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August 12th 2017 - This is a report that on the one hand I would not want to provide. But I just got off the phone with Caleb and just sent him this passage from Revelation 7:

“And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death. For this reason, rejoice, O heavens and you who dwell in them. Woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, knowing that he has a short time.”

Beginning with Wednesday, August 9, let me tell you what has happened. I will have to be brief. We will begin with this photo.

If you click on this photo, it will take you to a news article concerning the riots in Mathare slums in Nairobi. On that day, Caleb sent me his own photos of the dead man, but they are far too graphic for me to provide. And in his emails he reported:

Pray for me. There is post-election violence in Kenya. I am caught in the middle of this fight. Pray for me

Brother this guy was shot next to me and it almost hit me. This is where we were having Bride truth teachings.

Caleb was being caught up in these riots, and they feared for their lives. And it did not end there. The next day, Thursday, he was conducting a Bride teaching in Machakos, forty miles southeast of Nairobi. They were in a meeting hall when more riots and conflicts broke out. The rioters were fleeing from the police, who once again opened fire upon them. Some of the rioters fled into the hall, which was made out of tin, and bullets began to enter in to where they were. Four people were hit. Unfortunately, Caleb was hit in the thigh and it broke his femur. But even worse, and very tragic, Abdi was there as well and a bullet hit him in the chest, killing him. Caleb was taken to a local hospital, and today they performed surgery, set his leg, and placed it in a cast.

But this was not all! During this trip, a Bride brother named Dickens was traveling with Caleb so that there could be two drivers for their long journey, beginning on August 3. Caleb called me today and told me that he was just advised that Dickens had been killed as well, and our car vandalized, as you see here.

But Dickens’s murder was not by a police bullet, but by multiple blows from a machete (photos of which I have seen). And obviously the car was subjected to the same source of wrath that Dickens received. Frankly, Caleb suspects that this particular violence was the product of the same jealousy that resulted in the burning of brother Dor’s home and the death of his child; the same jealousy that resulted in the murder of brother Derrick; the same jealousy that resulted in Caleb’s wife, Belinda, being hit by a motorbike and later attacked with a machete; and the same jealousy whereby the entire contents of their home were stolen. This is nothing less than Christian pastors and bishops being jealous and threatened by the MASSIVE response—from both Christians and Muslims—to the teaching of Bride truth! Satan has corrupted Christianity for two thousand years, and this is just another evidence of it. He MUST be bound!

And frankly, during this same time-period I have had my own bouts with hell (though not as dramatic)—longing for the fulfillment of all I have sought for in the last twenty-three years, knowing the pain of the loss of a wife and children, and even more. Like Caleb and all of those in Africa, I LONG for the latter rain and the resulting coming of Immanuel and the establishment of His kingdom where righteousness dwells! I LONG for Him to bind Satan and to recompense every man according to his deeds! And if He does not come, it will be “My God, my God, why have you forsaken us?” What we have seen evidenced in Africa for the last few months, is only a thumbnail sketch of the VAST painful and destructive affects of Satan throughout this earth—and I pray his time is shortly coming to an end!

Pray for Caleb, and for all of those who carry out Bride truth. Pray that Satan will be bound and no longer rule on and over this earth. Pray that TRUTH would prevail and mankind would see LIGHT!

And frankly, and this is inevitable, Bride has to pay for two burials, Caleb’s hospital bills, and repairs on the car so that they can continue towards their return home. And yes, I would not be surprised if Caleb teaches on the way there. So, can you help with your gift? It is much needed, and much appreciated.

May Yahweh be glorified, may truth prevail, and may Satan be bound. Amen!


PS: I talked with Caleb, and Dickens’s wife and mother just sold their sole cow for $100 and are sending the money to help cover his burial. Caleb and I discussed this, and we want instead to pay for the wife (and the mother if she would like) to come for the burial, and give them back the $100. Travels to and from will be $150 each. The burial is $400.

Special Report

August 2nd 2017 - Within the first month of me being in Africa, Caleb planned for me to teach in Busia, Kenya, right on the border of Uganda. It was to be a two-day teaching. You might recall that a confrontation erupted there by Derrick (April 12 and 18 reports), who later repented of this and became a faithful traveling companion with Caleb. And today, there has been yet another Derrick who joined Caleb in his travels who is equally from Busia. So, Busia has been a most important place, and these two men are only a part of its significance.

The night before we were to make that trip, Caleb and I were walking back to his home in Rongo and I stepped off a paved road in the dark, not knowing there was a foot-and-a-half drop-off. My right foot hit the ground first and twisted under the weight of my falling body. Instantly I could not walk, and Caleb secured for us a ride home on a motorbike. There I had to keep the damaged foot elevated, and it was in pain.

The next morning I questioned my ability to stand and teach for several hours, and told Caleb we needed to cancel the teaching. But the pastor who had organized the meeting came over and pleaded with me to not cancel, saying that pastors from Uganda and the area had already arrived and were ready to be taught. I decided that if they could sacrifice, I could sacrifice, even if I had to sit in a chair with my foot elevated. I did go, beforehand wrapping my foot with an elastic gauze bandage, and was therein able to stand—though now lame in my right foot. In the days after this my foot turned purple, was very sensitive, and did not fully recover until after I got home in America. Why do I tell you this? Let me tell you another story.

Last Saturday, July 29, I went out my back door at 9:00 p.m. to look at the evening horizon, walked on the short elevated walkway, and turned to face the west. When I did this, the sidewalk I have has a four-inch gap in it, and in the dark I did not realize my bare left foot was going to land into that drop off. Instantly, my body lost control and I violently crashed backwards onto another step and my left foot was badly injured. I limped back into the house, washed my scraped foot, and when I dried it, I realized the fall had broken my little toe. With band-aids I attached it to the next toe to hold it back into place, and now I am lame in my left foot! And, it has turned purple as well.

Why do I tell you these two stories? On August 7, 1994, after Yahweh had begun teaching me concerning Bride truth a month and a half before, I realized I was still a Christian. With this realization, I fell prostrate on the floor and cried out to Him for deliverance. He answered me: “Become a Mephibosheth and give all you have to the one who is persecuting you, and move to Washington State.” This act regarding Mephibosheth is found in 2 Samuel 19:24-30. I did indeed become that Mephibosheth at that time and gave everything to the man who was kicking me out of the house we had built for the needy, and we moved to Washington.

So, having become a Mephibosheth in 1994, I find it most interesting and hopeful that in Africa I received my right-foot testimony of being lame in my feet. And now today, most noteworthy right before the twenty-third anniversary of me becoming a Mephibosheth, I have received my left-foot testimony of being lame in my feet. As you probably know, Mephibosheth was lame in both feet.

Furthermore, I am a great believer in the power of identification. It is through identification that effectual power can be obtained. For example, it was through Yahshua’s identification as a man, as well as becoming the Passover lamb, that brought forgiveness to all men. Identification is the conduit to God’s provision and fulfillment. And I trust this is why I had to become lame in both of my feet, even as He instructed me in 1994 to become a Mephibosheth. Only God could do this; and only He can bring about the vital work we so desperately need today, at this time! And might I add, Busia turned out to be a most amazing but costly source in this Bride work in Africa, and I pray that the work following this latter testimony of being a Mephibosheth will be all the more significant and effectual!

In 2 Samuel 9 we read that after David had become king, he restored to Mephibosheth all that had belonged to his father, Jonathan, and he ate at David’s table as one of the king’s sons. I trust we have been eating from, and will indeed eat at the King’s table! Most noteworthy, David had previously declared that the lame and the blind were hated by his soul, and that it was said, “The blind or the lame shall not come into the house” (2 Samuel 5:8). So it seems today that we are eating things from the King’s table that none before have ever tasted—the more complete word of truth! It is Yahweh’s time to have mercy upon us, and to invite us to Himself where He is. Blessed be the name of Yahweh!

And may I close: It is also noteworthy that Mephibosheth had a son named Mica, and I have a son named … Micah. And I hope my son will soon join us, as he once ate from the King’s table.

Blessings to all, and we look to the Father for the days before us,


July 22nd 2017 - First, let me share with you the results of Walter’s most recent travels—to Gaborone (1), the capital of Botswana. He was most excited concerning the outcome of this meeting, relating that it was one of the most profitable meetings he has experienced. First, there were 1,320 who attended. But also, he said that 500 Muslims confessed that Bride was now their belief, their faith and hope! Walter added, “They also promised to share the good news of the Bride with their brothers all over the country.” Having now returned to Kenya, he continues to travel and teach there.

Let me now share about brother Derrick. He and Caleb completed their 5-to-6-weeks of travels into southern Africa, and he then traveled to his home in Busia, Kenya (2). While away on that trip, his wife passed away. But teaching was foremost and he could not immediately return back home. Remaining at home was a one-and-a-half year old daughter, as well as a cousin. After he got back, very early one morning he left the house to find some work so as to be able to eat. The cousin was there as well, who later stepped out of the home to help a neighbor. While she was out, it appears that there was a leak in the propane cooker, and witnesses said there was a big bang and the home erupted in fire, killing his young daughter. When he spoke with me afterwards, his words were not concerning his loss, but rather his praise for the wonder of Bride truth that has been given to us. There was nothing left to keep him there, and he wanted to go back with Caleb to live and serve in spreading Bride truth. This entire response alone was phenomenal—but it was what he did next that spoke even moreso!

Caleb had driven to Busia to be with Derrick after the tragedy, and their return trip would take them through Kisumu (3) where the man who does our printing is located. Because of limited finances, Caleb and Derrick have not been traveling to teach of late. So, to help the bishops and pastors continue this teaching, he sold the land where his house once stood, and with the $2,500 he received, he had 50,000 Africa tracts printed for these bishops and pastors! This is incredible dedication and sacrifice!

So now Derrick, as well as a nephew, have been added to Caleb’s household. And, there are already seven other children whom Caleb has brought into his home (totaling twelve occupants—he has a heart of gold). And right now they have some specific needs that I ask you to help provide for. They need two more mattresses they will put on the floor, as well as sheets for them. They need three more plastic chairs, as well as a coffee table, which is used as a dinner table. And they need more dishes, cooking utensils, and silverware so they can all eat at one time and not in shifts. And, they need food. And I’m sure there are other items as well.

The cost for this is going to be about $500, and there could and will be other needs. But for now, can you help provide for these specific needs? You can be well assured these brothers are worthy of your support. This is a great opportunity to strengthen them in all they do. And let me not forget sweet Belinda, Caleb’s wife, who has paid a great price in the Bride. I just talked with her on the phone, and she sincerely expressed her gratitude for all she has learned in being a godly woman.

So, brothers and sisters, you have a wonderful opportunity to give to those who have not, when we materially have so much. All Derrick had left was his property, and he sold that for the sake of others. How much moreso should we give when we have so very much. Please give. They need our help now.



July 9th 2017 - Let me give you the most recent update on the Africa work. First, in the last leg of Caleb’s journey that took him all the way down south to Namibia (1) and back, in Malawi he conducted teachings in Blantyre (2), Lilongwe (3), Zomba (4), and Mzuzu (5) that totaled 14,400 pastors and bishops. Then he proceeded into Tanzania, and in Dar es Salaam (6), Moshi (7), and Zanzibar (8) he taught in total 10,500 pastors and bishops—totaling in this portion of the trip alone 24,900! Someone asked me: How can they teach so many at one time? They don’t, but break them up into four different groups scattered throughout the day and into the night.

Caleb is now finally back home in Rongo (9), and it was wonderful to be able to see his wife Belinda and family. And actually, in her excitement to greet him she slipped and fell, hitting her head, and had to spend time recovering from that—but all looks well now.

Meanwhile, with regard to Walter, after a very successful teaching in Zanzibar (8) where he taught 670 Muslims, he then flew to Accra, Ghana (10), where he taught 980 Seventh Day Adventists pastors. He wrote, “Most of the pastors could not contain their joy after knowing the truth in the Bride.” After this he flew to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (11), where he taught 1,125 brothers. He added, “Most of the Muslims could not believe that there could have been something that could bring them together with Christians. Only the Bride can do this.” In his report, Walter concluded with the following passionate appeal: “Brothers and sisters, a wonderful work has been done, and more still needs to be done. We have come a long way, and this is not the time to give up. We have to finish this journey together as we wait for the latter rain. Let us all work together to finish this work of Yahweh. Kindly, we need your help to bring Africa back to Yahweh.”

Finally, Abdi, the former Muslim who first invited Bride into northern Africa and is teaching in Libya and Algeria, provided this passionate appeal: “Brothers, please don't abandon the Bride's work in Africa. We need your support to reach as many people as possible with these truths, and help meet all the needs in our own sacrifices. Please donate to help the work in Africa.”

What can be added to these sincere requests? It is indeed they who sacrifice, and I hope you will respond to their requests and support them. The entirety of your donation is sent to them in their work, and I hope you will stand with them, including with Caleb and Jacob.



June 17th 2017 - Let me provide another update as to what continues to take place in Africa. Jacob remained in southern Algeria (1) for another week, and after a total period there of one month (in one meeting alone teaching 3,000) recently returned home to Rongo. Meanwhile, Abdi has experienced great success teaching in northern Algeria. Here is a report from Walter where he mentions this success.

Hello brother, I just received good news from Algeria that the brothers there are working on translating the Africa tract into Arabic. They have also offered to print 5,000 copies of the tract, as well as 2,000 DVDs. In Kenya, I have just finished teaching 720 brothers in Oyugis (2), and also 970 brothers in Sondu (3) and Ahero (4). I will be flying to Ghana (5) on Friday evening, and will fly to Zanzibar (6) next week.

I mentioned his Zanzibar meeting in the last report, which was delayed for two weeks. He will be traveling there soon. Walter is completely devoted to these teachings and travels extensively to present them.

Caleb and Derrick had been in Namibia (7) for at least two weeks, teaching up to 20,000 pastors, bishops, and Muslims. They travel by car, providing greater flexibility and thoroughness in coverage. After leaving that nation a week ago, they traveled into Zambia. In the capital city of Lusaka (8), they were expecting 2,000 to attend, but the number swelled to 4,800. In the next city of Ndola (9), here again they expected 200 but the number that showed up was 4,500. Then in the city of Kitwe (10) they expected 1,800, but that number rose to 4,200. There is great excitement and receptivity regarding Bride truth.

The next country they have now entered into is Malawi. In the city of Mzuzu (11), the 1,200 they were expecting increased to 4,200. In the city of Lilongwe (12), the expected 300 were then 3,000. And in Blantyre (13), 1,700 became 4,200. And by the way, Lawi, Abdi’s brother, is teaching in Malawi as well at this time. From Malawi, Caleb and Derrick will be heading into Tanzania (14) where they will teach, and then return back to Kenya where they will arrive home in Rongo (15). By then they will have been away teaching for over a month.

It boggles my mind how much has to take place for all of these events to unfold, but with great devotion and excitement it does so.

The fuel alone for Caleb’s remaining journeys will cost $600, and there will be other expenses as well. And the fact is, I do not have the funds for them to even proceed. Can you please help financially right now? Help me get them to their next destination, and home. And as well, help the many thousands more who will hear this truth regarding the kingdom of heaven. I very much so need your help right now.

Thank you,


June 7th 2017 - Here is just a brief update as the work in Africa continues to flourish! Walter has been traveling through Kenya and has taught over 1,800 pastors, bishops, and Muslims in six different locations. He will next be flying to Zanzibar where he will teach 400 Muslims and 384 Christians. Jacob has remained in Algeria, north of the Sahara Dessert, where he has been for nearly three weeks, teaching even there several thousand Muslims. Abdi has been teaching in Eritrea for two weeks with great success. His brother, Chiko Lawi, is out teaching as well, and will next teach 1,100 Muslims in the country Guinea-Bissau. And Caleb continues his travels and teachings in Namibia, where multiple thousands of pastors and bishops and Muslims are rejoicing in Bride truth! And frankly, all of this is overwhelming me financially! I am presently a few hundred dollars short of needed funds as I write this and am trying to meet their needs. Success can be a trying matter, and Bride truth in Africa is a MAJOR, ever-expanding success!

Blessings to you,


May 14th 2017 - After listening to the podcast “Testimonies Regarding May” per the May 11 report here, I received an email from Rian in Australia, and following is a paragraph from it:

You mentioned Bloody Mary, and Elizabeth the 1st and Elizabeth the 2nd. As Elizabeth the 2nd just turned 91 on the 21st of April, 2017, would you consider that as significant as well? As Yahweh passes over the first, then passes over the 2nd, and accepts the 3rd, would it be that at this time Africa could be like an “Elizabeth the 3rd“ that would birth the Elijah into this world to prepare the way for the coming of Immanuel? I probably haven't worded this properly because we have the Bride in the picture, as well and the birthing of the male child; but it just seems that there ought to be a spiritual Elizabeth the 3rd that Yahweh would accept, which carries the Elijah in the darkness of Africa's womb. You have previously mentioned Africa being the 1st bird or 1st Remnant work, and from that the Elijah would rise up and reach into the whole world. It's like a seed has gone into Africa and now that seed has matured in the womb and the Elijah is about to be born from Africa into the rest of the world. The northeastern part of Africa has pricked my interest for quite a while as it seems that the Red Sea area looks a bit like a womb and a birth canal. I've included a picture below showing the Red Sea area and an illustration of a womb and birth canal. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this. Either way, it seems that the Mordecai is getting very close to being lifted up! Praise Yahweh!

Following is the image Rian created to show this comparison.

First, what Rian said about a third Elizabeth is most relevant. In that podcast, I meant to address that Elizabeth I evidences to be a “first Remnant” with her sixty-nine testimony relative to my own life; but like the first bird she died. We hope today that this age of sixty-nine in my own life this year will thereupon provide the much-needed fulfillment of the Elijah and the latter rain. And it seems that Elizabeth II testifies to that fulfillment in that she lives today and Elijah will come forth and the Bride formed and will not die.

Let us examine these two images. Regarding the Red Sea (the womb) and the Gulf of Aden (the birth canal), there is no question this is the prophetic testimony that Yahweh God our Creator has set forth. To confirm this testimony all the more, look at this next image.

You will see at the top of the womb that there are in fact the two fallopian tubes—the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba (the Biblical Red Sea). Additionally, the Gulf of Aden is of course the birth canal, or technically the vagina. Interestingly and quite relevant, Aden is a variant of Adin, and in Hebrew means delight or pleasure. The Gulf of Aden is named from the city Aden, and even the former name of that city, Eudaemon, equally means “blissful.” The Hebrew root for 5719, “adiyn” is 5727, “adan,” which in Strong’s means “to live voluptuously—delight self.” And, “aden” is also related to the Garden of “Eden,” in both Hebrew and Persian. Most certainly, this word is consistently related to pleasure. And prophetically, these word meanings are quite relevant for this anatomical testimony.

