remnant Luke, we uniquely have the Passover promise united with the promise not to die, and all the corruption in-between entirely removed with absolutely no hint of existence. What happens to breach Christianity? First they sleep, even as three-part or 3,000-year-represented Peter, James, and John (three men) slept while Yahshua and His two Moses and Elijah Remnant witnesses were glorified. While the two-part Remnant is united in heaven and glorified with Yahshua, breach Christianity sleeps. I ask you - Where are the Christians in the last 2,000 years? They are in their graves, sleeping. They are like Peter, James, and John - sleeping. And while this body of Christ sleeps, a bride will be taken from its side - a Remnant that has the promise that it will not die - and this two-part Remnant will be glorified with Yahshua!

Thus, in this amazing contradicting account recorded in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, we see Yahweh's plans and testimony to unite the Passover promise first Remnant with the "you will not die" promise-fulfilling second Remnant, healing the breach between these two. These two Remnant parts will be united in heaven at their Magadan (their high tower). There they will be glorified with Yahshua, and will return with Him to reign upon this earth for 1,000 years. This is the testimony Yahweh provides in this MOST unique and HIGHLY revealing account comparison.

At this point it would be most profitable to cite a portion from The Promise that expresses precisely what we have been examining. Let us here note the highly affirming testimony found in the dramatic and clearly descriptive account provided by Yahweh through the meaning of the names of those in the genealogy from Shem, the son of Noah, to Melea, the fourth generation after King David. From the meaning of those names, Yahweh gives us the following affirming message:

The shining providential regeneration (the first Remnant) who continue in their fixed habitation (which is the problem), knowing rest and petition, will be passed over, dividing the companions that are interwoven together (the two Remnants). Piercing the delay period (the body of Christ) will bring forth a multitude who will know laughter and joy, bringing to an end the curse on man (death, et al) to the praise of Yahweh. Thus the breach will be enclosed or repaired when the Remnant are lifted up to heaven from earthly man. These will be a people of liberality and abundance. They will prophecy, being covered with power (as the covered bride; the precise message of 1 Corinthians 11:5 & 10), laboring and serving in strength, upright. They are the well-beloved (the bride), receiving the double portion gifts of God, rewarded according to God’s fullness! (See The Promise, page five, for the full account.)

So in Luke, this clearly obvious extraction of these prophetically corrupt events - the boat on the sea of death, the trip to Tyre and Sidon world, the feeding of the 4,000 with leavened bread on Pentecost, and the warning of the leaven - is one more unmistakable evidence that with the establishment of the second Remnant, "4,000" Pentecost Christianity and its leaven will be legally put away. Its 2,000 year's two-loaf tenure in which men have been "cut off and perish(ed)" from the kingdom by death will cease. All the promises that were given to the church will be taken from Christianity and given to a Remnant who have come out of Christianity, the body of Christ. Where the two-loaf 2,000 year tenure of leavened Christianity ceases, the second Remnant picks up and will be glorified with Yahshua. It is then that the promised breach will be healed.

And let us briefly comment here that the differences in the last noted entries of the comparison of the gospels - the discrepancy between "six days" and "some eight days" will be addressed in a future writing. It is shown here to further note that the discourse and promise of Yahshua after feeding the 4,000 in Matthew and Mark, and the like discourse in Luke after feeding the 5,000, are indeed the same conversation, as confirmed by the statement and events that followed.

You will also note in a comparison of these accounts that in second Remnant Luke, Satan is not rebuked. What can this mean? The rebuking of Satan in the Matthew and Mark accounts is evidence that Satan is indeed most active (in fact even controlling) in the first Remnant and even more so in breach Christianity. Satan needs to be rebuked in those periods for his corruption of the kingdom of God. But decidedly absent in Luke, Satan is not rebuked. Why? Because Yahweh will perform a restoring work in the last-days second Remnant that will remove the corruption and leaven of Satan. Yahweh's truth will be established in the last-days Luke Remnant.

And as a side note, it is also worth pointing out that even as the word "leprosy" is not found in the kingdom book of John, nor is the word "faith" found there (since faith will become sight), likewise the word "leaven" never appears in John. Why? Because the leaven of false teachings will no longer exist in the full light of His glorious pure kingdom! I long for that full light, even as we are receiving a portion of it now.

Many people reject the idea that Christianity is being or will be cut off from the kingdom. Christianity has been going for 2,000 years (its "two parts" or two-loaf portion), and they hold onto it as though it is the only hope. But they fail to recognize two things from the scriptures we have just studied. First, that as the corrupted kingdom, Christianity must die and be baked or fired in order to stop the leaven and complete the required Pentecost offering - two leavened loaves, or the 2,000 years of leavened Christianity! Yahshua will begin baking His 2,000 year/two leavened loaves in the remaining "third part" of the church that is to be burned in the fire (Zechariah 13:9). Second, they fail to note that as the body of Christ, Yahshua clearly said His followers must equally take up their cross and follow Him. Where will this cross take the body of Christ? To the same place the cross took Yahshua's natural body - to death.

And in closing this section, it is strikingly true today that the "Peter" church will respond to this inevitable fate of the body the same way Peter responded in these accounts when he heard that Yahshua was to die. The Father had unmistakably revealed to Peter who Yahshua was (even as He has done so in the church); but, when it came to the matter of what Yahshua would do, Peter had absolutely no idea what that would be and rebuked Him. And of course equally true, just like Peter, Christianity does the same. Yes, they too know who Yahshua is. He is the Son of God. But once again, when it is being revealed that the body of Christ must equally be rejected, killed, and raised up on the third day, Peter Christianity responds with the same rebuke that the body cannot die, and once again resists God's will. They do not see the absolute necessity that the body of Christ must die (be put to sleep) and from it be taken a bride. Thus the church manifests the same mixture that Peter possessed - the knowledge of who Yahshua is, yet also the deception of Satan as to what Yahweh will do. The church continues to function as the mixed "Peter" kingdom that must be rebuked as "Satan."

What are the words to those who resist the plan of Yahweh in regard to the church? Yahshua has already declared those words. Let us read them in full in Matthew 16:23.

"Get behind Me, Satan! You are a stumbling-block to Me; for you are not setting your mind on God's interests, but man's."

We look at Peter in this account and see his strength through the revelation of the Father, yet also his weakness and flaw through the deception and leaven of Satan. Such is Christianity. They see their anointing and revelation by the Father, yet they are completely blind to the deceptive work of Satan within them. They are Peter, the church, the ones who have had the keys of the kingdom for 2,000 years, and they are blind to Yahweh's plan for the body of Christ to go to its death (be put to sleep). And they will equally rebuke those who would speak the truth concerning both their condition as well as their destiny. But Yahshua speaks to Peter Christianity - "Get behind Me, Satan! You are a stumbling-block to Me; for you are not setting your mind on God's interests, but man's." Yahweh will rebuke Satan in the church and obtain His truth-filled promise fulfilling Remnant.


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