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On the evening of October 16, as Russ and I lay in our beds considering what Yahweh might be doing, I made the comment to him – “This accident with Ruhamah is very significant, Russ, very significant!”  He concurred, and we went to sleep.


It was obvious that Yahweh was indeed having mercy, the meaning of “Ruhamah,” evidenced not only by the accident but by the establishment to the twelve apostles to include two women, two black men, two pastors, and even the doctor and the one who sought their trade.  But as you will now see, that which took place in the days following attested to this message of mercy as well, further confirming Yahweh’s governmental order evidenced in the first twelve apostles.


You will recall that the general pattern of the twelve apostles was eleven plus the office that would endure to the end – the twelfth apostle.  Of course this office was first given to Judas.  But the fact was, Yahshua had already clearly stated to whom that office truly belonged, and that was to Satan, the devil – “Did I Myself not choose you, the twelve, and one of you is the devil” (John 6:70).  For at least three clear reasons, it was critical that Satan have that office:


(1.)  Even as Judas had baptized Christ into death as the Elijah, so Satan had to baptize the body of Christ into death, which he has done for 2,000 years.


(2.)  In order for the wealth of the sinner to be given to the righteous (Proverb 13:22), the office of Judas, who had the moneybox, had to be given to Satan, so that when that office was given back to a man, that man would legally receive the wealth that Satan and the sinner have possessed.


(3.)  By giving that office to Satan, he has kept it viable to this day.  No mortal man could have done this, so Yahweh gave it to an immortal being.  Yahweh has now given that office back to a man, thereby repairing the breach of the last 2,000 years.


You have already seen that per the latter twelve apostles, that office was taken from Russ, who stepped into the place of a Judas by leaving early.  It was abundantly clear that the office had to be taken away from him and given to Bob, the other pastor, and this was indeed done.  But what we did not expect was that the pattern was not yet finished!


Russ was the Judas, and the office then went to the next pastor, Bob.  Bob is an Assembly of God pastor in California.  After Bob’s acceptance of this office, I contacted him about the Bride uniting together with him and his people there at his facility for the Tabernacles Pentecost.  I was surprised with his reply.  Without going into this, he felt that it was premature and that we needed instead to focus on the family.  Bob failed to see the tremendous legal importance of this gathering, and its urgency.  When I replied back to him, his response to me was that I not contact him any more.


Now, one could look at this and get all involved in the emotions of it, or one could look at it in the light of prophecy and government.  The fact was, Yahweh was attesting in that specific office precisely what has happened to the same office among the first twelve apostles.  While Russ had stepped into the place of Judas, Bob had stepped into the place of Satan, the devil!


We already looked at the testimony that Russ’ name evidenced; let us also consider Bob’s, as well as some other interesting and quite revealing testimonies.  “Robert” means “of shining fame.”  In Ezekiel 28:12-15 we see Satan described in all of his splendor and beauty – “You had the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.”  While Bob’s name in itself is not bad, it does indicate the obvious fame Satan has had – all the “kingdoms of the world and their glory” were given to him (Matthew 4:8-9).  Obviously Bob did not have this kind of wealth and glory and fame; but his name does prophecy of it. 


Do not misunderstand, I am not demonizing Bob; but in his intercessoral role as Satan, he does legally fit.  For example, most striking, while Satan has been taking men to the grave for 2,000 years, Bob is not just a pastor, he is a licensed funeral director.  As such, he has the legal authority to declare people dead, to prepare them for burial, and to bury them, and this is what he does.  Bob is a full time funeral director.  Like Satan, he legally and literally puts people in the grave (Hebrews 2:14, lit., “has the power of death”).  In type, he is clearly comparable to Satan in this regard.


