On March 4, 2002, this writing was sent out as an e-mail and contains important information per the coming Passover at the end of April, 2002. Included is an invitation to this event.


Two Testimonies and an Invitation


Dear Remnant Bride,

There is much I would like to share, but I will try to keep this as brief as possible. First I will share with you from a couple of Scripture passages, then extend to you an invitation.

It seems that Yahweh has made quite a point that this second Remnant work, and even the first, is a small work. Already we have been seeing that the Bride is the seed faith that has moved the mount of transfiguration, as well as the little stone that came from the brook and toppled giant Goliath. And only recently as I was reading in Ezekiel 17 did I see this same truth once again.

Quickly, and you should read this chapter for yourself, here we find a "tender twig" plucked from the bough of a tree, and it was taken "to a land of merchants" and set "in a city of traders." This was followed by the planting of a low spreading vine whose roots were under it and its branches became a splendid vine. (Remember, the cursed tree of the knowledge of good and evil was a grape vine, formerly tree.) This vine was plucked up by its roots so that it withered. Following this was another "young twig," a "tender one;" but in contrast to the first "tender one," this twig was instead planted "on a high and lofty mountain." Quite obviously we find here the two Remnant "twigs," separated by the splendid vine of Christianity which is plucked up and withers. The first Remnant twig had to be left here on this earth and placed among the moneychangers of Christianity and the world. The second Remnant, in contrast as the Elijah work that ascends alive, is planted on the high and lofty mountain which is above.

Interestingly, the Hebrew word used here for "young twig" relative to the second Remnant work (vs. 22), is the feminine form of the same Hebrew word used in Isaiah 53:2 where we read regarding Yahshua - "For He grew up before Him like a tender shoot." How was it that Yahshua came into this world? He came as a "tender shoot," a baby obscurely born in an stable, small and vulnerable to the death-plans of Herod. Such was the beginning of this masculine "tender shoot;" and, such is the like beginning of the work revealed by the feminine form of this same word - the "young twig" of the second Remnant Bride. We are the feminine work of the "tender shoot," just as Yahshua was the masculine work of the "tender shoot." We today, following in the ways of Yahshua, are likewise born in obscurity and vulnerability. Who knew the wonderful truth that the Son of God had come into this world, but only a select few. And who knows today that a fulfilling second Remnant has come into this world, but only a select few. Yahweh has begun both of these works in obscurity, smallness, and vulnerability - a "tender shoot," both masculine as well as feminine.

But Yahweh has often called His messengers from obscurity. Where were Moses, Gideon, and Elisha when He called them? Were they not tending flocks, treading out wheat, and plowing fields in obscurity? Where was David when he was anointed to be king, while his brothers waited in the house (the house of Christianity) for the prophet? Was he too not in obscurity, out in the field tending the sheep? Like the Savior who was born in a stable, or like His messengers and deliverers who were quietly tending to daily cares, or even like the disciples whom Yahshua called to follow Him, Yahweh is calling a people out who are hidden in obscurity - nobodies, who certainly are not the acclaimed of Christianity, nor are they the pursued, nor the desired, but the obscure.

In many ways the second Remnant will be the fulfillment of Yahshua IF He had not had to die. But He had to die, and in so doing (along with the death of the first Remnant), we can now fulfill that which would have occurred otherwise, and was fully expected by His disciples. Now the timing is right for these concluding events, and we as the feminine "tender shoot" fulfillment that is to be planted "on a high and lofty mountain," will equally grow up in strength before Yahweh. This life and growth of the second Remnant will bring forth Yahshua, first in our fulfillment and hope of being Yahshua on this earth, but also in our Elijah ministry in preparing for His literal return.

The second passage we will look at is one that kept coming to me, but I delayed reading because of my assumed familiarity with it. In Judges 6 and 7 we read the account of Gideon. What I never realized until finally looking at this once again, is that these events are clearly a repeat of those which occurred on Mount Carmel (to which we have been giving considerable attention of late)! Reading these chapters we find some unmistakable and highly relevant similarities in these two accounts: (1) an offering that was set upon a rock and the fire of Yahweh miraculously coming and consuming it, (2) a contest specifically with Baal and Asherah in which their altar and likeness are torn down (either literally or figuratively), and (3) in the end a contest in the valley of Jezreel. All three of these elements are in both accounts (which makes one wonder if Gideon was in fact on Carmel at that time). And this is not the first time we have seen Yahweh duplicate specifically three essential elements, insomuch that there were three common elements in the Nazirite vow and the garden of Eden. Thus we find that this account regarding Gideon must equally apply to the time we are in right now, since it is a repeat of the testimony of Carmel, and provides needed information from a slightly different perspective.

