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Even as I try to close this writing, more comes to light. Let us consider two timely items which must be added here.

With everything said thus far in this writing concerning the great importance of Passover, an important point must be noted concerning the possible relevance and even prophetic testimony of the delayed Passover.

Because of the Law and various testimonies concerning the delayed Passover, it would be entirely possible, and even most likely, that Yahweh would fulfill the double Passover, not on a regular Passover, but during a one month later delayed Passover - one month after Nisan 14, or Iyar 14. Though we can only briefly mention this here, we find that the two Remnants addressed in this piece frequently exchange testimonies as though the two are in fact one. This is a most important point to remember. Although the first striking of the rock in the wilderness was during a delayed Passover, and the latter strikings during a regular Passover, because the testimonies of these two Remnants are very frequently interchanged, the reverse could and very possibly will happen (i.e., first Passover, then later a delayed Passover). Yahshua was crucified on Passover, this being the first striking of the rock; thus it would seem likely that the second striking of the rock, bringing forth water "abundantly," would actually be at the alternately testified striking on a delayed Passover. We have had the Passover testimony at Yahshua’s crucifixion; it now seems to be time for the remaining delayed Passover testimony.

The fulfillment of this awaited double Passover during a delayed Passover is entirely legal, would in no way alter the Passover testimony, and would fulfill the following outstanding prophetic events. In addition to the striking of the first rock in the wilderness, the following events occurred precisely during the time of the eight days of a delayed Passover (Iyar 14-21).

Now extending the Passover to include those days in which Hezekiah’s double delayed Passover occurred (the 14th through the 28th), we find one additional testimony.

So what will Yahweh do? These events on delayed Passovers testify of a great rain from heaven and moving out for the first time according to the commandment of Yahweh, the very events which could be fulfilled on a higher level per the latter rain and bringing the Remnant bride out of the body of Christ. The period of the delayed Passover seems to be the most likely time for Yahweh to send His latter rain. And remember, since the former rain was specifically on a feast - Pentecost, or fifty days after Passover - one would expect that the latter rain would equally be on a feast - a delayed Passover. So, for now we must wait, listen, and watch for what Yahweh might either reveal to us beforehand, or what He might simply do. We wait.

Now for the second item. We are provided considerable well founded and persuasive evidence in Steve Jones’ book, Secrets of Time, that Yahshua was born on the Feast of Trumpets, September 29, 2 BC, or 3,893 years from Adam (page 208). Certainly significantly, 1999 was the 5,893rd year from Adam. Simple math lets us know that 1999 marked precisely the 2,000th anniversary since the birth of Yahshua in 2 BC! But one other marvelous and essential event occurred in that year. A preluding and most important figure was born - John the Baptist.

Yahshua declared that John was Elijah, and what the people did to John would likewise befall Him (Matthew 17:10-13). But in those same verses, Yahshua equally declared that Elijah was still to come - preceding the return of Yahshua. Who will this Elijah be that will precede the second coming of Yahshua? To answer this question thoroughly would require writing an entirely separate piece; but for the sake of this writing and this unique and highly important moment in time, let us look at some hopeful and wonderful truths concerning John the Baptist's birth.

It is generally accepted that John was conceived five to six months before the conception of Yahshua. In Luke 1:24-26 we read - "in the sixth month (of Elizabeth’s pregnancy) the angel Gabriel was sent from God" to Mary. With this information, and since Yahshua was born on Trumpets, or Tishri 1, we know the general time of John’s birth. Without getting complicated, backing up five to six months from Tishri 1 places the birth of John sometime in the first month. Precisely five and one-half months would be Nisan 14, or Passover. Before drawing any conclusions here, let us now consider the timing of John’s death.

The time of John’s death is clearly established in the Scriptures. Matthew 14 and Mark 6 record the events of John’s death; whereupon we find that the disciples went to Yahshua and told Him what had happened to John. According to Matthew, this sorrowful news provoked Yahshua to withdraw to a lonely place; but the people followed Him. This was when Yahshua fed the 5,000. Now, John 6:4 specifically tells us that this took place at the time of Passover. So, we know that John the Baptist was killed specifically at Passover.

Now that we see when John died, let us look again at the time of his birth. Considering John’s great significance as Elijah, his death at Passover, his birth in the first month of Nisan, as well as the great significance of Passover, it is most conclusive that John was equally born during Passover, or Nisan 14 through 21. Thus we see that John was both born during Passover, and died during Passover!

What can we conclude from this? John the Baptist was not only Elijah, but he was equally a picture of Elijah that must come before the return of Yahshua; and both his birth and his death are identified specifically with Passover, the time in which the Israelites entered into the promised land and the time in which the church will enter into its promised land of incorruptible life. This John the Elijah was thus clearly identified, both by his birth as well as his death, with the testimony and promise of Passover. John is an in-part representation of the coming fulfillment of the Passover promise of overcoming death.

