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Dear Remnant Bride,

The decision of the seven member Florida Supreme Court was issued on November 21, and this Gore initiated mark of the beast threatens the legislated work of Katherine Harris and the entire election process!

In the last e-mail, it was presented that the seven member Florida Supreme Court is the prophetic mark of the beast on this entire heavenly kingdom election process. As addressed, the number seven is the mark of the beast. What exactly will happen next? It is not clear at this time, but one can be certain that the intention of that mark to give this election to the one who Gores will fail. How? Maybe through the nine-member US Supreme Court overturning the seven-member court. (Keep in mind, Yahweh is working this out according to His prophetic testimony.) Or maybe the Florida Congress will overcome the efforts of that mark and establish the delegates for Bush. The US Congress could also prevail in Bush's favor. (Both of these are unlikely, but possible in the given circumstances.) Or finally, maybe the battle for the chad will be won by Bush anyway, and Katherine Harris will confirm second Remnant Bush as the winner, and the new leader of the nation of Amer-ric-a. Prophetically, it seems that either the first or the last of these possibilities would be most likely - foremost, that the nine member US Supreme Court reveal Yahweh as overruling the mark; or possibly that the battle for the chad/Chad finally effect Satan's second blow death to the head by the second Remnant (in either case being affirmed by Jael, Katherine Harris). Whatever course this takes, the outcome is certain - BUSH WILL WIN OVER GORE IN THE BATTLE FOR THE PRESIDENCY!

How do we know this? The prophetic patterns are far too clear to be ignored, and must unfold to only one possible conclusion - the second Remnant will prevail over Satan, thus Bush will prevail over Gore. If we have not already seen enough evidence to this pattern, let us consider some more interesting and, must we say again, highly revealing facts.

To open this, let us ask a question - How many birthday parties were celebrated in the Bible? "What kind of question is that?," you might ask. We will see why this question is so important. The answer is - there were two birthdays celebrated. The first was in Genesis 40 where Pharaoh had a birthday party and two special guests were brought forth - the cupbearer and the baker. At that party, the cupbearer was restored to Pharaoh, while the baker was hung.

The second birthday celebration was held equally by another ruler, King Herod. At that birthday, the daughter of Herodias danced, and John the Baptist lost his head. Two birthday celebrations, two sets of men in prison, and two heads were lost! Why? What is Yahweh telling us by this? Why were the circumstances and the outcomes of both of these birthday celebrations identical? Because the two are one and the same prophetically.

We know clearly that John was the prophesied Elijah. Insomuch that these two sets of events are one, there must therefore be an Elijah in the instance of the baker and the cupbearer; and quite obviously there is. One man died, and one man ascended alive to the service of Pharaoh, the "King." Is it not clear that the baker and the cupbearer are the two Remnant - the baker that, like the first Remnant, had to die; and the cupbearer that, like the second Remnant, ascended alive to the "King"? Why did the cupbearer ascend alive to the "King"? Because the King of Kings declared at the Passover meal that He would not drink from the cup until He drank it new with His Remnant in the kingdom of heaven. The second Remnant cupbearer must ascend alive into heaven to present the cup to the King!

This is why in the cleansing of the leper the second bird had to ascend alive with the blood of the first bird - prophetically, it was presenting to Him who is above the blood, the life, even the cup, received from the work of the first bird. The second Remnant completes the cleansing process by presenting to Yahshua the life, the blood, the cup provided to them by the work of the first Remnant.

Sooooo, who is it we find leading the fight against the opponent, Satan Gore, for second Remnant Bush's rightful place to lead this nation of Amer-ric-a? None other than a Baker, James A Baker, a highly prophetic first Remnant Baker. Baker represents in many ways the first Remnant and their first-blow work to defeat Satan. The true first Remnant had to die; but even so, consciously or unconsciously they prevail in prayer, having performed the first-bird work that insures their second Remnant's imminent success in their battle for the kingdom of heaven, and their second bird legal right and power to ascend alive. Thus, the battle here with the Demo(n)crats is not waged by just a second Remnant Bush, but his success is also sought and insured by a first Remnant Baker.

