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In the section titled “No Heavy Petting,” the point was made that Esther did not take or grasp the rod, but only touched it.  To repeat what was said, we noted that, based upon the experience with this intercession regarding my wife and the rod, I thought that the word translated “touched” would really mean “grasped,” but I was wrong.  The Hebrew word for “touched” was by in large translated as such, and never implied “to grasp.”  So here was a problem with the intercession.  Esther, the Bride picture, did not take the rod, but only touched its head.

We will now consider the difference between touching the head of the rod and taking the rod.  In truth, as Judah gave the rod to Tamar and there were no ill consequences for her taking it, so I intercessorally gave the rod to my wife and there have been no particular ill consequences to her.  It will be most interesting as the Bride develops to watch and see how my wife will be used in the Remnant (which she does not even believe in at this writing, and even wholly rejects) if her testimony continues.  And in this regard, there is a testimony that I have always known to be immensely significant and so unlikely to have been by chance, that it is, for me, undeniable.  Let us look at it; and to help explain it, we will begin with a similar testimony.

As we just saw, the pattern of the two-part Remnant is as follows:

First Remnant → Christianity → Second Remnant

Or you could say:

Feminine Bride → Masculine Body → Feminine Bride

As an intercessor for the church, Yahweh gave this man and his wife five children, and they followed this same pattern.  In their birth orders, they were – two girls, followed by a boy, followed by two girls. 

Christi Dawn

Micah Aaron

Katheryn Ellen

Rebekah Laine

Grace Esther

We cannot go into all the prophetic testimonies regarding their births, but suffice it to say that my son, who is in the place of the masculine body of Christ that is supposed to get 3,000 years, was born with his cord wrapped around his neck three times.  Then as prophetic representatives of the second Remnant, Katheryn, like the dove that ascends alive in Leviticus 14:1-8, was born dipped in blood due to partial placenta previa, and Grace was a breech that Yahweh miraculously repaired so that she was born a normal birth the following day.  Yahweh repaired the breech!  Thus I have my first Remnant, my body of Christ, and my second Remnant.

But the only reason this is shared here is to show you this pattern, and following is the undeniable testimony concerning my wife that follows the identical pattern. 

The eruption of Mount St. Helens affords a prophetic picture of the latter rain.  When it blew on a Sunday, May 18, 1980, during the month that Pentecost can fall (Pentecost was one week later), its unexpected explosion caused Spirit Lake to be raised 200 feet and double in size.  Thus, it was a testimony of the latter rain that comes 2,000 years later and is a double portion of the Spirit.  For your enjoyment, here is a picture of the new double portion Spirit Lake.

Much more prophetic truth could be shared relating to this eruption, but what we want to consider here are the eruptions that followed.  As with my children, they were also five in number, and follow the identical pattern.  Here they are.

May 25

July 22

August 7

June 12

October 16

One of the things that makes this so revealing is that in the place where the body of Christ testimony lies – July 22 – there was a fear that Spirit lake would “breach”!  This is the breach period of the church.  A tunnel had to be bored through the mountain to prevent the breach.

But the reason all of this is shared is to show how my rod of authority was given to my wife.  After three of these eruptions, what could be called a little horn grew in the 2,000 foot deep crater (the 2,000 years of the church).  This is a lava dome, that in every regard indeed looks like a little horn.

In each sequential eruption, any lava dome that had been formed following a previous eruption was blown off, and a new dome replaced it.  Two of these three domes developed in the second Remnant position.  Following the August 7 eruption, the second of the three lava domes was formed, and then on October 16, that eruption blew off the August 7 lava dome and began forming a new dome.  There have been no further eruptions since, and the lava dome that is on Mount St. Helens today is the October 16 dome, which is about nine stories high.

Why is this so significant?  Because it is Yahweh’s unique and wholly sovereign way of demonstrating to us what we have been learning.  Even as Judah’s rod was given to Tamar, even as my rod was given to my wife, so the August 7 little horn gave way to the October 16 little horn.  This would not be so significant were it not for the fact that August 7 is my birthday, and October 16 is my wife’s birthday! 

We see testified then in a most remarkable and undeniable way, that my rod was transferred to my wife.  But considering everything up to now, we need to make an important and revealing point. 

