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As we have noted, there were in fact nine days associated with this event.  Of course Tabernacles Pentecost was only December 25-26; but several people had come early to tarry for eight days, in hope and in anticipation that I would indeed ascend alive.


Does this man need to ascend alive?  We all do!  But according to Yahshua’s testimony in the eight days preceding the first Remnant’s Pentecost wherein He went to the Father and asked that the Holy Spirit be sent, it seemed evident that an equal request needed to be made for the latter rain outpouring as well (Zechariah 10:1).  On December 18, the beginning of the eight days of tarrying before December 25 (the 25th included), I awoke realizing that not just one was sent to get the donkey on which Yahshua rode into Jerusalem, a type of His second coming, but two were sent.  Repeatedly, the donkey has the prophetic testimony of a Pentecost.  Therefore, it was quite obvious that on this morning when intercession was to be made for Yahweh to give us His donkey, His latter rain, there would not be just one who was to intercede, but obviously two.  And that other person was to be Eric.


Before continuing, many will criticize us for what we have done, but let us ask – What other group or work has sought to fulfill this specific testimony and actively set two men apart for the purpose of securing the latter rain Pentecost donkey?  At least we, the Bride, see the need and are actively reaching forward for this timely and essential provision.


Per this donkey, our attention was particularly on the matter attested in the Scriptures that we were to go and untie it (Matthew 21:2, Mark 11:2, Luke 19:30).  The question thus arose as to what this meant?  Brendan reminded us that in Genesis 49:11, it is written concerning Judah, which we have seen attests to Christianity in the wilderness period of the church:


“He ties his foal to the vine,

And his donkey’s colt to the bright red grape;

He washes his garments in wine,

And his robes in the blood of grapes.”


We know that Christianity is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which is of course the grape tree that was cursed, as was Satan, so as to likewise crawl on its belly.  Therefore, we indeed see here where this Pentecost colt of the donkey has been tied for the last 2,000 years – to Christianity, the vine.  Christians have had the right to Pentecost for 2,000 years, and Eric and I were to intercede in untying that colt and obtaining it for the Remnant so we could be the Elijah company and prepare the way for the Son of God. 


The timing of this is confirmed in Luke 13:15, where Yahshua said concerning healing a woman who for 18 years had been bent double by a sickness caused by a spirit:


“You hypocrites, does not each of you on the Sabbath untie his ox or his donkey from the stall and lead him away to water?”


Is this not exactly what we were seeking to perform?  Today is indeed the Sabbath, the Millennial reign, and it is time to untie the donkey and bring healing to the woman who has been afflicted by a spirit for a period of bondage.  More on this passage in the next section.


Did we ascend alive?  No, not physically.  Did we receive the colt?  I trust we did.  It is promised to us.  And there was indeed a prophetic testimony that we did.  Before telling you what that testimony was, let us consider what transpired on the 18th. 


I had told everyone that if we had not ascended by 2:30, I wanted to go over to the local lake and walk around it.  On the way over there, I was sharing with a lady named Julie, a friend of Linda’s who is a professional photographer, that on a recent occasion I had seen an eagle at the lake and was very encouraged by it.  (And by the way, there were seven of us who made the walk, as well as a man I know who goes to the lake quite often, who added the important eighth.)  When we began our walk, for only the second time, an eagle came flying over the lake.


 Needless to say we were encouraged; but we did not take up wings as eagles, as we hoped.  In fact, just a little further, Eric stepped (and I saw it coming, but it was too  late) in a pile of fresh dog dung.  That was interesting; considering the testimony of shaking the dust off your feet, how about shaking the dung off your feet; and that is what Eric attempted to do through much of the walk, including dipping the soul of his shoe in the lake.


The 18th came and went, as well as the 19th; and though we did not ascend alive, we still set our hearts to intercede for that colt.  One thing that encouraged us that our intercession was being effective, was that on the 18th the 13-0 undefeated Colts lost their first game of the season.  Here we were interceding that the colt would be loosed, and the undefeated Colts lost, were loosed.  Also, it is unmistakably noteworthy that the head coach of the Colts is Tony Dungy.  So even further, here we were interceding for the loosing of the colt, Eric steps into dung, the Colts lose, and their head coach is Dungy.  Then strangely, on the 22nd, 18 year old James Dungy, the son of the head coach, was found dead.  He had committed suicide by hanging, his girlfriend actually cutting him down.  It too is remarkably noticeable that the boy was 18, the date when the Colts lost, and the number of years the woman had been bent double by a spirit.  And equally noticeable is the law that if a donkey’s colt is not redeemed with a lamb, then its neck is to be broken (Exodus 13:13).  Though we did not, and do not, know what all Yahweh could be testifying in this, these similarities are unmistakable; and quite hopefully our intercession for the Pentecost colt to be untied was effectual. 


