In the March 27, 2010, Remnant Bride Radio program titled “Splitting the Remnant and Britain Report,” we introduced for the first time a reexamination of the three and a half years of the covenant with the many that belongs to the Elijah. Up to now our conclusion has been that this period was exclusive to the second Remnant, who is the Elijah and prepares the way for Immanuel. But as addressed in that program, we began to see something else regarding this that carried increasing weight and could not be ignored.

In this writing we will examine three noted points relevant to that reexamination, and an additional one not brought forth in the program. Our purpose here is to address the facts and evidences regarding how Yahweh appears to be fulfilling not only the two Remnant, but the three and a half years of the covenant with the many.

First, as identified by John the Baptist—who immediately preceded Yahshua for six months within the first half of the covenant with the many—we know that entire period belongs to the Elijah. John clearly stated that he was not Elijah (John 1:21), and Yahshua makes it clear that he was not in the kingdom of heaven (Luke 7:28). Therefore, he could not fulfill or use up six months of that covenant, and the entire portion remained for the Elijah.

Based on the evidence addressed in the radio program and herein, it now appears that after Yahshua was crucified at Passover, the one-and-a-half-year period of the first Remnant that followed was in fact fulfilling or using up that amount of the covenant. We know that Yahshua walked out the latter three and a half years of the covenant. What we now see is that immediately thereafter the former three and a half years began to unfold. There was in fact a hard flip of the two three-and-a-half-year portions whereby the first was last and the last was first, with no break whatsoever.

But, at Tabernacles, one and a half years after Passover, the very thing that was prevented from happening to the two true witnesses in the wilderness—Joshua and Caleb—happened to Stephen. That true witness was stoned, the Remnant work then abruptly ceased, and the unfolding of the latter three and a half years of the covenant breached! From there began the lampstand work of Christianity. Therefore, at one and a half years the covenant clock stopped!

In this report we will examine four specific evidences that Yahweh has in fact split the former three and a half years of the covenant with the many that became the latter. We see evidenced that the first Remnant walked out, or used up, one and a half years of that remaining covenant, then came the breach, leaving two years remaining for the second Remnant. Thus we see the following proportioning of the covenant:

Let us now consider evidence number one. We have long known that the two Remnant are a split work; however, we did not realize how complete that split was. It is now apparent that even the first Remnant is the Elijah. We see this testimony in Elijah himself, who was at the brook Cherith where he was fed by the ravens until it dried up, and then passed through the land of the Jordan valley to Zarephath where he was fed by the widow. This is clearly a testimony of the splitting of the Elijah into two works—the Cherith first Remnant work, and the Zarephath second Remnant work. Thus we do see testified that Elijah is indeed a split work.

If Elijah is truly split, that would mean that the three and a half years of the Elijah would be assigned to both Remnant and have to be split as well. Based on what we know concerning the first Remnant, that split would have to be one and a half years and two years, separated by Christianity. Therefore, the fact that the Remnant is indeed a split work, lends to the evidence that this would be a hard split that included splitting the duration of the covenant with the many. The Remnant is the Remnant—one work. Conclusively, that oneness would be relevant to the covenant with the many as well.

The second evidence that this covenant split is indeed the case is the remarkable testimony that took place when the Remnant breached. When Stephen was about to be stoned, abruptly ending the Elijah work, we read in Acts 7:55-56:

But being full of the Holy Spirit, he [Stephen] gazed intently into heaven and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God; and he said, “Behold, I see the heavens opened up and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God.”

Given that this is the Elijah work, it seems appropriate that Stephen saw the Son of God standing at the right hand of the Father. This is the place of rulership, which is the purpose of the Elijah—to bring Immanuel to this earth to rule and reign for a thousand years. Though this purpose was breached, it seems that the dramatic vision Stephen saw spoke to that which would indeed come with the restoration of the breach and the completion of the Elijah work.

The third evidence to this split is most confirming and revealing, providing very valuable understanding. We will seek to get to the point, but this will take some time to develop. There are in fact two testimonies relative to entering into the Promised Land, which in truth is the Millennial Reign. However, since the kingdom came early, the Land was given early as well.