So, when Rian says, “It's like a seed has gone into Africa and now that seed has matured in the womb and the Elijah is about to be born from Africa into the rest of the world,” there is more than sufficient testimony that this region prophesies of the birth of one that would fulfill that prophecy. And hopefully Rian is right and that one is the fulfilling Elijah, who comes forth through the fulfilling Elizabeth, even Africa. The need for this fulfillment is exceedingly great! May Yahweh perform it!

Before I close, let me provide you a report on recent teaching opportunities. The dreadful breach of April greatly diminished going out to teach. But now with its completion, the teachings are being renewed. Walter had continued to teach, but with a marked reduction. And now, his most recent teaching was most encouraging. As you know, Abdi was to teach in Libya. But with his accident, he could not go. So just this week, Walter traveled to where Abdi had been scheduled and the attendance was three hundred and sixty four. That was far more than he was expecting, and the response was quite favorable. Plus there was no incidence. And, you will recall that the last time Jacob taught among some Muslims, afterwards he and his interpreter were stripped naked and beat with wooden rods. Through that meeting though, he was invited up to Algeria to teach a like gathering of Muslims and is there right now.

And likewise, after Caleb was delivered from imprisonment and loss and near-fatal harm to his wife, he too has embarked on his next journey—down to southern Africa to the capital of Namibia where there is being held a mega pastor’s conference which he will teach. And while Derrick was murdered who was his traveling companion during the breach, there is in fact another brother in Rongo who is traveling with Caleb and it just so happens that his name is Derrick as well. They expect to be away for four weeks, traveling and teaching as the invitations and opportunities arise.

So, it is quite evident that in all three situations, their prior losses have now tuned to grateful fulfillment! Yahweh has repaired the dreadful breach! Blessed be Yahweh!

And please let me say, with increased travel, there comes added costs. As I write this, Walter needed $240 for two tires on Mike’s car that failed on the rough Africa back roads. And Caleb called equally needed $240 for fuel to get them to their destination in Namibia. Can you please help? It would be much appreciated.

Blessings, and we rejoice in what the Father is performing,


May 11th 2017 - This entry of the Africa Report is via a podcast. It is a very important update titled “Testimonies Regarding May.” Click here to go to it and select this title.

April 23rd 2017 - This entry of the Africa Report is via a podcast. It is a very important update titled “April Breach and Tabernacles.” Click here to go to it and select this title.

April 18th 2017 - In all of these Africa Reports I have been honest and straightforward with you, and will do so now as well. In the April 7 report, I addressed how we have entered into the dreaded breach of April, and related some very disturbing and costly events. Well, they have not let up at all, to the extent that Caleb just recently lamented to me, “I wish they would take April out of the calendar!” Gratefully, there are some bright lights of encouragement and hope as well, as noted in the April 12 report, but the bite of April continues! Let me explain.

You will recall that in latter March Abdi was in a car wreck and broke his leg; then on March 27 brother Choyi was taken to a hospital; and on March 29 Caleb’s brother, Jacob, was stripped naked and beaten with wooden rods. Then came the dreadful breach of April! On April 1, the day when Yahshua was crucified, brother Choyi was driving and hit a motorbike and rider who had passed and stopped immediately in front of him. Brother Choyi was thrown into the steering wheel and the motorbike driver suffered both legs being broken. We had to pay $700 for hospital treatment to the bike driver and for repairs to his bike. But that was only the beginning!

On April 6 they were in Jinja, Uganda, and brother Choyi was teaching. Suddenly, he collapsed, and died on the way to the hospital. This was a HUGE blow to Caleb, and troubled me as well! Multiple times brother Choyi had told both Caleb and me that he was willing to give his life for the Bride teaching, and so he did—even at the very time in which he was teaching. While there in Jinja we had to make arrangements and pay for the costs of his burial. Again, that was a huge blow to us all, especially for Caleb. Afterwards, Caleb and another man from that town proceeded to Busia, Kenya, where the meeting addressed in the April 12 report was held.

You will recall in that report that there was a bishop who in our first travels to that town took Caleb by the neck of his shirt and threatened to beat him. That was Bishop Derrick Wanyonyi. With brother Choyi gone, now Bride brother Derrick decided to travel with Caleb to his home in Rongo and obtain some DVDs and tracts. But first there was to be a stop in Kisumu, Kenya, where Caleb was going to check into getting chemotherapy, as he has been facing cancer for quite some time. But by now, Caleb was totally exhausted and suffered from cancer symptoms. Only five days after Choyi collapsed, on April 11 Caleb too passed out and was taken to the hospital and put in ICU. I talked with him the following day and he was feeling better. Now, I equally paid for his hospital stay, and for chemo which he received in Kisi, not far from Rongo where he lives. But, the painful sting of April would continue!

On April 15, right in the middle of breach April, I received a call from Caleb and he advised me that brother Dor’s wife died. She has been living in the adjoining duplex where I had stayed. And I was not aware of this, but his forty-six year old wife was pregnant with his child, and she went into labor. They took her to the local hospital, which was not equipped for cesarean deliveries and had become necessary. An ambulance then moved her to the Catholic hospital an hour away and both the baby and mother died. Here again was yet another shocking death since April 1—now of mother and child—as well as another draining hospital and burial expense. With all of this I am left wondering: How do we survive this breach? After brother Choyi’s death, I told the brothers to go home and take April off. But how can one escape this avalanche of calamity?

Yes, I know this month is a type of breach Christianity, so what less am I to expect than what we have experienced? And yes, Satan has had the power of death and has taken kingdom man to it for 2,000 years. But it’s hard to have it in our midst now. Our hope is that May will bring the testimony of the second Bride that does not die, as well as the binding of Satan. Our hope is that the latter rain will come on May 31, which will change the world and bring Immanuel to this earth. Then after May will come June, the month when the Holy Spirit came upon me in 1994 and began to sovereignly teach me this wonderful truth regarding the Bride. And, this year marks the third twenty-three-year period in my life when I am sixty-nine.

There is yet another testimony that seems to be relevant to our hope. When Caleb got back home, there was a bishop in Rongo who was speaking very evil of him—saying that he was of the devil. This bothered Caleb very much, and as I am writing this Caleb went to him and met with him. Caleb explained what he was teaching and the bishop then understood. Later in the day, Caleb put the bishop on the phone and he apologized to me for all that he had said, and fully accepted Bride truth and was no longer a Christian. So, like brother Derrick, he too had misjudged us and soon delighted in Bride truth, taking great hope in what the Father is doing towards the much-needed coming of Immanuel. And what I found most interesting was that his name is Paul. Bishop Paul’s misguided understanding and judgments were replaced with the truth and hope of the Bride. And gratefully, Paul worked very closely with Caleb to fulfill the burial of Dor’s wife and child.

The Bride work has been in Africa for just short of one and a half years, and there has never been anything like what we are now experiencing in April. In fact, there has never even been anything like this in the twenty-three years or the Bride! And at this point I can agree with Caleb—“I wish they would take April out of the calendar.” But as an intercessor, I also know that identification has to be with the whole. If you want the victory, you have to first pay the costly price, and April is proving to be most costly—not only financially, but physically for the brothers, and quite emotionally for all of us!

Just since April 1, I have had to provide $5,700 so as to meet these aforementioned demanding needs, and more. They had to be met right away and I could not wait for funds to come in. And frankly, the gifts that most gratefully came in have not been sufficient for these needs and I have had to pay over sixty percent of this out of my personal finances. There was no other choice. Can you help get us through the remainder of this dreadful breach? Any and everything will help. I hope you will stand with me in this breach month of April and help fill the gap in these finances.



April 12th 2017 - Let me tell you a story that hopefully tells it all. In December of 2015, I was in Rongo with Caleb and we had fully begun our teaching work in Kenya. But on that particular late evening, he and I were in the Rongo business district and were walking on our way back to his home. It was now dark, and we were about to cross one of the busy paved roadways. There are no streetlights there, and as we crossed the asphalt road I prepared to step off of it onto the ground. But, I did not plan for what was about to happen! In the dark, I expected there to be a slight drop and did not anticipate the foot-and-a-half or so surprise! My right foot took the hard blow as I crumpled to the ground, and Caleb called for a motorbike to carry us the rest of the way.

I could walk, but I knew it was badly hurt and was on its way to turning purple—and I had to keep it elevated. Caleb and I were scheduled to leave that next day for a teaching in Busia, but the thought of standing to teach for two days seemed unrealistic and I planned to cancel it. But early that morning, the pastor in Rongo who had arranged the teaching came to Caleb’s home to appeal to me to not cancel. Already, men had begun traveling from Uganda and in southwest Kenya to be there. Seeing their sacrifice, I needed to sacrifice as well and go, even if I had to sit and teach. So, the meeting was set to take place and I had Caleb to go and buy me an elastic stretch bandage to wrap my foot and ankle. And if that wasn’t already enough drama, it would indeed increase!

The first day of teaching in Busia went very well. I found that I could stand with the aid of the bandage wrap, and in a local church there taught sixty to eighty pastors and bishops. But the next morning, a surprise awaited Caleb. He got out early and went to the church to make sure everything was OK. But it was NOT OK! Three bishops who had not attended the meeting the day before were there to stop and shut down the teaching. They threatened to lock the building, and one of them even grabbed Caleb by the neck of his shirt and threatened to beat him up. These men thought that Caleb was there to steal churches. One of the bishops who had attended the teaching the day before was so frightened by them that he momentarily left, but did finally return. Eventually, the men attending the meeting convinced the three bishops as to our true intentions and they left. By the time I got there everything had settled down; but Caleb was still rattled by all of this. This was the only occasion where we had this kind of conflict. The second day went well, and that afternoon we went to the home of the peaceable bishop for a brief visit.

Fast forwarding to today, Caleb’s most recent travels took him once again to and through Busia on his way west; but this time those same three bishops were there to hear and learn. All three of them apologized for their prior actions. And then a few weeks later upon his return home, just this last weekend Caleb once again stopped to teach in Busia. They were expecting to teach two hundred in that same church building, but that once again was not to be—only this time for a different reason. Now knowing of these teachings that have swept across all of Africa, the attendance of pastors and bishops had swelled to 2,200, and they met in the auditorium of the local middle school. And instead of the bishop taking Caleb by the neck of his shirt and threatening to beat him up, he cordially invited him to stay in his home and treated him as his most beloved brother and friend.

And then on the next day, seventy more pastors and bishops arrived, having heard of this teaching and that Caleb was there. They questioned about what they had heard, and came to inquire further about it. But after listening to Caleb and going to the Remnant Bride web site, they too confessed that they were no longer Christians but Bride.

What a remarkable, remarkable change from just over a year ago! A lame white man had come there to teach for the first time this Bride truth, and it looked like we were going to be shut out. But with cooler heads prevailing, and hearts that had already been warmed with the truth of the Bride, we prevailed. And today, not only did 2,300 hear this truth, but the leadership in that area now welcomed our beloved Caleb, including him staying in the home of the bishop who once threatened him. They all rejoiced greatly in all they were hearing—and now proclaim to be Bride. Such is the impact of Bride truth all across Africa—upon both Christians and Muslims alike! May Yahweh God be praised!

And of course I would be remiss if I did not ask you to do your part in this and support and advance this work financially. This story I just shared with you is one of many, many more; and they are all made possible because of your financial support. And today, because of this expanding growth, we need your help all the more. I hope you enjoyed this revealing account and will do your part.



April 7th 2017 - This will be a most unusual update on Africa. I am an intercessor, and the key element of intercession is identification. And identification is both costly and very rewarding. All you have to do is to look at Yahshua to see this. If you are not familiar with intercession, this report is going to be rather foreign to you.

In a podcast here at Remnant Bride titled Update and Hope-Filled Understanding, you will learn about an intercession wherein March, April, and May of this year respectively evidence being the pattern of first Remnant, Body of Christ, and second Remnant. In this pattern, as the first Remnant, March is a vital gain—but, also a painful loss. But even more significantly, April, as the Body of Christ, is already proving to be a very costly and disturbing breach! But what we must have is a May that is the much needed fulfillment for good, turning everything around! This is when we hope for the fulfilling latter rain come May 31. So, let us first see what March brought.

As addressed in the aforementioned podcast, blood money funds of $6,000 that came in the middle of the month of March supported and made possible a vital thrust of Bride teaching across Africa. But, the latter part of March also provided some unusual and unexpected expenses. When Abdi was in Libya, he was in a car wreck that broke his leg. We had to cover those expenses (March 24). Then on March 27 brother Choyi was in the hospital with malaria. And on March 29, Caleb’s brother, Jacob, was teaching in Chad and for the first time we experienced violence after a teaching. A large group of men attacked him and his translator as they were walking back to the man’s home. They stripped them naked and beat them with wooden rods. This reminds me of second Remnant Song of Songs 5 where the watchmen struck and wounded the Bride in search of her beloved. So, fittingly, first Remnant March transitioned in the end to difficulty.

Then came the dreaded April breach, and on April 1—the date of Yahshua’s crucifixion—we began to experience an even more unwelcomed and very disturbing string of events! On that date there was an accident wherein a motorbike passed them, pulled in front of Choyi ( who was driving), and had to suddenly brake, causing the bike and driver to be struck by our vehicle. It broke both of the motorbike driver’s legs. We then had to pay $700 for his hospital treatment and repairs to his motorbike. It damaged our car as well. Then on April 5, I had to send an additional $375 to Caleb to replace the car’s radiator due to a leak sustained from the accident. April bit hard!

These costs, as well as others that supported these valued teachings, quickly evaporated that $6,000, plus more! But even moreso, since April 1 everything that is unfolding in breach April put a huge stress on me! And, it’s not just all of these expenses. Knowing that we are in the breach of April, I cannot endure an entire month like this! And there is something I am not even prepared to tell you at this time, but April has bitten hard!

Let me explain something. All of this violence and the breaking of legs evidences Yahshua’s own crucifixion, where the legs of two men were equally broken. These difficulties began at the end of first Remnant March, but even moreso came on April 1 when two legs were broken.

April bit like a serpent, and I can’t imagine what the rest of breach April might bring; but I hope we can endure and make it to May. I will explain more in a follow-up report. But let me add something here as a note of hope. On the evening of April 5, for the first time in several months my youngest daughter, Grace, called me. Why is this hopeful? Because at her birth as our fifth and final child, she was breach! And as addressed here, God miraculously repaired that breach! That is what we are so very desperate for right now—for God to work a miracle and repair the breach and perform a work in May that will end all of the death and pain for the last 2,000 years! There has been too much loss in April already, and we wait upon Yahshua for the redeeming work of second Remnant May.

And let me add one more confirming and hopeful thing. My wife’s birth pains began on March 31, 1992. That was when we discovered that the little girl was breach. But my wife’s contractions miraculously stopped, and we all went to bed. And it was during that night that Yahweh repaired the breach and Grace was born on April 1! God repaired the breach on April 1! Today, we so very desperately need this true breach repaired, and it has every appearance that Yahweh was looking to this very day when He performed the miracle of repairing the breach on April 1, 1992! May Yahweh have mercy upon us and perform His miracle work—performing good and not adversity, that we can have a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11)!

I will share more soon, but with these incurred extra expenses, I hope you can help. Would you stand with me, with us, in this time of difficulty and help get through this breach period to May? As I said, I will be adding more to this ongoing report, but can you help now?



March 10th 2017 - Let me provide you an update on what is taking place in Africa. This is not an account of all that has taken place since the last reports, for that would be too exhaustive to even accomplish. Rather, it gives you a taste as to how this swell of Bride truth is ongoing and escalating!

Let me begin though by telling you that both Caleb and Walter got malaria. Walter went to the doctor, but Caleb kept pushing with his busy teaching schedule and eventually collapsed and was admitted to the hospital. Both men have been treated and are back to their busy schedules. We are very grateful for all of these brothers who go out and teach. And in saying this, let us look at some of what has taken place as of late.

Regarding Caleb and brother Choyi, after leaving Rongo they spent at least a week in Ethiopia (1) teaching thousands of church leaders and Muslims. From there they traveled to the capital of Cameroon, Yaoundé (2). Here again, they spent at least a week there as well, teaching multiple thousands. One of those in attendance was Bishop Naftali of Mali (a country we had not yet taught in). He had heard about these teachings and had come to listen to them. Upon doing so, he insisted that they come to Bamako (3), the capital of Mali, and teach there. Bride helped provide the funds to get them there, and Bishop Naftali was to get them back to Cameroon.

When Caleb and Choyi arrived, they were expecting to teach 2,500 church leaders and Muslims; but instead there were 3,500. Brother Naftali had run some ads on the radio. The next day though that number increased to 4,500 leaders. Then the next day they had to split the attendees into three groups, for they had now swelled to 6,700! Caleb emailed me: “We were forced to divide them into three groups. 180 elders from Sabbath keeping churches dropped their Christianity ways and joined Bride. Another 2,800 bishops too abandoned their churches and declared Bride truth faith.” It was supposed to be a three-day teaching, but the demand for more teaching was so great they had to extend it two more days. That next day there were now 7,800 to be taught, and they now had to split them into four groups! Such is the unquenchable desire for Bride truth in Africa—among both Christians and Muslims alike. Having completed the teaching there, along with yet another location, they are now returning to Cameroon for more teachings in that country. Afterwards they will teach their way home to Rongo, Kenya. When they will arrive, they do not know!

And speaking of Muslims, let me tell you more. It is truly incredible what Yahweh is doing! It is amazing how Muslims are embracing Bride truth, to the extent that they are no longer Muslims but Bride. Former Sheik Dor is just one example. Also, in the Remnant Bride email I send out I mentioned Abdi. Our first contact with him was in fulfilling his request for a Bride teaching in Cairo, Egypt (4). He was a Muslim at that time. But, at that meeting youth from the Muslim Brotherhood came and disrupted it, beating Abdi so severely that he had to recover in the hospital. After fully recovering, another meeting was then held in Eritrea (5). The outcome of this is that Abdi believed and he himself began teaching Bride truth to Muslims and to all who will listen. One of his meetings took place in Libya (6), and at this time he is conducting a meeting in Tan Tan, Morocco (7). And that’s not all. His brother, Lawi, heard Bride truth and he too is now out teaching Bride to Muslims and Christians alike. And I know Walter frequently conducts meetings with Muslims, particularly in northern Kenya. There is a Muslim man who organizes them. And as I am writing this, I just sent funds to another former Muslim Sheik, Juma, who is traveling to the islands of Comoros (8) to initially teach 2,500 Muslims, 3,500 Christians, and 50 Hindus (6,050). He is going to stay there a month and travel about teaching all whom he can!