It has been noted thus far in this writing that these nine days from December 18-26, 2005 (all days inclusive), were like unto the nine days we walked out in 2002.  In this regard, at the end of the first day, as in 2002, I just wanted to flee away; but of course I did not.  The second day was somewhat difficult, but the faith of Eric and others made it much better.  At the end of the second day I recalled the two difficult days at Passover, 2002, and the change on the third, and hoped that this third day would likewise be better, and thankfully it was.  The next few days were filled with learning and fellowship, as various individuals arrived.


On the evening of the 24th, we all gathered for dinner at Montauk State Park.  All of our meals and fellowship were held in a common meeting hall.  We spent the night at Montauk, and the next morning gathered for breakfast.  About a month prior to this, I awoke one morning considering the difference between the testimonies of the former rain and the latter rain.  The former rain began with 120 in the upper room, and on that day 3,000 entered into the kingdom.  Of course this number was already previously testified, for almost 1,500 years before on the first-ever Pentecost, 3,000 were killed with the sword (Exodus 32:28).


On the other hand, the latter rain is testified by the test of Carmel; and it was at that test that 450 prophets of Baal were killed (1 Kings 18:19, 40).  So on that prior morning, it made me wonder – If 120 were gathered in the upper room and 3,000 came into the kingdom, and the test of Carmel should produce a harvest of 450 into the kingdom, then in like proportion, how many should be gathered at the Tabernacles Pentecost?  We find that 120 is exactly 4% of 3,000; and 4% of 450 is exactly 18.  Thus, if 120 produced 3,000, we would expect that 18 would produce 450.  So, how many people showed up for the first ever Tabernacles Pentecost?  At one point, it looked like almost 30 people were coming; but Yahweh had an intercession to perform, and precisely 18 people were here to carry it out!  Each person’s testimony was unique how Yahweh had brought us all together, and each person was critical; but let us look at the testimony of the last man to arrive, Bruce, who arrived on the morning of the 25th.


Bruce is not married and actually sold his car and other items in order to buy a camper (he basically sold all), and he knew without a doubt that Yahweh wanted him to be at the gathering.  He lives in California, and as he began his journey and was approaching the California border, he prayed that Yahweh would show him the prophetic significance of his trip.  No more did he pray this and the prayer began to be answered.


Bruce knew from the writings that California is prophetic of the 2,000 year period of Christianity, and that in his trip he was coming out of the body of Christ.  The last town he would go through in leaving California was, of all names, Needles; and he realized then that he was going through the eye of the needle; but he did not realize how hard it would actually be to get through that eye!


He pulled off the highway at Needles into a gas station driveway and stalled, leaving his vehicle bottomed out and stuck high center, half way in the drive and half way in the street.  When he tried to restart the vehicle, it would not start!  The battery was dead and there was no power.  So here he was, stuck high center in a driveway, his vehicle would not start, after twenty minutes the police arrived and called a tow truck, other distressing complications developed, and he was maxed out with stress.  He told us that at that point he just wanted to crawl out of his skin and escape!  But gratefully, everything did work out (though the power problem would not be resolved until he got here to Salem) and he got back on the road, rejoicing that Yahweh had quickly answered his prayer about having eyes to see what was happening.  He was leaving Christianity and had to pass through the eye of the needle; and boy was it a hard “eye of the needle” through which to pass!  But that which is impossible with man, was possible with Yahweh, and he made it through!  Much more happened in his trip, and we will mention one other thing later.


And let it be added here – oh too well do we know how exceptionally hard it has been for this Bride work to also intercessorally pass through the eye of the needle in getting out of Christianity.  As Elijah told Elisha – “You have asked a hard thing!”  But our hope and confidence is found in Yahshua’s own words – “The things that are impossible with men are possible with God” (Luke 18:27).  Hallelu-yah!


