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In the writing, Two Trees In the Garden, page 3, we address what is called the “unified field theory” in physics.  It is basically the attempt to unite the laws of two seemingly different realms – the galaxies and the atoms, the heavenlies and the earthly.  To this day, this has not been solved.  As concluded by one physicist, whoever can resolve the unified field theory is certain to receive the Nobel prize for physics.


There are many physicists who believe that the solution to this unsolvable mystery is what are called “higher dimensions.”  When these higher dimensions are added, what is otherwise impossible becomes possible, and this unsolvable conflict between these two realms is resolved and they unite.


This is the identical problem we find here with our two Jerusalem above pictures – Rebekah and Tamar.  On the one hand, it is against Yahweh’s laws for the woman to bear the rod.  When she does so it brings judgment and destruction.  But we see that Tamar literally bore the rod, and Rebekah, in practice, bore the rod by manipulating her husband to do what she willed. 


Yahweh is speaking to us in this if we have ears to hear and eyes to see.  We do not realize the import of what is at hand right now.  That which is upon us is as miraculous as it was when Yahshua was conceived.  When the Spirit of Yahweh hovered over Mary, that which was taking place at that moment was in fact the creation of a higher dimension.  How can you create a being that is both God and man?  Naturally, it is not possible for those two realms to come together.  In order for the God realm to be united with the man realm, and the two become one, requires a merger that, according to the laws of Yahweh, is not legal.  The only way this was to happen was to elevate the results to a higher plane, a higher realm, a higher dimension.  This is what Yahshua was.  He was not just any man, but He was in a dimension that was higher than man.


This is what Rebekah and Tamar represent.  How can it be legal for a woman to bear the rod?  In order for this to happen, as with His Son, Yahweh must take the fulfillment to a higher dimension.  This is done by uniting the feminine ability to bring forth offspring, with the person of a man, once again uniting the heavenly with the earthly.  When Jerusalem above, which is feminine, becomes a man, the results are something that is in another dimension.  And how is this accomplished?  The same way it was accomplished when Yahshua was conceived – by an overshadowing of the Holy Spirit.


And we might add here parenthetically, that Deborah is a marvelous like prophetic testimony.  We read in Judges 4:4-5 – “Now Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lappidoth (or, “enlightened”), was judging Israel at that time.”  So what gave a woman the right to judge Israel?  The answer is in the next verse – “And she used to sit (or, dwell) under the palm tree (the tamar) of Deborah … and the sons of Israel came to her for judgment.”  Deborah was a clear and highly revealing prophetic testimony of the Tamar work – a female work that is carried out by a man.  Again we see this higher dimension of the masculine and the feminine.  Barak, the masculine, insisted that Deborah, the feminine, go with him.  No man can accomplish the restoration of the kingdom of God and defeat Satan apart from Jerusalem above being united with him. 


Most certainly, this entire account concerning Deborah and Barak could be a highly confirming section in itself.  If you want to know what is about to take place, read Judges 4 and 5.


For example, we read in 4:7 that the enemy would be drawn out to Kishon to be destroyed.  This is the very place where Elijah destroyed the prophets of Baal at the test of Carmel (1 Kings 18:40), thus speaking of the identical fulfillment.  “Kishon” means “winding or crooked.”  What is it you think of that is winding and crooked, but the snake, Satan.  Thus, in both Carmel and here with Deborah and Barak, we are seeing the final destruction of Satan and his works.  This is confirmed when Jael drove the tent peg into Sisera’s head.  And who will receive the glory?  The Bride!


If you think the test of Carmel addressed in the writing, The Prophets of Baal, The Prophets of Asherah, and The Latter Rain, is over, you are mistaken.  It is not over, even though the otherwise concluding date of Tabernacles, 2003, has passed.  Though we cannot go into all the details here, even as the sun and the moon stood still for Joshua so that they could “avenge themselves of their enemies” (Joshua 10:12-14), so Yahweh is fulfilling that living prophecy and has legally stopped time regarding this test so that the Remnant can be avenged of our enemy, Satan.  The test of Carmel still carries on, and will do so until we gain our much needed victory!


We find this same higher dimension evidenced in Song of Solomon 7:6-9.  This is the voice of the Bridegroom, Yahshua, to the Bride.


“How beautiful and how delightful you are,

My love, with all charms!