And, this is only a part of all that is taking place in Africa! There are many others who are going out and teaching—people I am aware of, but many I have never heard about. Many of them make personal sacrifices to go out and teach Bride truth. For all of these, Bride truth is not only the message of hope for Africa, but for all mankind!

Brothers and sisters, I am constantly amazed how Yahweh is spreading Bride truth all across Africa—to Christians, Muslims, and other sects as well! And in reality, it will indeed be Bride truth that will unite ALL men under the headship of Immanuel. It certainly won’t be Mystery Babylonian Christianity which divides.

I could tell you so many more stories like these, and there are many I don’t even yet know myself. But maybe now you have a better taste for what the Father is doing in Africa. And honestly, I haven’t addressed their many personal sacrifices to spread this truth. These brothers leave family to go teach. Caleb is rarely ever at home. Bishop Naftali of Mali sold both land and a young cow to insure that that meeting took place at Bamako. These people are willing to give all to spread this truth. And you know what I’m getting ready to say. Will you give to support them? These men do not have the money to go out and teach. And the poverty that exists in Africa does not support all the transportation and provisions for bringing these crowds of hungry people together. By in large they do their part, but this requires our help as well. And the fact is, why wouldn’t we give to support what the Father is doing? This should be not only an honor for us, but even an obligation.

I hope to hear from you. To receive our email updates, click here (link). And to help support this vital work, click on one of the following options.

Thank you, and blessings to all,


February 8th 2017 - I wish you could sit where I sit and hear what I hear from those in Africa who are desperate to hear Bride truth. Here is just one example from this morning. It is an email from a bishop in Nigeria. And, this is the first major meeting we will hold in Nigeria.

Dear Servant of Yahweh Gary Naler,

My name is pastor Samuel from Kano in Nigeria. I have been in contact with Walter for over two months now for him to come over to Kano and teach us. We have been trying to raise money for over a month, and we are having a big conference of pastors and bishops in Kano. We have raised some money for Walter's air ticket and accommodation. We now have $1,100 and we are still short of $270 for him to come over on Saturday. My brother, I am requesting that you help us with $270. We have been waiting to hear this teaching for so long. I am hoping that you will find it in your heart to help us listen to this teaching. God bless you.

As well this morning, Caleb needed funds for him and brother Choyi to travel to Ethiopia, where they will stay and travel about teaching thousands of eager hearers. Also this morning brother Denis needed $240 to travel to Burundi. And as we were trying to meet these needs, another Bride brother, Dixon, came to Caleb’s home and needs to get to Malawi. I talked with him and he was complaining that Caleb was avoiding him. Caleb is in fact overwhelmed! And let me assure you, these requests are entirely bonafide. There is a GREAT hunger in Africa for Bride truth, and I personally know each of these men. Plus, Caleb is entirely trustworthy. I know, I lived with him for three months, and over and over he has demonstrated his commitment and faithfulness. In fact, just yesterday he sold his little refrigerator just to get some tracts printed for the trip to Ethiopia. Let me tell you, these men in Africa are sacrificing for the purpose of sharing Bride truth, as well as the great hope of the return of Immanuel. And even Denis sold his only sheep to try to raise the funds for his trip.

The people across Africa are starving for the word of truth. Please, fill their hunger and help bring Immanuel back to this starving earth. Give all you can, as these men and many others give all they can.



January 26th 2017 - Let me tell you a story. In around 1977, I was standing at a window in our home, looking outside, and Yahweh spoke to me. He said, “When you seek to lift up others higher than yourself, then I will lift you up.” Obviously, I never forgot that. But as well, I have sought to live it and apply it in my life. It is choosing to be a servant to others, or as it is written, “with humility of mind regard others as more important than yourself” (Philippians 2:3). It is a daily attitude; and when I began the ministry to the needy in Dallas, what Yahweh told me was my practice as well. I began Sonshine House Ministries, but I sought to lift up other ministries as well. Upon completing a period in helping one of those ministries, I remember walking out the door there and saying to Yahweh, “I have lifted up others so that they could reach their goals. When will I get what I have been pursuing?” Shortly after that Yahweh did indeed give me the home that we began building for the needy.

But, this is an ongoing life principle. In fact, often what we think is the or a fulfillment, is actually a shadow of the true fulfillment that is to come. Just the other day I was reminded of this truth in relation to Africa. I went over there a year ago and began teaching Bride truth. After three months of living there, becoming an African, for the last year I have devoted the entirety of the finances and my time seeking to lift up the brothers there who are spreading this vital truth all across that vast continent. I have once again had the opportunity to lift up others higher than myself—and that is what I want to do in this email, and to invite you to join me in this essential practice.

I am constantly spending down to zero the funds that come in. At this time, I just helped send Walter to Mauritania where he taught 1,500 Muslims and some Christians this wonderful and highly sought truth. Also, brother Dor and Caleb were invited to return to Sudan and teach Muslims and Christians as well. You will recall that Dor was formerly a Muslim sheikh, and now identifies himself as Bride. There were men there who were jealous of him; and when he went to Caleb’s to learn, paid men came and burned down his home—killing his two-year-old child, while his wife and brother escaped. The Muslims there feel bad about what happened to him and have invited him and Caleb to return and teach them more concerning Bride truth. Brother Dor loves to teach Bride truth, especially to Muslims, and it is wonderful that he has this opportunity to return and share this truth with them.

But I have a problem. I am financially down to essentially nothing, and at the first of February Walter’s rent of $400 is due. You will recall that we moved him to Nairobi so as to save on finances—not having to pay for transportation back and forth to the Nairobi airport from Kisumu. Paying his rent is a very pressing need at this time. Also, the car we bought while I was there and is used extensively to travel all over Africa as Caleb, Choyi, and Dor go out to teach, is sitting at Caleb’s home with the transmission out. To replace the transmission will cost $1,700. This vehicle saves us money as well, and affords these three men the ability to travel about and teach.

Will you join with me and help lift up others higher than yourself? I can tell you firsthand, you are as much a vital part of this work as myself, or a! any of the others in Africa who sacrifice and even risk their lives to go out and teach Bride truth. Without your help, they cannot go out. I ask you, please, to help send them. Help lift them up. And this rent has to be paid immediately! Furthermore, it is my hope that as we seek to lift them up higher than ourselves, soon the Father will lift up a man as a Mordecai—and the whole world will know Bride truth, preparing the way for Immanuel’s return, and He will rule and reign forever.

Also, I invite you to watch a short video that Walter prepared and therein shares about his own life and experience, as well as how Bride truth brings hope to Africa. I know you will enjoy it. Plus, you will meet Walter, and he will become more than just a name or character in the Africa work. Click here to view it.

And again, I cannot emphasize enough how important your immediate help is right now. Please join me and help lift up others higher than ourselves.



January 7th 2017 - Here is an email I received from Walter, and am sharing it with you. He knows how much I seek to support these faithful brothers who go out and teach, and how much this weighs upon me. I did not ask him to provide this, and was entirely his thoughts and expressions. In fact the last sentence is what he told me just the other day when I was lamenting how this weighs upon me. You could not ask for a greater group of men to do what they are doing here in Africa, and we can ALL be grateful for this. In fact, I ask you to show this gratitude by helping to provide the financial support they deserve. You will also see here their great success as they present this Bride truth. Here is Walter’s email (with slight changes to make it more readable for you):

January 4, 2017

Dear Remnants,

Today I was invited to be on Radio Africa in Nairobi to explain the teachings of the Bride, and I was deeply encouraged by the response I received from the listeners. As you are all aware, the wave of Bride teachings is changing Africa! And eighteen days ago I was in Ghana, and there the Daily Magazine carried our story after they witnessed the great numbers of pastors who turned out to listen to the Bride teachings.

On New Years Eve I spent the night teaching 1,650 pastors in Mozambique, and among us was the Attorney General of Mozambique who was happy with our teachings. On 27th of December my friend Mike and I drove for eighteen hours to teach 678 Muslim leaders in northern Kenya in a village called Maralal. They told us that the Bride teachings are a bridge between the Muslims and Christians that brings people together. Before that on the 23rd we had taught 1,450 pastors in Lesotho, Kenya. And before that, upon being invited by the council of Muslim leaders, on the 21st we had taught 430 Muslim leaders in a town called Kwale. And leading up to all of this, on the 20th of December my brother Gary had to look for money to help us buy 2,000 tracts that we could carry with us to use to help teach.

My dear brothers, I had to sacrifice to leave my home area in Kisumu to come and stay in Nairobi to give me easy access to travel all over Africa. My brother Gary has faced a lot of financial challenges, but he did everything possible to help me settle in Nairobi. My brothers, the Bride is facing a lot of financial challenges. We don't have tracts or DVDs now to help teach. We always sacrifice to do with one meal a day so that we can minimize the cost of traveling and expenses. It is now that we need your help to help us achieve the work that Yahweh has chosen us do to. We are always doing His will and I believe that we will soon get out of this hole. Just like my late grandmother told me, anytime we experience a drought, it is always a sign that rain will come heavy one day.

All Glory to Yahweh,


I hope you can help. All of these men truly sacrifice daily for this work. Please do your part and help them as they seek to prepare the way for Immanuel and deliver this world from the serpent Satan. You can give by clicking on the following links.



Walter teaching Bride truth in Zanzibar, where they sat on the ground for six hours wanting to learn.

December 22nd 2016 - Let me give you an update on Bride activities in Africa. But the fact is, there is no way I can tell you everything or all the amazing stories as I have tried to share in the past. There is more going on than can even be addressed! So, I will begin by providing you a most recent account from Caleb.

Two men have joined Caleb to form an effective and very dedicated team. With him is Bishop Choyi of South Africa, and newly converted Bride brother from southern Sudan, former Sheikh Dor. These three men travel together in the Nisan X-Trail that a Bride brother bought for us when I was in Africa a year ago. It has been a most wonderful and effectual provision. So now instead of flying to a location to teach, these men have teamed up to touch even more people as they travel long distances across the African Continent and let the invitations along the way lead them (as you will see). Here now is Caleb’s report from their most recent trip.

We left Rongo, Kenya (1), on December 9 and drove nonstop for fifty hours to Francistown, Botswana (2), where we were to have a two-day teaching with 4.200 bishops, pastors, elders, deacons, and Catholic priests. But it turned out that God extended our stay, and our return journey did not get us back home until December 18.

One needs to understand the economic situation of Botswana. Many people in that country are poor, and even poorer are the villagers. Finishing the teaching at Francistown, by invitation we next went to a remote village called Sowa (3) with a population of 3,500. They could not afford to come to Francistown, and longed to hear the Bride truth message of hope that will bring Emmanuel back to this earth—and this cannot happen without a female work, the Bride. Brother Dor had a pleasant time teaching a few Muslims who wanted to hear this message of hope as well, and they were all nodding their heads in understanding.

Next we drove to another small town called Kanye (4). Here we had a good opportunity to teach 1,000 pastors and bishops, thirty of whom resolved to dissolve their religion and join Bride, which will lead people out of the sufferings of this earth. Yahshua’s return is the only hope for mankind, and everyone here was most happy!

From Kanye, God lead us to a remote village called Serowe (5). We had a good turnout and He confirmed to us that truly He was the driver and the planner of this meeting. We were received by the bishop of one of Africa’s traditional churches called Nineveh—Africa Inland Church. The bishop allowed us to have a night in his house and we had our meals together with him. The number of people who showed up for the meeting was 880 bishops and pastors. They were ready to be taught and listened to us, and all acknowledged that, truly, the message of Bride truth was the only way and truth.

The final town in Botswana where we had a meeting was Tutume (6). Here we saw God’s hand move and it was a blessing to us. The number of the pastors and bishops who attended the meeting was 700, and all of them surrendered their false teachings and accepted the Bride truth.

We crossed over into Zimbabwe, and at Chinhoyi (7) we taught 600 pastors and bishops. This group was very receptive and they were very willing to listen and to be taught.

We next crossed over into Zambia where we taught in a town called Mpulungu (8). Here the number of pastors who arrived was 3,000, and they all gave their time to be taught and to learn the new message about the Bride.

From there we crossed over to Tanzania at a town called Arusha (9), where we taught 2,800 pastors and bishops. This made us to be remaining with no DVDs or tracts. Choyi had carried the tracts he purchased when he sold his car, and we had the DVDs as well. But now they were all gone.

We finally arrived back in Rongo on December 18.

May Yahweh bless all of you!


By the way, that was 90,000 tracts and 60,000 Bride-teaching DVDs. Prior to this trip, these were distributed in part in South Africa (where Choyi lives), as well as in a mutual trip with Caleb into Chad and thereabout. But let me tell you something else about Bishop Choyi.

When they were in the course of this journey shown above, brother Choyi received a call that his nine-year-old son had been struck by a motorbike and it broke his leg. The Bride helped to insure that he received the needed treatment. But a few days later, Choyi received word that his son had evidently received a head injury as well and died. Brother Choyi called me and told me of this, but he said the Bride teaching was far too important to mankind for him to go back home, and wanted to continue teaching. I understood entirely, and reminded him that Satan has the power of death, and his son’s death all the more urges us to be faithful to the Bride work so that Satan’s work comes to an end and his office goes to the Elijah and the Bride. This brother is a great example of the Bride’s essential work. This time we helped with his son’s burial. And right now, Choyi, Dor, and Caleb are back in the X-Trail and on their way back through Chad—here again teaching many as they make that fifty-plus-hour trip to a meeting in Am Timan taking place December 23 thru 26 with an expected attendance of 6,000. Eventually they will travel to Gabon, and who knows when they will return home to Rongo. I tell you brothers and sisters, Bride truth is passionately being sought and taught throughout Africa. And as brother Choyi once said to me, “This is not you, Gary; this is not us; this is God!” Amen!

There is sooooo very much more I could tell you. There is sooooo much more happening. But I share this so that you at least have a taste of what the Father continues to do in Africa. And I want you to know that the only way this is possible is because you financially make it possible. And this account is about just these three men, for there are several others who go out and teach as well. A gift of $200 can send a brother out to teach a thousand or more people. Anything helps, and the larger gifts are critical for us as well. Right now, I do not have the funds to print more tracts or produce the DVDs. These are items that the teams view as critical! They have to leave something with the people to help them. So if you can send $1,000, or $2,000, or even $10,000, the outcome will be MOST profound and most welcomed! And as all the team members know and as brother Choyi reminds us with the loss of his son, this work is critical! They labor to bring Immanuel back to this earth. What could be more important and essential?

Thank you for all of your support.



November 24th 2016 - Now for an update on the many opportunities we have had to advance Bride truth even further and deeper across the continent of Africa. But before I do, let me share a statement from Bishop Choyi of South Africa. As I expressed in the October 12 Africa Report, he has made a commitment to travel across this continent enthusiastically sharing Bride truth, and this he has done. In a recent conversation I had with him, he stated something that is profoundly true and captures the reality and passion of what is happening there. In poignant simplicity he stated to me, “This isn’t you, this isn’t us, this is God!” There can be no question of the reality of this, and his statement is a widely established recognition and realization of something that has not happened before. Within less than one year, masses of people all across Africa and the nations directly outside of this vast continent, are most eagerly longing to hear and understand this indisputable reality of what the Father has revealed to His bride. And, they take great hope in it!

The Bride team continues to go out and teach, but this teaching is no longer limited to those with whom I have spoken of in the past—Caleb, Walter, and Jacob. There are still continuous demands for them to go and teach, but others like Bishop Choyi are doing likewise. And, others are beginning to print the Africa tract on their own, and assuredly duplicating the DVD teaching I did here in Salem (click here to see it). Bishop Choyi said it most accurately—this is not me, this is not even them, this is God! To give you an example of this unceasing activity, here are just some of the Bride teachings that have taken place since the last accounting.

Bishop Douglas Wapu travelled from Congo (1) to Caleb’s (without informing him) just to come and be with him, and with the hope of being able to obtain some tracts and DVDs to teach others. They had 3,500 pastors, bishops, and Muslims who were coming to learn. And at that same time, a group of three Bride brothers came and equally needed Bride materials so that they could go to Adet, Etheopia (2), where they taught 6,000 pastors and bishops and 4,000 Muslims, as well as 100 elders.

Regarding Caleb’s teachings, in Rubavu, Rwanda (3), 1,700 pastors and bishops and 300 Muslims were taught. And, a massive meeting of 4,700 pastors, bishops, and Muslims came together for an interdenominational fellowship in Dodoma, Tanzania (4). In Kenya alone, Caleb taught 1,500 pastors and bishops and 100 Muslims in Narok (5); 1,500 of a like mix in Malaba (6); 1,300 of the same mix in Sirare (7); 3,600 of the same were taught in Embu (8); and 3,200 of a like mix were taught in Mombasa (9).

I could go on and on: 3,800 in Dar as Salaam, Tanzana (10); 4,100 in Seychelles (11), an island country east of the Africa continent; and from there Caleb flew over to Bambao (12), Comoros, where he taught 2,000. You see, when a conference is held like these, all it takes is for someone from another area or even country to attend and then demand or extol the necessity that we had to come to their area and teach these same truths! This is how it works, folks. Once Bride truth is taught somewhere in Africa and its vicinity, there is a high demand that the same be taught elsewhere. They often say, “You can’t keep this from us. We must hear it as well!” This is why Africa is turning red on our map! And again, this report is simply the meetings where our team is going. The reports in these last two paragraphs were solely from Caleb. What if we added Walter’s and Jacob’s and what others were sharing on their own? Our map would be red indeed!

To conclude Caleb’s report to me, from there he went to Pretoria, South Africa (12), where he taught 3,800 pastors, bishops, and elders. And here again, the demands to learn these truths coming from those who attended and heard, resulted in Caleb staying there for a week and traveling to different locations in South Africa and teaching thousands of other hungry souls who long for truth and understanding! What a stark contrast to America and other countries whose ears are deaf and whose minds are dull—being lulled to sleep by the cares of this world and the ease of religion!

And folks, again, this is just a sampling of what has been taking place in Africa. I have not even shared here all of the places where our own team members—Caleb, Walter and Jacob—have been out teaching. I’m just giving you a sampling here! It is now at the place where I cannot even keep up with everything! AND, I am being stretched to the limits of being able to financially support just our part in all of this. And sadly, there are other requests that we cannot even fill because of demands and finances. And frankly, because of demands, Bride is in debt right now, and it weighs upon me very heavily! And, people are CRYING OUT for more materials! And we can’t even meet those demands.