On the morning of the 25th there were 17 of us gathering for breakfast, and I was looking to Yahweh to add the critical 18th.  Then in walked Bruce, and I was very glad to see him.  And, he was very glad to be here.


We determined that we would all stay together that day at the common building, and did so.  Much of the day was filled with each person sharing in testimony about their life, and was captured in video by Julie.  Toward the evening, Julie was interviewing me; and at the completion thereof, Yahweh had given Eric a vision of going into the center of the room and calling each person in.  When Linda had found out that I was looking for at least 18 people being here, and that at one point it looked like there could be up to 30, she set up the tables and the place settings for a double portion of 36.  When laying out the tables, they were in a box formation with one corner open, affording access into the center area.  (See below.)  This turned out to be Yahweh’s divine order for what would take place; in fact, the entire event was His divine order in every detail.



At the completion of the interview, Eric walked out to the middle, with his sister, Linda, joining him; and between the two of them they realized what Yahweh was telling them.  Based on numerous confirming testimonies that appeared in the sky that several of us had seen, as well as a dream that Eric and Linda’s mother had, it was obvious that we were to all go into the center of the open square made by the tables and form two lines. 


The mother’s dream was concerning a priest who was dressed up beautifully, had a head piece on, and wore elaborate clothing.  He spoke her name.  She was overwhelmed with this dream because she said the speaking of this individual was as clear as day.  He did not say her American name, but he said, “Skydreta,” which is her true Latvian name.  She said, “Yes,” and he said – “What do we do next?”  She told him that the wedding party lines up in two rows, opposite each other, and then the people come through to greet them.  After she said this, then all the people came up front to where she and the priest were, whom she then called the “bridegroom,” who were one in the same.  The bridegroom then went out to the people, passed through the two lines, and started greeting everyone.  She said he did the opposite of what she said and what normally happens at a wedding, but she was so happy with the way he did it because it was so much more personable.  She said she knew this high priest/bridegroom was Yahshua.


That which will be shared next, I rejected; that is, until it became evident that something divine was indeed occurring.  The confirming testimonies in the sky that were repeatedly evidenced to us, were, first, perfectly parallel vapor trails from planes, which had actually even appeared to me several days before others arrived.  It was a most unusual site that I distinctly noted and remembered.  Linda particularly began seeing these signs when she arrived here, apart from the mention of my own prior experience.  Then in addition, there was the testimony of a perfect X.  Personally, I was despising these signs as excessive; but when Eric and I went on a walk and I mentioned this, I could not believe what I saw in front of us – a perfect X in the sky!  That which I despised, Yahweh affirmed right before us. 


Later, Kyle explained what the X is.  It is the Greek symbol/letter for Yahshua, the Christ.  It, with the P, is used to mean Christ.  For example, the X in X-mass is actually a longstanding abbreviation for Christ-mass.  Again, particularly Linda saw these signs in the sky, and before Eric saw the vision to go into the center, she had seen an X in that very spot!  This may sound bizarre, but this is what took place, and it all actually had great meaning, as you will now see.


Eric came to me with what he and Linda had seen, and it immediately brought to memory that which Yahweh had told me once before.  I had asked Him the question – What was the meaning when Rizpah guarded the bodies of her two slain sons from the ravaging of the birds by day and the beasts by night (2 Samuel 21:10)?  His answer to me was clear.  Yahweh had already told me that I was a Rizpah, having to sit on the rock with sackcloth until He poured out water from heaven on me.  Now he told me that what Rizpah did and what Abraham did when he guarded the covenant parts from the birds of prey (Genesis 15:10-11), were one and the same.  He showed me that I was guarding the covenant parts, the Remnant Bride truth, by continuing to believe and act.  I had been guarding those covenant parts since 1994, until Yahshua could walk between them.


As we approached this wedding intercession, we were seeing the same truth laid out.  The two lines that were to be formed, were the covenant parts that Abraham laid out so that Yahshua, the bridegroom, could pass between them, even as the “smoking oven and flaming torch” passed between the pieces.  That is why we had seen the parallel lines and the X’s in the sky, and why Linda had seen the X in the center of the room – it was to be where Yahshua, the X, would pass between the two parallel lines, even as He did so in the mother’s dream.  We knew that this was why Yahweh had led us to this place and this moment, and we proceeded to walk out this intercession.