Your height is like a palm tree (a tamar),

And your breasts are like its clusters.

I said, ‘I will climb the palm tree,

I will take hold of the fruit stalks.’

Oh, may your breasts be like clusters of the vine,

And the fragrance of your breath like apples,

And your mouth like the best wine!


In these verses we find this higher dimension of the male and the female testimonies coming together into union – both the palm tree, the rod, as well as the breasts.  This is the prophetic higher dimensional union of Jerusalem above and a man.


Of course for a man to bring forth offspring when there is not yet a bride, as with Adam, requires that a slit be made in him like the woman.  This too is not normal or natural, continuing the testimony that something is taking place that is in another dimension.  So, a slit is made in the man’s side, it is opened, and out comes a bride.  This is that for which this man has interceded by my own bride coming out of me.  But in reality, the Bride must in fact come out of the body of Christ as a company of people.  The Jerusalem above work is the piercing of the body of Christ in order to bring out a Bride.


Let us return once again to this matter of the water and the fire, masculine and feminine, wrath and mercy. We will find here that these two elements reveal two men, as well as their two works.  Let us now consider the two golden rods 


The first golden rod received the water, the wrath of Yahweh – “Your curse be on me.”  Yahshua took upon Himself the wrath of the Father.  The second golden rod receives the fire and not the wrath.  Let us look at what this means.  We will return to this highly revealing account regarding Esther.


Our focus this time will now be on Mordecai and Ham-man, but now we will call him by his real name – Haman, which actually means “magnificent.”  How can a ham-man be magnificent?  First, because Haman, as we have clearly seen already, is a picture of Satan.  Remember, Satan used to be a glorious being before he fell.  “You had the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty” (Ezekiel 28:12).  When we use the form, “Ham-man,” we actual refer to flesh man, who is in fact Satan as well, and equally “wonderful” in beauty, as far as worldliness goes.  But still, he too is ham, unclean swine flesh.


Following the first wine banquet that Esther had with the king and Haman, the king could not sleep and he read the records and realized that he had not honored Mordecai for revealing an evil plot against him.  Haman arrived at that moment to talk to the king about hanging Mordecai on the gallows, but the king asked him a question that would in fact be a part of his own downfall and even death.


“What is to be done for the man whom the king desires to honor?,” the king inquired.  Haman pridefully thought that the king wanted to honor him, so he said – “For the man whom the king desires to honor, let them bring a royal robe which the king has worn, and the horse on which the king has ridden, and on whose head a royal crown has been placed; and let the robe and the horse be handed over to one of the king’s most noble princes and let them array the man whom the king desires to honor and lead him on horseback through the city square, and proclaim before him, ‘Thus it shall be done to the man whom the king desires to honor’” (Esther 6:7-9).


Haman then sadly found out that the king was talking about Mordecai, the very one whom he wanted to kill, and by his own words he had determined not only the lifting up of Mordecai, but as concluded afterwards by his wise men and wife, would lead to his destruction; and quickly did so! 


Immediately following Mordecai being lifted up, the second wine banquet was held with Esther, Haman’s plan to kill all of Esther’s people and, what would have meant, the Queen as well, was revealed, and Haman went to the very gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai.


What we find here is in fact the testimony that Satan judges himself, and as a result has to honor the Mordecai.  This is the same thing that we addressed in the writing, Carmel, page 7, but in that case Yahweh judges himself.  Satan could never accuse Yahweh of being unfair concerning this, when He has done so for Himself.  How did Satan judge himself?  Let us see.


Even as there are two golden rods that are extended to man, so there are two who are lifted up.  The first lifting up is the water work, the masculine wrath work.  The second lifting up is the fire work, the feminine mercy work.  The first lifting up is the lifting up of the Son of God on the cross.  The second lifting up is the lifting up of the son of man in honor.  The first lifting up paid the price.  The second lifting up receives the King’s honor.  The first lifting up was Yahshua on the cross.  The second lifting up will be a man sitting on the King’s horse, wearing the King’s robe, and the declaration sounding forth before him – “Thus it shall be done to the man whom the King desires to honor!”  Remember, Yahshua’s side was not pierced until He was lifted up; even so, the body of Christ will not be pierced until the son of man is lifted up as a Mordecai. 