The question arises then - Who will this Passover-identified Elijah be that will precede the return of Yahshua? It will not be one man, as was the preluding testimony, but will be a people - a host of men and women who, like Elijah, will not taste death but will ascend alive into heaven. Elijah, who will precede the return of Yahshua, will be the Passover Remnant addressed in this writing, and more specifically the promise-receiving second son of fresh oil Remnant.

April, 1999, marked a single most significant anniversary event. Exactly 2,000 years prior, following five months of seclusion and a three month visit by Mary, Elizabeth was cradling in her arms her newborn miraculously conceived and forenamed son, John. John’s father, Zacharias, who had been mute during the entire period of Elizabeth’s pregnancy, scribbling notes on tablets in a feeble effort to communicate, was speaking, having prophesied under the unction of the Holy Spirit concerning the great significance of his newborn son. Mary had returned home, and was expectantly awaiting the birth of her own miraculously conceived child.

Passover in April of 1999, marked the 2,000th anniversary of the birth of John the Baptist! Is it now time for the birth of the latter day Elijah second Remnant who will precede the return of Yahshua?

The number 2,000 is a MOST important number! Mathematician James Harrison ably reveals in his book, The Pattern & The Prophecy, that the number 2,000 is a highly determining "watershed number." Even as the Great Divide separates the waters of this nation to flow either east or west, so the number 2,000 has the same determining power to divide mathematics (as competently demonstrated by Harrison), as well as time.

The church, most significantly, is the only work or dispensation of Yahweh to span an entire 2,000 years. Even the period of all the patriarchs from Adam to Abraham was not even 2,000 years. The church, the kingdom of heaven on earth, is the only work of Yahweh to cross this great determining watershed number! Even so, Yahweh does nothing that He does not otherwise pre-evidence or forerepresent. Where then do we see evidence of this determining 2,000 year mark for the kingdom of heaven?

It is MOST significant that the Great Divide along the Rocky Mountains of America separates the United States, and even North America, into two-thirds and one-third portions. Look at a map and you will see this Divine division. Equally, the church's tenure is separated into like two-thirds, 2,000 years, and one-thirds, 1,000 years, portions. (Recall that Zechariah 13:7-9 specifically divides the kingdom two-thirds and one-third.) America is Yahweh's physical design and testimony that reveals and confirms these divisions within the kingdom (among other marvelous and revealing testimonies). The name America itself means "heavenly kingdom." The word "amer" is from the Saxon word meaning "heavenly." "Ric" means kingdom (recall the "Third Reich" or "third kingdom" of Germany). The "a" at the end makes the word feminine. Thus, America, even by its name, is the Heavenly Kingdom on earth. What is the Divine testimony Yahweh has provided concerning the division of this kingdom? It clearly is this - there is a marked division in the flow of water specifically at the two-thirds/one-third mark in the kingdom; or for the true kingdom of heaven, at the 2,000 year mark!

Drawing from further Scriptural evidence - as we have briefly addressed in this writing, this 2,000 year mark is seen in the 2,000 swine that went to their deaths in the sea. Additionally, this great divide at the 2,000 year mark is seen in the 2,000 baths of water in Solomon’s sea recorded in 1 Kings 7:26, versus the 3,000 baths of water in the selfsame sea as recorded in 2 Chronicles 4:5. A most meaningful and insightful contradiction, once again we see the two-thirds/one-third, or more specifically the 2,000 year/1,000 year, structure of the church. (Note that despite being two entirely different "objects" - the place where the swine fled and the place where the priests bathed - both possess the common name of "the sea.")

When exactly is this Great Divide watershed number, testified to in both creation as well as in Scriptures, crossed by the church? If you date the church from the birth of John and Yahshua (i.e., at the time of the sprouting of the young blade), it was crossed in 1999. And the first event to mark that crossing took place with the 2,000th anniversary of the birth of John the Elijah during Passover, 1999. The delayed Passover beginning May 1, 1999, was the first delayed Passover to occur on this side of this watershed 2,000.

We live in a most important period of time, and the events that will occur in the soon coming days and/or years will come as a great surprise to all Christians (who think they have eschatology figured out), and will forever change the course of all mankind!

For now, we await the birth of the preluding "John the Elijah" second Remnant, loosing the tongue of muted Zacharias to speak and to prophesy, and preparing the way for the return of Yahshua. Oh Yahweh of hosts, let your new double-Passover ascending-alive-dove tree-of-life work begin! Bring forth your Elijah! Amen!


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