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We have just seen the most marvelous and hope-filled testimony that the second Remnant is the Nathanael work that has no guile, no deceit. There cannot be enough said about this essential quality. Added now to this, we will find set before us three, and even four, conclusive testimonies from what we have just read, the fourth being the crux of this entire writing.

The first is in regard to Yahshua's response to the disciples' questions as to why they could not cast out the demon that had possessed the boy since childhood. Of course this was raised just after Yahshua had come from the mount of transfiguration. The information that the demon had been in the boy since childhood is recorded solely in Christianity Mark. Why? Because it is Mark Christianity that has been possessed by the demons of Satan since its very beginning, or since childhood. Has the church been able to cast out Satan over these last 2,000 years? Unquestionably not, thus giving rise to the question as to how he will be cast out. The answer - the mustard seed faith that will move the mount of transfiguration!

It is the little faith of the second Remnant that will provide the way for casting Satan out of the church, the one who has been throwing it into the fires of hell and causing it to be deaf and dumb for 2,000 years. "You deaf and dumb spirit, I command you, come out of him and do not enter him again," are the words that must likewise be spoken over the church in order for Satan to be cast out. And this is precisely that which is beginning to take place, as evidenced in the second Remnant. The second Remnant is beginning to hear and understand things that have been silenced or hidden from the church for 2,000 years, the revelation of these things being clear evidence that Yahshua is beginning to speak these words to Satan; and we are indeed beginning to be delivered, a deliverance only He can perform! The deaf and dumb spirit is coming out of the second Remnant, causing us to hear and to speak!

What do we hear, and what is it we speak? We hear and speak that which is not only counter to Satan, but also the very thing that will utterly defeat him. We hear and speak truth! This is the truth that is already defeating Satan within your own mind, where he has entered with all his lies that you have been taught; and this is the truth that in time will thoroughly and completely defeat him. The tent peg of truth that Jael drove into Satan Sisera's temple, will pierce Satan's temple and be driven into the ground (Judges 4:21). Here we find the two-part victory of truth. Not only will the tent peg of truth effect the death of Satan, but it will likewise extend to the ground so as to remove the curse that it has been under for 6,000 years! With Satan defeated, the curse of the ground is removed! Such is the effectual power of the tent peg (even the two-edged sword - Hebrews 4:12) of truth that has been given to the second Remnant. It will pierce the mind of Satan and thus defeat him, and it will remove the curse that has been on the ground!

Second, in Yahshua's words at the mount of transfiguration, we further read and note that He concluded - "if you have faith as a mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there; and it shall move; and nothing shall be impossible to you.'" The concluding words of this statement are most unusual, for we find that their origin is rooted all the way back in Genesis. In Genesis 11:6 we read - "And Yahweh said, 'Behold, they are one people, and they all have the same language. And this is what they began to do, and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them."

You might recognize this from the account regarding the building of Babylon. "But what does Babylon have to do with that which is promised at the mount of transfiguration?," you might wonder. The fact is, that which occurred originally at Babylon was in itself not wrong. Babylon means "confusion," and this is what Yahweh brought to those at Babylon by dividing their language, which of course divided them. But important to note, this that took place in natural Babylon, was a foreshadowing of that which would take place in the church. Through the use of Satan, Yahweh has brought confusion into the church, clearly evidenced by its 22,000 sects and denominations. Clearly, there is no common word, no common message, spoken in the church, but many words and many often conflicting ideas and beliefs, dividing the church, even as Babylon was divided. This is why the harlot is called mystery Babylon in Revelation - she is Christianity.

"But," you ask, "how then could the potential in Babylon be good, so that 'nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them'?" We know that this ability to succeed is not wrong in itself, for we read that those who have faith to move the mount of transfiguration are promised that likewise, "nothing will be impossible for you." So again, what is the problem? The problem with the original Babylon, the problem with spiritual mystery Babylon, is one thing - affording this kind of power to earthly flesh man who corrupts the kingdom!

We find that the power so that nothing is impossible to a people, is actually Yahweh's goal. But, the only way for this kind of power to be profitable is for a people to receive it who can pass through the mount of transfiguration experience and come out on the other side transformed, glorified, and delivered from this earthly flesh. Only then will Yahweh finally have "one people," who will speak one undivided message, with one purpose, and it will be fulfilled that nothing will be impossible for them!

This then is the hope and the promise given to the second Remnant - that by that mustard seed of faith that moves the mount of transfiguration "from here to there," or from 3000 AD to 2000 AD, we will enter into immortality by ascending alive as the Elijah company (in contrast to the Moses first Remnant that had to die). Joining the first Remnant, we will be born from above, receiving our immortal glorified bodies, and then return to this earth as one people, with one voice, with one word, with one truth, with one purpose, and Yahshua's promise fulfilled - "nothing will be impossible to you"!

Now, third, what we will share here is not related to the mount of transfiguration, but this time to the promise that faith like a mustard seed will cast the fig-mulberry tree into the sea.

In order to understand what Yahshua was saying when He referred to the two specific mountains, we had to examine the context of each statement. Therefore, in order for us to fully understand what Yahshua was saying with regard to the fig-mulberry tree, it is incumbent that we likewise examine the context of that promise as well.

What we find is that this promise was specifically a response to the apostles' request to increase their faith (Luke 17:5). "Increase our faith!," asked the apostles; to which Yahshua replied - "If you had faith as a mustard seed, you would say to this fig-mulberry tree, ...."