Even as we see testified here by Haman undoing himself by his own words, so by Satan’s own actions of causing the Son of God to be lifted up on the cross, he has determined his own undoing – the fulfilling lifting up of the son of man.  By Satan’s own actions, he has judged himself! 


Since by the will of Satan the Son of God was lifted up and His side was opened and out came water and blood, thus it is equally determined that the son of man must also be lifted up, his side be opened (the Jerusalem above work), and out come the Bride.  But his is not a “water” work, but a “fire” work, Yahshua’s baptism in fire and the Holy Spirit (a promise declared by John the Baptist, the prophetic testimony of the Elijah second Remnant – Luke 3:16).  This is precisely the lifting up that is foreshadowed in Mordecai.  (Quite significantly, this is the same testimony evidenced as well when Solomon was equally lifted up on King David’s mule and taken to “bursting forth” where he was anointed king – 1 Kings 1:32-40.)


Because Satan had the Son of God lifted up, he is now legally obligated by his own actions to cooperate with the son of man being lifted up.  Even as it was declared by the king to Haman, so it will be for Satan – “do not fall short in anything of all that you have said.”  Satan must cooperate with the lifting up of this man and lead him on the King’s horse and place the King’s robe upon him.  This man fully anticipates that this world and flesh man, which belong to Satan, must now lift up a man on the King’s horse and herald the King’s good favor – “Thus it shall be done to the man whom the king desires to honor.”  This is by order of the King, an act that is determined by Satan’s own works. 


Satan judges himself by his own words.  The gallows that Haman built for Mordecai’s death, will be for his own death.  The first outpouring of the Spirit on Pentecost has not delivered man from death by Satan.  All who have served under that first Pentecost outpouring have died.  Like the first two times that the “captain of fifty with his fifty”  were consumed by fire (2 Kings 1), so the first 2,000 years of Christianity’s Pentecost has resulted in their deaths.  Of course Pentecost is specifically identified with “fifty” (Leviticus 23:15-21).  “Pentecost” actually means “fifty.”  But Pentecost will be redeemed and will then be used to Satan’s own destruction, even as the son of man is the intercessoral redeemed body of Christ.  Thus, Satan will be hung on his own gallows – Pentecost!


Pentecost is often pictured as a donkey.  The Law requires that the first offspring of the donkey is to be redeemed by a lamb; if not, then the donkey’s neck is to be broken (Exodus 13:13).  Why was Mordecai’s reward delayed?  Because the promises of Yahweh given to the first Remnant had to be delayed to the second Remnant – the arrow of Joash shot toward the east.  Thus the neck of the first Pentecost donkey was broken, for it was not redeemed by the Lamb.  This is the same testimony seen when Eli’s neck was equally broken when the ark of the covenant was taken to Dagon’s temple (Christianity) – Ichabod, the glory has departed (1 Samuel 4:18-22)!  It was not time for those promises to be fulfilled – they had to die, their neck was broken.  The breach body of Christ period would follow, and they too have died ever since. 


But now that the first wine banquet has been held, and the King can no longer sleep, it is time for Him to recall the works of the first Remnant and give the reward to the second Remnant.  It is time for the Pentecost donkey to be redeemed by the Lamb, even a Lamb that unlocks the seals of the book (Revelation 5), even the seals of the book spoken of in Daniel 12 that have kept truth a mystery.  These are the seals that are being opened now by the Pentecost redeeming work of the Lamb.  And to fulfill the work of the Lamb, Yahweh is using the one who stands in the place of the Lamb to reveal these things that have been sealed, who by the will of Yahweh has equally suffered and been slain, and has been established through intercession in his place for this day. 


Pentecost is being redeemed; it is now time for the third “captain of fifty with his fifty” to be successful in bringing forth the Elijah.  It is time for Pentecost to be successful in accomplishing that which it has failed to accomplish for 2,000 years.  This cannot be done under the old government of failed Christianity, but must be under the new redeemed government of the golden rod.


Thus, here is Yahweh’s order of redemption.  Yahshua dies on the cross to redeem all men.  The body of Christ that follows is corrupted for 2,000 years, so Yahweh raises up a man through intercession to be the lamb that redeems the body, and redeems Pentecost.  As a Tamar, he becomes the female lamb of Leviticus 4:32-35 that provides atonement.  But in truth, the work that this man performs is only the seed beginning of the larger fulfillment of the female lamb atonement that is in the Bride.  Even as this man came out of the body of Christ in order to redeem the body, so the Bride comes out of the body in order to redeem the body, thus becoming the female lamb that makes atonement.  The Bride is in fact the tithe that makes the entire whole holy.  And in time, the body and the Bride become one.