First there was the testimony that took place precisely at the fiftieth Jubilee waiting period from creation when the sons of Israel were given the opportunity to enter the Land at Tabernacles. How do we know it was Tabernacles? Because they brought from the Land grapes, which are identified with Tabernacles. Also, the timing of this entrance was one and a half years after they had left Egypt. It was there that they took up stones to kill the two true witnesses, and Yahweh stopped them. As we have noted, this was not the case with Stephen. He was killed, marking the end of the first Remnant at a Tabernacles. Thus we see the Remnant’s testimony of a potential entrance into the Promised Land at Tabernacles.

The second testimony of this entrance was at Passover. Following forty years in the wilderness, the sons of Israel crossed the Jordan on the tenth of the first month (Joshua 4:19), and four days later celebrated Passover (Joshua 5:10). But if this was truly a testimony of the Millennial Reign, that reign does not look too great. After Jericho, they were defeated at Ai. And thereafter it was a time of intense battles. Also, Jericho possesses some very obvious testimonies of the first Remnant. The city was also called the city of palm trees (2 Chronicle 28:15), which speaks of the Remnant. Also testifying to the first Remnant was the scarlet thread that Rahab placed in the window (Joshua 2:18, 21), as well as the two spies who hid in the hills for three days (Joshua 2:22).

Do you recall from “Hope Upon Hope” that two chronological testimonies such as the first two sons of Judah can speak of each one-thousand-year period of the church? This is what we see here as well. First there is the testimony of Christianity via the wilderness wanderings. This is then followed by Christianity in the battle for the Promised Land. Both are the same fulfillment. Remember, when the church received the kingdom, the Promised Land, early, the first outcome was the death of the first Remnant. This is why we see the fall of Jericho immediately upon entering into that land and the display of the scarlet thread—the Zerah extending his hand out of the womb and bringing it back in. And also remember, there is a very specific price for the rebuilding of Jericho, the establishment of the second Remnant (Joshua 6:26, 1 Kings 16:34). You will also notice that Jericho was rebuilt just before Elijah is first introduced (1 Kings 17:1).

So, what are we seeing here? This Passover entrance was precisely what took place at the beginning of the church. Yahshua was crucified at Passover, and eight days after His resurrection He returned from heaven and gave the kingdom of heaven, the Promised Land, to the first Remnant. But what was the outcome of the church receiving that Land? As testified at the Passover entrance, the first Remnant was torn down.

But we also see that a year and a half after leaving Egypt, there is the Tabernacles testimony. In like manner, with the stoning of Stephen the first Remnant failed to enter into the Promised Land that they must receive—the Millennial Reign. What can both of these be telling us?

In these two testimonies, we see the two truths regarding the first Remnant; and as we will see, one of them also looks to the second Remnant. Indeed the first Remnant began at Passover, even as the sons of Israel crossed the Jordan at Passover. But also testified is their end—they ceased at Tabernacles, beginning the breach. Thus in a most amazing way we see both the beginning and the end of the first Remnant. And frankly, the reason we can perceive this is because we have the advantage of history, seeing Yahweh’s back, as well as possessing the Spirit of truth. But taking this one step further, and important for us today, what does this tell us regarding the second Remnant?

Most certainly, the first Remnant began at Passover. A year and a half later, that work ceased at Tabernacles. And keep in mind, what took place at that point was a hard breach. The Remnant work was actually on the course of preparing the way for Immanuel, then suddenly that work abruptly stopped! Therefore, in order for the breach to be repaired and the Remnant work pick up where it left off, obviously and even essentially the second Remnant must begin to operate under the authority of the remaining two years of the covenant with the many specifically at Tabernacles.

The first Remnant began at Passover. They operated under the authority of the covenant with the many for a year and a half. Then at the stoning of Stephen at Tabernacles, that Elijah work breached and dramatically stopped. Therefore, in order for the second Remnant to complete the work begun by the first Remnant, they must pick up precisely at Tabernacles. Thereupon, the second Remnant then completes the remaining two years of the covenant, preparing the way for Immanuel, and ascend alive at Trumpets. This complete two-year period is essential in its duration, for it has to begin where the first Remnant left off, and be completed so as to ascend alive at Trumpets.

