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In this writing we have characterized or identified the present kingdom of God as having the rather obvious quality of being both good and evil.  As one would expect, this good and evil kingdom is pictured in the original garden of God, the original kingdom of God, in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in which Satan did abide to deceive man.  This tree is, of course, the tree leading to death, even as men in the kingdom have thus far been equally led.  But, there was another tree in the garden kingdom, and that was the tree of life!  Let us point out here that if the good and evil kingdom man has known for 2,000 years is characterized by one of these trees in the garden of God, then obviously the other tree likewise characterizes or represents a second work that is to occur in the kingdom.

One can receive a more thorough address on this matter by reading Two Trees In The Garden; but briefly, we find that even as the work of Yahweh seen in Zechariah that was “Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit” produced both the olive trees as well as the lampstand, so the kingdom of God will be a two-part work - the tree of the knowledge of good and evil work, as well as the tree of life work.  These two preluding testimonies found in the opening chapters of Genesis and Zechariah 4 describe the same thing - the two-part kingdom of God, the work of His Spirit, the restored garden of God in which there are two trees, the lampstand and the olive trees.

For 2,000 years of the kingdom of God, men have experienced the tree of the knowledge of good and evil work.  What will be the tree of life work?  When Yahshua is glorified with His Moses and Elijah two-part remnant and death is conquered, Satan likewise being thrown into the abyss, the kingdom of God will no longer be as it has been for the last 2,000 years; but with the glorification of a two part remnant and their work on this earth with Yahshua in the Millennial reign, will come the tree of life period or work.  This second work in the kingdom of God will finally bring what men have needed for 6,000 years - true everlasting incorruptible life, the tree of life!

Some would wish to say here that the tree of life work is when all Christians are resurrected, but this idea is not possible for numerous reasons.  For one reason, the tree of life work cannot be mixed with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil work.  These are two separate works, and any attempt to bring Christianity into the Millennial reign is to place a new patch on an already 2,000 year old garment.  The new must be entirely new, and of necessity must be separate from the old.  This fact is the very point raised by Paul in his argument concerning the previous period of the Law versus the new period of the kingdom of God; and that which applied to the weak (through the flesh) Law, applies to weak (through the flesh) Christianity now.  If it was true then, it is just as true today at the completion of another 2,000 year period.  The tree of life work must be a new and separate work of Yahweh among men.  For just as the church came out of Judaism 2,000 years ago, so the tree of life work will come out of Christianity - the bride of necessity comes out of the body (the body of Christ).

This important testimony of the two trees in the garden is simply one of numerous evidences characterizing the drama that has been and is yet to unfold in man’s great need for conquering death.  The warning of Yahweh to Adam concerning death at the very onset of the garden of God, set forth the focal drama of the struggle of all mankind; and overcoming death is the focal issue arising at the end of this 6,000 year long curse upon man, a curse that has even continued in the kingdom of God, something that should not be.  Nevertheless, the sons of the kingdom have died like men.  This death in the kingdom, along with the now completion of this third period of 2,000 years, bringing man to the sabbath or seventh day rest, evidence one great need - the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the latter rain that will complete the work Yahweh began 2,000 years ago and establish the second son of fresh oil, the Elijah group that will ascend alive into heaven, conquering death, and ushering in the sabbath rest due to mankind.  This great work in the kingdom of God will be the tree of life!

O Yahweh, send us Your Spirit and establish Your Elijah, Your tree of life second Remnant!

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