And why was it that Haman came to get permission to kill Mordecai?  Because this has been Satan’s purpose against this man, or any man who would stand in a similar prophetic or intercessoral place.  Since 1994, Satan has wanted to kill me several times; he has wanted to destroy me.  And there have been times of late that I would have gladly cooperated with him, when the pain has been so unbearable that I preferred death over life.  Also, if I had stayed in the body of Christ under their Pentecost government, their preceding two “captain of fifty with his fifty” works, then I would have died on Satan’s fifty cubit gallows.  This is why it is so very important to come out of the body of Christ and come under the covering of the Bride! 


But Satan’s desires and plans have been interrupted, for it is time for the second golden rod to be lifted up.  And is it not significant that the one who foretold of Haman’s death was one whose name means “golden,” his wife, Zeresh?  The kingdom will know of Satan’s death beforehand, and it will be and is being foretold by the golden rod.


All of this is of course being carried out by the Spirit.  Thus we read concerning Haman’s death – “Then Harbonah, one of the eunuchs who were before the king said, ‘Behold indeed, the gallows standing at Haman’s house fifty cubits high, which Haman made for Mordecai who spoke good on behalf of the king!’  And the king said, ‘Hang him on it.’  So they hanged Haman on the gallows which he had prepared for Mordecai, and the king’s anger subsided” (Esther 7:9-10).


As we now fully anticipate the redemption of Pentecost which will bring Satan’s end on his own fifty cubits gallows, by the very work on which he has brought kingdom men to death for 2,000 years, is it not equally significant that the eunuch who told the king that the gallows was ready was Harbonah, whose name means – “ass driver”?  There is one who controls the ass of Pentecost, and that is the Holy Spirit, and He is pointing the way to the fifty cubit gallows that effects Satan’s death.


Even as we have noted that Yahweh must take a work to a higher dimension in order to perform it, so He evidences this in the natural as well.  We have said that the two works of Yahweh are testified in the water and in the fire.  But even as it is necessary for the man and the woman to come together in order for there to be fruitfulness, so the water of law and the fire of mercy must come together.  But how can one bring together these two distinctly different elements?  Most certainly, even as the fire will surely be extinguished by the water, so mercy is extinguished by the law.  So let us ask you a riddle – How can one bring together water and fire and still preserve the two?  The answer is – the higher dimension must be effected.  You add the oil!  When oil is added, the fire still burns with the water, and all the more!


As we have already noted regarding Yahshua’s conception, as well as here regarding the “ass driver” pointing to the fifty cubit gallows, the Holy Spirit is the element that takes the impossible and makes it possible.  This is the Holy Spirit outpouring that comes to bring a Bride out of the sleeping body of Christ and prepares her to ascend alive to heaven to be glorified, entering into the ultimate higher dimension.


Yahshua must now redeem the church that has failed for 2,000 years, so that the last 1,000 years can be effective in accomplishing that for which it was established on the earth.  And He does this by first redeeming a man to stand in the body’s place.  Even as it was declared in anger by Yahweh to Moses, so it will be fulfilled now, but not in a water wrath work, but in a fire mercy work – “and I will make of you a great nation” (Exodus 32:10).  This is the one of whom Moses said – “The Lord God shall raise up for you a prophet like me from your brethren; to him you shall give heed in everything he says to you” (Acts 3:22).  This is the son of man, the Elijah.


When Kyle took the place of a Judas and violently rejected me and broke away from me, and with a kiss betrayed me by teaching a false love, a weak feminine mercy love, he in fact became a very painful picture of the body of Christ.  Kyle was away from me for two years, even as the body of Christ has been away from Yahshua for 2,000 years, and they too betray Him with a kiss.  With their words they say they love Him, but with their actions they betray and deny Him.


Kyle’s actions have been representative of many people over the years.  From the outset, people have embraced these marvelous truths, but even as it is spoken in Yahshua’s parable regarding the sowing of seed on various soils (Matthew 13:1-23), they have repeatedly left me, including my own family.  As Yahshua declared, “A prophet is not without honor except in his … own household” (Matthew 13:57).  None of my immediate family (other than my son) have accepted what has been shown to this man.


