A writing was recently posted at RemnantBride.com titled Male and Female: The Pattern of God and His Creation.  As stated in it, when it comes to the bigger picture of Yahweh God, the matter of male and female and its consequences is not just one of, but undoubtedly the most important and wholly impacting truth there is.  It is evident that, as set forth at the outset of mankind in Genesis 1, the male/female aspect is as big a picture as one can get relative to the nature and government of God, His works, and the impact upon creation.  Male and Female addressed this male/female relationship on three levels: individual, the nations, and heaven.

After posting that writing, other truth came to light, and we will use this blog to address some of those matters.  If you have not read Male and Female, I urge you to do so.

The Bride brother mentioned in Male and Female who had brought up the truth that Yahweh God takes full responsibility for creation, responded to that writing with the following succinct comment:

Could it be that feminism and all of the ramifications of the Curse of 1920, while destructive and “wrong” in this age, in this dispensation, in this particular governmental structure, is actually a prelude to the time when the Bride gets the glory and right to rule?  It almost could be considered the King coming too early, even as Saul did, and Yahshua did.  And so I think it would be interesting to see what you think about this.

It’s just a case of wondering, if just maybe, the Curse of 1920, the “feminism” movement and so forth, is basically an inappropriate “coming early” of the Kingdom.  Even as Saul was early, and Yahshua was early, so too is feminism simply a “before the time” establishment of the Kingdom.

This is so very true.  Just before the section titled “Heaven” in Male and Female, as well as within that section, it was noted that, indeed, the Bride is the fulfillment of what feminism has tried to take by force.  But the examples this brother brought out—Saul, who was too early; and even Yahshua, who was equally “before the time” (Matthew 8:29)—are most helpful in understanding how “failure” precedes and even foreshadows the true fulfillment.  Let us look at a few other examples of this.

First, on the bigger picture, the covenant pattern of Zechariah 4 is a like preceding shortfall work.  How can this be?  Because it is the same pattern of the earthly male passing between the female split parts.  Yes, it is indeed a covenant, and it is effectual in that it splits the Bride into two parts; but, the Body of Christ is the afflicted and crucified Body.  So, what is the higher more effectual fulfillment?  It is the covenant pattern of Genesis 15 where both female and male, the smoking oven and the burning torch, pass between the split covenant parts.  This is of course fulfilled when the Bride and Immanuel pass between the two bronze mountains of Christianity.  In this covenant, it is no longer the afflicted Body of Christ, but Christ Himself on this earth in His fulfilling role as Immanuel, or “God with us.”

We have already seen how feminism has been a Saul work that is before the time, and even attempts to take the kingdom by force.  Let us now look at some other like present-day Saul works.  For example, very common in America at this time is the use of the word “awesome.”  But, it is used so casually that anything can be “awesome”—from food, to clothing, to a car, or just anything.  But what does “awesome” mean as a word?  It is the sum of all awe.  While everyone tries to crown anything as awesome, the reality is that there is only One who is the sum of all awe, and that is Yahweh.  And it is His Son, Immanuel, God with us, who will finally bring true awesomeness to this earth.  Thus, once again the failure precedes the fulfillment.

How about Christmas, the biggest holiday of the year?  It is billed as the birth of Christ, when in reality He was born in the fall at Trumpets.  But most importantly, what grand Saul work are they performing that looks to a true fulfillment?  It is very possible that Yahweh will perform a work during that time, most likely beginning on December 26 (Boxing Day), that will be the fulfillment of man’s failure to bring forth the kingdom of heaven.  Again, man’s failures attest to that which Yahweh God must perform for us.  In fact, undoubtedly it would be the evidencing of the Bride.  In Revelation 11:1-12 we find the testimony of the two witnesses.  These are in fact the two Remnant.  And you will notice that their “resurrection” on this earth—the establishment of the second Remnant—is identified with the exchanging of gifts.  This is the only place in the Bible where gifts are exchanged.  Frankly, this strongly points to the time of Christmas being the raising up of the second Remnant when they too stand “on their feet” (verse 11, plus Acts 3:7-8, which attests to the latter rain).  Again, the corrupt looks to the true fulfillment.

As another attesting example, the Toronto Blessing and accompanying laughing movement was billed as a move of the Spirit.  But was it really, or was it yet another premature Saul work that failed and precedes the true work that must come?  In Psalm 126:1-2 we read:  “A Song of Ascents.  When Yahweh brought back the captive ones of Zion, we were like those who dream.  Then our mouth was filled with laughter and our tongue with joyful shouting.”  What we must have today is the fulfillment of this passage, and not by a premature, shortfall, even foolish Saul work.  This is our great need and our hope.  And quite significantly, that Saul movement began in 1994, the very year the Bride began.

There are many other like testimonies.  Certainly all of the animal sacrifices were before-the-time Saul works, when in fact at Yahshua’s baptism animal sacrifice and offering ceased, and Immanuel was crucified as the Lamb of God.  And even today, we become living sacrifices unto God (Romans 12:1).  This list could go on and on:  cars, planes, communication technology of all forms, doctors, lawyers, religion, the United Nations, nations in general.  The entire earth strains to effect that which heaven alone can provide.  All creation groans and travails for the heavenly.  Most certainly, looking at the big picture, the entirety of this flesh existence is a Saul work—looking to and awaiting for all mankind to be born from above into incorruptible heavenly bodies.

Changing the subject now, also in Male and Female: The Pattern of God and His Creation, under the section, “Concluding Points,” we noted that in 1 King 3:16-28, two women came to Solomon, each claiming that a baby boy was theirs.  Solomon’s solution to the problem was to split him.  The child’s life was preserved when it was revealed that the true mother was not the one who had given birth “on the third day” after she had given birth, and that son had been killed (vs. 18).  I noted that there are different ways of seeing this “third day.”  Let us address this more fully.

There are two fates here.  One, there is the son who was killed “on the third day.”  The second is the fate of the son for whom it was decreed that he would be split into two parts, thereby preserving his life.  We also noted in Male and Female that this account was a testimony regarding the Body of Christ, evidenced in part in that it is found solely in Christianity 1 Kings.  So, what are we seeing here regarding the Body and its two fates?

In Matthew 24:22 and Mark 13:20 we read that if Yahweh did not cut the days of the Body of Christ short, no flesh would be saved.  So, how is it cut short?  It is cut short from three days to two, or from three thousand years to two thousand years.  Thus we see the fate of the Body of Christ if it went the full three days.  Like that son, they would die “on the third day.”

But, if Yahweh cuts their days short to two, what does this do to them?  He brings Immanuel to this earth, establishes the pure kingdom of heaven in the Millennium, and effects what they have failed to do.  By doing this, it splits the Body into two pieces!  Again, they are the two bronze mountains split by the Millennial Reign.

Therefore, we have here the two fates of the Body of Christ as evidenced by Solomon, who is a type of Immanuel.  Either die on the third day, or be split by Solomon and be preserved alive.  One can be MOST certain, the latter is the determined fate of the Body of Christ.


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