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In the section titled, “A Writing With An Intercession,” we examined the account where Elisha had King Joash to shoot “the arrow of victory” out a window toward the east.  It is imperative that we give this further consideration.


After writing the preceding sections of A Lesson From Intercession, Yahweh showed this man something that needs to be expounded upon.  Also, even while completing those sections, He showed me something that will be added here as well.  But first, let us return to the tremendously significant account regarding Elisha and Joash.  We will get straight to the point.


In the writing, The Love Of Money, page 14, and in a writing that was published during the days of Purim, 2002 (the feast that celebrates the victory secured by Esther and Mordecai), To Cast The Lot – Purim, two critically important points are covered.  First, The Love Of Money, page 14, carefully examines Moses’ statement that “The Lord God shall raise up for you a prophet like me from your brethren,” and we conclusively see that that prophet is Elijah.  To Cast The Lot- Purim considers the vital necessity that Yahweh establish in this day a man who will stand in the place vacated by Judas and fulfill the work of that twelfth apostle.  This latter point is critical for providing that which we talked about per the intercession pertaining to Kyle where I was able to stand in the gap for him.  By Yahweh providing in this day the fulfilling twelfth apostle, He legally repairs the breach between the first and the second Remnant.  It is very important that you read both of those writings.


So what is it we more specifically see when Elisha has the king to take a bow and arrows, places his hands on the king’s hands, has him to open the window toward the east, and instructs him – “Shoot!”?  Elisha then says – “Yahweh’s arrow of victory, even the arrow of victory over Syria; for you shall defeat the Syrians at Aphek until you destroy them” (2 Kings 13:17).


We have already noted that this “victory” is in sharp, and even contradicting, contrast to striking the arrows on the ground three times.  This is the contrast between the second Remnant and Christianity, even the results of the test of Carmel, or even the contest per Gideon.


But what needs to be noted more carefully here is that this account is more than just this fulfilling contrast, but speaks precisely to that which has been covered in these two subject writings.  In truth, what we have here is the first Remnant, attested by Elisha placing his hands on the king’s hands, sending forth into the future an office that will secure the victory – the vacated office of Judas. 


What was it that Yahweh spoke to this man in that undeniable testimony regarding Rebekah?  It was the promise of “Victory!”  The victory that will be gained is that of completing what the first Remnant afforded by sending forth the arrow of the office of the twelfth apostle – “the arrow of victory.”  (By way of reminder, this placement was the message of a dream Yahweh gave this man, which you can read about in To Cast The Lot – Purim.)  Of course the first Remnant did not provide this office of their own will or planning; in fact in the flesh they even sought to fulfill it themselves; but this effectual work is provided according to the will and plan and work of Yahweh, who is all-in-all.  He is the one who performs the work, He is the one who fills the office, and He receives the glory.


Why did Yahweh allow the eleven to perform this shortfall act?  First, it is a testimony of the corrupt and shortfall efforts of carnal man in his blindness.  Second, He did this to conceal the truth regarding this office.  He did not want men to know it had to be filled at a latter time, so He let flesh men falsely place a man there, thus concealing the office.  Once again, this is an act of mercy on Yahweh’s part in order to lessen carnal man’s liability.  There is no man worthy or able to stand in that place, other than the one whom Yahweh prepares and establishes.


In this account, the king here is once again Yahweh.  Of course “Joash” means “Yahweh is fire.”  And it is the work of the first Remnant that compels Yahweh to send forth this office.  That is why we see Elisha placing his hands on the hands of Joash.  Hands are always prophetic of works, and the works of the first Remnant compel Yahweh to perform His own completing works.


Therefore, more accurately, the fulfillment of that arrow today is the work of a man, even this man, by virtue of an office provided by the first Remnant.  By the authority given to this man as a part of the first Remnant, the work that was begun by them can be completed today, providing the much needed promised “Victory!”