But there is a revealing purpose in all of this.  In Ezekiel 22:30 we read – “And I searched for a man among them who should build up the wall and stand in the gap before Me for the land, that I should not destroy it; but there was no one.”  Can you name anyone who has lived 2,000 years who can stand in the gap and fill the breach between the two Remnant?  Has anyone lived these 2,000 years to qualify to repair the breach?  No, there is not one!  But there must be a man; there must be someone, a real earth man who lives today, who can fulfill this.  Otherwise, the church will perish!  Yahweh will destroy it!


Even as Samson, Samuel, and John failed as men to fulfill the vital work that is possible as a Nazirite – to restore the garden of God (Coverings, Chapter 6) – Yahweh used a man to equally take that vow and thus enter into that original garden and through His resurrection restore it.  How did He do this?  Through the power of intercession!


Through intercession, by taking the Nazirite vow, Yahshua legally entered into the original garden of God and was able to take on the sins of man and deliver man and the kingdom from corruption and death.  Through intercession, as it is written, Yahshua was able to be the “Lamb slain from the foundation of the world” (Revelation 13:8).  Through intercession, Yahshua was able to enter into a higher dimension and accomplish that which the law of time would not allow – returning to the original garden.  This is Yahweh’s mercy.  It is a legal way to accomplish what would otherwise be a complete failure.  Intercession is Yahweh’s way to bring a natural man into a higher dimension and accomplish the impossible.


Did this man, this second golden rod, live 2,000 years so as to “build up the wall and stand in the gap before (Yahweh) for the land, that (He) should not destroy it”?  Certainly not in the natural; but as we are seeing, this can indeed be accomplished in the spiritual.  And gratefully, that is reckoned by Yahweh as the same.


How long was Kyle away from me as a type of Christianity?  He was gone two years, a type of 2,000 years.  And when Kyle filled the type and place of Christianity, he performed it well (of course unknowing to him at the time that this intercession was taking place).  He shaved off his beard (becoming feminine), grew a goatee (which is nothing more than a prophetic inverted little horn clitoris that represents Satan), cut off his hair (his glory), bleached on top of his head what hair was left (a false glory), put out a punk rock CD (music that is part of the curse of 1920), and as has been mentioned before, determined to hang himself (only his son saved him), and all the while preaching feminine mercy love and acceptance.  Kyle looked and behaved in the way Yahweh sees the church, even the “respectable” looking ones.  As we have already noted, they are all harlots to Him.  The problem is, Christians have their skirt over their face and they do not see what they really look like to Yahweh.  Christianity is an abomination to Yahweh; this is why He has to perform another work that comes out from it, and is governmentally removed from it.


When Kyle completed his two years of separation from me, he then returned; and what you are reading right now would not have been possible without him.  He brought over Whale Rider that began all of this; and many of the things you are reading here are because, either directly or indirectly, I have seen them through Kyle.  But, what if when Kyle came out of his two years, I had gone the course my flesh wanted to go and where Satan said I would go?  What if Satan had destroyed me?  Kyle would not have had the ability to be exalted as he has been. 


So what was Kyle’s salvation?  By Yahweh’s design, I prevailed through those two years and was here when he came back.  In truth, Yahweh used this man to stand in the gap for Kyle, to keep the faith alive, to guard the covenant parts so that the beasts and the foul would not destroy them, to build up the wall so that the enemy would not enter and destroy that which remained.  By Yahweh’s design, through the power of intercession I became the man spoken of in Ezekiel 22:30.  By intercession, Yahweh, the Holy Spirit, established a man to redeem the 2,000 year period of the church so that when it likewise comes to its senses, like the prodigal son who was eating “horned things” (The Passing Over Principle, page 8), it can return home.  While no man could live 2,000 years, Yahweh took a man into the higher dimension of intercession and made it possible.  Legally, this man has lived 2,000 years.  Such is the power of intercession!  Such is the love of the Father!  Where we fail, He redeems us from the pit.  He makes a way in the wilderness.  Intercessorally, He preserves alive through the wilderness His Joshua and Caleb two-part Remnant witnesses.  His word remains!



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