Today, the home, society, and government are all phalaroped!  What is phalaroped?  It is a state relative to a most unusual bird, seen here in this photo.  So what does this bird have to do with the home, etc.?  It is unlike any bird you will ever find.  Let me ask you, which bird is the male, and which is the female?  If you said the one on the right is the male, you would be incorrect.  God’s standard in creation is here reversed and the female is actually on the right.  But, it is the characteristics that accompany this reversal that make this bird’s testimony so meaningful, so that we can indeed say that society today is phalaroped!  Because of the number of images and the length of the article, we have posted it online.  To read it now, simply click here.  I know you will enjoy this bird’s incredibly unique testimony.


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