And this is not just any Baker, this is a James A Baker, and not just any James A Baker, this is James A Baker III! Sooooo, what do we find in this "three"? How many branches were on the vine in the cupbearer's dream, but three branches? And how many baskets of bread were on the baker's head, but three baskets? And, how many James A Bakers have there been leading up to this highly prophetic time, but three? This James A Baker carries in his name an integral identity with these two Pharaoh birthday party Remnant witnesses - he is James A Baker III!

And this is not just any James A Baker III who has suddenly come onto the political scene. This is first Remnant James A Baker III who served in George Bush's first Remnant Presidency; and he comes from there to insure that where first Remnant George Bush failed against Clinton/Gore, second Remnant George W Bush will prevail! The second Remnant is dipped into the blood (the life) of the first Remnant. James A Baker III brings with him the life (the blood) that George W Bush needs for a successful Presidency.

So we see aligned with second Remnant Bush, first Remnant James A Baker III! Thus we now ask - Who then is aligned with Satan Gore? Brace yourself! Let us see!

We know who Gore represents prophetically. He is the one who has had dominion over the kingdom of heaven for 2,000 years, or for the entire period of Christianity. Satan essentially rules in Christianity. He has afflicted the body of Christ so much, that as written by the prophet Isaiah, the body of Christ is not even recognizable as Yahshua - Isaiah 52:14. This is the body of Christ, or Christianity, that Satan leads and deceives. So, who is aligned with Satan Gore? No less than attesting Warren (from, "warden") Christopher, or "bearer of Christ," or Christianity!

The battle of these Secretary of States, not to mention Secretary of State Harris, is squared off between these two prophetic representatives: second Remnant Bush is fittingly defended by first Remnant James A Baker III, while Satan Gore is fittingly defended by Christianity Warren Christopher. This is indeed the battle! It is not just a battle to see whether the Remnant will gain victory over Satan, but whether the Remnant will gain victory over Christianity, which is under Satan's domain?

So what chance of victory is there for Baker in this highly contested battle? What chance of victory is there to reverse the mark of the beast and cause it to be of none affect? Baker represents the first Remnant who have already entered into the holy of holies, ever interceding before Yahweh for avenging their death - "How long, O Lord, holy and true, will You refrain from judging and avenging our blood on those who dwell on the earth?" (Revelation 6:10). The enemy to the first Remnant is not man; the enemy is Satan and death and Christianity, the very ones whom Gore, the Demo(n)crats, and Christopher represent in this highly prophetic battle for the White House. Yahweh hears the first Remnant, and Baker will have victory!

And speaking of the White House - the kingdom house - its 200th anniversary was just recently celebrated. 200 is the nations level number of two periods of time, comparable to 2,000 years on the higher level of the true kingdom of heaven, during which Satan and death have prevailed. The close of 2,000 years, or 200 years on the nations level, marks the end of the period of the reign of death and brings the time of healing - "Come, let us return to Yahweh. For He has torn us, but He will heal us; He has wounded us, but He will bandage us. He will revive us after two days; He will raise us up on the third day that we may live before Him" (Hosea 6:1-2). This promise is the answer to the cry of the first Remnant - "that we may live before Him," defeating the enemy - death - for the first time in the history of mankind. The 200th anniversary of the White House speaks to the end of that period and the beginning of the promise of restoration and healing. That end will bring the Bush/Cheney administration, and far more as we will shortly see in this writing.

Not only does the White House speak. Let us quickly look at two other announcements released on the same day the seven-member mark of the beast Supreme Court announced their ruling - November 21, 2000.

First, keeping in mind that all of this Presidential matter is prophetic of the true kingdom of heaven, or the church, on this same day it was announced that Billy Graham stepped down from the head of the ministry he founded in the year this writer was born - 1948. Billy Graham is the most noted Protestant leader in Christianity today. Why this correlation? It is dramatically evident that Christianity is stepping down for the sake of the Remnant.