The fourth evidence of this specific split is more personal in nature and is added here because of its noticeable relevance. As we know, the fulfillment of the covenant with the many first began at Atonement in 29 AD with Yahshua’s baptism. The latter three and a half years of the covenant were fulfilled by Him, culminating at Passover, 33 AD. Immediately following, we are now seeing that the first Remnant walked out, so as to fulfill, the first year and a half of the former three and a half years. Chronologically then, a total of five years of the covenant have been fulfilled—three and a half plus one and a half. This then leaves two years remaining. Thus we see a five and a two, with the two being the final fulfillment.

When I was in Britain, on February 4 I went to bed not knowing what I was to do the next day. In the radio program, I mentioned a man who had come up to me in a pub where I was eating. That man was the key to the other new people I shared with while I was there. On February 4 I was in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the man I met was going to Aberdeen the next day. There were two people there he wanted me to meet, but had not been able to make contact with them. I did not know whether to stay in Edinburgh, go to Aberdeen, or do something else.

That next morning, while still asleep, Yahweh showed me clearly the testimony of His way whereby a two goes to a five, and for this reason I was to go to Aberdeen. But when I woke up immediately upon seeing this, all I could recall was the conclusion. What Yahweh showed me regarding the mechanics of it was completely lost, and I could not recall it. All I knew was the two to a five, and I was thereby to go to Aberdeen. When I turned to see what time it was, the clock read 5:55.

Obediently, I got ready, checked out, got in the car, and headed for Aberdeen. Once there I called the gentleman I had met, and he recommended a certain location in town where there were a number of B and Bs. By Yahweh’s grace I arrived there (have you ever tried to drive on the left side of the road and negotiate your way through roundabouts?), found a place, and got settled in. Quite a relief! In what was both amazing and encouraging, I was placed in room number five. But even more amazing and encouraging, I later realized that the room I was in when Yahweh revealed this was room number two. Literally, I went from a two to a five; and all of this took place on February 5. And adding to this, repeatedly I would awake at 5:55.

So, a month and a half before Yahweh would open my eyes to see that He was fulfilling the covenant with the many in a five and two pattern, in a revelation in my sleep He showed me the significance of a two and a five, and confirmed it in numerous ways in the very path I walked out. This is hopeful and encouraging to me today, for at this important place when we are seeing these things, He had already called my attention to this like pattern.

But, that which took place in Scotland was converse of what we are seeing now regarding the covenant. What then is the difference between a two and a five, and a five and a two? In the radio program, we noted that this trip to Britain was a first-bird experience. What is a first-bird experience? In Leviticus 14:1-7, we find that two birds were used for the cleansing of a healed leper. The first bird was to be slain in an earthen vessel over running water, and its blood collected in the vessel. Next, the live bird was dipped into the blood of the first bird and released alive over an open field.

This is the two-bird principle which is a way of Yahweh—the first work has to die, so that the latter work can be set free. Thus we see, the first Remnant was a first bird that had to die, so that the second bird, the second Remnant, could ascend alive. Yahshua came in a first-bird role, so that He could come again in His victorious second-bird role as Immanuel. Our spirit is sown into a first-bird body that dies, so that we can receive our second-bird immortal body. This is the same principle of sowing and reaping—you have to sow a seed into death, in order to bring forth life and increase. Again, this is a replicable way of Yahweh, something we experience throughout our lives; and it is evidenced that my trip to Britain was a first-bird experience.

When I was in Aberdeen, events were unfolding that gave us hope that Yahweh was going to attest to the five by a fifth person with whom I would share. However, that did not take place. I was actually content with that, for I knew Yahweh was in control. Considering this today, two things were obvious. First, the fifth person never took place; and, the order of this was opposite of what we see taking place regarding the covenant with the many. The five should lead to the fulfilling two, but here we had the two going to the five. Given that this trip was in fact a first-bird experience, I assume that the reverse order of these two numbers testifies to that end in death. Therefore, now only days after that attesting trip, Yahweh is showing us the five and the two, with the hope of this fulfillment. It is encouraging that just days before this, He was revealing and taking me through the same five-and-two pattern, only in reverse.