Is God moving in Africa? I will return to what Bride brother Bishop Choyi told me over the phone: “This isn’t you, this isn’t us, this is God!” Please, if you can’t go to Africa and be a part of this, at least send your support for them. I do not keep one red cent of the money that is donated—not one! It all goes to support the work in Africa. Can you generously help? With all the demands of success, we are in great need of it right now. Please scroll down past the photos and help all you can. We are giving our all, and need your generous help as well.

Thank you,


Meeting in Gabon, mentioned in the previous 11-12 Africa Report.

November 12th 2016 - With all that has been going on with the highly prophetic presidential election, as well as adding the new section for podcasts (click here to view them) and the new insight that came and was presented in them, I have been delayed in providing an Africa update. But, this does not mean that the expansion of the Bride in Africa has diminished, but instead has expanded!

Before I provide a report on that expansion, let me use this opportunity to tell you a most amazing story. If you have stayed up with these reports, you will remember Muslim Sheikh Dor Mohamed of Sudan. Caleb had been there twice by Dor’s invitation and taught many Muslims, Christians, and Hindus. Recently he returned by invitation for a third time, and after the teaching Sheikh Dor advised him that he was no longer a Muslim but was Bride. He said he could in no wise be Christian, but now understanding Bride truth was wholly convinced this was indeed true. Also, he wanted to come to Rongo, Kenya, and spend time with Caleb and learn more.

Upon arrival in Kenya, brother Dor received a message that his home had been burned down. His wife and youngest brother escaped, but his two-year-old child was lost in the fire. One’s immediate thought would be that his conversion was the cause of the attack, but that was found not to be the case. There were leaders there who were jealous of not having a part in the meetings and hired these men to carry out the attack. I will never forget the first time I spoke with him on the phone and expressed my condolences for his loss. But his reply was most revealing. Instead of expressing grief, he told me that he was most happy because of what he was learning concerning Bride.

Seventy-one year old brother Dor and Caleb. Dor put off the traditional Muslim clothing and for the first time wore regular clothing.

Brother Dor wanted to remain there with Caleb and learn and to travel with him to share with other Muslims, so his wife and brother joined him there at Caleb’s. Their first teaching opportunity came quickly and both men were flown to the nation of Gabon on the western coast of Africa. There he shared his testimony, and conversed with the Muslims who attended. Hearing of his recent fate, they too were quite apologetic for what had happened to him. In fact, I found out that many Muslims are declaring their faith now in Bride and accepting that Yahshua is Lord and savior, as did brother Dor. You see, they are hearing truth, and are persuaded by it. And the Muslims of most of the nations in Africa (south of the dessert) are not like those we hear so much about. Brother Dor wants to share these truths with all who will listen, and as a former Sheikh speaks with added authority and experience, as well as sacrifice.

But there is only one problem we have right now in fulfilling this further expansion, and that is finances. I will be honest with you. Bride brother Bishop Choyi of South Africa came to Rongo as well and upon selling his own car used the funds to print 90,000 Africa tracts. I shared in the last report that he also wanted 60,000 DVDs. Caleb was so moved by his personal sacrifice that he put his deceased grandmother’s property deed up as collateral and the DVDs were obtained and recorded. Next, he then sold that property and gave the funds to the supplier (all but enough to buy a mattress and two plastic chairs for his home). But in Africa, to my surprise, that property sold for $1,500. The 60,000 DVDs were $10,000, leaving a balance of $8,500. At this time, we still owe $5,500.

I don’t like owing this money, as it is a serious imposition for the man who provided the DVDs, and places a heavy obligation on us that significantly cuts into the finances we need to help provide transportation for further teaching. A man recently expressed to me that I should let people know of specific needs. Well, I’m doing that right now, and asking you to help eliminate this debt and afford Caleb and brother Dor, as well as Walter and Jacob, the ability to go out and teach Bride truth. There is in fact a great demand for them to go out. Please remember the personal sacrifices of these men and help us in any way you can.

Ever reaching forward,


October 12, 2016 - On October 9, 2015, I received the following email from a pastor George Caleb Oguta in Kenya, Africa:

Dear Brother Gary
I am George Caleb Oguta
I am Kenyan
I am happy with your articles
I have just visited your website
May God Bless you
Receive blessings from us and Bright Day church
God Bless you
pastor Caleb

Now, one year later, thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands, all across the African continent have personally heard and received Bride truth. Hundreds of thousands of the Africa tract have been joyfully received, as well as many thousands of the DVDs of the Kingdom of Heaven Africa teaching. Just in the last month, this same Caleb taught over 30,000 pastors, bishops, elders, and Muslims in eight African countries. It is beyond incredible what has happened there in less than a year of teaching! I presented the first teaching there in the middle of November, 2015, to three pastors in Caleb’s living room. While there for three months, I taught 1,200 pastors and bishops from three countries. And all I did was to plant the seed. Since then, Bride truth has EXPLODED across thirty-two countries, and counting! What is the Father doing? There is every reason to believe that He is evidencing the latter rain of the Holy Spirit on the church today, beginning in the very continent which Yahweh spoke to me is Christianity, the snake kingdom. But He has also written that that curse will be removed in one day.

One of the places to which Caleb has gone, and has been there most recently, was to Pretoria, South Africa. He was invited by Bishop John Choyi, whom Caleb happened to meet a year earlier on a flight from New Zealand to Africa. A year later, Bishop Choyi called Caleb out of the blue to enquire how he was doing, and Caleb sent him to Bishop Choyi examined the Africa Report and the teachings and insisted Caleb come and teach them. There were over 3,500 bishops, pastors, and elders who attended. And in popular request, he remained in South Africa for over a week, teaching thousands of others. Very recently, Bishop Choyi wrote to me:

Hello Gary,

Let me say thank you so very much for offering to change the world. I trust God sent you to change the world.

Brother Gary, I have organized a series of meetings that will be having not less than two thousand per meeting. Bishop Alex of Chad too had a similar meeting. We want to transverse Africa, Asia, Europe, and even America and New Zealand. We sat down and agreed that we needed 70,000 tracts and 60,000 DVDs. The tracts are needed urgently! Please, could we reason together so that we get a printer who can agree to print for us? We want to be the light of the lamp of the bright truth of this message.

Bless you,

Bishop Choyi

After this email, Bishop Choyi traveled to Rongo to meet with Caleb, as well as the printer and the man from whom we buy our DVDs. Let me tell you of the depth of Bishop Choyi’s commitment. He called his wife and told her to sell their one and only car and to send the money so he can have printed, not 70,000 tracts, but 80,000! And, the printer is going to throw in another 10,000 tracts because he too is a Bride believer—thus 90,000 tracts! This clearly tells you the depth of both of these men’s commitments and their confidence and hope in this truth.

So, what about the 60,000 DVDs? Bishop Choyi does not want to travel without these. The supplier of the DVDs also believes in Bride truth, and instead of charging 30¢ per unit, he will charge 20¢ per unit for 50,000 DVDs, or $10,0000. That’s a blank DVD. But, three duplicating machines have also been provided to Caleb, in addition to the one I bought while there—making it possible to duplicate forty-six DVDs at a time. And here again, all of the duplication and labeling is performed by volunteers. Can you imagine how many people will hear this Bride truth with this distribution? The pastors/bishops/Muslims who receive these DVDs and tracts first attend a teaching. And then they take these tools and teach thousands more! I tell you, Africa is truly ablaze with Bride truth!

But there is only one problem here. Bride is out of financial resources. If Bishop Choyi will sell his one and only car for the spreading of Bride truth, what sacrifice can you make to provide the DVDs? We need $10,000, which for some is a relatively small amount. For others, if several give all they can, we could have the DVDs, and the volunteers could do their part is producing them. Can you help? Will you please help? I/we need your help right now.

Please click on one of the donate buttons below and make your contribution. Caleb, Bishop Choyi, myself, and thousands more will be MOST grateful for your much needed and appreciated support.



September 22, 2016 - It has been quite a while since the August 14 “Africa Report,” giving you the progress in Africa. Of course Gihon was posted here on August 28, and more recently the writing Shelah was published here on Remnant Bride on September 13. That writing directly relates to what was set forth in Gihon; and if you have not read it, you should make it a MUST! It is an incredible writing with profound and exciting and hope-filled truth.

I’m going to provide you an update, but let me begin with something that is quite revealing, a delight, and likewise very encouraging. Jacob received a request to return to Eritrea (1) and teach more regarding the kingdom of God, with emphasis on the Bride. Eritrea is 50% Christian and 48% Islam. The gentleman making the request was Ibrahim Mohamed, who is a Muslim. I understand his parents are Muslim, and his brother is Christian. Ibrahim made a point to hand-write his request seen here (click on it to expand it), for the specific purpose of expressing his heart in this matter. For ease of reading and understanding I have typed out his handwritten appeal with slight punctuation-type additions.

Hello Jacob,


I consider it such an honor and privilege that Yahweh has seen fit to charge you with preaching and unveiling Yahshua, the loveliness of His person, and perfection of His work on the cross for us.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for paying us a visit here in Eritrea. Your love for Yahweh and His Son Jesus Yahshua and your dedicated teaching and faithful prayers make what you do in this ministry possible. Together with the Lord’s favor, your hard work teachings have to reach millions of pastors and Muslims.

Brother Jacob, we know the gospel and one has to understand Yahweh’s administration of His kingdom; but how can we pastors and Muslims understand these when you just came and left and refuse to come back?

We want to know more, brother. People here don’t understand English. They need a translator for them to understand who has the rights to the Kingdom of Yahweh and how can one possess these rights.

My friend, there are still so many out there who need and are thirsty to have this truth in their lives. Please come and teach us the truth about the Snake’s (Satan’s) head in Africa. We must understand the latter rain and the coming of Emmanuel. I trust and pray that you are going to come back soon.

Be blessed as you plan to come, brother Jacob.

Yours faithfully,

Ibrahim Mohamed

After the conference, at their request Jacob remained there for a week, traveling about and teaching many others. There is a great hunger for truth in Africa, and this truly is a sovereign move of God. While people in America and in other nations around the world remain dull and lethargic concerning these incredible truths, Africa is coming alive and is most responsive! This is not only evidenced by Ibrahim’s expression, but by the host of like conferences where Caleb, Walter, and Jacob have unceasingly been invited to speak and to teach. Let us now look at Walter’s busy teaching schedule. I will be brief.

In Leribe, Lesotho (2), he taught 902 pastors and 76 bishops (new country).

In Accra, Ghana (3), he taught 897 pastors and 100 bishops.

In Gaza, Mozambique (4), he taught 900 pastors, 120 bishops.

In Bambao, Comoros (5) he taught 785 pastors, 47 bishops, and 12 Muslim leaders (new country).

In Toamasina, Madagascar (6), he taught 1,450 pastors and 178 bishops.

And when Walter is in Nairobi, Kenya, where he flies out to these other countries, he stays with a brother, Mike, who organizes meetings within Kenya. Here is a list of the most recent.

In Eldoret (7) he taught 193 pastors.

In Ngong (8) he taught 92 pastors.

In Magadi (9) he taught 180 pastors.

In Voi (10) he taught 176 pastors.

In Nairobi (11) he taught 67 pastors.

In Namanga (12) he taught 132 pastors.

And when writing this report, Walter is completing a two-day teaching in Bafata’, Guinea-Bissau (13), where he taught 750 pastors, 104 bishops, and 50 Muslims. This too is a new country to receive Bride truth, and almost completes the string of nations that line the West African coast south of the Sahara Desert, as seen on the following map. If you add up all of the above alone whom Walter taught, we are speaking of over 7,000 pastors, bishops, and Muslims across Africa in the last month who have received these incredible truths.

And this does not even include those whom Caleb and Jacob have taught of late (which will be provided in the next report). AND, this does not include all of those who are taught by those who attended these teachings. Also, at all the teaching sessions within the last month, I estimate that we have provided at least 50,000 Africa tracts and 6,000 of the two-hour DVD teaching I recorded upon returning from Africa in February. And we are beginning to add the Gihon teaching, and several thousand of those have already gone out as well. Now, multiply all of these people to include all of those whom as a result have been taught or have watched the DVD, and add to that the unbridled excitement they have for what they are learning, and you have a VERY serious move of God in Africa! They will even tell you that there has been nothing like this ever before. In fact, there is a very good indication here that there is indeed a Gihon, a bursting forth, taking place in Africa, identifying the Bride! If I added Caleb’s Jacob’s numbers here as well, it would be overwhelming!

Let me share with you some photos.

Accra, Ghana. You may say, “That doesn’t look like a thousand people.” It’s not. This is a common problem with many of these meetings. When they hear about Bride teachings, far more turn out than what they expect. In this case, they erected a tent outside and put up a speaker and the overflow listened out there. And, just wait until you hear what happened at one of Caleb’s meetings. A vastly larger turnout was a major problem!

Gaza, Mozambique

Namanga, Kenya There was a large proportion of Masai who attended.

Pastor translating to Masai at Namanga.

Brother or sister, you can’t go to Africa, but you can send these men out to do what you can’t do. But, it is equally true that they can’t do what you can do. These men do not have the money to go out and teach. But they give their time freely as unto Yahweh. You can’t go teach, but you can help send them and help pay for the DVDs and tracts and Gihon teaching that these men take with them. And then others use them teach to themselves and to teach even others. Nor do they have access to the internet like you do, so these are their internet.

I close with Ibrahim Mohamed’s very sincere closing in his handwritten letter: “My friend, there are still so many out there who need and are thirsty to have this truth in their lives. Please come and teach us the truth about the Snake’s (Satan’s) head in Africa. We must understand the latter rain and the coming of Emmanuel.” And as he added, these “teachings have to reach millions”! Indeed so!

I hope you can help,


September 13, 2016

Directly related to “Gihon” posted on August 28 is a new writing here simply titled Shelah. You will definitely want to read this most relevant writing. Click here to read it online, or here to read the PDF version or for ease of printing.

August 28, 2016

 View PDF

There were four rivers that came about from the water that flowed from the Garden of Eden; and most importantly, this Garden represented the kingdom of heaven. And furthermore, what we find is that these four rivers clearly represent the four times the Holy Spirit is poured out, effecting four different and distinct kingdom manifestations/fulfillments. The first river, Pishon, was the former rain that established and formed the first Remnant. The second river, Gihon, is the latter rain that establishes and forms the second Remnant today. The third work that finds fulfillment is the Body of Christ, which is the river Tigris. And finally will be the fourth river, the Euphrates, that will effect the restoration of the nations. With these four outpourings, Yahweh will restore all things upon the earth. Therefore, for our sake today, let us examine Gihon and see what it reveals to us. You will want to read this very carefully and thoughtfully.

The church

Briefly, what is the pattern of the church? As clearly set forth in Zechariah 13:7-9 and Hosea 6:1-3, the first two parts, 2,000 years, are “cut off and die,” and the third part in the Millennial Reign will be refined. Thus, kingdom man has died for 2,000 years. And in equal testimony as set forth in Hebrews 7, we find that our priesthood is not in Levi but now in Judah. So, what happened to the three sons of Judah, evidencing this Judah priesthood that we have received? Here again, two parts were cut off and died (Genesis 38). Tamar, the granddaughter of Melchizedek, the Melchizedek priesthood, was given to the first son and God killed him. She was then given to the second son and God killed him as well. Thus we see once again the fate of the first 2,000 years of the church, the Melchizedek priesthood. They are cut off and die.

If the first 2,000 years of the church have been cut off and died, what then is to happen to us today—this third part? Here is where it gets exciting! The Melchizedek priesthood cannot be given to the third part of Christianity, anymore than Judah could have given Tamar to the third son, Shelah. If Yahweh did so, they too would be killed and cut off as well! Then it would be, “My God my God, why have you forsaken us?” Therefore, in this third part Yahweh MUST do something totally new. What will He do? Prophecy once again tells us.

The Pool of Siloam and its source—Gihon

In John 9, there was a man who was blind from birth—which has been the condition of the church for 2,000 years. In relation to this blind man, Yahshua said, “We must work the works of Him who sent Me as long as it is day; night (blindness) is coming when no one can work. While I am in the world, I am the Light of the world.” Clearly, when Yahshua left the world, blindness/darkness came upon the earth—and it has been darkness for 2,000 years! So we ask, when will this darkness/blindness end, and by what means? It is here in this profoundly amazing parable—maybe the most important parable in the entire Bible—that we see the answer.

Yahshua then spat on the ground and made clay of spittle, applied it to the blind man’s eyes, and instructed him, “Go, wash in the pool of Siloam.” Herein the parable continues. He went there and washed, and his eyes were opened. For the first time he could see!

So it is today in this third part of the church, the period of the third son of Judah. How do we know? “Siloam” is the Greek word for “Shelah.” They are one and the same. What Yahshua was prophesying is now abundantly clear. Today in this third part of the church, He is using a clay man whom He forms so as to open people’s eyes to see for the first time. We are seeing what the church truly is—the initial Bride, followed by the breach Body of Christ, and today now the fulfilling Bride who can see. And where do we obtain the power to effect and complete this latter work? The first Bride received the former rain of the Spirit. Today, we must receive the latter rain of the Spirit. And it is in fact the latter rain that forms this Pool of Siloam where we wash our eyes and can now see.

As addressed in Shelah and Clay of Spittle, page 7, a spring called Gihon in fact provides the water of the Pool of Siloam. Thus we see in type that the power to heal blinded eyes today in the third-part Shelah period of the church, comes from the waters of Gihon! And, it is with further certainty that we can say that the second river from the Garden of Eden—Gihon—is in fact the latter rain of the Holy Spirit that forms, establishes, and equips the Bride.

Let us look at another profound evidence of this in 1 Kings 1. While everyone in Jerusalem thought that Adonijah would replace David as king, and all were celebrating this, through the appeal of Bathsheba, her son Solomon was instead placed upon David’s mule, led to a specific place, and there anointed with oil by the prophet Nathan and a trumpet was blown. Thereupon, the party was over for Adonijah. Solomon, who built Yahweh’s temple, is a type of the Bride, while Adonijah is clearly Christianity. The latter will not reign. And, where was Solomon anointed and there was the blast of the trumpet—the trumpet that sounds when the Bride ascends into heaven? He was anointed at . . . Gihon! Which means . . . bursting forth! This is the Bride, which rules and reigns with Immanuel and builds the temple of Yahweh.