Furthermore, you will notice that Elisha had the king to open a window to the east.  We previously noted that the east is the direction out from which the water came from the temple, became ever so much deeper as it flowed, and went to the sea of death and healed it (Ezekiel 47:1-8).  And we also note here the obvious similarity to that which is promised in Malachi 3:10 that Yahweh will “open for you the windows of heaven, and pour out for you a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive.”  This is the promise of the latter rain when Yahweh will likewise “rebuke the devourer” and “all the nations will call you blessed” (vss. 11-12).  Or as it is likewise promised in Psalm 126 – “Then our mouth will be filled with laughter, and our tongue with joyful shouting; then they said among the nations, ‘Yahweh has done great things for them.’  Yahweh has done great things for us; we are glad!”  Again, in light of what we have learned in this writing, it will benefit you greatly to read the two previous writings referred to here.


In the same section as this concerning Elisha and Joash, we note that this writing is an intercession in and of itself.  This added section is no exception to this truth.  When the previous sections were published, I realized that there were a total of eleven.  When I told this to Kyle, he asked me if I was going to write another.  The reason he asked this was because, even as we saw in the elevation of Mount Hood at 11,000 plus feet, eleven is the number of disorder and imperfection.  I told him that I do not let numbers control me, but instead let them say what they will say.  I was worn out from writing, and did not plan another section; anyway, when I sought Yahweh about this, I knew that it should be published as it was.  But, when Yahweh showed me this further truth regarding the arrow of victory, I knew then there had to be another section.  What does this section effect?  Intercessorally, with the addition of this one, it now reverses the curse, moving it from the previous state of disorder and imperfection (11), to Yahweh’s completed order and government and the Holy Spirit (12).  And much like this section in its relation to the preceding eleven, while this man is legally one with the eleven apostles, even so I am clearly separated from them by time.  Once again, intercession has afforded us this much needed insight.


For 2,000 years, the church has been under the governmental testimony of the eleven.  The man they put into that office was neither placed there by Yahshua, nor is he recognized by Him.  (Read To Cast The Lot- Purim.)  Thus, without this fulfilling order of twelve, the church, evidenced by its ill actions, has ever since been under a governmental state of disorder and imperfection reflective of the number of apostles.  However, by Yahweh adding the twelfth apostle in this day, He reverses the curse, placing the church now under a governmentally complete number of twelve.  And let it be noted here as well, that there will be another twelve apostles added in this day that will complete the twenty-four elders around the throne.  Such are the marvels of intercession, and this writing alone is a unique testimony in so many ways to all that Yahweh is performing in His kingdom. 


We will now share the other matter Yahweh showed this man just as the larger part of this writing was to be published.  We will be brief.


It has already been noted that the little horn can give testimony to both that which is corrupted in the kingdom – Satan and harlotrous mystery Babylon Christianity – as well as the pure – Mount St. Helens Jerusalem above.  There is another prophetic testimony of the pure little horn, and it is as evident as the nose on your face; in fact, it is the nose on your face.


We have already seen testified over and over that Yahweh has designed our bodies to attest to His works.  The eyes, the ears, the hands, the feet, the belly, the loins, the genitals, the breasts, hair, everything about the body prophesies, and the nose is no exception.  Yahweh could have designed the nose any way He wanted to.  It could have been just a flap like the ear, or even an opening like the mouth, or like a whale’s blowhole.  It even could have been just one opening and not two.  There is nothing engineeringly critical about the design of the nose protruding out from the face the way it does, or its shape.  As with the rest of the body, its design prophesies.  It is in fact a prophetic little horn.  Let us see.


What is it that will eventually birth all men in the kingdom of heaven into immortal incorruptible bodies?  Jerusalem above.  This is the work that we see testified at Mount St. Helens (St. “Light”) with the little horn and the hood.  So, where did Yahweh breath into Adam the breath of lives?  Again, if it did not matter where He breathed into him, He could have breathed into his mouth.  That seems most plausible.  He could have even breathed into his belly.  Or, He could have just hovered over him and given him life.  But no, we are told that specifically Yahweh breathed into his nostrils the breath of lives – “Yahweh God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of (lit.) lives; and man became a living soul” (Genesis 2:7).  The word “nostrils” is the same word “nose.”


