This is an e-mail sent out September 29, 2003, regarding the historic California recall election that took place on October 7, which was the Day of Atonement that year.



This election is only the second time in US history that a recall vote on a governor has taken place.  The only other time was the recall and ousting of the governor of North Dakota, Lynn J. Frazier, in 1921.  And as with California, it was equally carried out by conservative Republicans, and was as well over the state’s economic misfortunes.  You will remember from the last writing concerning America, that Satan’s deception of America, and its sin that has led to its great sin and immorality today, is the Women’s Rights Movement that passed Prohibition and Women’s Suffrage in 1920.  Lynn Frazier was narrowly re-elected governor in 1920.

It seems quite evident that this 1920 election of Frazier and his recall resulting in the overturning of that decision, and the most recent revelation as to the root cause of America’s moral demise going back to 1920 as well, and its need to be repealed, are ominous testimonies of the events taking place in the state that represents Christianity and a governor whose name speaks of death – Gray.  With this second only ousting of a governor (which Gray will undoubtedly likewise succumb to), and the numerous associations of this election specifically to the like recall in 1921, and the GREAT need for this nation and the church to repent, clearly Yahweh is giving us a message here.  And, this message gives us great hope!  

As we see foreshadowed in the first time in history wherein a 1920 gubernatorial decision was overturned, in the October 7 recall in Christianity California, Yahweh is declaring that He is going to expose Satan’s work to destroy the nations, send His fire, and overturn the Constitutional Amendment of 1920 regarding Women’s Suffrage and all the subsequent ills associated with it!  Cast your fire on this earth, oh Yahshua!  Just as the first ever recall effected the overturning of a 1920 gubernatorial decision, so this second recall in prophetic Christianity California speaks of overturning the works of Satan in this nation and in the church equally effected in 1920.

On October 7, the day The Lion King is being released, it now appears that Mr. Universe, the Terminator, will be terminating Gray Davis from California politics.  This message speaks of the stone gray death by Satan, who dearths the people even as Gray Davis has dearthed the people of California, who will be done away with, terminated, by the one true Mr. Universe!  Death will be terminated, and the 2,000 swine will cease running down that steep bank into the sea!

It is quite remarkable that there is another testimony in this California recall that we have seen before which is related to the second Remnant.  In 2000, President Bush won the election when the nine-member Supreme Court overturned the seven-member state court, and the entire issue was over the chad.  You will equally recall from the writing,
The Signs That Cause Belief, page/section 5, that Lake Chad speaks of the second-blow death of Satan in which the tent peg is driven into his head.  So, is not Yahweh speaking to us once again when the 9th US Circuit Court, composed of eleven judges (the number of apostles who are under the altar crying out for justice), had to once again overturn a lower judicial decision by three judges (the period of time the church was supposed to get – 3,000 years) in order to guarantee that this election will take place, and it was once again over the issue of the chad!  Satan and death (Gore and Gray) just can’t seem to escape that chad, made certain by courts that are numerically represented by the number nine.


No matter what might be evidenced spiritually on Atonement, October 7, the prophetic message is incredibly clear – the coming of the Lion King, following an initial release in 1994, to reverse the destruction caused by the hyenas and to introduce a new song, as well as the ousting of the Gray by the Terminator after the decision of the nine-testimony court that supported the witness of the chad, and providing the tremendous historical testimony of overturning the 1920 decision, the deception of Satan against the nations!  Hallelu-Yah!


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