Red Rock Canyon
Colorado Springs, Colorado

So, what took place on June 6 and 7, which corresponded with the wedding feast at Cana, as well as with my own wedding forty years prior in 1969? Let me tell you. It was most encouraging and highly revealing.

On Friday evening, June 5, Kathy, a Bride sister here in Salem, and myself arrived at the home of Chris Meier, co-host of Remnant Bride Radio, in Denver, Colorado. Chris’ wife, Aida, of Italian descent, had prepared a delicious meal and was a most wonderful and gracious hostess the entire time. Around the supper table and afterwards until 11:00 p.m., I answered questions and shared Bride truth with all who had gathered there that evening.

The next morning other Bride members arrived, and we enjoyed sitting around visiting and fellowshipping about the Scriptures and how Yahweh has affected our lives. That afternoon we carried out the wedding ceremony whereby I knelt down with the two Colorado Bride brothers, Chris on my right and Jim McManus on my left. There, I affirmed my commitment to the Bride, and on behalf of the Bride, they affirmed their commitment and obedience to me. Afterwards, we drove up into the Rocky Mountains for a pleasant and scenic walk. But the best was yet before us—the honeymoon!

On Sunday, June 7, we drove to Colorado Springs where forty years ago my newly-wed wife and I had spent our honeymoon, and there consummated our marriage. This was our purpose in going here once again—to consummate the marriage with the Bride that had taken place the day before.

Jim drove to a walking area at Red Rock Canyon that is near the Garden of the Gods. (My wife and I had ridden horses at the Gardens on our honeymoon.) There, we walked on a trail until we found a place that seemed to be somewhat isolated and fitting to carry out the consummation ceremony. As we gathered together, suddenly a very strong wind, reminiscent of the day of Pentecost, swept down upon us. During the entire day, there was no breeze at all. It was a still day. Yet, when we gathered for the consummation, a uniquely strong wind suddenly came upon us. And that was only the beginning.

One of the brothers in the group, Bruce, who can be quite child-like in his ways, ran over to a very unique rock formation adjacent to that area and climbed into the cleft of the rock. I called him out, “Bruce, get out of the cleft of the rock and come over here.” In hindsight, this is precisely what the Bride must do—come out of the cleft of the rock of Christianity (Exodus 33:20-23, 1 Kings 19:13, John 11:38-44).

The evening before, Kathy had realized that the number of us who were going to effect this ceremony was the same pattern of the consummation covenant in Genesis 15 when Abraham laid out the split covenant parts and Yahweh passed between them. In that consummation, Abraham laid out eight portions. He split into two parts a three year old heifer, a three year old female goat, and a three year old ram, and laid out the parts opposite of each other. Then he placed a turtle dove and young pigeon there as well, but did not cut them. This then made eight parallel parts—four and four—whereupon Yahweh passed between them, effecting His covenant with Abraham.

This was the pattern we followed—six men in three pairs, with the two ladies as the concluding birds. The first two men were, by design, Jim and Chris, once again with Jim on my left and Chris on my right. Afterwards, we realized that the second pair of men were the two Thomases, thereby we had the testimony of Thomas Didymus, the twin, who had demanded a sign before believing. And quite appropriately, Bruce was one of the men in the place of the third animal—the ram. His name, “Bruce,” means “from the brushwood thicket.” He was the ram caught in the thicket (Genesis 22:13).

Having laid out the split covenant parts, my plan was to stand before them and then pass between the split parts—effecting as it were a conjugal covenant as I had effected with my wife forty years to the day prior to this. But Yahweh had other plans, higher plans!

Everyone was in place for the consummation. I briefly offered up a prayer, and as I prepared to pass between the parts, suddenly a dog, that had previously been running around in that area but had left with its master, ran past me to my right and performed precisely what I was about to do. That dog actually passed precisely between the covenant parts, momentarily paused on the other side, then came back through the split parts and paused precisely behind Jim. Then she left.