What hope do we find here? Clearly the context of this message in which we find Yahshua once again addressing casting Christianity into the sea of death, relates directly to the effectiveness of the faith of the second Remnant. And one will notice that it is not increased faith that we can hope in, but rather that Yahweh will take the smallness of our faith (only a mustard seed) and perform something incredibly marvelous with it!

Even as the small smooth stone that Goliath despised was empowered by Yahweh to effectually topple the great giant, or the small army that Yahweh gave Gideon was used to defeat the vast army of the oppressors of Israel, so Yahweh will take the smallness of our faith to topple Christianity, to cast it into the sea. In each of these cases, this smaller used to topple the greater, clearly references an action in contest with vast Christianity. So whether it be a small smooth stone toppling giant Goliath, Gideon's small army that miraculously overcomes its adversaries, or the mustard seed faith that casts the fig-mulberry tree into the sea, the message is the same - Yahweh will use the smallness of the faith of the second Remnant to accomplish the impossible task of defeating Satan Christianity and its lies! All we have to do is be like young David or Gideon and trust Yahweh and obey.

And might we make one other point here concerning this passage? It would be well worth the reader's examination of the verses immediately following this promise that continue to address this matter of faith. These have long been some of my favorite and honored verses, which conclude - "So you too, when you do all the things which are commanded you, say, 'We are unworthy slaves; we have done only that which we ought to have done.'" Romans 12:3 likewise warns each of us "not to think more highly of himself than he ought to think; but to think so as to have sound judgment, as God has allotted to each the measure of faith." Who has allotted to each the measure of faith which they have? Yahweh God has! So if the faith that we have is the faith that sets us apart and causes us to enter into the eternal dwellings, what boast then do we have? We are only doing that which was required of us, and at that point are only unworthy. Read those humbling verses in Luke 17:7-10. They are favorites!

At the close of the section titled, "The Root of All Evils," we asked the two important questions - "What then is our hope?," and, "What is our calling?" The answer is found in these three divine riddles that are being revealed and answered today.

Will there be a people to have the mustard seed of faith to cause the transfiguration experience to be moved 1,000 years to the present?

Will there be a people who have the faith to cast the last 2,000 years of the church into the sea, acknowledging and reckoning on its death, and come out to be the Bride?

These are the challenges set before us, seen and understood for the first time ever by the second Remnant.

But there is a third vital challenge set before us, and understanding and responding to it with faith is the purpose and thrust of this writing. This is the fourth and final testimony of this section. This challenge is to return to the teachings of Yahshua, to restore the legal covering put in place by the first Remnant, and hold all things in common.

Will there be a people who will follow the teachings of Yahshua, as well as the example of the first Remnant, and come out of the rich man's tomb? Will a small "Zaccheus" freely give up their wealth so as to receive salvation?

To do so requires giving up this world, leaving everything, in order to follow Him, even as Yahshua clearly said.

Faith, as has been said before, is three parts. Any less is not faith. To hear, .....believe, ..... and act is true faith. Any less is not faith. Will there be a people who hear the truth, believe it, AND act? This is the question before us now. Yahweh's truth has been shared; that which Yahshua taught and commanded has been plainly presented; its relevance to today is clearly evident; it is now time to complete faith and ACT! Will the Bride take this final step in three-part faith and make herself ready? She must!

The Bride, with truth and wisdom, must make herself ready for Yahshua's return, even as it is written - "for the marriage of the Lamb has come and His bride has made herself ready" (Revelation 19:7).

Quite obviously, we see here that the Bride must do something to make herself ready. What is it that the Bride must do? She must now complete the third part of faith and hold all things in common.

Yahweh has given us two testimonies in the Bible of brides who made themselves ready for their husbands - Rebekah and Esther, both Remnant Bride representatives in many ways. The one we will look at now is Rebekah (Genesis 24).

What confirming testimony did Yahweh provide regarding this bride who, found by Abram's chief servant, Eliezer (whose name means "helper"), came out of the city of Nahor, or "piercing," to be the bride for Isaac? Clearly this is the Remnant Bride, to whom has been sent the Spirit of Yahweh in order to identify the Bride, call her out by piercing the body of Christ, and take her to the Father's Son, Yahshua. When Rebekah saw Isaac at a distance meditating in the field toward evening, she dismounted her camel and made herself ready - she "took her veil and covered herself"!

Thus, of the two testimonies of the Bride who makes herself ready, quite clearly Yahweh has presented that the Bride is to cover herself. What is that legal covering? Without a doubt it is to divest oneself of all that they have, in a sense to dismount from the camel that bore all the wealth that was promised to this bride (something that is necessary in order for the camel to go through the eye of the needle), and cover oneself with the covering of holding all things in common, the covering the first Remnant Bride had as well. Will the second Remnant Bride complete the essential third part of faith and now make herself ready? The Bride, who are the first people ever in the history of the church to have the truth necessary to move two mountains, must do so if her seed faith is to be effective.

The only way that transfiguration will truly be moved and a people ascend alive to be with their Husband, is if this Bride fulfills the step between the changing of the water into wine, and the command to Nicodemus to be "born from above." Only when the temple is cleansed of the moneychangers, will we be able to ascend alive. Cleansing the temple is thus the essential doorway between these two events, and without it, the Bride will not succeed. It is the imperative third part of faith that demands that hearing and believing are consummated by the obedience of acting!

"Remember therefore from where you have fallen, and repent and do the deeds you did at first; or else I am coming to you, and will remove your lampstand out of its place - unless you repent" (Revelation 2:5).

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