East Coast Trip and The Hope That Lies Before Us

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Photo:  The Wright Brothers—first flight The July 21 radio program, “East Coast Trip and the Days Before Us” at Remnant Bride Radio, is an excellent way to learn more about the matters addressed in this posting. I urge you to listen to the program if you have not already. On the other hand, some matters […]

Averting Yahweh’s Wrath

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In the next posting, I will tell about the teaching journey to the east that was just completed, as well as our hope for the days before us. But in this posting, let me share with you some of the wonderful truth that was revealed while on that journey. Truth is what will set us […]

The Sabbaths

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There is an outstanding argument in Christianity as to what is the true sabbath. Is it the seventh day of the week—Saturday—or is it the first day of the week—Sunday? So, how can this be resolved? The answer—by government, and by knowing and considering the larger picture of the ways and works of Yahweh in […]