Additionally, of these three Assembly of God pastors – Carroll, Russ, and Bob – Bob is the only one who is still in the system of Christianity.  He is still an ordained AG minister in an AG building meeting on Sundays, Christianity’s sabbath.  In other words, he is legally a part of mystery Babylon.  Furthermore, and I was quite aware of this from the outset, California is clearly prophetic of the 2,000 year period of Christianity, with Oregon prophetic of the third part of the church that passes through the fire.  Thus, not only was Bob prophetic of Satan in his legal ties with Christianity, prophetically he was in the 2,000 year period of the church that belongs to Satan, which he buries. 


But you say that Bob believed in Remnant truth and was given some marvelous insight.  That is true; but don’t forget that Satan was once “full of wisdom,” and he fell!  So did Bob.  Thus we see numerous testimonies that Bob was an intercessoral Satan, including giving into feminine misplaced mercy that leads astray and causes one to fall short.


When Bob failed, I turned to Yahweh for what He wanted.  I saw clearly that He was completing the testimony of this office to its fullest, and this meant that it would now go to another man, the fulfillment in type of the present-day twelfth apostle.  But who would it be?  I waited on Yahweh to show me.


Because of the pattern of two women, two black men, and two pastors, it seemed evident that the intercessroal testimony of the two pastors had to remain.  But who would it be?  It had to be a pastor, even a former pastor. 


The only ones I knew who might fill that role were either Russ or a friend of mine whom Yahweh had already used as a type of the Remnant.  Carroll asked me about Russ, but I could not install any man in that office without knowing from Yahweh who it was to be.


Seeking to walk circumspectly, I began calling my friend; but he would not return my calls.  It was as though he was dead, for he would not reply to me, no matter how many times I called.  Then one evening Kyle called me and appealed to me that I restore Russ, believing that it was a testimony of continuing mercy.  I told Kyle the same thing I had told Carroll – I could not do so unless I understood clearly from Yahweh that this was governmentally correct.  I do not have the right to do anything of my own will, but only the will of the Father, and He had not shown me what to do.


Of course Kyle has often been an Elijah to me by the will of Yahweh, and the next morning as I awoke, the truth that had been addressed in the writing, Until Shiloh Comes, came to me.  Here we read:


This brings to a conclusion the recorded course of the ark of the covenant and His presence.  Once Jerusalem was destroyed, even though a temple was rebuilt, there was never the ark or His presence as it was in Shiloh and in Solomon’s temple.  All that remained was the promise in Haggai 2:9 that the glory of a latter house would be greater than the former, which was obviously not fulfilled in Zerubbabel’s temple.  Yahweh placed His presence in Shiloh.  He then moved His presence to Jerusalem.  But then after making good His warning, He removed His presence and the ark altogether.  It seems that the story of His presence falls ominously quiet at this point.  If He removed it from Shiloh and placed it in Jerusalem, then where is the promise of His presence after removing it from Jerusalem?


Before answering this, let us recall the highly impacting principle and way of Yahweh called the passing over principle.  In The Passing Over Principle, we conclusively see that Yahweh passes over the first, He passes over the second, and He takes the third.  This is precisely what we see here regarding Yahweh’s presence.  He passed over Shiloh/Ephraim, He passed over Jerusalem/Judah, and He will take the third.  So what is the third place He will take?


This was the precise question I was having to ask.  He passed over Russ/Judas, He passed over Bob/Satan, so who would be the third person He would take?  We continue:


The answer to this question is as silent and elusive as what we read in Hebrews 7:14 concerning a priesthood out of Judah, regarding which Moses spoke nothing.  Suddenly Yahweh did something that no one expected and was not clearly announced beforehand!  It would seem that the conclusion of this issue of the presence of Yahweh ends here with His rejection of Judah, were it not for Genesis 49:10 regarding the rod that Judah possessed.  So, what happens to the promise of His presence?  He abandoned Shiloh/Ephraim and went to Jerusalem/Judah.  So where does He go after abandoning Jerusalem/Judah?  The answer is plainly stated.  He returns to Shiloh!