We all took off our shoes at this solemn occasion, acknowledging that Yahweh had to perform the work, and two lines of people were formed to enter into the center.  First went in the six who were not apostles, paired two and two, facing each other with a distance of about six feet between them.  Then followed the apostles, first the four who were not a specific part of the intercession at Trumpets for the reverse of the Curse of 1920, then each pair per the reverse of the Curse – the two women, the two black men, the two pastors, and the doctor and the one who had afforded three abortions, each once again being opposite the other.


We must digress here one moment though and point out that of the latter rain twelve apostles, one of them was not present – the twelfth apostle who had been a pastor.  It has been noted in the opening section that we had watched a movie titled, “The Brothers Grimm.”  It is quite prophetic, and one of the testimonies is per the twelve apostles.  In it, twelve girls are taken away from the village by a wolf man who is under the spell of the Christian queen, and laid in twelve crypts located around the tower where she abides.  Her purpose was to have her beauty restored, the reversing of the curse, by drawing life from the blood of these twelve girls.


The twelfth is finally taken from the village by a mud man, who takes away the eyes and mouth of a girl by the name of Sasha.  But the brothers Grimm are able to retrieve her out of the crypt and return her to the village.  Even so, until the curse is reversed, she remained in the appearance of being dead.  To replace her, the wolf man took the main female character, Angelica (the messenger), and placed her in the twelfth crypt.  In like regard, I replaced the twelfth apostle who was not here.  By doing so, the two lines were complete.


We will address more fully the prophetic significance of the number “18,” but for now let us note that it has the meaning of “bondage.”  How does one remove the curse of bondage per this number?  You split it, making it clean.  Thus, when we laid out the covenant parts in two rows, there were in fact nine on each side.  What we did next was to kneel down (or even prostrate ourselves), facing our other “part.”  We were therein dead covenant parts, needing Yahshua to pass between us.  Thus we each began to silently pray to Yahweh, seeking Him and presenting ourselves to Him as His sacrifice, inviting Him to pass between us.


We stayed there in relative quietness for some time when Kyle spoke up.  As an intercessor for the absent apostle, I could not receive direction in what to do; but as a proven Elijah, Kyle could.  He instructed us that this man stands in the office of Yahshua, and that I am the lampstand that gives forth light for others to receive.  As that lampstand and in that office, Kyle instructed that I was to walk between the covenant parts, even as Yahshua did so per Abraham’s covenant.  I was to be the X.  As I stood, I wept at the prospect of standing in His place, much like I did many years before when I stood in a place as Moses.  And I knew what to do.  When Judas betrayed Yahshua with a kiss, it was a curse.  Judas in fact revealed what man would do for the next 2,000 years – saying they love Jesus/Yahshua (the kiss), but betraying Him with their own actions.  But in doing this, he also foreshadowed the very thing that would reverse the curse.


There is a common theme in movies and fairytales, and was a clear statement in “The Brothers Grimm.”  Why is it there?  Because our spirit man knows it is true, and it is thus expressed in creative ways such as in writings and movies.  In “The Brothers Grimm,” the wicked Christian queen is destroyed, and there is just enough of the red moon remaining in order to reverse the curse.  The Italian, Cavaldi (first Remnant type), remembers what has to be done in order to reverse the curse, and tells second Remnant Jacob that he must kiss Angelica and it will reverse the curse.  He kisses her, and indeed the curse is removed and she and the other eleven (along with Sasha) come back to life, as well as first Remnant Will.


This is the common truth in “The Matrix,” where Trinity kisses Neo and he too comes back to life.  Of course it is the message in “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” as well (she being the critical eighth).  This theme represents a truth – the kiss that was a curse, will be reversed by a kiss that will bring us out of our sleep/death.  The very thing that was used to betray Yahshua, revealed that which delivers man – a kiss.


Therefore, having this understanding, I passed between the 18, the split covenant parts, and then knelt down, and moving from side to side with each successive part, kissed and embraced each person – reversing the curse.  Having completed this place of Yahshua, the betrayed, I then stood once again in the place of the absent apostle and urged that we all greet each other likewise, which we all did.  This completed the evening of the first day of Tabernacles Pentecost, as the Bride continued to intercede in one more important way for reversal of the curse.


You will recall that Linda saw an X in the middle of the room, and we have already seen how that was fulfilled.  But this was not the only intercession to take place regarding that testimony.  The next evening would afford yet another related intercession.


