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When the Spirit came upon me in June, '94, Yahweh began dealing with me regarding His plan to carry out wrath against the church by bringing judgment and destruction specifically on pastors. Pastors were the ones who had led the sheep into corruption and error, and when Yahweh carried out correction, often He would take out that correction on the head(s), the shepherds. Passages like those in Ezekiel 34 and Jeremiah 23 and 25 regarding the unfaithful shepherds abundantly declare Yahweh's planned wrath against these corrupting shepherds. In Jeremiah 25:34 alone we read - "Wail, you shepherds, and cry; and wallow in ashes, you masters of the flock; for the days of your slaughter and your dispersions have come, and you shall fall like a choice vessel." The certainty of this judgment for these present days is evidenced in verses like that in Jeremiah 23:20 - "The anger of Yahweh will not turn back until He has performed and carried out the purposes of His heart; in the last days you will clearly understand it." Not only does He declare this here in 23:20, but as a seeming emphasis, He repeats the same words in 30:24. Many people have often used these chapters regarding the corrupt shepherds in order to justly rebuke these failing pastors, not realizing what the final outcome would actually be for them - judgment, death, and dispersion!

Thus was Yahweh dealing with me beginning in '94, and at the notation and suggestion of a brother who at that time was beginning to understand these matters, it became evident that I was getting ready to take a trip.

In early '96 I had taken a trip back to Texas, along with my oldest daughter, Christi, and it became clear while we were there that when thousands of pastors would be gathering in Atlanta, Georgia, for the first time ever pastor's gathering under the auspices of Promise Keepers, Yahweh was going to judge them and I fully expected an earthquake to destroy them. But Ezekiel 33:1-6 tells us that if one knows about wrath and does not tell others about it so that they might flee, then the blood of that wrath will be on the head of the one who did not speak. Thus, through this awareness and other confirming evidences, I knew that I had to go to the gathering and warn them of their doom.

Promise Keepers was holding their first ever pastor's conference at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta from February 13-15. The event was being held under the theme - "Fan Into Flame" - which was very fitting for the passage in Ezekiel 5:4 which talked about fire spreading to all the house of Israel. Nearly 40,000 pastors attended the gathering which took place Valentine's Day weekend, perfect timing for another Valentine's Day Massacre where seven men (the mark of the beast) were killed. Is this being insensitive? Considering the corruption of Yahweh's kingdom by pastors, and what His word says He will do with them, this was not being insensitive at all. In fact, it was being entirely consistent with what He says in Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Anyway, my entire reason for going there was to in fact warn them.

The events surrounding our trip there were highly conclusive that we were doing the will of Yahweh. Upon arriving, He even miraculously worked out my receiving a permit to "protest" the gathering, something I unknowingly was supposed to have obtained weeks in advance. A vehicle was provided that allowed us to stay at the site, and for three days I stood outside the Georgia Dome with some posters I had made and warned of Yahweh's wrath on these pastors. Is this something I normally do? Not in the least! In fact it was the first time I had ever done anything close to it.

The response from the pastors varied from respect and concern to ridicule and despise. One pastor passing by said - "Look, there's John the Baptist." To which I responded that he was closer to the truth than he knew, which he quickly rejected. But of course the meeting went on.

Following the final morning of the fifteenth, after the pastors all arrived, Christi and I then left with the anticipation that Yahweh would now carry out His wrath. To watch the spectacle, we drove east of Atlanta to a high vantage point - a 700 foot high solid granite mountain called Stone Mountain. We climbed the mountain and sat on its very top where we could see the Georgia Dome. There we prayed that Yahweh would carry out His wrath against the pastors, and watched for an earthquake to consume them, thinking that this stone mountain would certainly survive any earthquake. After praying and watching, we then went down from the mountain to begin our trip back to Texas. We were most glad to get past the Georgia Dome, still expecting its fall.

But as I sat on that mountain, I began to feel sick. After arriving back at the van, I ate something in hopes of feeling better, but the farther I drove the worse I felt. After while I was miserably sick and at nightfall pulled into a rest area, hoping to empty my stomach and relieve myself of these agonizing pains, but I could not even do that. While the great fish Yahweh created to swallow Jonah had the distinct advantage of being able to get rid of that which was within its belly, I was not able to accomplish this though longing to do so. Thus, I had to bear my pain. With the failure of my prayers, the disappointment of my journey, and now the tremendous pain in my belly, I went to the van and literally wanted to die. The next morning I was better and we completed our return trip back to Texas.

If one looked at this by the natural circumstances, one would say that I was a complete failure and quite deceived, and even deserved the miserable state in which I wanted to die. I most certainly would have felt that way as well, except for one most unusual and obviously divine experience that had occurred. This one thing gave me hope. Let me share it with you.

On the evening of the first day, after everyone had already gone into the Dome, a man walked up to me and began asking some questions. I had noticed him standing off to the side for some length of time. He asked me what I was doing and I told him that if he would like, we could go over into a nearby building and talk, as it was now getting dark. He wanted to.

As we sat down, he did a most unusual thing. This was February, but even so this man had sandals on his feet, with no socks. And of all things, he sat down, removed his sandals, sat them aside, and looked me straight into the eyes and told me - "Now, teach me."