So, the question is: How might all of this relate to us today? Also noted in the March 27, 2010, Remnant Bride Radio program, the Bride has been on a journey that is anchored in Passover, April 25, 2009 (based on the New Millennial Calendar. Read “Turning Water Into Wine, Part One” for more information regarding this. As addressed there, from all we are seeing, the flip of the Millennial Calendar from Passover to Tabernacles being the start of the year took place at Trumpets, October 16, 2008. This allows for the legal ability to create the new heavens and new earth. Following that flip came Passover on April 25, which began the count that has led us to the anticipation of the fulfillment of the covenant with the many. If there had been a full three and a half years of the ministry period for the second Remnant, it would have begun then and taken us to Trumpets, 2012. But considering what we are learning now, that the first Remnant used up a year and a half of the covenant, based on the April 25, 2009, Passover, the ministry period of the second Remnant per the covenant would begin at Tabernacles, November 4, 2010, and be complete at Trumpets, 2012. Thereupon, the first resurrection would take place.

Let us address one other confirming, revealing, and challenging point evidenced by the wilderness testimony. When was it that the church first entered into the Promised Land? At Passover, when Yahshua was crucified and then restored the kingdom to man. But was it time for the kingdom, the Promised land? No, it was early. Thus, it too was a first-bird! Also, as attested at the sons of Israel’s Passover entrance into the Land, the first Remnant had to die—Jericho fell.

Today, we can now see what has actually transpired relative to the kingdom. And most importantly, we also see that it is now indeed time to enter into the true Promised Land, the Millennial Reign, the second bird. So, what is our opportunity to enter in? Through Passover? Absolutely not. That is where the first Remnant began this covenant count. Therefore, the other option is of course through Tabernacles! While the first Remnant failed to enter in a year and a half following Passover, even as the sons of Israel failed, the fact is that the opportunity for the second Remnant is once again through that feast. Remember, the Remnant breached there.

Regarding this opportunity, Yahweh gives us a clear challenge. In Hebrews 3:10-12, 14, and 18-19, we read regarding the sons of Israel’s failure to enter in:

“Therefore I was angry with this generation, and said, ‘They always go astray in their heart, and they did not know My ways’; as I swore in My wrath, ‘They shall not enter My rest.’ “ Take care, brethren, that there not be in any one of you an evil, unbelieving heart that falls away from the living God.

For we have become partakers of Christ, if we hold fast the beginning of our assurance firm until the end ….

And to whom did He swear that they would not enter His rest, but to those who were disobedient? So we see that they were not able to enter because of unbelief.

Here, we, the Bride, are called to believe and to know the ways of Yahweh, lest we too fail to enter in. This is our personal call and invitation to effect this Tabernacles entrance. The book of Hebrews is clearly a Bride book, and this passage is no exception. The sons of Israel had the opportunity to enter that land fifty Jubilee waiting periods from creation, looking to our opportunity today—to enter into Yahweh’s Jubilee, as we return to our own property and our own family which is above (Leviticus 25:10).

Found only in second Remnant Luke 18:8, we read Yahshua’s words: However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” For over fifteen years since 1994, Yahweh has caused that faith to prevail. And as we approach the hope-filled time for the fulfillment of the remaining two-year portion of the covenant with the many, may we indeed know His ways and He find pleasure in us and use us to His glory.

Additionally, in the March 20, 2010, posting, “Hope Upon Hope,” we set forth the following pattern:

1 ½ years —> 7 and 7 —> 3 years

I noted that come April 1, this would complete two periods of seven years that would coincide in type with the two breach one-thousand-year periods of the church, preceded by the year and a half for the Remnant. Obviously, we now see evidenced that the concluding three years are in fact two years, and that the promised double portion is more likely pertaining solely to power and works, and not to time.

Also expressed in that writing was the hope that Yahweh might now do something based on the April 1 completion of the two seven-year periods. My hope remains for this, especially in light that there are yet seven months before the November 4 Tabernacles. We see the patterns and we see Yahweh’s hand in laying them out and revealing them to us. Now we wait to see what He will perform in these days before us. We truly need for Him to begin something between now and November 4, and as always are ENTIRELY dependent upon Him. May we prevail and succeed.


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