The Remnant Bride  

ELECTIONS 2000 - The elections of 2000 are a vivid picture of what is taking place right now in the kingdom of heaven. In this first writing in this series, the significance of the Bush/Clinton/ Bush vs. Gore pattern is laid out. The entire conflict in this election began on a corrected Day of Atonement, and continued through Tabernacles.

KILGORE, TEXAS - All creation testifies to the works of Yahweh, including the names and locations of towns. You will see in this little e-mail the wonder of this, as well as the testimony of the works of Yahweh.

STRIKE THE ROCK AND THE WATER COMES OUT! - This e-mail looks at the Clinton administration and notes the significance of its similarity to the wilderness wanderings of the children of Israel and the two rocks struck by Moses. Clinton's striking of the second rock insured the election of George W Bush as the next President.

REMNANT WINS! - "There is nothing new under the sun," is a phrase in the Bible that has special meaning when it comes to our three Presidents - Bush, Clinton, and Bush. Do you want to know what was REALLY happening in our tumultuous 2000 election? Read this e-mail.

HIGHLY PROPHETIC PATTERNS CONTINUE - THE BATTLE FOR THE CHAD - Oh how Yahweh used this election to prophetically and intercessorally show forth His works in restoring the kingdom of Yahweh and effecting the destruction of Satan, preparing the way for Yahshua's soon return. These highly consistent ongoing testimonies escape the realm of being coincidental, as you will clearly see here.

THE MARK OF THE BEAST - If you have not yet been blown away by reading these reports on the Elections 2000, then hold on, because you are about to be if you read this writing! Yahweh is opening the windows of heaven and is beginning to pour out a blessing we cannot contain! And as we are seeing, His prophetic purposes were being fully carried out to the "t" as the election battle continued!

DECISIVE END SOON - While men conducted an earthly battle for an earthly kingdom, Yahweh was effecting through these events His wondrous testimonies of the conflict for His heavenly kingdom. History, past and present, testifies to all that Yahweh will do in the days in which we now live. Oh what exciting and hope-filled days!

JUDGE SAULS/KING SAUL - When a judge by the name of Sauls rendered a death blow judgment effecting the subsequent defeat of Al Gore, prophetic question marks start flying! This writing looks at the prophetic and intercessoral significance of Sauls' decision, the like significance of King Saul, and Saul/Paul the apostle.

20/20 HINDSIGHT! - The truth Yahweh opened to us through this election battle seemed almost unending. Though the election process was over at this writing, what Yahweh continued to reveal was nothing short of His second Remnant seeing the back of Yahweh, following 2,000 years of His covering hand that has caused men to not see. This account begins with a look at the string of seven US Presidents who died in office every twenty year election period.

HOPE DEFERRED VS. DESIRE FULFILLED - It was already remarkably significant that election day, November 7, coincided with the corrected Day of Atonement. Then to find out that Inauguration Day, January 20, coincided with the beginning of the corrected Feast of Dedication, celebrating the end of the Abomination of Desolation and the cleansing of the temple, has brought even greater promises and hope. What could be its great significance is considered here.

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