Why is it that Yahweh would have us to do all of these seemingly unusual things?  Some might say that we are just going through senseless motions.  But was it senseless for Yahshua to take the Nazirite vow and go into a garden and pray and His sweat become like drops of blood falling to the ground, refuse to drink wine, and then ask for it?  Was it senseless that He washed the apostle’s feet?  Was it senseless that John the Baptist immersed Him in water and that He went into a wilderness for forty days?  Was it senseless that Yahweh took the sons of Israel through forty years of wandering in the wilderness, a type of the church?  Was it senseless that Yahweh told the sons of Israel to build an earthly tabernacle according to the heavenly?  Was it senseless that 3,000 men were slain with the sword on the first ever Pentecost, and 450 on Carmel?  Was it senseless that Elisha threw a stick into the water where an iron axe head had fallen, or threw salt into the water that was bad and had caused death?  Or was it senseless when Moses likewise threw a tree into the bitter waters of Marah?  Was it senseless that Ezekiel laid on his two sides for specific numbers of days to bear the iniquity of the houses of Israel and Judah?  Was it senseless for Isaiah to go around naked for three years, and for Ezekiel to shave the hair on his head and his beard and distribute it to various purposes (Ezekiel 5:1-5)?  Was it senseless that Rees Howells went through countless intercessions in order to secure like places of authority before Yahweh?


The heart of the statement – “that which has been, is that which will be” – is intercession.  It is the – “that which has been” – that produces the – “that which will be” – or as it is written – “for God seeks what has passed by,” or more literally – “what is chased” (Ecclesiastes 3:15).


I once heard a message delivered by a noted Christian, who said something I will never forget.  He said that if he was going to start a new work in a city, he would go into an apartment and stay there until he knew he had secured the right for victory in that city.  That, in principle, is precisely what the Bride has been involved in, particularly since 2000 for the Bride, and for this man since 1994.  We gain the spiritual victory in intercession first; then once that intercessoral victory is gained, the outcome is settled and all we have to do then is walk out that which we have already secured.  This we are already clearly seeing evidenced per the strong messenger.


The Bride work is Yahweh’s work, and He knows what must first be secured, and He is accomplishing it.  Through intercessions like these described here, He is giving us both authority and critical understanding.  He knows what it is we need, and we are simply seeking to walk in His ways and obey His leading, even when others might not understand, and even when we do not fully understand at the time.  We do not order these things; we do not even seek them out; they have simply taken place.  And one thing for certain – Yahweh is leading and establishing His Bride in truth and in authority, and we are willing to pay the price first, and to endure.


The second day of the Tabernacles Pentecost, December 26, was a slower start.  We trickled in for breakfast, then we all went out for some photos and a walk through the park.  This took all of the morning and into the afternoon.  Following a late lunch, we returned to our rooms and then regathered by late afternoon.  There was a time of unstructured casual conversation and sharing, and then once again our conversation became more so as a group, sitting around the tables.  What happened next simply took place, a continuation of the prior evening.


I was sitting just to the left of the opening as you look at the provided table layout – about 1:00.  Brendan was to my immediate left.  Yahweh began to deal with me about going out into the center of the room and lifting my hands to Him.  I was reluctant to do this, for I did not want to go through something that would not provide results; so I sat there.  But then, as the conversation continued, I began to grieve in my spirit; and frankly, that feeling is hard to even explain.  My spirit caused me to begin to weep; but it quickly passed.  I was relieved and planned to do nothing more about it.  Then like a personal tsunami, it burst upon me once again and, overwhelmed, I bolted out of my chair and, greatly moved to tears, hurriedly dashed around Brendan to make my way to the center of the room; but I did not make it.  Instead, I collapsed on the floor, prostrate and crying uncontrollably.  As I went around Brendan, as a doctor, he was concerned something was physically wrong with me, and asked if I was OK; but no, I was afflicted in heart.


For several minutes, I laid prostrate on the floor at the opening into the center area where we had performed the intercession the evening before, my tears pooling on the tile floor in my bitter crying.  Some of the men in the process came over to pray.  Kyle came and abundantly covered the crown of my head with oil, and it ran onto the floor with my tears.  Eric came over and prayed; and Mark, a brother who came with Carroll, came over and prayed for me as well, laying his hand on my head and rubbing the oil down my back.