One important point to look at here is Gideon's response to the angel that came to him while he threshed out the wheat in the wine press. While being commissioned by the angel to go and deliver Israel from Midian, Gideon repeated the testimony that is so familiar to the second Remnant - "O Lord, how shall I deliver Israel? Behold, my family is the least (or, weakest) in Manasseh, and I am the youngest in my father's house." Once again we see the weakness and smallness of the Remnant - the least and youngest of Yahweh's works. But Yahweh declared to Gideon, even as He says to us - "Surely I will be with you, and you shall defeat Midian as one man." Who is Midian today in this contest in the kingdom of God? Israel had been under the dominion of Midian for seven years. During that time, any fruit Israel bore was taken by them. Midian was like grasshoppers that devoured the fruit. Such has been the case in Christianity, which for 2,000 years has had the mark of the beast seven upon it, and its fruit has been devoured so that there is little or no progress in the kingdom. Oh yes, Christianity is a splendid vine; but where's the fruit? Midian is the 2,000 years of Christianity, and the test today is between vast and splendid Christianity and the little weak Remnant.

But Yahweh used Gideon in his smallness, not in any greatness, and even reduced his army back ever so much smaller so that He would receive the glory. First 22,000 (the number of denominations and sects of Christianity today) were sent home because they were afraid and trembling. Then out of the 10,000 who remained, Yahweh reduced their numbers down to a mere 300. These were the Passover barley Remnant people to which were attested in the dream of a Midianite, wherein a loaf of barley bread came tumbling down into their camp and overturned and flattened their tent. Translated, the Midianite knew this meant that the sword of Gideon would prevail against them - "God has given Midian and all the camp into his hand."

And victory did prevail with Gideon, as the light of their torches and the sound of their trumpets (the light of truth and glory, and the trumpet of a Trumpets ascension) put Midian into confusion and their army slew itself (even as Christianity Saul slew himself, and is associated with Christianity's soon coming Day of Atonement) and they fled. And how did Gideon perform these unusual acts? Not by any greatness in himself, but because of the sureness of Yahweh's word. This is precisely why we as the second Remnant stand today - because of the sureness of Yahweh's word!

When I wrote to you about Carmel, given that the second Remnant is the Passover work, I had carefully searched those verses in 1 Kings 18 to see if there was any indication that those events took place specifically at Passover, or were Passover related. But I could find nothing to indicated this. HOWEVER, in this parallel account regarding Gideon, Yahweh clearly provides this important and revealing testimony! Eureka!

Passover is the feast specifically associated with the barley harvest, and we find here in this dream specifically a loaf of barley bread tumbling down into the camp of Midian! Why barley bread? Because the Passover work of the second Remnant will overturn and flatten Christianity! The second Remnant has already begun to be formed at Passover, 2000; and, this Passover, 2002, promises to be the Passover in which we have the greatest hope that the power of the Spirit of Yahweh will come upon us! Yes, Yahweh has indeed given us His testimony in this parallel account that Carmel is in fact resolved at or through a Passover. And since we ascend alive on a Trumpets, there is only one Passover left in the timing of these events before us that allows for this tumbling barley loaf fulfillment - Passover 2002!

What do we need? As I have been expressing of late, we need a demonstration of power from Yahweh. We need for Yahweh to perform works through us that are demonstrations of Yahshua as though He were personally here walking among us! In this account regarding Gideon, we find this same need. When the angel first came to Gideon, his response was - "And where are all His miracles which our fathers told us about?" Or to put this response into the words of Elisha as he stood at the Jordan River with Elijah's mantle - "Where is Yahweh, the God of Elijah?" Today, we desperately need Yahweh to perform through us that which He performed among the first Remnant, otherwise as I have said before - we are only 22,001! We are only one more opinion competing for the ears of the blind. Yahweh must confirm us by His Spirit, and perform here on this earth that which He performed through His Son while He was here, perform the latter rain "shua" work that completes the former rain "Yah" work.

What is in store for the Remnant? A great hope! We are quickly approaching Passover, 2002, and we look to Yahweh to lead, affirm, equip, and establish us. Like the twelve who were sent out by Yahshua, or the 120 waiting in the upper room, we too must first receive His power before being sent out! In this regard, I have been waiting to see what He would have us to do come Passover. Recently I received a call from a Bride brother in New York who asked if he and another believing brother could come to visit us during Passover. "Of course," I answered, "and I hope you will be the first of many."