The other dramatic announcement went by without barely a notice. The reason is that men do not have eyes to see the ways of Yahweh and the significance of His various testimonies (e.g., how many people even begin to see the remarkable prophetic and intercessoral significance of these year 2000 elections?).

On November 21, a most important unveiling took place in this same highly significant and contested state of Florida. The University of South Florida unveiled the findings of the wreckage of the US Battleship "Maine." This ship has been lost since 1912, when it was hauled from the bottom of Havana Harbor to an unspecified location several miles offshore. Why is this unveiling on this day so significant prophetically?

Briefly, Amer-ric-a, the nations level kingdom of heaven, has been led through its own Feasts of Yahweh events. Uniquely, its first feast was Pentecost, which was observed through the Revolutionary War. The second feast was Passover, which was observed through the Civil War. Then at the end of America's third 100 year probation period (probation being from the 1600's through the 1800's), during which this nation only reluctantly adventured outside of its borders, this nation experienced its third feast of Yahweh which ushered Amer-ric-a into its period of being a blessing to the world as promised to Abraham. Amer-ric-a entered into this blessing period through its third feast - Tabernacles, or the the brief 1898 Spanish-American War, ushering in the drastically different 1900's. Thus the three feast events were the Pentecost Revolutionary War, the Passover Civil War, and the Tabernacles Spanish-American War, the final war bringing Amer-ric-a into what will be its equally three century long blessing-to-the-world period (the 1900's through the 2100's).

Parenthetically, what else do we see showing where Amer-ric-a has been and where it presently is in Yahweh's plan? Let us read from Leviticus 19:23-25:

"And when you enter the land and plant all kinds of trees for food (Amer-ric-a entered the land at the very outset of the 1600's with the planting of Jamestown and Plymouth; that is Jamestown like in James Baker), then you shall count their fruit as uncircumcised. Three years it shall be uncircumcised to you; it shall not be eaten (for three hundred years Amer-ric-a was not partaken of by the world, for it was uncircumcised). But in the fourth year all its fruit shall be holy, an offering of praise to Yahweh (in 1900 America entered its blessing period and became a praise to Yahweh throughout the world). And in the fifth year you are to eat of its fruit, that its yield may increase for you; I am Yahweh your God."

Amer-ric-a is preparing to enter into its promised and long awaited fifth period. What will happen in this great kingdom of heaven nation that will fulfill this promise? Amer-ric-a is about to soon receive her King, and He will reign from this promised land; and from here His kingdom will spread throughout the whole earth and all men will eat of it. This land of the nations-level kingdom of heaven, Amer-ric-a, is entering into its legal fifth period (2000's), and the fruit of His true kingdom will spread throughout the earth. Having undergone its four part or 400 years of preparation, Amer-ric-a is the rightful seat of the soon coming King. (You may want to reread all of this.) Now back to our account.

The reason for placing these brief facts regarding the USS Maine before the reader is to point out that something most revealing took place with its unveiling. The USS Maine is the ship that exploded in Havana Harbor which began the Tabernacles Spanish-American War! That vessel has resurfaced into history after being hidden for nearly a century, and this unveiling took place on this highly important day in American history, November 21, 2000, because it is an affirming testimony from Yahweh as to what was announced in the writing on this web site titled - Tabernacles And Devoted Things. The Remnant have entered into the Tabernacles period of Yahweh, and He has provided the seeing Remnant this testimony from the USS Maine that, yes, Tabernacles has begun! The USS Maine has been found once again, and the Remnant are entering into the Tabernacles period of being the highest blessing to the nations as promised to Abraham, only on the higher true kingdom of heaven level! Now back to the Elections 2000.

We see in these elections the prophetic battle that first Remnant James A Baker III and second Remnant George W Bush wage - the defeat of Satan Gore and Christianity Christopher, ending the two-period reign of Satan and bringing healing and life. And in this contested Presidential battle, these two Remnant representatives will victoriously succeed. Suddenly, Bush will become President, foreshadowing the sudden victorious work of the second Remnant.

Bush, Baker, and the Remnant will prevail!

May Yahweh continue to give us eyes to see what He is performing,



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