My thoughts were—that dog just had relations with my virgin bride! Then I was concerned about what the others thought, anticipating that they would think that the event was defiled. Even so, I then passed through the split covenant parts, and so it was completed. No one mentioned the dog at all in the entire remaining time of the gathering. But when I talked with others afterwards, they were most certainly wondering about it, and anticipated that there was some meaning to it. Shortly I will tell you why Yahweh sent the dog, and it is MOST significant!

As we walked away, Chris’ son, Michael, told me that he had considered not going with us, but was SO glad he came. Without any previous planning, Yahweh provided everyone and everything we needed in order to effect the covenant in the precise order of Genesis 15. If Michael, or anyone else, had not been there, the intercession would have been incomplete. And the fact is, the only thing I had planned before that time was walking between Chris and Jim. Yahweh added everything else.

Another Bride member who came and had considered not coming, added a testimony that was VERY meaningful to him, as well as to another Bride brother. And, I hope it is meaningful to you.

When I was laying out the split covenant parts in their order, this brother walked to the outside of the parts and was oblivious as to how close he was to stepping off a thirty-foot drop-off. His right foot was right on the edge, and even precariously slipped on the loose earth. Chris then warned him, but it was not until a third warning from Chris that he realized how much peril he had been in at that moment. Another three or four inches and he would have plummeted thirty feet and the entire intercession would have been negated.

Just a few days before, I had talked with this brother about something in his life that he had made a commitment to abstain from that was sin, and had relented to it. Of everyone there, it was quite fitting that it was this particular brother who nearly slipped and fell to his harm. This is exactly what he had done in his personal life. We do not realize how sin not only affects our personal life, but the lives of others as well. As I explained to him afterwards, we do not sin alone. His slipping and falling at that moment would have affected not only himself, and certainly moreso himself, but it would have affected the entire Bride work. We do not sin alone. What we do affects others—for good or for evil.

This man commented that he had no idea how close he was to falling off the cliff, and realized the reality of that truth regarding his own life as well—the blindly destructive consequential affects of sin. In like relevance, the most fearful verse in the entire Bible is Ecclesiastes 10:1, where we read: “Dead flies make a perfumer’s oil stink, so a little foolishness is weightier than wisdom and honor.” Everything one has built up over a long period of time, can be destroyed in one brief moment of foolishness.

After this intercession, we then went to a nice restaurant where I had taken my wife on our honeymoon. Here, we celebrated this new wedding as I took my Bride out for a nice dinner. Afterwards, we looked for the motel where I had spent our honeymoon forty years prior, and then drove through the unique and beautiful Garden of the Gods (also, click on “Scenic” link). Some of us stayed for a nice walk and conversation, while others left in order to get one of the brothers to the airport for his return flight.

That evening, less the one brother, but along with Aida and the Meier’s daughter, Anna, from the Genesis 15 covenant pattern, I taught regarding the like pattern of the church that is repetitive throughout the Scriptures and nature. I have found this to be the most effective and revealing means to teach the marvelous seamless truths regarding the Bride.

So, what about the dog? Was it an unwelcomed intrusion that defiled the covenant? Or did Yahweh send the dog, even as He sent the wind? Did the dog corrupt the event? Or maybe it was all pure happenstance and meant nothing except in our own minds.

Regarding the latter, we had seen that dog running about beforehand, and she was very haphazard in her course and actions. Also, her master had already passed on by with her. Therefore, for her to return to pass between the covenant parts so precisely as she did, at precisely the time that she did, preceding me, was too significant to regard as happenstance. Plus, the most unusual strong wind had already attested to Yahweh’s presence, as well as the exact way in which this covenant was able to be laid out—the split six men, including the Thomas Didymus, as well as the two women. Everything had been too perfect for the dog to be anything less than Yahweh’s design. We had walked in faith the whole way with Yahweh leading us, and He added all the appropriate testimonies that, at the time, we neither fully understood nor could have even provided.

