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Yahweh Spoke From A Whirlwind


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The question arises as to by what authority the Elijah possesses so as to indeed cut time short and forbid the third part of the church from taking the rod?  On the Day of Atonement/Jubilee, September 25, 2004, the very day that Jeanne was beginning to make her entrance onto the rod, the Remnant Bride was entering into a contract.


If you have not already read page 5 of He Was Jealous With My Jealousy, a highly relevant portion of that writing is being provided here that addresses the question – From where does the office of the Elijah come?  It is added as an attachment to this writing, and can be read by clicking here.  This is a critical portion in order for you to understand what will now be presented, so do not continue reading without first reading the attachment. 


On the day before Jeanne’s vital turn, Kyle Nixon, Peter Douglas, Brendan McElroy, and myself met in order to make a contract.  The contract was between Kyle and myself, with Peter and Brendan serving as two witnesses.  Its purpose was to legally transfer the office of the twelfth apostle from Judas/Satan to myself.  Here is the contract.





Insomuch that Judas was chosen by Yahshua to be one of the twelve apostles (Mark 3:14, 19).


Insomuch that his office was that of the Elijah, as declared by Yahshua (Matthew 11:14).


Insomuch that Satan came into Judas so as to equally occupy that office (Luke 22:3, John 6:70).


Insomuch that Judas betrayed Yahshua and as the Elijah baptized Him into death.


Insomuch that Judas then went out and hanged himself (Matthew 27:5) and burst open in his belly (Acts 1:18).


Insomuch that Judas’ violent death, in the same measure as that of his foreshadowing predecessor who died by violence to the head (Matthew 14:8-11), terminated his occupation of that place.


Insomuch that Satan had legally entered into Judas and with his departure now legally occupies the place of the twelfth apostle.


Insomuch that Yahshua did not place another man in that office, and that the acts of the eleven to fill that place by casting lots was from the flesh and not a legal transfer of that Elijah position.


Insomuch that Satan has filled that office since that time and has performed his Elijah duties of baptizing the body of Christ into death for a legal 2,000 years.


Insomuch that Satan has occupied that legal office and in that place has ever since dearthed the people of the Prince and corrupted the kingdom of God.


Insomuch that Satan’s legal time of a legal 2,000 years, contractually granted to him by Yahshua when He granted his request to enter into the 2,000 swine (Mark 5:1-14), has come to an end. 


Insomuch that the church period of 1,974 years and six months (The Passing Over Principle), along with a one year grace period, comes to an end as of Tabernacles, 2004.


Insomuch that the Elijah office must be passed on to another who must fulfill his equally required duties of preparing the way for Yahshua’s return (Malachi 4:5, Matthew 17:10-11).


Insomuch that it is written that Yahweh will prepare before us a table opposite our enemies (Psalm 23:5).


Insomuch that Kyle Nixon has taken the place of a Judas, even an enemy of Gary Naler, and Yahweh has prepared a table before them.


Insomuch that Yahweh has intercessorally placed Kyle Nixon in the place of the twelfth apostle, in the place of Judas/Satan.


Insomuch that Satan entered into Kyle Nixon, even as he entered into Judas.


Insomuch that by these acts Kyle Nixon has a legal right to stand in the place of Judas and Satan.


Insomuch that Yahweh has called Gary Naler from his mother’s womb and has been “building a man” for the purpose of being the twelfth apostle, providing both confirming testimonies and evidences to this.


Insomuch that no man can take the place of the twelfth apostle to himself, but it must be given to him.


Insomuch that Yahshua’s ministry was given to him by John.


Insomuch that Elisha’s ministry was given to him by Elijah per his request, and was obtained by persistence and keeping his eyes on the officeholder.


Insomuch that Gary Naler has requested from Kyle Nixon the legal rights to and the place of the Elijah work of the twelfth apostle.


I, Kyle Nixon, stand in the authority given to me from Yahweh and upon request hereby transfer the place of the twelfth apostle to Gary Naler with all rights and duties.



Signed by all parties this day, Day of Atonement/Jubilee, September 25, 2004.



There were four originals of this document that were signed, and each man took an original with him.  At this writing, two documents are on the west coast, and two are on the east coast.  Kyle and I live near Seattle, and Peter and Brendan live on Long Island, New York.


There was an attachment to this document that was quite significant.  At Passover, 1996, Yahweh told me to write a legal proclamation.  It was titled Proclamations of the Remnant.  This legal document in summary stated that:


1.  As of Passover, April 4, 1996, the body of Christ church became legally dead, losing its rights to the kingdom of heaven on earth, Yahweh mercifully cutting their days short.


2.  Inasmuch that the church is legally dead, all rights in total to the kingdom of heaven are given to the Remnant, the lampstand being lost and transferred to the Remnant.