There is something about this brother that is uniquely interesting. Yahweh uses points of intercession, and there is something happening here that is worth noting. This brother's name is Peter, like Peter the apostle, and he lives on Long Island, New York. The other brother who is coming with him is Brendan. In hearing where Peter lives, I was curious if there was any relationship to the testimony Yahweh was providing in the two-blow strike on the rock of New York - the first blow to the Twin Towers on 9-11, and 62 days later the second blow on 11-12 when flight 587 fell into the Queens on Long Island. After the striking of the Queens, we wondered and watched to see if fifty days after that striking, something might happen per the fact that the water of Pentecost came from the Rock of Yahshua fifty days after He was struck. Fifty days following 11-12 was 1-1-02, a most interesting day since it was the first day of 2002.

I asked Peter when it was that He began reading The Remnant Bride teachings, for I knew he had quickly devoured these truths. He recalled that he found Joseph Herrin's web site on 1-1 and began reading there first. He was delighted with what he had found regarding the restoration of all things. And as he continued to search out these matters, he found a link to The Remnant Bride on another web site and started reading here later in January. Then the explosion began, and he was thrilled with what he was learning, which led him to calling me. We have had a few conversations together by phone since then, including his request to come here at Passover.

What might all of this mean? The Remnant Bride is not a Pentecost work, but most clearly a Passover work. Prophetically, it is significant that Peter did not find us on the Pentecost date of fifty days following the second striking of New York on the Queens, as that would have related to the first Remnant and Christianity; but rather, he came to learn about us later through this association with Joseph. Peter is the first one to request the opportunity to share Passover together here in my home. He and Brendan have already purchased their tickets. I find all of this to be most interesting, plus the fact that Peter lives on Long Island, only about fifteen miles from Queens. So it seems most relevant that Peter, from Long Island, New York, who found Joseph Herrin's writings precisely fifty days after the Queens was struck, is the first to request to be here with us on Passover. Is all of this coincidental, or are we with open eyes seeing Yahweh perform His attesting signs?

Evidence indicates that this Passover and the events surrounding it, will very well be the climactic events related to the two-blow striking of the rock of the body of Christ, most dramatically attested by the two-blow striking of New York and this testimony surrounding Peter. Let us look further at this for a minute.

With the world-shaking events that have happened in New York, Kyle and I wondered if these were merely intercessoral groanings for the revelation of the sons of God, or if they were Yahweh's clear signs that the two-blow striking of the body of Christ had in fact legally occurred. Adding Peter's testimony, it seems that these events are more than just intercessoral. Peter is of course the name of the apostle who was sifted like wheat at Satan's request, and who afterward was to strengthen the brethren. Peter denied Yahshua three times before the cock crowed. Why did that happen? Because Peter was a prophetic testimony of what would happen to the church.

Equally, Satan requested permission from Yahweh to sift the church like wheat. Wheat is always prophetic of Christianity, and Satan would sift it for 3,000 years (Peter's three-time denial of Yahshua) if he was given the full time. But, Yahweh must cut time short and give the church (as it has existed), along with Satan, only 2,000 years. What does this do for "Peter"? This means his denial is cut short, and thus as promised, he can now strengthen the brethren 1,000 years earlier! Why then is it now that a man named Peter, who is from Long Island, New York, who was introduced in part to these truths on 1-1, fifty days after the second blow to the Queens, is the first to request to come here this Passover? I believe it is because Yahweh is continuing the testimony of that which has been dramatically evidenced in New York, and is saying that it is now time to strengthen the brothers and sisters, the whole of which have been sifted like wheat for 2,000 years! Satan's time of sifting, the church's time of denying Yahshua, is completed, cut short, and Yahweh is telling us that it is time to be strengthened!

I love to talk with Peter on the phone. I love his New York accent. I love most of all his forthright resolve, his enthusiasm, his zeal, and his determination. He only began reading The Remnant Bride material in the latter days of January, but already he has almost read everything on the site twice (and someone told me recently there are eight inches of material there; they know, they printed it all) and forthrightly came under the covering tithe! Just days before reading here, he was like most of us at one time - looking for the beast and tribulation; but he quickly scrapped all of that for one thing - Yahweh's clear TRUTH regarding the Remnant!

I hold little back from you, and will add even more here, though I will try to be brief. When the former rain came, the apostle Peter was the outspoken spokesman for the church. On the day of Pentecost, he stood and proclaimed the reason for all that was taking place. He was taken before the counsel of the Jews, and it was from his shadow that its mere passing would heal all who were sick. Then came the breach, and Peter's anointing was sadly diminished and that authority went to Paul. It was then through Paul, and not through Peter, that the message of the church went forth to the world. The kingdom breached and Peter fell into virtual obscurity. Therefore, a man named Luke, a doctor, was given to Paul to be his companion.