After reading the previous section on the little horn, one might have a somewhat negative feeling about that horn.  But even as we saw with regard to Mordecai and Haman and the fact that the second fire-fulfilling golden rod of mercy was made possible by the water-fulfilling golden rod of wrath, so the Bride is actually made possible by, and equally takes the place of, Satan.  Even as Yahshua freely gave up His life for the church, so Satan must follow that same pattern and give up his life for the Bride.  This is simply the way of Yahweh.  Satan is the covering cherub over the church.  This is the place of authority that he has.  He is in fact the substitutionary covering over the church that resides there until the Bride can take that place.  (Read Coverings, Chapter 3, to understand the substitutionary covering, as well as The Raven.)  Satan is an unclean unsplit covering, while the Bride is a split two-part clean covering, the two covering cherubim that stand at both ends of the ark of the covenant (Christianity) and cover it with their wings.

Thus, it is highly significant that Satan became the little horn, when in fact by becoming such, he was a foreshadowing that the Bride would become the covering over the body.  The defiled position is replaced by the true fulfillment.  Do you see this?  This is the same thing that took place in the intercession discussed in the opening section.  The “doodling” was given up so that this man could write, the defiled position being replaced by the true fulfillment.  Television was given up so this man could see, again the defiled being replaced by the true fulfillment.  And in both of these, as with the little horn, the former foreshadowed the latter.  The former was corrupt and imperfect and afforded by Satan, which preceded and, in truth, made possible the perfect.  Thus, Satan actually became a little horn as an intercession that the Bride would become the covering over the body – the fallen little horn being replaced by the redeemed little horn, the fallen clitoris that is a harlot being replaced by the redeemed clitoris that is a virgin and possess a hymen so that a covenant can be consummated.

Let us bring even further clarity to this dramatic prophetic testimony.  When you look at the three mountains that stretch out beyond this man’s front yard, what you find is that they make a perfect trinity.  Looking out my front window, I see majestic Mount Rainier.  This is the top of this trinity, and at 14,000 plus feet it represents the Father (14 is the number of deliverance).

The next part of the trinity is the Son, which is represented by Mount St. Helens.  This is the mountain that received the water work and took the wrath, evidenced by its original elevation of 9,000 plus feet (9 is the number of judgment and fruit), and after the eruption is now 8,000 plus feet (8 is the number of Yahshua).

The third part of this trinity is the Holy Spirit, represented by Mount Adams.  At 12,000 plus feet (12 is the number of government), we read of His testimony in the crossing of the Jordan into the promised land (the Bride entering into immortality) and the water “piling up at Adam” (Joshua 3:16-4:9).  This is the water that covered the 12 stones and speaks of the latter rain.  (Read Carmel, page 10.)

Proportionately, we thus see the following trinity.




St. Helens



We have already seen that Yahshua is the Rebekah Jerusalem above work.  Thus, even as Rebekah said “let the curse be on me,” so we see in Mount St. Helens the testimony that the curse fell on Yahshua.  It can equally be said then that St. Helens is Jerusalem above, who in time will be the “mother of us all” (Galatians 4:26).

Yahweh has provided a graphic testimony of Jerusalem above in this marvelous mountain.  When you look at the following photos, what do you see?  Clearly, you see a little clitoris, a “little hill,” with its hood around it, precisely as a woman possesses.  Mount St. Helens is an open testimony for the world to see that Yahshua bore the curse and is Jerusalem above who will birth all men into the kingdom in His time.

And might we add here that even as St. Helens is a clitoris with a hood around it, so Mount Hood, just south of there in Oregon, is a rod that is uncircumcised.  A spear is prophetically an uncircumcised rod. And that is what this man is – a “Gary,” a sharp uncircumcised rod.  Having yet to put off this flesh and enter into an immortal body, this man is a rod that is uncircumcised of his flesh; and this uncircumcised rod will enter into the side of the body of Christ and take out the Bride. 

Equally, vast Christianity is Goliath, “the shaft of whose spear (was) like a weaver’s beam, and the head of his spear weighed six hundred shekels of iron” (1 Samuel 17:7, 2 Samuel 21:19, 1 Chronicles 20:5).  This is the one whom David addressed as – “this uncircumcised Philistine” (1 Samuel 17:26).  Mount Hood at 11,000 feet plus (11 is the number of disorder and imperfection) is certainly a giant of a mountain, located in the prophetic third part of the church; and certainly in the third part of the church, Christians will still be uncircumcised.

When this man was going through some of the most difficult times in becoming the suffering Savior, when others had rejected what I was seeing and failure seemed to be my companion, this compelling testimony regarding St. Helens and our two birthdays was one of the things in which I would look to and take courage.  This testimony was something that was beyond what any man could perform and was beyond any scope of probability.  Similarly, there was another thing that was so impossible and so strong, that neither could I deny it as well, and it too gave me the strength to hold to what I was seeing.  Let us look at it now.  Here again we will see how Yahweh placed upon this man the requirement of being identified with the suffering Savior, along with three others, and we will see what this means for the Bride regarding touching the rod.