3.  Inasmuch that Yahweh continually repeats His works and ways among men and performs intercessoral preludes, be it understood that the true Reformation of Hebrews 9:1-10 began on Passover, April 4, 1996.  Thus, the “first tabernacle” of Christianity, being old and ready to disappear, is torn down, and the way into the Holy of Holies is being revealed in the Remnant.


4.  Inasmuch that Christianity is under a contractual agreement with Satan to teach them not to sin (1 Corinthians 5:5, 1 Timothy 1:20), Satan himself having in fact become their head, and that they have accepted Satan’s contractual offer of Matthew 4:1-10 which Yahshua Himself rejected, be it clearly understood that as of the seventh day of Unleavened Bread, the holy convocation on April 11, 1996, the Remnant henceforth entirely removed itself from Christianity and is not obligated in any regard to any arrangement or obligation entered into by Christianity with Satan, neither harm nor earthly glory.


5.  Furthermore, be it understood that Satan with his lies, sickness, and death is the enemy of the Remnant and all mankind, and it is our intent to utterly destroy him and his destructive works, Christianity having failed to accomplish this. 


6.  Inasmuch that Satan has the power of death, it is essential that complete victory over him requires that they not die.  Inasmuch as the Remnant wholly rejects Satan and any arrangement with him, and inasmuch that it is the Enoch/Elijah work, Satan’s power of death will not overcome the Remnant.


7.  Be it understood that the Remnant is the work of Yahweh to bring forth His first fruits among carnal man and receive glorified, incorruptible bodies.  By not dying, the second Remnant is the Elijah work, preparing the way for Yahshua’s return, and will with the first Remnant compose those who will be caught up to heaven and return with Him.


8.  Be it understood that the Remnant embraces voluntary and obedient poverty, the one thing lacked and the example and invitation of our Bridegroom, and have of necessity with Yahshua rejected the things of this world and its glory, sold all to follow Him, and regard the kingdom of God as more desired than the kingdom of this world.


9.  Being firmly built upon the rock and foundation of the first Remnant, equally the second Remnant embraces their essential practice of holding all things in common.


The document was dated April 26, 1996.  Quite significantly, this is the very year in which Yahweh had mercy on the church, this nation, and Israel (Cursed Time and Blessed Time, 1920 and 1996).  It is also the beginning year of the nine year cycle leading to 2004, the year of fulfillment (The Hope of the Remnant in 2004).  This legal proclamation was made in obedience to Yahweh’s instruction to me at that time, and has been having and will continue to have its fulfillment.  Because of its significance, it was attached to the legal contract of September 25, 2004.


So what can all of this mean?  In Passover, 1996, there was the legal proclamation that the body of Christ was dead and the Bride was not under Satan any more.  Then nine years later, the number of completion, the seat of the twelfth apostle was legally transferred to this man, ending Satan’s right to that office.  This transfer begins the reestablishment of the essential one and twelve government that was laid by Yahshua.


But in order to more fully answer this question, we have to refer to another set of e-mails sent out to a few close brothers.  These not only explain the great significance of the Day of Atonement, 2004, but also its linked association with preluding and foreshadowing events.  In order for you to understand that which will be said next, it is once again vital that you read these e-mails.  Again, do not continue reading here until you have read them.  Click here.


So what did these e-mails reveal per our anticipation and the significance of September 25?  We will list some of these things.


1.  There is the testimony of this man becoming the “leader” – the twelfth apostle.


2.  July 4 marked the independence of this nations-level kingdom of heaven, America.


3.  July 4 was quite significant per the death of three out of five patriarchal Presidents.


4.  The number “21” once again takes on specific relevance and testimony as the breach period.


5.  There is the testimony per Steve that this is the “final opportunity for the wheat church (Christianity) to enter the kingdom in the first resurrection.”  It is “decision day” or the “day of reckoning.”


6.  Jubilee.


7.  It is the separation of the Bride from the body of Christ – the “Day of Separation.”


8.  Even as Atonement marked the beginning of Yahshua’s ministry, it marked the beginning of this man’s ministry, which relates back to item #1 – “leader.”


All of this that we are seeing here is the unfolding and establishing of critical legal matters.  It is government, even as this nation was set forth and created governmentally on paper on July 4, before it in fact won that place through the ensuing battles of the Revolutionary War.  The contract signed and witnessed on September 25, along with the backup Proclamations,  were in fact the Remnant’s governmental Declaration of Independence.  This explains why Yahweh tied the Day of Atonement back to July 4.  Because this day is the Remnant Bride’s Day of Independence. 


And I would point out that none of this was planned in advance, but it was all simply walked out.  The contract was written just a few hours before it was signed.  Many of the conclusions that you are reading here were realized only upon writing this, after the fact.  We are in fact once again seeing Yahweh’s back, that which He has performed.  All we did was follow His leading and obey; and what you are reading now regarding its orderly purposes was simply the outcome.  Again, none of this was planned in advance or forethought.


Let us now return to these testimonies regarding the hurricanes, Yahweh speaking from the whirlwinds.



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