“The rod shall not depart from Judah,

Nor the decree from between his feet,

Until Shiloh comes….”


That was the governmental answer I had to have!  I had to see the before-followed pattern of that which Yahweh does before I could do anything.  When I called Kyle that day to talk with him about this, I realized another VERY obvious pattern as well.  Of course!  He first called the first Remnant and then passed over them and took Christianity; but even as He rejected and passed over Jerusalem, He has now passed over Christianity and gone back to the Remnant, this time to the second Remnant!  The consistent pattern was thus clear and obvious.  Yahweh was attesting to having mercy, and His design was to go back to the one who had failed – the Judas, Russ.


When I saw this, the testimony of my other pastor friend became abundantly clear.  My friend, whom I wondered if he would be the replacement for Russ, was dead to me.  He would never reply to me.  In Matthew 26:50 Judas is called “friend” by Yahshua, and Yahweh used the situation per my friend to testify of Judas, Yahshua’s friend.


In these last days when it was time for Yahweh to take the office from Satan and give it to a man, to whom should that office have gone?  It should have gone back to Judas, Yahshua’s friend.  Judas did repent and threw the money into the temple.  But there was only one problem.  Even as Yahweh used my pastor friend to be dead to me and I could not offer that office to him, so Judas was dead and that office could not be restored to him.  Thus, this man had to be the replacement of Judas – a man in his stead.


But that was not the case with Russ; he was still alive during this transfer and could receive the office.  And, as you will now see, another paid the price so that he could receive this office as though resurrected.


In the past, Russ and Carroll ministered together in a church with a third man who was the minister of music.  Later on, these three went their separate ways, and the music minister went back into the world and back into Catholicism.  At the time that Carroll began reading The Remnant Bride web site, and just before we talked for the first time, the former music minister hung himself.  Both Russ and Carroll, independent of each other, sensed and even concluded that what this man did was an act of Judas, who also hanged himself (Matthew 27:5).


What does this have to do with Russ?  That man gave up his life so that Russ could have a second chance.  Is this really true?  Absolutely it is!  We do not realize how much patterns are followed and what they mean with regard to man.  Russ could not die as a Judas and still receive the office; so it was necessary that another die in his place, even as Yahshua did so for us.  Russ’ and Carroll’s third-part associate fulfilled the law of Yahweh and paid the price of death so that Russ could be restored to his office.  This is nothing less than the two birds testimony of Leviticus 14:1-7 wherein one gives up his life for another.  This happens all the time, for no death is without purpose, but is effectual for life in another.  People pay the price for others, both knowingly and unknowingly.


To let you know further how this type of sacrifice can work, let us consider another testimony before returning to this matter regarding Russ.  In 2003 when I lost my family and the Remnant Bride died, I had nothing to live for and made plans that I knew would lead me to the very place where I had served in years past – to the homeless.  I knew my fate; I no longer cared about life and told my daughter that I would end up in a homeless shelter.  The only hope I had was that He would keep me from going the way I planned, and He did.  Instead, I ended up in New York with my dear friend and brother, Peter Douglas, doing an extensive make-ready on a home to get it ready to sale.  Afterwards, I went back to our home in Washington state and fought the court action by my wife (a legal separation), getting it overturned and eventually totally dismissed.  I survived what should have totally destroyed me, and never went to the homeless shelter.  But, another man did!


A couple of years before this, we paid the way for a man to fly in to visit with Kyle and me.  He had his own web site and had even taught about a remnant bride.  While there, the three of us, with our children, went to a river where I sat on a large rock while they got in the water.  They encouraged me to get in the water, but I told them that my job was to sit on the rock (referring to Rizpah in 2 Samuel 21:10). 


A few days later, we were on a mountain sledding, and I encouraged that man to sled with us.  He was sitting to the side on a rock just watching.  Instead of joining us, he rebuked me and said that it was his turn to sit on the rock!  I never forgot that, because the intercession of sitting on a rock means taking on great sorrows, evidenced by Rizpah.  And even as it came out of his mouth; yes indeed, he would sit on that rock, for me!