As you will see, Yahweh’s clear testimony regarding the dog entirely confirms that He did indeed effect this covenant, adds marvelous revealing truth, and is most encouraging. And frankly, just the fact that the Bride has the eyes to see the reality and application of this covenant is amazing, wonderful, and even critical. So, why did Yahweh sovereignly send a dog to precede me in effecting the covenant?

To begin with, let us ask an important question: What was it that passed between the covenant parts in Genesis 15? Was it just one item as I had planned, or was it two? It was two—“a smoking oven and a flaming torch passed between these pieces” (Genesis 15:17). Therefore, at least we see that, likewise, on June 7 two passed between the covenant parts that were laid out—a dog and a man. Now let us consider a like testimony.

In Joshua 3 and 4, we read the account where the sons of Israel crossed the Jordan into the Promised Land. What did that land prophetically represent? It represented the sabbath rest, the Millennial reign that we have evidently entered into as of Passover, April 25, 2009. In Joshua 3:4, we read that when entering that land the people had to stay back 2,000 cubits from the ark of the covenant. Why 2,000 cubits? Because it prophesied of the 2,000 years of the church that preceded entering into the Millennial reign.

This is clearly confirmed with the tabernacle as well. We find that the holy place was twenty by ten by ten cubits, or 2,000 cubic cubits; while the holy of holies was ten by ten by ten cubits, or 1,000 cubic cubits. Obviously, once again we see the preceding 2,000-year period of Christianity, followed by the Millennial reign. Even as one had to pass through the holy place in order to enter into the holy of holies, so the church has had to pass through Christianity in order to enter into the Millennial reign. Here we see in truth that the Bride (the 1,000) comes out of the body of Christ (the 2,000).

Since the Promised Land is the holy of holies, then the Jordan River is the veil. And let us note here as well that the hymen of the woman is equally the veil, and the womb is the holy of holies. All three of these—the Promised Land, the holy of holies, and the woman’s womb—speak of the same thing: The Millennial reign.

Let us now take this one step further. In Numbers 32:11-12, we read:

“None of the men who came up from Egypt, from twenty years old and upward, shall see the land which I swore to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob; for they did not follow Me fully, except Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenizzite and Joshua the son of Nun, for they have followed Yahweh fully.”

Therefore, the two who passed through the veil of the Jordan as a testimony of faithfulness to Yahweh were Caleb and Joshua. And since the Promised Land is like unto a womb, the sons of Israel’s crossing into that land was equally the effecting of a covenant—they had passed through the split covenant parts of the Sea of Reeds with a wall of water on the right and on the left, the veil of the Jordan was later rent, and they entered into the womb of the Promised Land. Consummation! Therefore, even as Yahweh had two testimonies that passed between the covenant parts in Genesis 15—a smoking furnace and burning torch—so He had a like two who equally testified and passed into the Promised Land—Caleb and Joshua. Let us first consider Joshua.

In relation to Genesis 15, Joshua is the flaming torch. Regarding these two items, the flaming torch is in fact masculine—a rod with a burning head. We see the same testimony when Gideon went to battle and the men had torches with pitchers over them. Their enemies were defeated when they circumcised the burning rods by breaking the pitchers. In contrast, the smoking oven is the feminine. While the fire of the man is on his head that is external, the fire of the woman is concealed within her, within her womb.

Of these two men, Joshua was the rod, the masculine, who had the right to rule, and Caleb, the feminine, served him. So who does Joshua, the equivalent of the flaming rod, represent relative to the covenant we walked out?