The River Gihon

Now, for the final point in this already amazing and hopeful testimony. We read in Genesis 2:13 that the River Gihon encompasses the whole land of Cush. If you look online, you will see that Cush was located in northeastern Africa, indicated in the following map.

As you can see from the last Africa map here with the red areas where Bride teachings have gone forth, they have already found their place in the land of Cush. In fact, as I write this report Bride truth is even now being taught once again in Ethiopia. And of course this truth has gone to Eritrea and Sudan as well. But here is the point. Of the four rivers from Eden, Gihon, the latter rain, goes into Africa. And, where now is Bride truth truly “bursting forth”? In none other than Africa! The first occasion when I went out and taught in Africa, I made the comment to them that I hoped a work would begin in that continent and spread throughout the world. One of the bishops replied that that was indeed a prophecy that has been spoken there.

And even more significant is what we see here regarding the impact and outcome of Gihon that goes beyond Africa. Here is my hope. In the latter 1990s, Yahweh spoke to me that Africa is Christianity. That statement is what led me to go and look at a map of Africa where for the first time I saw Satan’s face on that continent. So, if Yahweh is now moving across the face of Africa, it is only a matter of time that this will spread across the face of the entire earth. The outcome will be as it is written: “a great multitude which no one could count, from every nation and all tribes and peoples and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, and palm branches were in their hands” (Revelation 7:9).

May Yahweh be glorified, and from Africa onward may Gihon be fulfilled in this day—bursting forth!



August 14, 2016 - First, I’ve gone through a host of difficult testings in the last two months, but came out better on the other side. What were these? To begin with, no matter where I turned and what I tried, I faced blockages in getting available funds to Africa. MoneyGram, Western Union both blocked me. I sought another alternative, and it too was blocked. Then even through my own bank, they too backed out in making these transfers possible. It looked like the end of the line. Meanwhile, through all of this, we found another way that worked as a stopgap method—but it was not permanent. And add on top of all of this, PayPal even blocked us from receiving donations! All of these issues came because I am involved in supporting a work in Africa. Like I said, it’s been a MOST disturbing and testing and sometimes agonizing two months! But even so, Bride truth has continued to expand across that continent at a profound pace!

How did we come out better on the other side? With diligence (which is always required for victory), we worked with Bank of America, a global bank, and opened up two business accounts. Through these we can make funds directly available to our teams in Africa, and without costly transfer fees. This alone will save us a lot of money and time. And in addition, with more diligence we were able to obtain from BOA their own form of receiving donations like unto PayPal—First Data. This you will see when you go to donate. And frankly, it’s even better because the donation goes directly into our account. And I will add, BOA has been wonderful to work with—which was most welcomed. And, finally PayPal even vetted us and just now restored our use of their service. So, we now have two choices for an online donation. All of this is working for the better in the long run, as Bride continues to expand—hopefully across the face of this earth!

Antananarivo, Madagascar, teaching

Let’s now talk about this expansion in Africa and its results. In the last report, we noted that Walter was going to Antananarivo, Madagascar (1). There he taught 850 pastors, 300 bishops, and 50 Muslims. (See photo.) Then he flew all the way over to western Africa where at Freetown, Sierra Leon (2), he taught a very excited gathering of 800 pastors and 160 bishops. And then upon flying back to Kenya, just outside of Nairobi in Ole Sereni (3), he taught 62 pastors, adding that it was such a blessing to them.

Next came an invitation to teach 450 Muslims in Lusaka, Zambia (4). Initially they offered to pay Walter’s flight there if we could pay for the return flight. But, our funds were gone and we could not do that. So what did they do? They longed so much to hear this truth that they raised the additional funds and bought him a round-trip ticket! There he taught 560 Muslim leaders. I asked Walter why the Muslims have been so eager and determined to hear this truth—and of course this was not the first such request. Here is what he shared:

Hello brother. We had a successful meeting in Lusaka, Zambia. The main discussion was a comparison between the Muslim and Christian religion. The Muslims agreed that their religion has been corrupted and that's why we have terrorists in Islam. They also agreed that most Imams have misinterpreted the Koran and they are serving their own interests. We also agreed that Christianity has been corrupted and Satan has taken over it. The Bride has come at the right time and it is playing the role of a bridge, bringing Christianity and Muslims together. They see the Bride as a new revelation that brings hope to clean both Christianity and Islam. We are doing a good job brother, and we give all the glory to Yahweh.

“Hope to clean both Christianity and Islam.” That is indeed what the Bride brings, as well as to all mankind. Acts 3:19-23 declares concerning this very day and this Elijah Bride work:

“Therefore repent and return, so that your sins may be wiped away, in order that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord; and that He may send Jesus, the Christ appointed for you, whom heaven must receive until the period of restoration of all things about which God spoke by the mouth of His holy prophets from ancient time. Moses said, ‘The Lord God will raise up for you a prophet like me from your brethren; to him you shall give heed to everything he says to you. And it will be that every soul that does not heed that prophet shall be utterly destroyed from among the people.’ “

This prophet is not Yahshua, as most translations present, but a mere man just like Moses—“from your brethren.” And there is only one man who was repeatedly contrasted to Moses, and that was Elijah. Click here for this undeniable evidence. And as we are already seeing evidenced in Africa, the Bride is indeed “a new revelation that brings hope to clean both Christianity and Islam,” as well as the world! Outside of Yahshua’s return, there is NO hope for mankind other than the Elijah Bride. And this is equally the message in Malachi 4:5-6, the last two verses of the Old Testament:

“Behold, I am going to send you Elijah the prophet [literally] during the coming of the great and terrible day of Yahweh. He will restore the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers, so that I will not come and smite the land with a curse.”

The Elijah establishes the Bride work, satisfying the Father and bringing the Son.

Continuing with Walter’s journeys, while in Lusaka he received an invitation from the Catholic priests in Harare, Zimbabwe (5), the capital city, to come and teach 350 priests. And here again we did not have the finances and they paid for the flight, with us adding a mere $160 to make it possible. And while there, he was additionally able to teach 1,500 pastors and 220 bishops!

When I went to Africa, I taught 1,200 pastors and bishops from Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Now six months later, that number has quickly swelled to well over 20,000 all across Africa and Madagascar! And today, beyond this, these teachings are no longer limited to the work of three Bride teams that I taught. They too taught others, and now those men are teaching far, far more! I have no idea what the number is at this point! But just within the last few days, bishops from Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Chad, Togo, Liberia (where we have not taught before), Gabon, Angola, Burundi, as well as Muslim Sheikh Dor Mohamed in Sudan, have either traveled long distances of up to two to three days or paid for the shipping so as to obtain any amount they can of Africa tracts and DVDs of the two-hour teaching I did upon returning home from Africa. Caleb’s home is now a bustling depot for supporting and teaching and equipping these bishops who are now teaching these wonderful and highly sought truths to many, many more! And the activity at his home includes a team of six or seven people who are duplicating thousands of these DVDs! And we have already had printed over 150,000 Africa tracts! And as you see in this report, there is a huge and ever-growing demand for both of these items! Yahweh be praised!

Finally, the fact is that none of this has been possible without you and your financial support. My trip to Africa, these men responding and going out to teach, and the multiple thousands of Africa tracts and DVDs have all been and are today possible because of you and your finances. You are as much a part of this report as all that you are reading about here. I could just as much turn to you and write about your stories. But you know them, you are them. And your part in all of this is what keeps it going and expanding. Please, do your part today and help make all of this all the more possible. These men and others sacrifice their lives, and I hope you will help and even sacrifice as well. Right now we desperately need more tracts and DVDs to satisfy the needs of these bishops and pastors who are now teaching these truths. Please help.

Blessings to all, and may Yahweh be praised,


July 23, 2016 - Oh what a whirlwind of activity since the June 27 Africa Report! In that report, Caleb was in Dar es Salem, Tanzania (1), where he was teaching 250 bishops, 400 pastors, and 100 Muslims. With joy he reported that of all of those in attendance, none among them ever rejected the Bride truth teachings. There is not only a yearning to hear more regarding this profound truth, but an open and hearty response to it, ever wanting to learn more.

Immediately afterwards, on June 29 the team arrived at Cacolo, Angola (2), where for three days they taught 600 attendees—200 bishops, 300 pastors, 80 Muslims, and 20 Hindus. Then again, immediately they drove up to Makoko, Gabon (3), where they were expecting to teach 500 attendees; but instead, there were 400 bishops, 250 pastors, 100 Muslims, and 20 Buddhists—almost 800! Caleb noted that 100 bishops declared that they were now Bride, and all wanted to attend a conference if I come back to Africa.

While there, there was a cry from Chad to please come up and teach them as well. So we added Am Timan, Chad (4), to the journey, where for two days Caleb taught 400 bishops, 300 pastors, 50 Buddhists, and 2 Hindus. You will recall that Lake Chad marks the place where Jael drove the tent peg into Sisera’s temple, testifying to the second-blow death of Satan effected by the Bride (click here for more). I asked Caleb to explain this to them and for all to pray that this second deathblow be effected. This they did indeed pray.

On July 7 the team then drove south to Nola, Central Africa Republic (5), and began teaching as soon as they arrived, not wanting to waste any precious time. There they taught 200 pastors, 200 bishops, 3 Catholic priests, and 1 Buddhist. And Caleb noted that all the bishops there want to equally attend a bishop’s conference when I come to Africa. From there they traveled back home to Rongo, and Caleb sends this message to you:

“Thank you so very much for the help in sharing the Bride truth teachings here in Africa, in preparation for the second coming of Emmanuel. Thank you all!”

Also, in the June 27 Africa Report, we closed with Walter headed for Harare, Zimbabwe (6), to teach at a Muslim conference. There, 294 Muslim leaders heard Bride truth, learning what is the kingdom of heaven. Next, he proceeded to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (7), where in contrast he then taught 323 seminarians and 41 staff at a Catholic seminary. Then, he went to the neighboring country of Botswana, where in Francistown (8) he taught 243 bishops and 300 pastors. And from there, equally being spontaneously invited, he entered into yet another country—to Namibia, in Windhoek (9), where he taught 650 pastors and 100 bishops. And, his journeys continued!

After flying back to Nairobi, Kenya, the call came to go west, once again to Ghana. This time he was in Kumasi (10), where he taught 476 pastors and 107 bishops. And while in Ghana, the neighboring country of Togo heard that he was there and urged him to come teach them at their conference in Lome (11). We made arrangements to get him there and he shared with 890 pastors and 170 bishops the marvelous truths concerning the Bride.

Lome, Togo

Then as scheduled, he proceeded further west to Guinea, to the capital, Conakry (12), where he taught 540 pastors and 103 bishops. And once again he was urged to go to yet another neighboring country, so we made provision for him to travel north into Mauritania, to Rosso (13), where he taught 690 pastors and 180 bishops. This completed this course.

Walter shared the following with me, and I gratefully pass it along to you:

“Before I heard about the Bride teaching, I was totally confused and didn’t have understanding, until I met Gary Naler in Rongo. When I compare what the Bride is doing and what Christianity is doing, there is a big difference! Those who call themselves Christians are dividing the church every day and everyone wants his or her own church. But Bride is uniting us, even Muslims and Christians, and this is a miracle! The Bride is lighting up Africa, and more still needs to be done. Thank you for all your support. God bless.”

And, ever reaching forward to what lies ahead, Walter provides this report as well, as he makes plans for his next destination—Madagascar: “In Madagascar I will be in Antananarivo (14) where I expect to teach 1,300 bishops and pastors from both Madagascar and Swaziland (15).” And from there, it’s then back to the far west of Africa, to Sierra Leone (16). Amazing!

Now, let’s add Jacob as well. Here is what he wrote regarding the meeting in Nyeri county, Kenya (17), where he taught 362 pastors.

“Our meeting in Nyeri county was a blessing . I met several Seventh Day pastors and Catholic priests. They welcomed our teachings, including the Africa tract. Everybody was asking why we kept these wonderful teachings to ourselves, and when I told them about you (Gary) they asked me to promise them that when you come you will pay them a visit.”

Upon returning home, Jacob and Paul then traveled to Anseba, Eritrea (18), where they taught for three days. On the first day there were 600 in attendance—124 Muslims and 476 bishops and pastors. And in the next two days, they taught in other locations where there were 150 to 200 in each meeting. He wrote that they all received this truth gladly, and “wanted clear explanation on how these wonderful words came to” them—Jacob and Paul. Jacob said they asked a lot of questions, and wanted to make sure that the two would come back and teach them more. Jacob wrote: “Brother, when are you planning to come back? Please come back soon.” He told me they all want to see me face to face.

So where are we now in covering Africa with Bride truth? This is what Africa now looks like with the teaching activities that began only a mere eight months ago when my feet first stepped onto that soil. Africa is turning red! And there is a cry for more instruction and understanding!

But let me tell you something—you don’t send out three teams of men and cover the expanse of Africa, providing for their travels and equipping them with a robust supply of 100,000 Africa tracts and 3,000 “Kingdom of Heaven—Africa“ teaching DVDs, without spending a lot of money! In the natural, this progress is made possible by one key ingredient—your support! It is written that a three-stranded cord is not easily broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12). So what are the three strands? Strand 1—I went to Africa and taught there, and now serve and support these men. Strand 2—now it is them who are going about and doing the same, with multiplied effects. Strand 3—it is you who make all of this work possible with your financial support. Without you, without any of the three, it cannot happen. And in all honesty, we are now short on that third strand. I need your help. Presently, we do not have the finances to go any further, and they are asking me to return and teach them more. This was my plan well over a month ago, but it had to be delayed. Is it now time for me to go back? I will only know if the finances come in and make this possible—the third strand of the cord.

Truly, I am waiting on the Father to know what is His will and provision and plan. As you can see, a small handful of men have made a great impact across the vast continent of Africa. What happens now will depend in great part on what this third strand will do. We cannot go further without substantial finances. That’s just a matter of fact. If I am to go to Africa and teach even more to these hungry pastors and bishops and Muslims, I estimate we will need $20,000 or more. And that’s depending on how long I stay, and what all we do, and how far we travel across that vast continent. Do we go? This depends upon you. Can you give in a significant measure? If so, then we can go, and by your finances you go with us.

So, let me repeat here Caleb’s words:

“Thank you so very much for the help in sharing the Bride truth teachings here in Africa, in preparation for the second coming of Emmanuel. Thank you all!”

Amen. I hope to hear from you.



July 9, 2016 - I have said on numerous occasions: The WAYS of God and what He is doing are immensely simple; but, how He fulfills them is profoundly complex. If we know His ways, then we can know what He is doing. I suggest you read the following carefully and more than once.

In order to understand the church, the kingdom of heaven, one MUST understand the profoundly prophetic testimony of the Israelite’s course beginning at their departure from Egypt, to entering into the Promised Land. When the sons of Israel repeatedly failed at Sinai, Yahweh declared to Moses, “Go up to a land flowing with milk and honey; for I will not go up in your midst, because you are an obstinate people, and I might destroy you on the way” (Exodus 33:3). But Yahweh repented of this, turning on one primary thing. In verse 13 we read Moses’s appeal: “I pray You, if I have found favor in Your sight, let me know Your ways that I may know You, so that I may find favor in Your sight.” Thereupon, Yahweh repented and chose to go with them. And in Psalm 103:7 we read the affirmation of this specific distinction: “He [Yahweh] made known His ways unto Moses, and unto the sons of Israel His acts.” As we see here, there is a vast difference between knowing Yahweh’s ways, and knowing His acts. At best, Christianity knows His acts. They do NOT know His ways. Therefore, for two thousand years they have perished and gone to the grave—just as this occurred in the wilderness for those 20 years old and upward (Numbers 14:29). Why the age of 20? Because it is prophetic of the 2,000 years of the church where kingdom men die!

This being said, looking again at the testimonies of Ishmael and Isaac, it is MOST significant that both of these evidenced twelve sons, and the later not until one generation later. Why twelve sons, and why the latter twelve one generation later? And, why was the former not acceptable and the latter was? And what is God’s “way” in this highly relevant matter? Getting straight to the point—How many elders sat around the throne? Twenty-four. And how many apostles did Yahshua set up? Twelve—in the first Remnant. And how many apostles must be set up in the second Remnant? Again, twelve. These two thus complete the twenty-four elders around the throne, testified to by our twenty-four ribs that are set around the heart with the coronary, or crown, arteries on its “head.” (For more about this, read here.)

Therefore, what we find in this early account relative to the church was a type of the two Remnant. And we see that just as the first Remnant was not acceptable and had to be disbursed throughout the nations and die, so Ishmael with his twelve sons (to come) was not accepted by Yahweh. Then one generation later, Jacob brought forth the twelve who were acceptable. In like manner, the latter twelve apostles will be the acceptable and fulfilling work that brings forth the kingdom of heaven where Yahshua sits upon the throne. THIS is the work the first Remnant could never effect—it was too early, before the time.

Abraham wanted Ishmael to be acceptable to God, but it was not possible. “Oh that Ishmael might live before You!” (Genesis 17:18). In like manner, the first Remnant apostles and work were too early and equally had to be rejected. And even Isaac could not bring forth the twelve tribes, but that had to wait until the next generation. Why was this the case with both of these first-work offspring? We read in Galatians 4:21f that natural Sinai in Arabia and natural Jerusalem are Hagar, the Egyptian. And Revelation 11:8 likewise states that Jerusalem is mystical Egypt. So I ask you: Where were the first Remnant apostles set up? Yes, in natural Jerusalem! Therefore, the location of the first Remnant in fact made it a Hagar. And as such, ITS OFFSPRING HAD TO BE PASSED OVER! So we too beg as well, “Oh that the first Remnant might live before You!” But they did not live before Him, and they died!

So, we now have to ask the probing question: Who then was the mother of the Body of Christ? There is only one answer! The Hagar first Remnant! The spiritually Egyptian woman! Therefore, the Body of Christ is just as much an Ishmael! Friends, you do not realize how corrupt and unacceptable this existence is while in this flesh! It completely corrupts the heavenly! And if God does not perform a work in this day, WE TOO will utterly FAIL! The two hopes we have are, (1) that the first Remnant paid the price as the first bird of Leviticus 14:1f so that we today can have success. And (2), it is FINALLY time for the kingdom of heaven to be rightly established on this earth—Satan’s 2,000 years/swine have come to an end—and Yahweh will establish the Elijah and bring Immanuel, “God with us,” back to this earth. This is the ONLY hope that exists for man. The ONLY hope!

Thus, the second Remnant will be the Jacob work, or even more specifically and accurately the Israel work, that will see the establishment of the fulfilling latter rain twelve apostles. With the twenty-four then completed, Yahshua will come and sit upon His throne and rule for a thousand years—the Millennial Sabbath.

