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In conclusion, you will notice that there is an ever increasing scope of Yahweh's salvation - first the Remnant, then Christianity, then the world, and even the angels. Truly though, this entire process did not begin with the Remnant but with one man - Yahshua, the Savior of all mankind (John 4:42, 1 Timothy 4:10, 1 John 4:14). This points out a very interesting way of Yahweh that is repeated over and over and over again.

We find that the way of Yahweh is to always perform things on a smallest micro level before increasingly enlarging it. We see this in prophetic pictures such as Elijah. Here was a single man whose life was walked out as a foreshadowing picture of a host of people who would follow - the second Remnant. But even that fulfillment is in many ways only a beginning, for we see that the Remnant will be followed by Christianity, then the world, and then the angels.

Yahshua's work was for the brief time of three and a half years, the half year assuring that there are those who will follow. After Yahshua's brief time, it is taking 2,000 years to establish His two-part Remnant. Christianity's full term will take 5,000 years, while the world will take the even larger period of 15,000 years. And the angels - who knows? Thus we have per men the three and a half years seed of Yahshua, followed by 2,000, 5,000, and 15,000 years, or 2,5, and 15 elevated to the kingdom level. This is Yahweh's ever increasing expansion of His kingdom using, as we have seen, the identical pattern of the Moses and Elijah works, made clean by the work that splits them.

Likewise this ever increasing application is true with the laws of Yahweh. While they are applied on an individual and even national level, they will more fully be carried out in their true ultimate fulfillment on a much larger kingdom of God level, and even that we see in an ever increasing way as well - i.e., the subject feast days that bring all men to immortality.

Likewise we have already seen this expansion with the cross. While Yahshua suffered at the hands of the Romans, so in this brief affliction He foreshadowed the much larger scale of suffering that, with like evidences, the body of Christ would experience for 2,000 years - blindness, the cares of this world placed upon their head, the false appearance that they are reigning, bound, cursed, spat upon, and mocked. Truly the body of Christ has fulfilled the prophecy that Yahshua's appearance would be changed to such a degree that He would not even be recognizable. Yahshua's true appearance is not even recognizable today in the body of Christ due to the afflictions by Satan and the world.

And this ever increasing application is true in our personal lives as well. We pass through short personal experiences that are brief testimonies as to what our lives will be or how they will be lived in the much larger scope. These are brief snapshots of what is to come, and when recognized add meaning and purpose to our lives, evidencing to us that Yahweh is sovereign and working through us.

Such are the ways of Yahweh, both personally as well as corporately - small representations in the beginning that will be fulfilled on a much larger and ever increasing scale. This is never more true than pertaining to the Remnant's fifteen days in heaven - ever expanding until all mankind is restored after 15,000 years!

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