First, Joshua is the identical name, Yahshua. There is no difference in these. So, is Joshua a type of Yahshua? To answer this, let us turn to Joshua 5:13-15. Here we find Joshua, now in the Promised Land, encountering a man with a sword drawn in his hand, and Joshua asked him, “Are you for us or for our adversaries?” The man answered, “No; rather I indeed come now as captain of the host of Yahweh.” At this answer, Joshua fell on his face to the earth and bowed before him, stating, “What has my lord to say to his servant?” This captain was in fact Yahshua, and as with Moses at the burning bush, He told Joshua to remove his sandals. Likewise, removing one’s sandals is the same as circumcision—Yahweh taking full responsibility. Even as Gideon’s men circumcised their burning rods, in like testimony Joshua did the same.

Therefore, if the captain of Yahweh’s host is Yahshua, then how can Joshua be Yahshua? Quite obviously, he cannot be. Then why does he bear His name? Because Joshua represents the Elijah who stands in His office and leads the people into the Promised Land. He represents Yahshua, even Immanuel. He is the burning rod. So who is Caleb?

First, as we have noted, the smoking oven is female. Of course Caleb was not literally female, but he occupied that place in relation to Joshua. Also, quite interestingly and uniquely, Caleb’s daughter asked for and received the upper and lower springs (Joshua 15:19)—the former and the latter rains. Of course these two rains/springs are separated by the breach of Christianity. Likewise, the first land she received was the Negev, meaning “dry or parched”—Christianity. But MOST telling and relevant to our June 7 covenant is the meaning of Caleb’s name. It means “DOG”!

Thus we see, whether it be the smoking oven and flaming torch, or Caleb and Joshua, these each testify to the covenant that Yahweh effected on June 7 when two equally passed between the covenant parts that were laid out—first a dog, and then myself. First a Caleb, and then a Joshua. The very fact that Yahweh sent a dog to pass between the covenant parts first, as well as the strong wind, and effecting the exact Genesis 15 covenant pattern, all of these clearly attested that He was directly controlling and carrying out this covenant. And since He set it forth, we can have confidence that He will watch over it to fulfill it. That is the nature of His covenant. We have our sandals off. The head of the torch is circumcised. I do trust that I am now a circumcised rod with the attested authority and purpose of a Joshua.

So who did the dog represent at the June 7 covenant? Based on the female/male aspects of the oven and the torch, as well as the fact that the dog was indeed a female, and given that relationally the first Remnant is female and the second Remnant is male, and that these are the two that actually enter into the Promised Land, the Millennial reign, it seems quite evident that she attested to, even represented in their absence, the first Remnant. Remember, patterns are replicable. And while the masculine body of Christ passes between the two Remnant, as seen here,

First Remnant –> Christianity –> Second Remnant

the Millennial reign with the two-part Remnant then passes between the two 2,000-year periods of Christianity.

Moses Christianity –> united two Remnant –> Elijah Christianity

But even moreso relative to the Millennium, first is the smoking oven, the establishment of the Bride, and then the burning Rod, Immanuel, who will rule and reign together for a thousand years.

Moses Christianity –> the Bride with Immanuel –> Elijah Christianity

Therefore, what Yahweh had us to walk out on June 7 was in fact a prelude, even a precise foreshadowing, of the Millennial reign, to the point that we, unknowingly, were even located at a resting place between two outcrops. (The consummation site is marked by the red dot, which is next to the large tree.) And even as the dog preceded and prepared the way for me, so the Bride precedes and prepares the way for Immanuel. Even as the oven is listed before the torch, and Caleb is listed before Joshua, so the Bride precedes Immanuel. (It is quite fitting that men open the door for women to pass through first, then follow.)

And quite frankly, you can expect others to have the same reaction to the Bride as we had regarding the dog—a lack of understanding and concern that it is error that defiles. But no, we are the Caleb work that is sent by Yahweh to prepare the way for Immanuel! And by the way, that female Caleb dog was carrying on her a blue double pack that contained rocks—the living stones that are used to build the temple, specifically the walls. (In case you are wondering, they put a load of rocks in her pouches to try to slow her down.)