When you realize that the dead body of Christ is in GREAT need for life to be breathed into it, and that it is the Bride that becomes the covering for it, and that this man is the Tamar work that is made such by the will of Jerusalem above, one begins to understand why Yahweh would breathe the breath of lives into Adam through his nose – because it is through Jerusalem above, the little horn, that the body, all of us, will receive that much needed life.  Every time we breath in through our nose, we are interceding for that day when Jerusalem above, the little horn/nose, will breath into us that much needed life from above.


For the sake of added evidence per the nose and life, the following verses are provided:


Per the flood – “And all flesh that moved on the earth perished, … all in whose nostrils was the breath of the spirit of life, died“ Genesis 7”21-22).


Job declared – “For as long as life is in me, and the breath of God is in my nostrils, my lips certainly will not speak unjustly, not will my tongue mutter deceit” (Job 27:3-4).


When men would hide in the caves in the great and terrible day of Yahweh, which is prevented by the establishment of Elijah, we read of that day – “Stop regarding man, whose breath of life is in his nostrils; for why should he be esteemed” (Isaiah 2:22).


So what is the difference between a little horn located above the eyes on one’s forehead, and a little horn located below the eyes in its intended place?  As much difference as there is between the little horn steeple on a church roof, and the little horn on Mount St. Helens.  When the little horn is elevated above the eyes, it is placing itself over true sight, over truth, and going by the intellect, by the forehead.  This has been the problem with kingdom men for 2,000 years.  Since they are blind, they raise Jerusalem above to the place of the intellect and the will of man.  Can the nose bring in the breath of lives when it is on the forehead in the place of the mind?  Absolutely not!  And in like regard, kingdom man has not been able to bring the much needed life of being born from above.  For 2,000 years, all kingdom men with their little horn on their foreheads have died. 


But Yahweh is giving His Bride eyes to see, and we reject the false teachings and carnal logic of Christianity, and thus reject the horn being on our foreheads; furthermore, we recognize it to be where it is supposed to be – below our seeing eyes.  Because we are now seeing these truths that lead to the tree of life, our little horn is finally getting to the place where it is supposed to be, enabling us to receive the breath of lives; and we will live.  Yahweh is breathing into us through Jerusalem above the breath of lives.


Why does the little horn in the place of the nose have two openings?  Functionally, it could just as well have had one opening; but to identify this little horn as Jerusalem above, it had to be a two-part work, the two Remnant, thus making it clean.  (It is interesting that the head has seven openings – two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, and one mouth.  This is the number of churches in Revelation.)


In Whale Rider, the movie that began all that you have read in The Rod and A Lesson From Intercession, we find a most intimate and obviously significant expression of affection.  Knowing now what we do about the nose, it is quite significant that the nose press holds such a prominent place in that highly prophetic movie.


All of our gestures prophesy – the uniting and clasping of hands in a handshake, clapping our hands, when Abraham had his servant to place his hand under his thigh and swear an oath (Genesis 24:9), when Joab took Amasa by the beard (2 Samuel 20:9), or as we saw in The Rod, sticking the tongue out.  Our embracing in a hug, the kiss, and yes, even the French kiss, prophesy.  Why would we do these things if they did not speak, if they did not have a deeper meaning?  The latter of these is an erotic gesture, and it is most significant that France is prophetic of the flesh, thus a French kiss.  (Or if someone curses, they say, “Excuse my French.”)  We have already seen that the tongue is an evil, “the very world of iniquity.”  And when the two crude female entertainers, Brittany Spears and Madonna, performed this act as a public demonstration, it both prophesied and furthered social destruction through carnality (as does their music, as well as other music like it).


Is the message in Whale Rider then telling us that Yahweh is now speaking to a man “face to face” and giving us the breath of lives?  (Read, “Gary you have a beautiful face.”)  Is Jerusalem above uniting with us in a nose press?  Obviously so!


For all these thousands of years, even as Pilate asked, men have strived to find the elusive answer to the question – “What is truth?”  And all the time the answer was right before our very eyes, as clear as the nose on our face, as bold as Mount St. Helens, and it is Yahweh breathing life into us through Jerusalem above.