May I suggest something to you that is purely hypothetical and could never have happened. What would have happened if the breach of Christianity had not taken place? Undoubtedly Peter, out of Jerusalem and not out of Antioch, would have taken the message of the Messiah to the world and would have immediately prepared the way for the return of Yahshua and the setting up of His kingdom. In this regard, hypothetically doctor Luke would have been joined to Peter for what would have been a brief and climactic ministry. But, none of that was to be. Thus in testimony to the importance of the days in which we now live, and what is to be the purpose of the second Remnant and not the first, I find it most striking that the brother who will accompany Peter to this Passover event is likewise a doctor. Peter and his doctor companion seem to be Yahweh's unique testimony that where the first Peter work failed, the second Peter work will not fail, but will complete that which is necessary - the preparation of the way for the return of Yahshua. Peter and his doctor companion, Brendan, attest to this. (By the way, Brendan is now a covering tithe member as well.)

Would you like to join us here for Passover? Right after Peter's call to me about coming here, I was talking to Bruce Ramsey, another covering Bride member from Arkansas, and told him about Peter. I then added - "Bruce, why don't you come too." His response was very encouraging, as he told me that he had already been thinking about this and, yes, is planning on being here. (The last time we talked, he was getting ready to buy his ticket.) Of course Kyle Nixon in Seattle will come during this time, and I have begun to contact other covering Bride members, including the Amarillo Bride members, as well as Mereseini Lala in Fiji, who immediately responded that with Yahweh's provision she, and hopefully the two other covering Bride sisters, will come also.

And even as I am finalizing this letter, I received an excited call from a brother who was one of the original few who confessed coming out of Christianity at the initiating Passover in 2000, someone I have actually never talked with on the phone and have heard little from since then. He told me that these truths of late have never been clearer to him, that he is very excited about this time, and added that he was coming here for Passover. I have never mentioned this to anyone publicly, so his plans were totally his response to the Spirit of Yahweh unctioning him. In fact, he is getting out of the Navy this month (Peter was a seafaring Navy man as well, a part of the Seventh Fleet), and said he is dedicating himself to the coming of the kingdom of God! This brother and his wife are Byron and Gail Reagan in Mississippi. He too said he is entering under the covering tithe.

These sovereign acts of Yahweh's Spirit are what we need in order to know that He is leading us in this. And, I trust this is only the beginning of what is to be the most wonderful period for mankind since that eventful first Pentecost. Personally, I believe Yahweh is itching to give us His Spirit in a double portion, reversing the death, blindness, and lameness that man has experienced for a long 6,000 years! And even as it was Peter's shadow that healed the sick and not Peter directly, so it seems that Yahweh is testifying that Peter's shadow is even reaching to us today to bring much needed divine healing to all who are laid before him. Even now we see Yahweh providing this testimony through Peter and Brendan. May the apostle Peter's shadow heal the multitudes today as a work takes place which he himself could not personally effect - a shadow, an extension of himself across time, completing the work he began 2,000 years ago. May first Remnant Peter's shadow span 2,000 years to fall upon us today!

I am contacting other covering Bride members who equally affirm that they would like to be here. I must tell you, in the recent days I did not know what Yahweh wanted to do during this momentous Passover event, so I just waited to see what would develop. The fact is, Yahweh works through people, and no person is sufficient alone to know the complete counsel of Yahweh. Thus in my waiting, it has been the expression of the Bride to come together during this time, and my home is open to all who want to come. Yes, we do now purpose to come together, and we will continue to watch and see what Yahweh will do. My hope is that He will gather some empty vessels, fill us with water, and turn that water into wine, the best wine that is saved until the end of the marriage feast. It is my hope and expectation that He will equip us with His power to go out and be His witnesses.

Like Gideon and other testimonies, including that of Yahshua Himself, we yet remain a work hidden in obscurity. But equally like Gideon and the promise he received, if there is ever a time for us to come together as "one man," that time is now! Gideon called the people together to defeat the Midianites, and I trust He is calling us together now as His Passover barley loaf for this same purpose. E-mail me, write me, or call me and tell me of your plans. Passover will begin on the evening of April 26 or 27, depending on the new moon, and will last for eight days. You can be here for part or all of this time. And since it begins on a weekend, this helps some people in their plans. So let me know your plans. All are invited to come.

Blessings to you,


39805 - 212 Ave SE
Enumclaw, Washington 98022

PS - There is more I would like to share, but will reserve it for another e-mail.

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