Also, it is highly relevant that all three split animals were three years old. Thus we see testified that the Genesis 15 covenant is fulfilled in the third 1,000-year period of the church—the Millennial reign. Also, Gideon’s men who brought victory were 300 in number, having been selected because they lapped the water with their tongue like a dog, and knelt to drink (Judges 7:5-6). Therefore, it is quite fitting that having entered into this Millennial period April 25, 2009, Yahweh then effected this very testimony in the Bride, providing us understanding and hope.

And quite revealing, in both the first pattern just mentioned in which the two-part Bride is separated by the body of Christ, as well as the consummation of a marriage when the man passes between the split parts of the woman, these actually have only one of the items passing between the covenant parts—the flaming torch. What can this mean? Very significant and impacting, in both cases these are works effected while in the flesh. In significant contrast, the latter Millennial pattern is effected at a higher dimension when both Immanuel and His Bride abide in immortal bodies, and can thereby evidence the complete fulfillment of the Genesis 15 pattern. At this higher dimension, it is now possible for a female AND a male work to pass between the covenant parts, something that heretofore has not been possible. And again, this is the VERY pattern Yahweh insured that we effected on June 7.

As we therefore see, any flesh work that evidences this pattern, though entirely valid and essential, is in fact inferior, inadequate, and must be replaced with a work that is a higher dimension. In like manner, Satan is not a split, two-part being or work. He is the single covering cherub in Ezekiel 28:14. And though he had his place, he too must be replaced by the split work—the two covering cherubim who encompass the ark of the covenant (Exodus 25:18-20)—the two-part Bride. In like manner, the body of Christ is not sufficient for the complete covenant, but must be replaced by the Bride and Immanuel.

Also attesting to this consummation, the land that was given to Caleb was Hebron, which means “to unite or join together.” This is precisely what this consummation covenant evidences—the uniting of two to become one. This is certainly true in marriage, as well as in the Millennial union of the Bride with Immanuel.

It is also worthy to note that in both the Genesis 15 covenant, as well as our June 7 covenant, there were eight covenant parts, plus the two parts that passed between, for a total of ten. This is, of course, the number of Immanuel. Eight is also the number of those who were in the ark. Furthermore, we effected this June 7 covenant at Red Rock Canyon. It is noteworthy that at the rending of the Jordan, when the blood of the virgin is shed, the waters stood up in one heap at Adam, beside Zarethan (Joshua 3:16). In like confirming testimony, “Adam” means “red,” and “Zarethan” means “piercing or penetrating.” Once again, consummation!

There is another matter that is exceedingly hopeful as well. In 1994, I had two questions that I knew were important, but could not discern the answers to them. I will not rehearse the events, but both of them were answered for me in an amazing manner. The two questions were: First, what was the significance of Thomas saying that he would not believe unless he placed his finger in Yahshua’s hand, and his hand in His side? Second, what was the significance of Rizpah guarding the bodies of her two sons from the birds of the sky and the beasts of the field (2 Samuel 21:10)?

Regarding the first question, Yahweh showed me that the finger in the hand was the first Remnant—they identified with Yahshua’s works. The hand in His side was the second Remnant—the Bride comes out of the side of the sleeping body of Christ.

Regarding the second question, Yahweh showed me that what Rizpah did in guarding the bodies of her two sons, was identical to Abraham guarding the covenant parts from the birds of prey. In both cases, they were guarding the covenant parts. Yahweh had already told me that I was to be a Rizpah and sit on the rock with sackcloth until He poured out water from heaven on me. For fifteen years I have been guarding the covenant parts—seeking to gain Bride truth, and ever guarding it from the beasts and the birds.

Therefore, when we gathered together for this clearly significant covenant on June 7, why were those eight covenant parts available and could be laid out? Because by the grace of Yahweh God I have persevered and continued to seek Him, His ways, His works, and His truths! Those eight people attested to the Bride truth being kept alive, preserving the covenant parts. Therefore, when the call was to effect the Genesis 15 covenant, these essential parts were there! It is now my hope that we have arrived at a MOST important place, evidenced by Yahweh: That the long awaited Millennial covenant was set forth, and will now be fulfilled.