So, now you see the bigger picture. Now you see the ways of Yahweh—profoundly simple, yet the fulfillment being quite complex. And you see that if you want to reject the Ishmael Muslims, then you reject the Ishmael first Remnant and Body of Christ.

That which has been is that which will be, and that which has been done is that which will be done. So there is nothing new under the sun.

That which is has been already and that which will be has already been, for God seeks what has passed by.

Ecclesiastes 1:9, 3:15

To him who has understanding, knowledge is easy.



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July 4, 2016

Muslim leaders at the Interfaith Conference in Mozambique where Walter taught Bride truth. Afterwards he taught at a Muslim conference in Harare, Zimbabwe. Caleb also taught 250 Muslims, 70 Christians, and 30 Hindus at a conference in Rabak, Sudan, organized by Muslim Sheikh Dor Mohamed.

Who are the Muslims? I have been receiving some reaction from, seemingly primarily women, regarding teaching Bride truth to Muslims. First let me say, I/we will not withhold teaching truth to anyone who is hungry or inquiring. These objectors remind me of the Jews who objected to Yahshua going to the Samaritans—because they weren’t exactly like them, though they otherwise held to things in common. But, Yahshua despised their bias and intentionally reached out to the Samaritans. Today, this similarity is profoundly true with regard to our Muslim brothers.

Some are going to emotionally object to calling the Muslims our brothers, but that is exactly what they are—as much as Ishmael and Isaac were brothers, having the same father. These objectors need to give heed to what Yahweh God is doing by His hand and design. The Muslims are not here by either accident or, as some believe, by Satan. From the beginning they are Yahweh’s design. They are equal to Christianity in both presence and success, and that not by the will of man but by the will and design of God. Let us see this truth in His plan laid out from the beginning.

I ask you, did the father of faith bring forth Isaac only? If that were so, then one could say we alone are of the linage (spiritual or otherwise) of Abraham. But, Yahweh God ordained that Abraham bring forth other offspring as well. Before Isaac was ever born, Abraham brought forth a son whom Yahweh recognized and upon whom bestowed His blessing—Ishmael! And when Yahweh spoke to Abraham that Sarah would bring forth a child in her old age, Abraham declared, “Oh that Ishmael might live before You!” (Genesis 17:18). What then was Yahweh’s plan for these descendants? He declared: “As for Ishmael, I have heard you; behold, I will bless him, and will make him fruitful and will multiply him exceedingly. He shall become the father of twelve princes, and I will make him a great nation” (Genesis 17:20). For a reason, Ishmael had twelve sons, just as later Jacob would have twelve sons. And we continue to read: “That very day Abraham was circumcised, and Ishmael his son” (Genesis 17:26).

Furthermore, Yahweh specifically spoke concerning this planned offspring from the father of faith: “He will be a wild donkey of a man, his hand will be against everyone, and everyone’s hand will be against him; and he will live to the east of all his brothers” (Genesis 16:12). Arabia.

Did you know that Muslims claim and declare this very genealogy—Abraham and Ishmael? And furthermore, did you know that Ishmael’s mother, Hagar, was undoubtedly a black woman from Africa, from Egypt? There is no doubt that the reason Muslims make up 50% of the population of Africa, is because their genealogy is from there. The Muslim religion is widely accepted by the black African because that is his heritage and even destiny. Let’s look at this some more.

God designed and planned two great religions on this earth today—evidenced by Abraham’s offspring. Through Sarah, Isaac evidenced the outbirth of Christianity and the Bride. Through Hagar, Ishmael evidenced the outbirth of the Muslims. They were and are BOTH destined works from Yahweh God. All other religions and the rest of mankind fall within the second wife of Abraham—Keturah (Genesis 25:1-6). Jasher 25:1-2 tells us that she was a Canaanite. Both accounts tell us that she bore him six sons. Six is the number of man.

In the big picture, God designed three faith works, evidenced by the three distinct offspring of Abraham. They are the offspring of Ishmael, the Muslims; the offspring of Isaac, Christianity and the Bride; and all others fall into the category of the offspring of Keturah. ALL of these have come forth as testified by the father of faith, Abraham. So, next time you might want to judge the Muslims and condemn them, they are just as much the design and will of God as you are. Yes, some may indeed evidence being a wild donkey of a man, but they are still your brothers and we have the same Father who ordained it all through the same father of faith—Abraham!

And remember as well, Solomon’s temple is a type of the kingdom of heaven during Yahshua’s reign upon this earth—the kingdom that will have no end (1 Chronicles 17:14)! And, we read in 2 Chronicles 9:13-14: “Now the weight of gold which came to Solomon in one year was 666 talents of gold, besides that which the traders and merchants brought; and all the kings of Arabia and the governors of the country brought gold and silver to Solomon.” Again, three groups: that which Solomon received in one year, 666 talents; as well as that which the traders and merchants brought; and, that which the Arabs brought.

Brothers and sisters, just as Christians have it wrong on the number 666—for it is fact a good number in all respects—so they are equally wrong concerning the Muslims. They are our brothers. And as we read here, they too will be sharers of and contributors to the kingdom that Yahshua establishes here on this earth. They believe in Yahshua. They do not yet believe that He resurrected from the dead. But tell me, how many things do Christians have wrong? Don’t be a hater of “Samaritans,” when you might be a Pharisee in your own practices regarding the Muslims. God alone will set forth His kingdom as HE wills! He will accomplish His will! And if you look at the offspring of Abraham, it’s not going to be as simple or biased as some piously think. God is at work so as to will and work according to His good pleasure, not ours.



PS: And keep in mind, all the gold that was used to build Solomon’s temple came from Africa. As addressed in The Signs That Cause Belief, page 4, the gold of Ophir was in fact the gold of Africa. Afer-ric-a is in fact Ophir-ric-a. And, it is MOST interesting that Yahweh God is moving like never before in the land of Africa. It looks like He is mining more gold for His temple in the Millennial Reign. Amen!

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June 27, 2016 - Let me begin this update with an email from Walter, who just completed another teaching in Mozambique—at Matola, adjacent to Maputo (1). In the May 28 update, I reported on his meeting there with 600 pastors where he taught Bride truth. This time, he was invited back to address an interfaith conference where he was to teach Christians, Muslims, and Hindus! Here was his report:

Hello brother, I had a very successful teaching in Mozambique. I taught a total of 550 pastors, 80 Bishops, and 150 Muslim leaders. They were all very happy with what they were learning. The Bishops wanted me to stay so that I could visit all their areas and teach. I am very much encouraged by these church leaders. The Bride is uniting Muslims and Christians together! Brother this is a miracle!

Brother I have also got an invitation from the Rector in Zimbabwe to teach the Bride in a Catholic seminary for two days. And, a Bishop from Botswana who attended the meeting said, ''You must come to Botswana. My people cannot afford to miss this truth.'' Brother, I am happy Yahweh is doing all these things!

What a most wonderful report! Let us now look at what teaching activity has taken place since the last Africa Report. Continuing with Walter, after teaching at the Catholic seminary in Luanda, Angola (2), he went back to Kenya and taught 362 pastors and bishops at the Marsabit Peace Talks at the village Elwak in Mandera county—in farthest-most northeast Kenya (3).

From there, he went back to Maputo/Matola, Mozambique, where he taught the above-mentioned 550 pastors, 80 bishops, and 150 Muslim leaders at the interfaith conference. What now? DOORS CONTINUE TO OPEN WIDE! The Muslims invited him to teach in a conference in Harare, Zimbabwe (4) on June 27. From there, on June 29 and 30 he will be teaching in yet another Catholic seminary—this time in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (5). Then he will travel to the neighboring country of Botswana, where in Francistown (6) he will teach a conference of 213 bishops.

And what about Caleb? In the last Africa Report, I noted that he would be traveling to Ethiopia. In the town of Awassa (7), he taught 450 pastors and 70 bishops. It was very successful. Immediately from there he traveled to the Rabak, Sudan (8), where at the invitation and hosting of Muslim Sheikh Dor Mohamed, for two days he taught 250 Muslims, 70 Christians, and 30 Hindus. Just as Walter said, “The Bride is uniting Muslims and Christians together!” Sudan is 97% Muslim and 1.5 % Christian. Bride truth was very well received, and Sheikh Dor Mohamed insisted that when I return to Africa, he wants me to come there and teach them even more. Caleb also shared about the Elijah being the twelfth apostle, which he noted parallels to their hopes for the twelfth Imam, the Mahdi. This too was received quite well.

When Caleb returned to Rongo, he received a call from Bishop Choyi of South Africa, who sent me an email as well. Bishop Choyi was mentioned in the May 28 report (click here), and was now urging that Caleb come down to Pretoria (9) and hold a conference there. But, Caleb had to tell him that it was too far to drive there. So what did the bishop do? He was so persuaded concerning the necessity of hearing more about this truth, as well as having it taught to others, that he commissioned two busses holding 60 people each, and transported 120 pastors and bishops all the way up to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (10)—a two-day trip. And he had other pastors and bishops in that area to join them as well. So, since Caleb could not go there, he had him to travel to Dar es Salaam instead and brought the meeting to him. Those in attendance were 250 bishops, 400 pastors, 100 Muslims, and 40 Catholics, for a total attendance of 800. This meeting has been going on as I type this.

Bishop Choyi has studied at the Remnant Bride web site and is convinced this is God’s truth for this day. He also asked Caleb to provide him with 13,000 Africa tracts and 300 DVDs of the two-hour teaching I recorded upon returning to the US (click here). He will leave some of those materials with those in Dar es Salaam, but is taking the larger portion back to Pretoria where he himself will begin teaching these truths.

And let me add something here. The man who prints these tracts proceeded on his own to print 45,000 more for us. He did so because he knew there could be an increase in the cost of paper, and did not want to risk this increase for us. By doing this, he got the price down to about 9.5 cents each. That is very good. Can you help pay for this incredibly effective tool? The total is $4,200, which is a savings of $400 to us. And the way things are going, we will use every one of them, and even more! Bride is exploding across Africa! Since I left at the end February, 2016, in four short months there has been over a ten-fold increase in the number of those who have heard and rejoiced in these truths—from 1,200 to over 12,000 now! I very much need your financial help. And this is not just for tracts and DVDs, but for the travel expenses and lodging and food for these men. And let me add, our third man, Jacob, is continuing to teach in Kenya—the most recent being 430 pastors and bishops in Nyeri county (11). Africa is being covered with the Bride!

Here is the updated map:



PS: While writing this, bishops approached Caleb at Dar es Salaam and implored him to proceed next to Mayumba, Gabon (12), where there will be 700 bishops and pastors; and then proceed to Bambari, Central Africa Republic (13), where there will be 300 bishops and 200 pastors. These men cannot make these travels without your support. Please, give generously!

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Photos from recent teachings:

Lusaka, Zambia, Jubilee Celebration
Teaching the pastors and bishops

Lusaka, Zambia, Jubilee Celebration
And, taught lay congregants as well

First trip to Mozambique

Elwak, Kenya, Marsabit Peace Talks

Second trip to Mozambique
Interfaith Conference

Second trip to Mozambique
Interfaith Conference Muslim leaders

Second trip to Mozambique
Interfaith Conference Muslim leaders

June 8, 2016 - A profound thing is taking place in Africa right now. Bride truth is exploding across the face of that continent!

Malachi is the last book of the Old Testament, written specifically concerning the Elijah and the work that is performed to prepare the way for Yahshua’s return. In chapter 3, verse 10, we thus read: " ‘Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in My house, and test Me now in this,’ says Yahweh of hosts, ‘if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you a blessing until it overflows.’ “ You can be most certain that when Yahweh speaks of the tithe here, He is not speaking of money or literal grain, but of people—the last-days harvest of the Bride! He wants His tithe, and the outcome will be just what it says: “I will open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you a blessing until it overflows.“ This is what we see happening in Africa right now. As you will see in these following accounts, pastors and bishops are very hungry for and excited about what they are learning regarding the Bride. And keep in mind, these teaching sessions were not pursued on our part, but have been actively sought by these pastors and bishops—hearing and wanting to know more! Let me give you an accounting of the most recent gatherings.

When Caleb went to South Sudan (1), instead of the expected 405 pastors, there were 600 pastors and 100 bishops who came—an amazing miracle to them! Next, they went to Byumba, Rwanda (2), where they taught 400 pastors and 50 bishops. Some 90 of those pastors had suffered physical harm during the Rwanda genocide.

This was followed by Gitega, Burundi (3), where 400 pastors and 100 bishops rejoiced in receiving Bride truth. Then was Nyamira, Kenya (4), where Bride truth was shared with 300 more pastors and 100 bishops. And as I write this, there is an extended meeting in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (5), where 400 pastors and 120 bishops and 50 lay leaders are rejoicing greatly in this wonderful truth! And when that meeting is completed, following will be entering into yet another country—Ethiopia (6)—where they are expecting 400 pastors and 40 bishops.

Caleb writes: “This work is not by our might, but is by Father’s work and design. There have been many good things He has done in Africa. Our ultimate goal is to see Emmanuel come back to this world. Thank you all for the support you have given to the Bride to make this work grow.”

Additionally, after Walter completed the teaching in Zanzibar, Tanzania (7), he traveled to Yaoundé, Cameroon (8), where he taught 1,411 pastors and 39 bishops. From there he traveled to Accra, Ghana (9), where he taught 452 pastors and 8 bishops. And by the way, in his journey to Accra, upon entering into Benin he and others on the bus were robbed at gunpoint. He was glad just to be alive, as it was a frightening experience—the curse on Africa. On Sunday, June 11, he will next teach these marvelous and cherished truths to 700 pastors and 140 bishops in Lusaka, Zambia (10). Then, he will fly to Luanda, Angola (11), where he will be given two days to teach 460 students and 28 staff at the Catholic seminary located there. At one time, Walter was planning to be a priest and attended the seminary in Nairobi. The rector of that seminary is now at Luanda and has invited Walter to come and share what he has learned.

Walter and Caleb, and now Caleb’s brother, Jacob, are busy men. Jacob is teaching in Kenya. Walter wrote me, “The most interesting thing is that everywhere I have taught the Bride, they ALL want me to come back so they can hear the teaching again. It is a new thing that has never been revealed to anyone. And, they didn't know that Africa was the image of Satan. Africa is changing from Christianity into Bride, brother.” What a most incredible and wonderful report!

Add all of these recent teaching sessions together, and we are now talking about nearly 6,000 more pastors and bishops pursuing and receiving this word of truth, bringing a total of nearly 10,000 since I arrived there in December, 2015. Looking to the future, Caleb has advised me that when I come to Africa, there will be 1,000 bishops relative to Kenya alone who will want to come together to learn more concerning this marvelous truth and hope. And that is only in Kenya. How many more bishops outside of Kenya will there be by the time Caleb organizes this trip for the rest of Africa? My head is spinning! Here is our newest look at the spread of Bride truth in Africa.

In the last report I spoke of my plans to go back to Africa and teach the bishops. That is still the case, but it is being delayed. My oldest and youngest daughters contacted me and are coming to my home for a visit on June 19 through 21. June 19 is Father’s Day, and actually happens to be the twenty-second anniversary of when the Spirit came upon me in 1994 and began teaching me these marvelous truths. And, it just so happens that in 1994 Father’s Day was equally on June 19. This delay also gives Caleb more needed time to prepare for my return trip. Ever-expanding across Africa, the number of interested and committed bishops is increasing dramatically. So, all of this will work together for good so that when I do return, the timing will be right and most profitable. Right now, a bountiful harvest is ripening all across Africa!

In addition to the teachings, we have now distributed around 30,000 of the Africa tracts—which are hugely popular and effective (view the tract here)! And remember, these are given just to pastors and bishops. They then distribute them to others across Africa. We now have the price of printing these reduced to just 10¢ each. In fact, the printer in Africa believes in this work so much, he is printing them at cost. Caleb has requested 22,000 tracts as we prepare for upcoming meetings.

And, the two-hour teaching I recorded here in the US after coming back from Africa (watch here), is most helpful as well. Caleb has placed it on a DVD and it is used by the pastors and bishops to learn from and to teach others. Our cost for the DVD and a paper sleeve is a mere 25¢ each. I bought a duplicator when I was there that produces six DVDs at a time, and people give their time to perform the duplication. Caleb has requested 10,000 DVDs at a cost of $2,500. The total for these two essential tools is $4,700. Will you help impact Africa with your gift for this?

Any amount that you send will help. But if you can contribute significantly, it is greatly needed right now and would be very much appreciated by a multitude of people. These three teams of brothers who are going out, give their time to this work for the kingdom’s sake—not seeking any personal payment. Can you then give as well in finances to make their work possible? To be a sharer in their reward, be a sharer in their provision. If you want to see the restoration of the kingdom of heaven in the earth, and the hopeful return of Immanuel, then give your support. Without it, we literally cannot go out. When you are sharers in their labors, you are sharers in their rewards—and in our victory!

And frankly, with all the teaching and travel activity of late and the need for DVDs and tracts, our present funds are diminished greatly. Will you help continue this work in Africa—the hopeful beginning of a work that spreads to all mankind throughout the world and Yahshua’s return? I have now had to tell the men that we have to put the brakes on teachings until more funds come in. Will you help release that brake and make it possible for this work to go forward? Thank you for your help.



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May 28, 2016 - Wow! What can I say? Caleb has just taught 405 pastors in Juba, South Sudan (#1), and will next travel to Kigali, Rwanda (#2), where he will teach 700 pastors. Some of these men lack limbs, hands, or feet, as survivors of the genocide of 1994. This is the very year and time when Yahweh came to me in June and began teaching me Bride truth. Like the residents of Bethlehem at the birth of Yahshua, did Rwanda pay a price for what was beginning in the kingdom on this earth? Yahweh knows. Has Africa paid a price? Without a doubt!

Also, Walter just finished teaching 200 pastors in Mombasa, Kenya (#3), and 329 pastors and people in Zanzabar, Tanzania (#4), including 25 Muslims. And while there, at his hotel he met a bishop from Maputo, Mozambique (#5), and shared this same truth with him—and he too rejoiced! And, it just so happened that that bishop was chairman of a pastor’s conference of 600 pastors that is taking place this weekend of May 28 in Maputo, and he asked Walter to come and share this with these pastors. Now you know why I began this with the word “Wow!” Truly, Bride truth is exploding throughout Africa! And this is not all!!!

A few days ago, Caleb told me that the pastors are requesting that I return to Africa and teach them. My reply was that to do so, there would have to be a clear plan and sufficient funds. Immediately after that, I knew what the plan needed to be, and told him. Here it is.