On November 22, 1997, I had Rees Howells, Intercessor in hand and was on my way where I would sit to read it.  As I approached, Yahweh spoke to me – “When you travel (to present the truth of the Remnant), take Rebekah with you.”  Not many days before this, Rebekah, our second daughter, had expressed to me that whatever I was involved in next, she wanted to work with me.  We had been working together to raise newborn calves for a dairy farmer, but were having to close the operation.  So when He told me this, it looked like Yahweh was answering Rebekah’s request, and I wondered if  we would be going out sometime soon to teach Remnant truth. 

As I took a few more steps, He then spoke to me again – “I am going to confirm this by what you will read.”  Well, this was interesting.  This was the fifth time for me to read this book, so I knew it well; and I knew of only one place in its entirety that would confirm what He had just told me – where it spoke of a young lady who was a close spiritual companion to Rees, whom he later married.

I sat down and turned to my book marker and opened it to where I had stopped reading last, chapter 18, and began reading.  Eight pages later I read:

We can only imagine what this meant to Miss Elizabeth Jones, who remained his close spiritual companion, although they had surrendered the hope of marriage.  On one occasion, when they were to meet and she was hindered from coming in time, Mr. Howells thought that she had failed at last, and could no longer stand being seen with him, with his long, unkempt hair and beard (Rees was under a vow of a Nazirite and could not cut his hair).  But she never failed once.  She stood steadily with him right through.

Quite obviously, I was amazed!  The very passage that I knew was the only place in the entire book that would confirm what Yahweh had just told me, I was reading!  Yahweh was making His point clear to me that I was to take Rebekah with me; but He was not finished!  Then He spoke to me once again, remarkably clear with emphasis  – “I am serious!,” He said,  “Take Rebekah if you want victory by the Holy Spirit.”

I was astonished!  I had never, and have not since, had Him to speak anything to me with such emphasis.  First He instructed me.  Then He clearly confirmed it by what I read in Rees Howells, Intercessor.  Then for what has been the only time in my relationship with Him, He told me – “I am serious!”  I knew without a doubt that the way to obtain victory was to take Rebekah. 

There was no question in my mind at this point that when I traveled, I would take Rebekah.  Even the next day when I again read from the book, I came to the account where Rees wired to friends back home a one word telegram– “Victory.”  This particular occasion was when a fatally ill man was instantaneously miraculously healed, and it is said that he ran as did Elijah.  Of course this is precisely what we have been waiting on – the latter rain, the Elijah work.

A short time after that, I received a call from a man in southern California who wanted to fly me to his home so that we could discuss the Remnant truth.  He told me that I could bring someone with me, and of course I knew who I had to bring.  In fact, after the emphasis that Yahweh had assigned, I would not have gone without her – Rebekah!

We had a reasonable visit, and he took us to sites in that area.  On the morning we were to leave, I went into Rebekah’s room to awake her so that she could start getting ready to go.  But she was sick, and we kept wondering if she could make it.  Of course we had our return flight planned, and if there was any way she could, we needed to go.  Just before it was time to leave, Rebekah got up and it seemed she could make it.

When we got home, Rebekah went to lie down on the couch in the living room, and she did not get off that couch for months.  We took her to the Doctor, we ran lab tests, and they could find nothing medically wrong with her.  But she could not eat or ate very little, and she was very sick and had a strong condition of malaise.  Rebekah is slender anyway, and she got down to a very slight and even gaunt frame. 

We began to get her up and try to involve her in things, finding that that helped her.  We sent her with Christi, her older sister, over to another lady’s house to help her get ready for a move; and slowly, very slowly, she got a little better.  Involvement helped her, and following several months, she began to improve.   Eventually, Rebekah went to Carmel, California, to help a family while the mother recovered from cancer treatment.

During this time, Kyle Nixon was coming over and marveling in Remnant Bride truth.  One day he came to me and told me that Yahweh had dealt with him that he was to stand in Rebekah’s place, in her stead.  Because of the seriousness regarding Yahweh’s instructions concerning Rebekah, I told Kyle that I could not answer him until I had heard from Him.  Yahweh showed me that I was to do this; but I did not grant this to Kyle without first warning him about the grave seriousness of it and that he could expect a very strong attack from Satan.  When I took Rebekah with me on the first trip, she was seriously struck by Satan.  Also, Christi had once interceded for her (which I cannot fully relate here), and I almost lost her because of it.  When Christi equally stepped into Rebekah’s place by intercession, she immediately went into a state in which I thought I was going to have to commit her to a mental hospital; but by the authority of Numbers 30:3-5, as her father, I broke the vow of intercession she had placed herself under, and immediately, literally overnight, she was completely delivered.  And this was the ill fate that Kyle faced as well by stepping into the place of Rebekah.  But, Kyle was willing to pay the price, and such he paid!