As I lay there crying, I realized what was taking place and eventually spoke it out to the others.  My tears that pooled on the floor at the entrance of the center portion, were the laver that one came to when entering into the court.  I realized that it is our tears that fill His laver and are used to wash us and prepare us to enter into His presence.  And I realized that to go into that center place once again and to lift my hands to Yahweh, as He instructed me, was to become the sacrifice on the altar, the other piece of furniture in the court.  I was to be a living sacrifice to Him.  But, even still I could not get up and go in there. 


Kyle told me afterwards that he had known beforehand that I was to go into that area and lift my hands to Yahweh, and He understood what was now going on.  But I could not go in.  “Get up,” he said, “and go into the center,” he coached me.  “I can’t go in there without the faith,” I answered.  Still my face was to the floor.  But he knew what I had to do, and continued to coach me – “Get up; the X was seen in the middle of the room; go to the middle of the room.”  He continued to coach, and that which I could not do of myself, I did so by drawing from his strength, by drawing from his faith.


It should be noted here that on the day before, even before the intercession, Kyle had seen himself lying on the floor where Linda saw the X, where I was to now go.  Kyle is an intercessor and an Elijah for me, a man whose life has been laid down in so many ways for my sake, even a palm branch on the way to my own Jerusalem.  And might it be likewise noted, this is exactly what the Bride is for Yahshua’s return – our lives are being laid down as palm branches before Him by what we do and say, so as to prepare the way for His return.  And even as Kyle was compelling me to enter into my place, so we compel Yahshua to come into His place.


Finally, I rose and went in to become the burning sacrifice on the altar.  I took my place in the center of the room and lifted my hands to Yahweh and prayed for the Bride, as well as that He would send us His Spirit.


After prayer and the confessions and affirmations of others, it was suggested that I invite others into the middle with me.  One by one I invited each person in, first the eleven apostles, embracing them and expressing my appreciation for each one of them.  Then the other six were invited in as well, with the same affection and appreciation.


We then had a prayer time for England, America, and Canada.  There was a couple here from Canada, Rob and Linda, and Eric (as a direct descendent of Prince Phillip, thus representing England) and myself (representing America) knelt down while Rob (representing Canada) circled around us.  It was to be in type a complete man, Eric the spirit, myself the soul, and Rob the body that encompasses us.  Rob prayed for us, affording his own intercession as well.


Upon fulfilling this, we then returned to our places and shared dinner together.  These two evenings were very memorable and, as we all concluded, very effectual in our obedient intercessions as the Bride, the living palm branches.


The next morning, we had breakfast, and then began to prepare to leave.  Some would leave that morning, and some would come over to my home in Salem and leave later.  As we began to make arrangements to depart, I knew I was to ride with Bruce.  And, it actually worked out that way anyway. 


As we began to drive off, he got very excited about his odometer reading.  He had prayed that Yahweh would show him the significance of his trip, and immediately upon praying this he had his “eye of the needle” experience.  Now he was getting excited again.  For me, I was topped out with prophetic testimonies and really not interested in any more.  He told me the numbers, and they meant nothing to me; in fact I really did not even listen.  Later that day at my home, again he brought them up.  The last three digits of the odometer reading were 450.  Well, I thought, I guess I can see how he got excited about that; but still that of itself is somewhat obscure.  But later in the day he brought it up again, and for the first time I finally heard what he was saying.  The odometer reading as we pulled out of the Tabernacles Pentecost test of Carmel was – 48,450!


Of course the test of Carmel began in 1948, and the number of the prophets of Baal who were killed (and we had the 4% representation of 18) were 450.  Therefore his odometer reading of 48,450, and the fact that Yahweh showed me to ride with him, was indeed quite amazing and, in fact, encouraging – 48 for the year the test of Carmel began, and 450 for the number of prophets of Baal who were slain.  And of course Bruce was the 18th person.  It really does show how sovereign Yahweh is, and gives us hope that all of our intercessions were most effectual in this continuing test.  Of course this test is not over, and we knew this to be the case even during the Tabernacles Pentecost.  Carmel is not complete until the offering ascends alive!  The test of Carmel continues; but it is the time for the Elijah work, the prophets of Baal (Christianity) having completed their test at Tabernacles, 2003.


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