And equally remarkable is the fact that both of the questions I had in ‘94 were evidenced on June 7. First, there were the covenant parts that had been guarded and could thereby be laid out so that the smoking oven and flaming torch could pass between them. But also, Yahweh sent two Thomases, and even paired them within the order of the covenant parts. So the issue concerning Thomas was attested to as well. Clearly, regarding all of these matters that unfolded on June 7, we are now seeing Yahweh’s back—what HE has done! And, it is marvelous and most hopeful to behold!

So what is next? The only thing I knew to do following Passover, April 25, was to go to Colorado and have a wedding on June 6, then consummate that wedding on June 7. With the simplicity of that understanding, Yahweh met us there and made the little that we knew to do, become whole and complete in every regard. Now, the only thing I know to do is to walk forward and go out and teach these Bride truths to others and, once again, let Yahweh make up the difference.

In fifteen years, I have never felt free to go out and teach. Now I do. In Colorado I very much enjoyed the teaching opportunities; and those being taught very much enjoyed them as well, expressing how they greatly benefited from them. Following the wedding feast at Cana, this is precisely what Yahshua did—He went out and taught. I plan to do the same. Once again I am going to step out and do what I know to do.

One of the couples who came to Colorado and were a part of the eight covenant parts asked me to come to their home in Saginaw, Michigan, and share these truths with others, and are also seeking to make arrangements for me to teach in other Michigan locations. Again, I have found that teaching from the covenant pattern of Genesis 15 is exceedingly effective. It is an incredibly revealing teaching on what is the kingdom of heaven, what Yahweh has done, and what lies before us. I will be teaching in Saginaw beginning June 19, which happens to be the fifteenth anniversary of when the Spirit came upon me in 1994 and began revealing these Bride truths. We did not plan this first teaching session around this date; but, once again, realized it afterwards—seeing Yahweh’s back. I will stay in that area a few days as Yahweh leads. If you can come and be with us, e-mail me.

From there I hope to head towards New York, where there are several Bride members. There are also some in Philadelphia, and we will see what might develop in those two states as well. From there I plan to go south along the east coast. There are Bride members in North Carolina, as well as a pastor I have been communicating with. Again, if you are along the east coast and want me to teach or want to join us as opportunities develop, then contact me.

Next, there is a Bride brother in Montgomery, Alabama, who was also one of the eight covenant parts, and he has asked me to come and teach. This will be sometime into July. He is also making arrangements to have me on a talk show, which should be a consideration for others to arrange as well. Again, if you want me to come to your area, or if you want to join us, e-mail me.

What about the outpouring of the Spirit that we must have in order to be wholly effective and succeed? There is cause to hope that this could take place about fifty days following the June 7 consummation. Why? Because Yahshua’s crucifixion and the rending of the temple veil is equivalent to what was effected on June 7. Some fifty days after Yahshua’s crucifixion came the former rain. Hopefully, this will be the same come some fifty days (or a multiple thereof) from June 7, or at any time.

But again, the Spirit came upon me in 1994 on June 19, though it breached a week and a half later; and it is amazing and quite hopeful that June 19 is when I begin the public teaching of these very truths. That which I began to be taught by the Spirit on June 19, 1994, fifteen years later to the day I will begin teaching publicly. Hopefully, the breach is repaired and the work that began fifteen years ago can now continue and be fulfilled.

As has been noted, all we can do is what we did concerning June 6 and 7, and that is to follow what we know is right in our hearts and for Yahweh to make up the difference. He MOST certainly did so on June 7, and I trust He will continue to do so as these days unfold. Again, if you want me to come and teach these Bride truths, or if you can join with us, then e-mail me or call me. I would love to meet with you, share these incredibly hopeful and marvelous truths, and answer your questions. As my schedule develops, I will let you know where I will be.


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