Before reading this piece, it would be best if you have read several of the other writings on this site. We will be addressing items here that will be based on matters laid down in other writings. For the first-time reader, start with The Issue or Two Trees In The Garden or possibly The Promise, then return to this writing.

One of the difficulties of this writing is that it must address the absolute corruption of Christianity, or the church. Thus, we of necessity will be more critical of Christianity in this writing than in any other writing before; not by choice, but by necessity. But let it be said here that the purpose of this writing is not to bash Christianity, as the antagonist or even the frustrated believing frequently do, but to see Christianity as it truly is in Yahweh's plan and design. This is most important for you to remember.

The findings addressed in this writing do indeed lead to inescapable frank conclusions. For some, these findings and conclusions will be very hard if not impossible to accept. On the other hand, for those who desire to reflect in honesty and truth on the big picture of matters, to see the overall plan and works of Yahweh for the salvation of mankind, this examination will bring immense truth into focus.

We will not, however, simply be venturing into the "negative," but look at the most positive and hope-filled side of Yahweh's redemptive plan. Though we must consider:

The complete corruption of Christianity,

We will also consider:

The absolute necessity and great value of the Remnant!

And while this is the two-fold purpose of this writing, it is not intended to be a contrast of corruption versus necessity and value; but rather, it is a drawing of conclusions, observations, and reflections from Yahweh's larger plan to cause men to believe. There is absolutely no question that Christianity is a necessary work of the Holy Spirit, a part of the redemptive plan of Yahweh. But, as one will see in this study, Christianity alone, for numerous reasons, is entirely insufficient in accomplishing the true and complete witness of Yahweh to mankind, as well as in fulfilling the redemptive plan for man. You will see why this can be said by the time you finish reading this most revealing writing.


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