I have been considering of late the last fourteen years of my life since the Spirit came upon me in 1994, and here is what I see.  You should know the breach pattern of the church.  The first Remnant began, but after a year and a half there was a breach.  This work that began the church fell apart at the stoning of Stephen, and Christianity began under Saul/Paul.  Today, we should see the restoration and completion of that initial work, taking up where the former ceased.

My thoughts have been on my own like experience.  I just came back from a week-long trip to Dallas where I shared Bride truth with friends and family, telling them specifically what I expect: the October 16 flip, Jubilee at October 25, a Pentecost latter rain on December 26, and Yahshua’s return at Trumpets, 2011.  

I was very glad to give them specific dates, for it gives them something concrete to judge.  But actually, this is what I did in 1996 as well.  In February of that year, I traveled to Dallas and told friends that Yahweh was going to judge pastors at the Pastors Promise Keepers meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.  Again, I equally gave them something concrete to judge—but it did not happen!  Instead, the event marked my own first-Remnant death, including the beginning of the loss of my family.  It was clearly my Jonah experience.  And, quite interestingly, February, 1996, was exactly one and a half years after I came into the Bride on August 7, 1994.  Like the first Remnant, I experienced my own breach after one and a half years—the church for two 1,000-year periods, mine for two seven-year periods.  (Note: as with the forty-year wanderings in the wilderness, this included the one and a half years as well.)

So, I found it quite interesting that following my two-part breach period, I was back in Dallas, once again telling friends specific dates and events that should take place.  In fact, the man concerning whom I had once prayed for his wealth and whom I met with while in Dallas stated, “Here we are again.”

Furthermore, my conversation with that man began with a recount of a clear miracle that occurred at his ranch, which my family and I visited in 1986.  Being brief, while there I went to fish at one of his ponds.  As I approached it, Yahweh clearly spoke to me, “Fish on the other side.”  I looked at the place He was speaking of, but it was a terrible place to fish.  As I further approached the pond, what I saw before me was clearly the best place to catch bass.  So, instead of fishing where Yahweh told me, I fished in this good place, but caught nothing, not even getting a bump.  Therefore, I thought, maybe He meant for me to fish on the other side of this good place.  So, I walked around the pond, past the place where He told me to fish, to the good place.  Once again I cast and cast, changing baits, but did not get even a mere bump.  “Well, maybe He knows what He’s talking about,” I concluded, and went to where He told me to fish. 

Not changing my lure, I made my first cast.  Immediately—bam!  The first cast landed my first fish.  But it didn’t stop there.  After placing it on the stringer, I cast again.  Bam—second cast, second fish!   Onto the stringer it too went.  Then the third cast; and yes, third fish!  The fourth cast brought in the fourth fish, and the fifth cast produced the fifth fish.  Having cast over and over before without the slightest success, fishing now “on the other side” netted five casts and five fish! 

Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me, “That’s enough.”  But as I counted it, I needed one more.  So, once again I cast—no bump.  Again I cast—still no bump.  Again and again and again I cast, and could not catch anything.  “Well, I guess He knows what He’s talking about,” I concluded, and off I went back to the house.  We fried the fish and they were just right an amount for the family.

When I related this story to this man who had owned that ranch, I asked him if this was a true miracle.  He agreed it was.  And the reason I related this to him was because, just that morning, Yahweh had shown me its prophetic and intercessoral meaning.

I just related to you that I had to experience the two seven-year breach periods as an intercession for and identification with the body of Christ, as well as effect that breach precisely a year and a half following its first-Remnant beginning.  What Yahweh showed me was that the two places where I fished with not even a bump, were the first 2,000 years of the church, even my fourteen years.  In like testimony, in John 21, after the disciples fished all night, Yahshua stood on the beach and called to them, “Children, you do not have any fish, do you?”  They affirmed, “No.”  In like manner, after 2,000 years of the church, the period of darkness, they too have not brought a single fish out of the sea of death.  In fact, Yahshua clearly stated, “work the works of Him who sent Me as long as it is day; night is coming when no one can work.  While I am in the world, I am the Light of the world” (John 9:4-5).  Clearly stated, when Yahshua left, 2,000 years of darkness ensued and no one has successfully labored for the kingdom’s sake.

So the question is, what did Yahweh mean when He told me to “Fish on the other side”?  The answer is now clear, as is the case with most intercessions in that you don’t understand them until they are fulfilled, when you see His back, what He has done.  Fishing on the other side meant for me personally to fish on the other side of the fourteen years, or following August 7, 2008.  But it could also mean to fish on the other side of the flip, which follows shortly after on October 16.  According to the miracle testimony He gave me at that ranch, we WILL catch fish in a miraculous manner in the three years that lay before us—five fish, 153 fish (John 21:11). 

One thing for certain, with my apparent failure in 1996 (which was a death), for those whom I talked to this time, they will now know I am right if these things begin to come to pass.  It is most encouraging that in 1996 I gave them specific information to judge, and now in 2008 I returned to once again give equally specific information to judge.  The event in Georgia was a painful and costly death, a seed sown so that it could sprout following a period of lying in the ground in darkness for fourteen years.  There is hope that these anticipated events will now see their fulfillment.

In February, 1996, I taught people face to face.  That too breached, as I ceased teaching in such manner after that.  As written in Ezekiel 3:24-27 and 24:25-27, Yahweh then bound me in my house and my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth.  Now on the other side, I am once again teaching face to face, including a return trip to Dallas.  It is a repeat, as I am taking up where I left off in 1996, and Yahweh is providing and will provide a causing to hear.  May this work now ever increase as, hopefully, the Bride is built in these next three years, preparing the way for Yahshua’s return.  The evidence for this is certainly increasing.

In the breach period of fourteen years, I had to try and fail, even as the first Remnant and Christianity have tried and failed for 2,000 years.  It was in fact my own David work where I could gather together the truths and intercessions necessary to build the walls, the Bride, but their construction would have to be after those fourteen breach years.  Indications are that the Bride walls can now be built.

And speaking of the flip, did you notice that on the day that begins the Jewish New Year, September 29, 2008, that the stock market fell a record 777 points?  It has never fallen that many points before.  Much more is underway for the stock market and money in general—the flip!  The Christian man I was staying with in Dallas thought that was a good number.  Wrong!  Like so many things in the world and worldly Christianity, they call good evil and evil good.  The number 777 is the mark of the beast and 666 is the Bride.  It seems that on the Jews’ Trumpets, Yahweh testified of the judgment of the beast.  We thereby await our October 16 Trumpets with immense steadfast hope.

Hope indeed!



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