The churches in Africa have three “levels,” if you would. There are the people in general, who are under the care of pastors, and then there are bishops who are responsible for the oversight of churches. Often these bishops are church planters. I told Caleb that up to now, we have concentrated on teaching pastors and bishops as one group. But with the explosion of this truth throughout much of Africa, for me to return I would need to give attention to teaching the bishops, and they can teach their pastors. This would also honor the bishops in their work. Immediately, Caleb responded very favorably to this. So, I would return to Africa and hold bishop conferences; and, would teach pastors as available as well. But, the latter is what Caleb and Walter are doing already. And at the bishop conferences, there would be at least two days of teaching, and opportunities for questions.

So, here are the plans at this time. Caleb is going to begin coordinating with the bishops and arrange these conferences. Based on what we see now, there would have to be several conferences. Kenya alone could have a conference. Uganda and South Sudan could have its own as well. Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania could as well have a conference. Then we go south, and that leaves the expanding frontier of Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland, and then the vast and influential expanse of South Africa. How all of this works out is to be seen and is up to the Father. And now, let me add yet another amazing story!

While writing this report, I called Caleb to further explain this plan—leading down to South Africa. Little did I know that, just this week, he had been communicating with a bishop he met on a return flight from New Zealand in August, 2015, who lives in Pretoria, South Africa (#6). He had called Caleb out of the blue, and Caleb shared with him what has been happening and gave him the URL to examine the teachings and happenings. The bishop read the site and was in agreement with what is revealed, specifically mentioning the truth concerning the Bride and coverings and the Nazirite vow. He now wants us to come down to South Africa and teach. So, this is yet one more Divine contact Yahweh has added that would take us south. And here is the present spectrum of this rapid spread of Bride truth in Africa.

Also, somewhere in the early 1980s, Yahweh told me that Rees Howells was my example in the flesh. This is mentioned in A Lesson From Intercession, page 1 and page 8. Rees was an incredible intercessor, and I find it amazing that exactly one hundred years ago my example in the flesh was precisely in the locale where I will be. He began on the border of Zimbabwe and Mozambique, west of Beira (#7), and from there went south to Swaziland and on into South Africa—all of this being where we are now planning conferences. And his pursuit was nothing less than the outpouring of the Holy Spirit—the latter rain that we need today. This gives me hope, for it was the Father who gave me this man as my example, and I am walking in his steps.

We are quite encouraged by all that is taking place, and I need for you to be a part of this. You can’t go to Africa, but you can help me to get there and to make these meetings possible. Traveling in Africa is surprisingly expensive, and you can help provide for this. Do you have frequent flyer miles that could be used for my flight? That would help a great deal, as a round-trip ticket is about $1,000. Contact me if this is you. Gas is more expensive in Africa. And there are the expenses of lodging, food, tracts, DVDs, and more. ANY amount you can give will help. I hope that what we are seeing take place in Africa (which is not the work of man but of God), is the beginning of preparing the way for Immanuel. That would include the latter rain, which is essential. And, this present beginning in Africa is most fitting, for Satan’s image is on this continent, and this iniquity/curse must be reversed and he be replaced by the Elijah Bride! I am going back to Africa, and I need your help.



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May 13, 2016 - I want to share something with you that is both personal and quite hopeful. The morning after our February 12 pastor’s conference where I taught 192 pastors in Rongo, I was unusually melancholy/heavy. When I came out and greeted Caleb, he asked me how I was doing. My answer was, “I’m floating.” He did not ask me what I meant by that, and told me to get ready, that we were going to go somewhere. I didn’t even ask him where we were going, and the reason was that it did not matter to me. I had learned that I could trust Caleb; but moreso, the reason I said that I was floating was because I was simply trying to keep my head above water. I did not know what was wrong, but I was quite heavy and it did not matter where we went.

We drove for about an hour and a half, and I never asked Caleb where we were headed. I was very quiet. I hoped that we were going to an open space where I could just walk around by myself and be alone outside with nature. I’m comfortable with nature. We finally arrived at a town named Mbita on the eastern shores of Lake Victoria. When we arrived, he then told me that he was taking me to a lodge called Rusinga Island Lodge. You can look it up on the internet, for it is a most beautiful and quite elegant place—located on the shores of Lake Victoria. It was exactly what I needed at that time. Here are a couple of photos.

It was while I was there that I began to see what I needed to do next. It later became clear that it was time for me to return to America. That day was the turning point of my trip to Africa. I knew my work there was completed. But while there at the lodge, something else happened that appears to be the Father’s great design.

I was in great need of relaxation and relief, and one thing I wanted to do was to swim in Lake Victoria. I had not been swimming in years, and enjoy it very much. So, I removed myself from everyone, found a secluded place, disrobed, and greatly enjoyed my swim in the lake. Ahhh, it was nice and relaxing! Here is where I went in.

But, there was another reason I wanted to enter into Lake Victoria, and that was for hopeful, prophetic, and intercessoral reasons. Looking back, this may well have been one of the reasons the Father inspired Caleb to take me to this location. Otherwise, I would have never entered into the lake. But it did happen. And it was shortly after this that I went back to America. What was the reason for going into Lake Victoria, even possibly effecting an essential act? Let me explain.

In Zechariah 11:15-17 we read:

“Yahweh said to me, ‘Take again for yourself the equipment of a foolish shepherd. For behold, I am going to raise up a shepherd in the land who will not care for the perishing, seek the scattered, heal the broken, or sustain the one standing, but will devour the flesh of the fat sheep and tear off their hoofs. Woe to the worthless shepherd who leaves the flock! A sword will be upon/against his arm and upon/against his right eye! His arm will be totally withered and his right eye will be blind.’ ”

Christians have the completely false idea that this “foolish/worthless shepherd” is their contrived Antichrist. But that will never happen. The fact is, the foolish/worthless shepherd has been devouring the flesh of the fat sheep and tearing off their hoofs (kingdom rights) for 2,000 years, and his name is Lucifer, Satan!

Zechariah is clearly the most prophetic book in the Bible regarding the church, with many succinct and revealing testimonies. We see this same Satan in chapter 3 where God engraves an engraving of him on a stone, and that fulfillment is the engraving of Satan’s image on Africa. (Click here for more information.) Chapter 4 then reveals the essential and effectual pattern of the church: olive tree—lampstand—olive tree. Then go to chapter 13 and you see once again the church where two parts are cut off and die, and the third part is taken through the fire. These two parts that are cut off and die are the very two parts when the foolish/worthless shepherd—who has the power of death (Hebrews 2:14)—has devoured the flesh of the sheep! Satan has been killing and corrupting kingdom man for 2,000 years—Legion has taken the 2,000 swine to the sea of death with Yahshua’s agreement. And there are far more evidences that Zechariah speaks extensively regarding the church. Therefore, as set forth in Zechariah 11, we know that it is in fact the right eye of Satan that is pierced with the sword!

And further addressing specifically the right eye, in Matthew 5:29 we read the words of Yahshua: "If your right eye makes you stumble, tear it out and throw it from you; for it is better for you to lose one of the parts of your body, than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.” Satan has caused man to stumble for 2,000 years, and for the sake of the Body of Christ he will be plucked out.

So, why is all of this presented? Look at Africa, at Lake Victoria. His eye that we see here is in fact his right eye. This is the eye that I entered into, piercing it just before I left Africa. (And by the way, “Gary” means “sharp spear.”) And this eye is the central location from where Bride truth is now truly erupting! (Presented in my last report.)

Ever since Satan’s right eye was pierced, Bride truth has exploded in, around, and from the circumference of Lake Victoria. And this red area is indeed an accurate identification of where Bride truth has actually spread. This is amazing! What will happen from here? The Father knows. He is the one who has performed this work, He is the one who has spoken this work, and He will complete this work. And hopefully, we will see it spread throughout the whole world. (The two smaller red dots on the map are locations in Malawi and Nigeria where two other brothers teach Bride truth, the latter in Nigeria teaching extensively.)

That day which led to this piercing of Lake Victoria was begun with two words—“I’m floating.” Little did I know that this would be fulfilled in a good way, as I entered into and floated and immersed myself in Lake Victoria, the right eye of Satan. And in the natural, it brought me great relief. This is what the world needs which is heavy from the affliction of Satan for 2,000 and even 6,000 years. Relief!

Now, because of this recent dramatic growth of the Bride, I very much need your help in supporting it. Anything you can provide financially will be of great help right now. Frankly, the needs are outpacing the means, and I do not want us to be the limiting factor. Bride truth is spreading very quickly, and this requires that we provide for the needs of the team and for the tracts and the videos. Please be a part of this work today. I need, we need, your help. Because of this rapid growth, right now the needs are exceeding our funds. In regard to this great interest and excitement concerning the Bride, this is very good news! But, it sure makes things quite difficult in meeting all the basic needs. I do hope you will help. Thank you.

May Yahweh be glorified,


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May 6, 2016 - Frankly, I thought the last two entries here would probably be the last of them. And honestly, after leaving Africa on February 27, 2015, I anticipated that it would not be long and I would have to remove the “Africa Report” from the home page. After all, I was leaving Africa. Yes, I knew the brothers would continue to teach. And yes, I was afforded the amazing opportunities to teach 1,200 pastors. But I was leaving and how affective would they be, and would the cry for more teaching continue?

By the next week, 250 pastors wanted Caleb Oguta, who organized all the meetings, to come to Bunyore, a very poor area in western Kenya, and teach them. In fact, they were so devoted to learning that they were willing to sleep on the hard floor of the hall where they were to meet during the two days and nights they were there. But, they needed $1,000 to cover the food for two days, and we did not have any more money. So, unfortunately, the meeting was canceled, and even today they beg Caleb and his team to come.

But that’s not all, for the cry for more teachings of Bride truth concerning the kingdom of heaven rose ever higher! Caleb immediately taught groups of pastors in his home. Then came a call from a conference of pastors meeting on April 24-26 on Mfangano Island, located in the northeastern part of Lake Victoria, and there 110 pastors heard and rejoiced greatly in the Bride truth.

That was wonderful; and, it was just the beginning! Meanwhile, a call came from a conference of over 1,400 pastors throughout the nation of Tanzania, just south of Kenya, who had heard about what was being taught, and they too wanted Caleb and his team to come and teach them. This also took place on the eastern shores of Lake Victoria at Musoma. The team arrived and for two days, April 29-30, 1,450 pastors rejoiced greatly in all that they too were learning!

And then while there, a pastor’s conference in the neighboring nation of Uganda, west of Kenya, implored Caleb’s team to come to their May 2-4 gathering of pastors from across that nation—as well as from Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan—and equally teach Bride truth. So, they then traveled to Kasese, all the way over into far western Uganda, and spoke to yet another 850 pastors. Caleb said they were very enthusiastic about what they were hearing and asked a lot of good questions.

In these three conferences alone that were within a period of eleven days, over 2,400 pastors heard and rejoiced greatly in Bride truth! This is twice the number of pastors I taught in the three months I was in Africa—1,200. All in all, over 3,600 pastors have heard and accepted Bride truth. And, these pastors are all going back to their churches and teaching their own flocks. Of late, it is very fair to say that there has been an EXPLOSION of the Bride! When Caleb called me from Tanzania, he told me: “Gary, this is not the working of a man; this is God!” I heartily and most gladly agreed with him.

And even now, Caleb’s cousin, Walter—who translated for me on occasions and knows Bride truth—is teaching this truth to ninety-five pastors at Lochor in northeastern Kenya. Followed by this will be yet another teaching with eighty pastors in his home town, Kisumu (where I taught while I was there). And again, these pastors will go out and teach their own flocks! What is next? The Father knows. But it appears that the fire that was lit in that land during my visit, is quickly spreading!

Africa Map

This is a most welcomed and hopeful phenomenon, and we hope it continues. And right now, there are other like requests, including from the poor pastors still wanting to meet in Bunyore who need $1,000 for their food. Plus we would need another $200 for the team’s food and transportation.

And in further report, when I was in Africa, we provided 1,000 copies of the Africa tracts that can be viewed here. And with this ever-increasing demand and interest, in these recent meetings another 20,000 tracts have gone out and been taken across this land. Also, DVDs of the teaching I did when I came back to America are being duplicated and distributed. (We bought a duplicating machine while I was there.) To watch this video, click here.

We hope in Yahweh, and are most grateful for what we see taking place in Africa. And, you have been and can all the more be a part of this movement. Right now, we need $1,200 to go to Bunyore to teach the 250 pastors whom we have already put off once. And, we are going to need another 12,000 tracts that will cost us $1,500 (12.5 cents each), which in comparison to the US is a bargain! I paid $370 in America for 1,000 tracts, which was actually a bargain in itself—37 cents each.

Can you help? Everything you read here is because you and others like you have financially made this possible. You are sharers in this work, and thereby sharers in the rewards. Please, can you give $1,200 or $1,500 for these two specific needs, or at least provide a portion of these. Any amount will help. A fire has been lit, and now appears to be an explosion! What will happen next? We will see. But logistically, it will be made possible in part because of you and your support. Click on the donate button below, or you can mail your support by clicking here. I hope to hear from you.

Blessings to all,


April 25, 2016 - After being in Kenya, Africa, for three months and having taught 1,200 pastors concerning what is the kingdom of heaven, Gary returned to America and shared with a select group in his own town the core of these formative truths. It was videoed and is provided here for your benefit. This amazing truth in its condensed form provides clear and confirming evidence as to what Yahweh is doing. There are also photos from Africa at the beginning and conclusion that you will enjoy.

March 21st 2016 - Read Gary’s final conclusion and observation regarding his almost three-month trip to Africa by clicking here.

March 2nd 2016 - On February 27, I met with and taught another thirty-two pastors in Nairobi, Kenya, bringing the total number of pastors to 1,200 who have been taught these wonderful and remarkable truths regarding the kingdom of heaven. As with all the others, they too marveled at the soundness of the Scripture’s clear and repeated message regarding what is the kingdom of heaven on earth—the church. After teaching them, six of us made a visit to the largest of the slums in Nairobi—Kibera, with an estimated population of 500,000 to 1,000,000. Three of these men had previously lived there. The people live on less than $1.00 a day. Following are some photos we took that day, and it amazes one how they survive. And for them, this is normal; and they make the best of it they can.

Afterwards, we drove to the airport, and there they warmly greeted me as I departed from them and began my trip back to America. Why did I return? Right now I am working on a writing that will explain all of this; and I assure you it will be a great wonder, affording much hope. Yahweh had His plan for this trip to Africa, and we did not see its fuller meaning until the end. I look forward to getting this to you, and will be quite a remarkable thing to read. Also, Pastor Caleb will soon be flying and traveling to my home here in Salem, Missouri. I will explain all of this later in the writing. Again, there is hope.

Blessings to you, and thank you for all of your financial support,


One small finger of vast Kibera

Entering down into the lower reaches.

Inside one of the homes—a bed on an earth floor and cardboard walls.

Going lower towards the muddy river.

Life in the lower reaches—dangerous when there is a heavy rain.

Open sewer drainage in the walkway.

This girl would not let go of Jacob, Caleb’s brother. She held tightly to him, and kept part of his heart when he finally left.

Houses and open sewers.

Children lit up when we would go by, and LOVED seeing their photos in the camera.

February 23rd, 2016 - Following are photos from our Homa Bay-area meeting where eighty-three pastors rejoiced greatly in what Yahweh has done and is doing. This brings the total number of pastors who have heard and rejoiced in these truths to over 1,100.

Pastors gather to learn what is the kingdom of heaven.

Gary demonstrating and teaching the prophetic meaning regarding Mary Magdalene, and Yahshua writing on the ground.

February 18th, 2016 - After posting the February 14 Africa Report, Pastor Caleb related to me some information that is helpful and enlightening to share. There was a pastor who had heard about the previous pastor’s conference we had in Rongo, and decided that he would wait to see the outcome of it before he would attend. It happened that another American had come here and likewise invited all the pastors to come and hear his teaching. He offered to pay all their expenses, and was even going to pay them to listen to what he would share. But the pastors did not want to come together, and he only had about twelve that attended. His meeting was unsuccessful. But this Rongo pastor did finally come to the last meeting here, where we had nearly two hundred pastors to come together. Afterwards, he asked Caleb what was the secret to our success when we even financially offered less. The only answer could be that God was moving on the hearts and minds of these men. Before the meeting, pastors were even stopping Caleb on the streets (people walk here and do not drive), asking him why they had not yet received an invitation to come.

Before the meeting, Caleb and I went to the city offices to speak with one of the men there, and the city accountant and I got into a conversation. I spoke with him briefly about government and the kingdom of heaven, and he took off from work to hear me teach. The conclusion he related to Caleb afterwards was that I was an accountant. Why? Because what I share is government, and accounting is government. It is strict order, and the same numbers always add up to a same sum. When I teach about the kingdom, the sum of evidence demands one certain conclusion. And whether it was the hundred and ninety-two pastors, or the accountant, the weight of evidence demanded one sum, one conclusion—that the kingdom of heaven, the church, is of absolute necessity Bride—Body of Christ—Bride. There is NO alternative! There is NO other hope!

And one other important noteworthy item: these truths are indeed being implemented in these pastor’s churches. But, I need your help in order to be able to continue with these pastor’s conference teachings. Will you help financially?


February 14th, 2016 - Photos from Rongo

Here are photos of our last pastor's conference in Rongo where we taught 192 pastors from about twenty-five different denominations—from Catholics to Pentecostals, to traditional Legions to Adventists. They all came together under one roof to hear the truth regarding the kingdom of heaven. Pastor Caleb told me that this kind of gathering from so many different denominations is extraordinary—something that has NEVER happened before. All of these different groups come together to hear something that in fact thrills all their hearts and satisfies their understanding like nothing ever before. Instead of dividing people, these truths unite them. Not only is this truth in harmony with the Word, but just opposite of Christianity it brings harmony to these different men. The Body of Christ in fact divides them, while the Bride unites them—and gives them truth that has been concealed for 2,000 and even 6,000 years.

With this last Rongo meeting, in nine short weeks there are now a total of over 1,000 pastors in south-west Kenya (from an even larger number of denominations and sects than the twenty-five) who have been satisfied with these truths. What these pastors hear, answers like never before their questions regarding the kingdom of heaven and what the Father is doing. And, they rejoice greatly and marvel in the consistency and thoroughness and wonder of the Scriptures in evidencing these truths. From Genesis to Revelation, Bride truth consistently reveals the mysteries concerning the kingdom. It is as written: to him who has understanding, knowledge is easy.