Just like with Rebekah, when Kyle traveled with me for the first time as my Rebekah, the very next day of our return, he was smitten with MS.  Just before Passover, 2001, while we were on this trip, Kyle had a pain in his side and asked me to pray for him.  I placed my hand on his side and prayed.  Shortly after at Passover, Yahweh placed a stigmata on that very place.  It looked like a long slender bruise, right where Yahshua’s side would have been pierced.  But there had been no direct physical cause for it, and unlike a true bruise, it went away as suddenly as it appeared, without the normal discoloration.  Then immediately following Passover, 2002, Kyle violently and painfully broke away from me and went into such a place of despair that he planned to hang himself.  (More about this in the next section.)

And even before this, Rebekah, under the influence of the Christians she was living with and fellowshipping with at their church, equally rejected me and what I believe and broke her commitments to me regarding being there.  She did this shortly after Kyle took her place and relieved her of her position, taking it upon himself.  I drove all the way to southern California to appeal to her to resolve the matter, but she refused.  Because she rejected me, I told her that when she was once again ready for me to be her father, to let me know.  At this writing, I have not seen or talked to Rebekah in three years, the prophetic period of Christianity.  Rebekah was a test of Carmel (she lived in Carmel at the time) that for this man had to be lost and die, one that painfully cost me a daughter.  But even as the piercing of my side cost me my wife and intercessorally assures me the legal right to take out a Bride, I trust that the price I paid in Carmel with my loss of Rebekah will afford the much needed victory in the true test of Carmel. 

Thus, two people stood in the place of the one who was to travel with me, and each upon making our first trip, were immediately smitten by Satan with a physical affliction, and in time rejected me.  And this had already been foreshadowed when Christi interceded for Rebekah and was severely attacked by Satan and I almost lost her.  As I forewarned Kyle, the place of Rebekah was a serious and costly place to enter!

While writing this truth regarding intercession, Yahweh showed me the true meaning regarding all of this.  We will share it now.

You now know who the Rebekah of the Bible represents – Yahshua in His suffering, taking the wrath of Yahweh, the water work.  When Yahweh told me to take Rebekah with me when I would share the Remnant truths, I immediately thought, of course, that He was talking about my Rebekah.  So, I took her with me on the trip.  When she stepped into that place, she was immediately severely afflicted by Satan.  Then Kyle stepped into her place, and he too was immediately afflicted.  Both of these, by stepping into the place of Rebekah, by taking the place of the crucified Savior, found out the high price there is for that; and in the end, both of them could not take the attack and rejected me.

So does that leave me without a Rebekah to travel with me as I was so clearly and emphatically instructed by Yahweh?  No.  Is there any hope for victory?  Yes!  Because the Rebekah that I was to take with me, was equally the Rebekah that these two came to experience.  The Rebekah that I was to take with me, was the Rebekah of self being crucified.  My companion that would guarantee me victory, was to take upon myself the suffering Savior, the Rebekah. 

Both of these people who stood as the Rebekah revealed what this man had to go through, and I have gone through their pain, and more.  The stigmata that was placed on Kyle’s side after I placed my hand there and prayed for him, was a foreshadowing of what I would have to experience – becoming the intercessoral body of Christ and taking upon myself their suffering, being made like them, and, yes, even having my side pierced and a bride to come out.  No matter where I now go, even if I am alone, I take Rebekah with me!  She is my companion.  She is my promise for victory!

This is the place of the first golden rod, and this is the crucified-one work that the Bride is told to touch the head thereof, but “do not take a rod.”  This is in fact a promise and even clear instruction that the Bride cannot stay under the legal government of the body of Christ.  As long as anyone is in the body of Christ, they are taking the rod and will suffer the affliction of Satan by standing in that place of the Rebekah, the wrath water work, and die (even the second death of Revelation 20:6, 14).  Even as my daughter, Rebekah, and Kyle and myself, and even Christi, and even Mount St. Helens, suffered for stepping into that intercessoral place, this is the place where any believer steps by taking the rod of the body of Christ.  But by leaving that golden rod in Yahweh’s hands, and only touching its head, the Bride will receive life.

Yahweh thus gives the Bride a way of escape – touch the head, but do not take the rod!

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