And now for one very important last item as we close once again.  It is most significant and relevant that Yahshua’s ministry did not begin until He had first identified with Christianity.  After His water baptism, the Holy Spirit led Him into the wilderness to be tempted by Satan.  He was in that wilderness for forty days without food.  Here He identified with Christianity, the body of Christ.


This matter of identification with the body of Christ is the very issue that has been repeatedly pointed out in this writing.  Identification is the crux of intercession.  It has already been noted that Yahshua’s forty days in the wilderness where He ate nothing, are the forty Jubilees of Christianity in which kingdom men are not given the bread of truth.  Again, this is (1) too keep them from eating from the tree of life, and (2) to keep their liability low.  There was no way they could fulfill His word, so He never gave them an understanding of it.  If He had, they would have failed and been held liable.


This identification with the body of Christ that Yahshua performed was obviously quite essential in order for Him to receive the necessary power for His work, given to Him upon its completion.  In second Remnant Luke 4:13-15 we read – “And when the devil had finished every temptation, he departed from Him until an opportune time.  And Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit; and news about Him spread through all the surrounding district.  And He began teaching in their synagogues and was praised by all.” 


Likewise, the hope we find in His preceding identification is that Yahweh, having caused this man to identify with Christianity, will do the same.  To operate under the power of the Spirit and to teach, is this man’s hope and expectation, and the great need for the church and all mankind.


This testimony we see here regarding Yahshua and the necessity and significance of this specific preluding identification, is repeated and confirmed as well in the other forty day fasts in the wilderness conducted by Moses and Elijah.  Here again we find this seamless garment of truth.


On each occasion in which the sons of Israel were to go into the promised land, that journey was preceded by a like forty day fast in the wilderness.  On Moses’ sixth trip up the mountain, he was taken through a forty day fast.  Upon completion, Yahweh declared to him – “I will make of you a great nation” (Exodus 32:10).  Moses then came down, judged the people, and went up the mountain for the seventh time.  Yahweh then told Moses to take the sons of Israel and go into the promised land, but He would not go with them (Exodus 32:34 and chapter 33).  But Moses and the people did not want to go without Him, and Yahweh repented and said that He would go with them.  Therefore, Moses was called back up the mountain for the eighth and final time.  Here Yahweh led him into another forty day fast.  Upon receiving instructions regarding the tabernacle, Moses returned to build it and to prepare to enter into the promised land.  And of course in the larger picture, Yahweh led the sons of Israel for forty years in the wilderness, and upon its completion they entered into the promised land.  Then later, when Elijah was led to the same mountain as Moses, he too was taken through this forty day identification, and afterwards was sent to anoint Elisha.


Thus in summary, when Yahweh would have the sons of Israel to go into the promised land (without Him), He had Moses to fast forty days.  As a result, Moses was given a revealing promise.  Then again, when Yahweh would have them to go into the promised land (with Him), He had Moses to fast forty days.  As a result, Moses built the tabernacle.  And upon completion of forty years in the wilderness, the sons of Israel entered into the promised land.  Then as the fulfillment of this nine part pattern, which is where we are today (read The Hope Of the Remnant in 2004), at the completion of Elijah’s forty day fast, he then went to place his mantle upon Elisha.  And finally, upon completion of Yahshua’s forty days in the wilderness, He entered His time of teaching and power.  Each of these fulfillments and promises were preceded by a forty part identification with Christianity.  Each had to first become intercessors for this corrupted period of the kingdom of God that desperately needs deliverance.


Having now completed forty Jubilees of time, it is time for the church to enter into the promised land.  Likewise, Yahweh has had this man to enter into this same identification process with the body of Christ.  Furthermore, we are in the ninth year from 1996, the ninth-trip Elijah fulfillment.  Having completed identification with Christianity, and having entered into our ninth year Elijah fulfillment, it is my hope that the remainder of this passage regarding Yahshua’s ministry will be fulfilled for a man.  It is time for Yahweh to call out an Elijah; it is time for a man to enter into his own promised land.



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