What next? That we wait to see. I have no clear direction in what to do, so I wait. There are many others pastors in Africa who want us to come and teach them. But I need to hear from the Father.

The children love to come up to me and shake my hand.

This lady is in downtown metropolitan Kisi, bringing dinner home—fresh chicken!

Here are two fig trees. Zaccheus would have had no trouble escaping the crowd in one of these trees in order to see Yahshua.

February 8th, 2016 - I have now been in Kenya for two months, and it is truly amazing that in this short amount of time I have taught 870 pastors. And even more amazing is that of this number, they have all not only embraced this vital truth, but have greatly rejoiced in it and committed to it. And further, if you were here and witnessed the vast weight of evidence that is presented, you would see why they are so soundly persuaded.

To begin with, I tell them that we will examine what is the kingdom of heaven (which is in fact the church). And most effectively, as of late we start by going to the original Garden of Eden and see that it was in fact this kingdom, and how it was corrupted via the presence of Satan and the weakness of the woman, and thereupon they were prevented from eating from the tree of life. Then we next see that the Garden was a type of the kingdom of heaven, the church, that was given to man two-thousand years before it was time for the kingdom—the Millennial reign. And in this kingdom, once again we have the serpent, the devil, who has equally insured that from the beginning it too has been corrupted. But, God has to cut the church’s time short from three thousand years to two thousand, and come and deliver man.

Next, we tell them what the church structure truly is—a brief Bride work, followed by the Body of Christ work, and concluded with the latter Bride work. And here we lay out numerous confirming and revealing testimonies, including Zechariah 4, or olive tree—lampstand—olive tree; and Zerah—Perez—Zerah, or light—breach—light; and the Genesis 15 covenant pattern that Yahweh set forth with Abraham; and Moses—Yahshua—Elijah on the mount of transfiguration, who were glowing, while the three Body-of-Christ representatives, Peter, James, and John, aptly slept; along with MANY other like testimonies. Oh I wish you could be here to personally receive this teaching. I know you would greatly enjoy it, just as these pastors do, and who urge me to come back.

In a previous report, I told you of our plans to have a three-day pastor’s conference here in Rongo for two-hundred pastors. Well, pastor’s demands elsewhere have been so great that it was never possible. Finally, we are back to this plan; but instead of three days, we are going to have a one-day conference. I will be honest with you though, one of the reasons for this change is that our available funds will not permit this longer conference. Even a one-day session will cost us at least $5,000. And as it is, after that our funds will be close to depleted. What I am supposed to do then is up to the Father. He has directed me for many years, and taught me and provided, and I do not believe He will stop now. So, would you place your heart before the Father and do what you know is right in helping financially with the Rongo pastor’s conference. It would be much appreciated—not only by Pastor Caleb and I, but by the many pastors who will hear these vital truths. Thank you.

Following are some more photos.

Seventy-six pastors crowded under the tent at Kojowi, almost encompassing us.

Sixty-five pastors at Kalco learn what the kingdom of heaven, the church, is.

Laying out the three-part pattern of the church on the whiteboard.

Here is an interesting sight fairly common in Kenya. It is a man in his 70s, using a hammer to turn gathered rocks into saleable smaller stones. The average person in Kenya lives on one to three dollars a day.

January 30th, 2016 - I have just completed four days of teaching here in Africa—January 26 through 29. And in those four days I shared the truth of the kingdom of God with two hundred pastors. And as has been the case since coming here, they ALL understood and believed. They see and rejoice greatly that a Bride MUST come out of the sleeping/dead Body of Christ, and that she will prepare the way for, and rule and reign with, Immanuel in the Millennial Reign. This brings the total number of pastors who have heard this word to over five hundred. And the more pastors hear and accept this, the more they tell other pastors; and all the more are those who are now wanting to hear and be taught as well!

Pastor Caleb and I are now driving to all the regions of southwest Kenya (as well as reaching into Uganda and Tanzania) to share these truths. Here you see the last two conferences: in Ombo where there were seventy-eight pastors, and in Anjego where eighty-two pastors packed into an earthen church. And in both meetings, they all rejoiced greatly in what they were taught.

Ombo, Kenya.

Anjego, Kenya.

We drove over an hour and a half to get to Ombo, and for the first time had to even walk a mile to get to the church. And these pastors walked and rode on motor bikes themselves to hear the truth of the kingdom. And here again, more and more are hearing of these truths and wanting the same. With great joy they finally understand what is the kingdom of heaven, its essential three-part design, why it is three parts (Bride—Body—Bride), and why it takes, and is essential for, a female bride work to bring Immanuel to this earth. And, they are learning even MUCH more than this, including about Satan’s work in the church for two-thousand years, and even seeing and understanding why his image is engraved on Africa (Read here).

One of the things that makes all of this possible is that a Bride brother significantly helped in buying us a car. This has freed us to travel with more flexibility and with less cost in not having to hire a car and driver. And, we have been MOST grateful that it has four-wheel drive, for on some of the roads we have traveled, we would NOT have gotten there without it! Here is the vehicle—a Nissan X-Trail.

But even with this vehicle, it still costs over a thousand dollars for every conference—helping pay for all the pastor’s travels and lodging and food. So, here is where I need your help. Can you sponsor one of these conferences, or help sponsor one? All the arrangements are overseen by Pastor Caleb, and are carried out by the hosting pastors. And all of the meetings have been a great success! But with the poverty and challenges of Africa, it takes you as well. I ask you to help present the truth of the kingdom of heaven to these men (who then share it with others) and give your financial support. Click on the “Donate” button and do your part for the kingdom’s sake and the soon coming of Immanuel.

Thank you, and blessings,


January 26th, 2016 - Photos from Africa

Pastors in rural church receiving the words of truth with joy and appreciation.

The church was in use for the school, so our classroom became under the shade trees.

Pastor Caleb’s 115-year-old uncle was moved to tears that in greeting me he could now rest in peace. His greeting was as if I were Yahshua.

Caleb’s 91-year-old grandmother would not let me leave unless I ate everything she offered me. She is a sweet lady.

This 82-year-old lady had been sleeping outside while caring for some children because her thatched-roof house had fallen down. We purchased the sheet metal you see on the motorbike so that she could have a home.

This man’s bicycle is his means of transportation, and then sitting on it backwards and elevating the back tire, it becomes his grinding wheel for sharpening machetes and such.

Inside a home, and the guests come and go freely.

Here is the main form of transportation—taxi motorbikes—hauling cargo you could not even begin to imagine possible.

A rare white man in a black man’s world. The people are very cordial and often call out to me a sincere greeting, especially so from the children: “Mzungu,” or “white man.”

January 22nd, 2016 - With two recent additional meetings, we have now met with fifty more pastors, including overseeing bishops, bringing the total to over 350 (and others are requesting the teachings). In the last two-day teaching, three bishops, who refused to come on the first day, stormed the church early the next morning where we were to once again meet, aggressively accusing that the host pastor I am staying with was trying to steal their churches. But a bishop who did attend, as well as other pastors, defended us and said that was not our intentions at all and that they were learning good and sound truth regarding the kingdom of God. The three bishops then left and we had yet another very profitable day. They were all very happy, encouraged, and grateful for all they were learning.

Right now though, the pastor I have been living and traveling with, as well as myself, are moving into a duplex here in Rongo. For the month and a half I have been here, he and his wife have graciously given up their bedroom and 6 x 6 bed for me, and sleep in the bunk bed in the children’s room. This needed to change, and this opportunity for the duplex opened up, for which I am most grateful. And, it is quite obvious that I have no plans to go home soon, and have canceled my scheduled return flight. And, we just obtained the car graciously provided by a Bride brother. Settling down in the new home and ready to travel, we already have five meetings in planning with pastors, the first with sixty pastors about a two-hour drive from here.

I wish you could be here, and let me give just a sample of what these pastors are learning. This is the big picture summary as to what has taken place in the church—the kingdom of heaven given to man—for the last 2,000 years, why, and what must take place today.

To begin with, one thing all can agree upon, and is most significant, is that in order for Mary to bring forth the Son of God, the Holy Spirit had to overshadow her. And as you will see, this is an initiating type. Upon the overshadowing of the Spirit, Mary brought forth Yahshua. And what happened to Him when it was time to bring forth more offspring? Well, we know in Genesis 2 that in order for a male work to bring forth offspring, the male has to be put to sleep, his side opened, and a female work formed. So, like the first Adam, the last Adam was put to sleep, His side was opened, and out came blood and water—attesting to the birth of a female work, indeed the bride of the last Adam. Who was that bride? She was the first Remnant Leah bride, the one with weak eyes, the one who was not the bride either expected or desired. That second Remnant Rachel bride would have to come later, 2,000 years later!

The first Remnant Bride was formed, and the Groom personally prepared and taught her. But, He was early and had to leave. Having brought forth that female bride work, He promised her that the Holy Spirit would be sent and He left until He would return at the fullness of time—the Sabbath. And, as promised to Mary as well, on Pentecost the Holy Spirit did come and overshadowed this female “Mary” (meaning “bitter”), and thereupon another male work was soon birthed—the Body of Christ.

Beginning out of Antioch (the family that effected the desolation of the temple with swine’s flesh for three years), Saul/Paul (who in like testimony was blind with scales on his eyes for three days, and asked three times that Satan would be removed from him [and he was not removed]) began the male Body of Christ work.

Two thousand years later, what’s next? There has to now be a female work, a “Mary,” that can once again birth the Son of God—only this time as Immanuel, God with us! So again, how can one get a female work out of a male work? There is only ONE way! The answer to this is precisely what Yahshua told me in 1994 when the Spirit was upon me. He said to me, “The Body of Christ must be put to sleep, its side opened, and out come a bride.” This is exactly where we are today. Mary evidenced precisely what has to take place in order for the Son of God to be birthed to this earth—the Holy Spirit MUST overshadow the Bride, so as to then birth Him to this earth. ONLY a female work can birth a male, and NEVER by a male Body-of-Christ work. IT has to be put to sleep, a Bride formed, the Holy Spirit overshadow her with the latter rain (the second son of fresh oil in Zechariah 4), and only then can Immanuel come to, be birthed to, this earth. Thus we see:

Female —> Male —> Female —> Male —> Female —> Male


Mary —> Yahshua —> Leah Bride —> Body of Christ —> Rachel Bride —> Immanuel

  • “Mary —> Yahshua” is the natural that preceded and foreshadowed the spiritual that would follow.
  • “Leah Bride —> Body of Christ —> Rachel Bride” is the church, the very covenant pattern of the Abrahamic covenant in Genesis 15 where a male work passes between the split covenant parts of a female work. It is Olive tree —> Lampstand —> Olive tree. And the two olive trees are the two sons of fresh oil, and are separate works from the lampstand work.
  • And “Immanuel” is the product and outcome of the thus-far-fulfilled church.

Amen and amen!


January 11th, 2016 - We continue to hold conferences with pastors at their rural churches, as well as one in a conference center just outside of Kisumu, near the shores of Lake Victoria. The number of pastors we have taught is now at three hundred. Up to Kisumu, we were able to say that every single pastor with whom we have shared Bride truth have greatly rejoiced in it. But at the meeting at Kisumu, two pastors from one church contested me on several occasions, to the point that the other pastors objected to their interruptions. Finally, at the end, I very passionately and forcefully defended the reality of this truth and challenged the failure of pastors in Africa to teach truth and to encourage the people to live by their flesh. Afterwards, several pastors came up to me and expressed their great gratitude for what they had learned. And, that’s not the end of the story.

A couple of days later, both of those contentious pastors called Caleb—the man whom I live with and coordinates all of these meetings—and told him that after further reflection, they realized that what I had shared was indeed truth. So, the response stands: every pastor with whom this truth has been presented has warmly and very gratefully accepted and embraced it. And, they no longer call themselves Christians, but Bride!

Let me add another good report. Every time we travel to teach these pastors (driving three, four, five, and even six hours), not only is there the cost of $1,000 just to pay for the transportation and food and lodging for them (as I shared before, they are very poor in natural wealth), but our own transportation by car with a driver costs the Bride $400 to as high as $600. And even on top of that we incur the costs of our food and lodging. But, good news! A Bride brother is making it possible for us to buy a car; and not only do we cut our costs down to fuel, but we can now travel about with greater ease and mobility and responsiveness. For this we are MOST grateful!

Now I ask you: Will you do your part and help as well? You can’t go to Africa, but you can help to have this truth presented to these African pastors and their churches. And honestly, I believe there is a profound reason Yahweh has sent me here, and for the first time in twenty-three years Bride truth is being widely received. It appears quite obvious that the latter rain will begin right here in Africa. Where else is it better for the office of the Elijah to pass from Satan to a man, than here in the “snake kingdom” on whose continent is the very image of Satan himself? (Read here.) Remember, the second sign that causes belief is that the serpent has to be turned back into a staff in the hands of the Moses, even the prophet like Moses spoken of in Acts 3:22-25. This is the Elijah. (Read here.)

So, you can do your part by placing your financial support into Yahshua’s moneybox (Read here). Would you have given your financial support to Yahshua? Well, you have the same opportunity today.



January 7th, 2016 - Photos from Africa

Gary teaching the pastors, with interpreter.

At Gary’s right hand is Pastor Caleb, who coordinates all the meetings in Kenya, and sitting right front is Tony, of Nigeria (whom Gary has communicated with for five years).

Lunch on the shores of Lake Victoria (the eye of Satan on the continent of Africa: click here for more).

Gary teaching in rural church, with Pastor Caleb interpreting.

December 28th, 2015 - The December 21 thru 23 pastor’s conference in Bungoma was a great success. Forty pastors gathered for vital instruction regarding Bride truth, and all of them rejoiced greatly in what they were learning. For the first time, they understood what the church truly is—a vital two-part Bride, separated by the breach Body of Christ. Though we did not receive the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit as happened to Mary, most certainly blinded eyes were opened, as prophetically happened at the pool of Siloam (John 9:6-7, even the third son of Judah [Shelah, or Siloam in the Greek], thus the third part of the church—where we are now).

And when we returned to Rongo, we held yet another one-day pastor’s conference for eighty pastors. At the outset one of the bishops stood up and questioned if I held to the basic tenets of the faith. I assured him that I did, and that I believed that when I had finished explaining what the kingdom of heaven is, he would see that what I would share was indeed truth. He accepted this and listened carefully. After sharing the history of the church and its pattern as set forth in Zechariah 4, as well as other confirming testimonies such as the covenant Yahweh made with Abraham, I asked him if he was persuaded that what I shared was indeed truth. Not only did he affirm that it was truth, but afterwards came to me and insisted that I come to his church(es) and share these truths. At this point, we are planning to go to his area and teach forty pastors.

All of the pastors there at that gathering were truly thrilled with what they heard and learned. And, present were some women pastors. I shared that women were not to teach, or to exercise the authority of the man, and why this was absolute truth. One of those women texted us the next morning and said that she resigned from the church and was going to remain at home and serve her husband. Amen and amen!

And if this is not enough already, we are needing and desirous of holding a three-day pastor’s teaching and training conference here in Rongo, January 20 thru 22, for two-hundred pastors or more. Here we can really get into depth concerning the Bride and Elijah, and answer their questions. In fact, since being here Yahweh has opened my eyes to see some most wonderful and confirming and revealing truth regarding the Elijah and the latter rain. I wish I could write about this for you, but I’m doing good to get just this report to you. In addition to the conferences, I will be going to local churches almost daily and be teaching.

Now one final important word. The average person in Africa is materially VERY poor according to American standards, especially the pastors. They do not even have the money to travel to the conferences (they have no cars), much less for room and board. We have to provide these. Each of these smaller and briefer conferences have cost us $1,000 or more. And the three-day conference for two-hundred pastors will cost us $100 per pastor, which is actually quite cheap. But at two-hundred pastors, we are looking at $20,000. And, for the kingdom’s sake, and even for the world, it is WELL worth this! I have already spoken to 140 pastors, with nothing but positive results, and we need to do more.

Will you do your part and help make these vital conferences possible? You can’t come to Africa and help; but, you can still make your presence known by helping bring the pastors together to learn these vital truths for which they are most hungry, preparing the way for Immanuel. Would you have been there to lay your garment and palm branches before Yahshua as He entered Jerusalem? Today, you have an even greater opportunity to prepare the way for His triumphal entry to this earth, and will you take it? I/we need your help, right now. In the twenty-one years of the Bride, I have NEVER, EVER experienced anything like this genuine response in Africa, and you now have the opportunity to be a part of it. Will you do your part and help prepare the way for Immanuel? Will you sponsor one to ten of these pastors, or even more? Click on the Donate button and generously lay your garment before Him. We need your help right away.

Blessings to you,


December 18th, 2015 - The Father sovereignly canceled the trip south to Malawi and then to Nigeria, and instead sent two pastors here from the north - Bungoma. Upon receiving instruction in Bride truth, they immediately wanted to make plans to arrange for all the pastors in their area to come together for a three-day conference where I would teach these vital truths. And this includes the truth concerning Satan’s image on Africa and Yahweh removing the iniquity of that land in a day. And, it is our hope that this is that day. The conference will take place December 21 thru 23.

Also, there is hope regarding the timing of this event. It is taking place during the time when the Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary, impregnating her so as to bring forth the Son of God at Tabernacles. Mary was in fact a type of the Elijah. And hopefully we will now be impregnated by the Spirit during this same time so as to bring forth Immanuel.

Up to now, every pastor (about thirty) and church member who have heard these truths have understood them and rejoiced greatly! This is a most obvious and welcomed contrast to what I have known and experienced for twenty-one years!

And by the way, by going north for this pastor’s conference, intercessorally I will be going into the place of Satan. Isaiah 14:13 identifies Satan as dwelling in “the recesses of the north.” In addition, Satan’s image is on Africa. Why would I have an interest in Satan? For one clear and essential reason and purpose: the serpent has to turn back into a staff! In other words, the office of the Elijah that has been held by Satan for 2,000 years, must go to the fulfilling Elijah so as to prepare the way for Immanuel. I hope this can take place in total or in some form when we go north to speak to the 100 pastors.

I will provide later another report. In addition, I invite you to help, for the African people, though rich in spirit, are quite poor in the things of this world. The Bride is having to finance most of this conference, and I invite you to click on the donation button and do your part and help.




December 12th, 2015 - Mr. Naler called this morning and he is doing well. He is very excited about the reception of the Remnant Bride message; he has talked to 18 pastors and all have received his teaching about the Kingdom. He currently doesn't have computer or internet access, but he expects this to change in a week or two, at which point reports and pictures will be posted. He is currently in Rongo, Kenya and will be traveling to Malawi, then to Nigeria for about two weeks.