After getting back to Washington and seeing my life begin to get back in order, especially after the court action was overturned and the very important 2004 Passover, I found out that that man had subsequently lost his family as well, and of all places ended up in a homeless shelter, and to my knowledge is there even as this is being written.  Yahweh used that man to sit on a rock for me, taking my destiny, and paying the price for me so that I did not have to pay it.  Out of his own mouth he set forth what would happen, and it meant my deliverance, for which I am very grateful.  If he had not done so, you would not be reading this today.


This was the same thing with Russ.  Yahweh used the music minister’s sacrifice to pay the price for the man who would stand in the place of Satan as the last-days twelfth apostle.  Thus Yahweh completed His testimony of that incredibly significant office.  He first gave it to Russ; then because of his act as a Judas gave it to Bob, who stood in the place of Satan; and then in His mercy and according to His ways and a price paid by another, gave that office back to Russ.


Another thing that should be addressed, as mentioned earlier, was Russ’ attitude in this.  On November 2, Eric and I drove over to Russ’ home for me to talk with him about this.  I told Russ the government of it, how it all unfolded, and asked him to step back into that office.  He accepted with the same resolve to do the will of the Father as he had when I took the office from him.  This too was an affirmation that Russ was to return to that office.


When still not knowing who was to fill that place, one thing that encouraged me was the experience where Yahweh had revealed to me the twelve areas of the soul.  He allowed my spirit to reveal eleven of them, but personally spoke to me the twelfth.  This encouraged me, for I knew that this one office would be unique from the rest, which it certainly was proving to be.


What was the twelfth area of the soul that Yahweh spoke to me?  It was attitude!  And if anyone had evidenced the right attitude in a potentially troubling situation, it was Russ.  His attitude was only to do the will of the Father, whether it meant loss, or whether it meant gain.  He was willing to lay the office down, and was equally willing to receive it again, both with the same sense of acceptance.  Russ represented in a positive and fulfilling way the twelfth area of the soul – attitude!


And quite interestingly, on October 19 Russ lost the office of the twelfth apostle.  Then precisely two weeks later on November 2 it was restored to him.  In type and pattern, this was the same amount of time between Judas and myself – 2,000 years.  That office was removed from Russ for a prophetic 2,000 years – two weeks.


In conclusion, once again we see testified that that which was once used for destruction, will now be used for restoration.  Yahweh was attesting the very thing He prophetically represented when in January, 1982, He told Russ to name his child Ruhamah – Yahweh would have mercy.  And He has evidenced once again the mercy He is having now by restoring Russ as the twelfth apostle.  Blessed be Yahweh for His mercy!


It is now my honor and great delight to present to you the last-days twelve apostles.  They are listed by age, from the oldest to the youngest, starting with a father and ending with his daughter.  These are the names written on the stones in Revelation 21:14.


And might it be noted, in the writing, Return of the Raven, page 2, posted on July 17, 2005, a month-and-a-half before this man left for Salem, the following was stated – “Today, as I see the significance of the raven being sent out, I take hope that this journey wherein I am equally going out and trusting totally in Him, will find the same wonderful results.  And in this regard, I equally take great hope that the raven will rejoice and dance a jig!”


On August 29 I pulled out of Washington with the clear awareness and hope that I was beginning my raven work.  My raven, Louie, was sent out to identify my bride.  Now, a mere one and a half months after I was a raven sent out, Yahweh used this man to identify the Bride, even my Bride; and here they are!


Cary Breault

Carroll Sanders

Brendan McElroy

David Shepherd

Stanley Batten

Russell Walden

Kyle Nixon

Eric Schneggenbuger

Brian Lembcke

Tommy Tillman

Linda Schneggenbuger

Kim Moler



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