I began teaching him about the two-part Remnant and the corruption of the church, which he received with openness and interest. Then he told me his story. His name was Kent, and of all places, he was from Bethany, Oklahoma. Not only did his removing his sandals have significance (read The Sandals and the Staff), but Bethany in the Scriptures speaks of the Remnant. Kent was a pastor, but not a normal pastor, for he had long hair that was pulled back into a ponytail. He told me how a woman in his church had stood up and prophesied to him that he was to go to the pastor's Promise Keepers meeting and that there "he would meet a man." Yahweh clearly confirmed He was to go, so he had come there specifically to meet a man.

After arriving, Kent went to the registration table, thinking that he would go onto the convention floor and there he would find this man he had been sent there to meet. As the line got shorter and he neared the table, Yahweh spoke to him - "Go to gate C and stand there and watch." He then got out of line, went to gate C, and there he watched a man with a poster, standing and talking to the pastors. Gate C is the gate I was assigned to; and I assure you, there are many gates around that large Dome.

After Kent and I talked, he reached down, placed his sandals back on his feet, stood up and said - "I have met the man the Lord sent me here to meet, and I'm going home now," and he extended his hand to me. As I grasped it, I felt something in it. I looked and it was some money. "This is the money I was to spend here. I don't need it now, for I have met the man. There is no reason for me to stay." Kent of Bethany, Oklahoma, who came out of the gathering by the specific word of Yahweh, and removed his sandals with a desire to learn, clearly was in type a divine Remnant that comes out of Mystery Babylon to escape the wrath to come (Revelation 18:1-7).

Of all the doubts that would cause me to think that I might be wrong in what I did, there was absolutely no mistaking that in the midst of my apparent failure, Yahweh had provided a clear testimony that He was in this and that it was His doing. And as you will now further see, Yahweh was most indeed in this entire matter.

After all of this was over, I began to realize that Yahweh had led me through a Jonah experience. Like Jonah, I had gone there to tell the pastors that Yahweh was going to destroy them. And as with Jonah, He did not do so! Why? Because as you will see, equally He changed His mind.

When the forty days of Jonah's prophesied warning were over, Jonah wanted to watch and see Yahweh's destruction, so he too went east of Nineveh (I went east of Atlanta) where he likewise sat and watched; and equally likewise, the destruction did not come. What was Jonah's response? Just like mine, he also "begged with all his soul to die, saying, 'Death is better to me than life.'"

In every regard, Yahweh had just led me through a very painful Jonah experience; but it was not for several more days, weeks, and even months before I was to begin to understand why all of this had taken place.

Shortly thereafter I returned to our home in Washington with every outward appearance of being a total failure, even as Jonah would have appeared. Jonah had declared that wrath was going to come on Nineveh in forty days, but wrath did not come. Likewise, I had declared that wrath was going to come on the pastors (Christianity having just completed its forty Jubilees), but it too did not come. (And let us also note that giant Goliath was killed by Remnant David at the end of his forty days of boastful challenges - 1 Samuel 17:16.) I was a Jonah in every regard. But the story did not end there, for Yahweh was to use this event for His purposes; it was He who had led me to follow Him in this path. Intercessorally, I had just paid the price of Jonah, having completely identified with him in every way, including his agonizing desire to die!

Following this experience, in April Yahweh directed me to write a legal statement, a legal proclamation, that as of Passover, April 4,1996, "the body of Christ church became legally dead." I wrote this up in legal format, signed it, and sent it out to those who were receiving writings from me at that time. This document was dated and sent out on April 26, 1996. I will discuss this document and its significance in a later section.

On May 16, in utter frustration with the blindness of people, I sent out a final letter, enclosing the writing - The Scribblings of a Madman. I had had it with people, but little did I know, I was preparing to learn something about Yahweh that neither I nor anyone else was yet to understand. I had paid the intercessoral price as a Jonah, I had made an important legal proclamation regarding the state of the body of Christ, I had come to the end of my patience with people, and I was getting ready to learn something very important about Yahweh - "mercy triumphs over judgment."

A neighbor who attended the Seventh Day Adventist Church had given me some of their writings, including some on end times. Their position on this matter is undoubtedly the most wrath oriented position of any other denomination. One morning as I was praying and meditating on all of the various and often contradicting wrath teachings in Christianity, having just gone through my own Jonah experience, a new dawning came upon me that Yahweh was going to have mercy on the church and mankind, and I thus exclaimed - "Excuse me, but have you considered ...?" Thus I began writing A Fresh Look At End Times, or "Excuse me but ...." This writing was completed on May 27, 1996. While writing it, my understanding of Yahweh's plan and attitude regarding Christianity dramatically changed. The price of my Jonah intercession had come to fruition! I now saw things from Yahweh's perspective of mercy, which was a critical and important difference.

At the close of this writing, we will make some other conclusions regarding this experience per our Passover, 2002, gathering, but have introduced this account here so that you can begin to see the His-story of the Remnant truth. But for now, I want to add something per all of this that will provide additional insight into the ways and plan of Yahweh. We will further consider this matter of my being "wrong" regarding what I had expected and even foretold, and see what this could mean in Yahweh's ways and plans. This is most important.


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