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Please allow me to give a brief report on something that is taking place here in Salem, MO. Last week I was sitting on my couch proofreading a Remnant Bride Weblog posting, when I looked up and saw out my window someone walking down the street in front of my house wearing bright red with long sleeves. When I saw him, all I could see was his back portion and right arm. I wondered who it was and leaned forward to see his face. But at the pace he was walking, my leaning forward still only allowed me to continue seeing his back portion and arm. I then leaned back on the couch and looked out the side window behind me so that I could see who it was as he passed on by. But, he never appeared. Puzzled, I got up and stepped out the side front door to try to solve the mystery, but still he never came past my home.

I then assumed that he had to have stopped in front of the house, so I went into the front bedroom with its large bay window. But upon looking out it, there was no one there. In fact, I could look all the way down the street in both directions and there was no one there, nor had he turned and walked across the street.

This was very puzzling to me. I knew what I had seen, for I had actually leaned forward and tracked their progress. But, that individual was now gone.

The next thing that came to my mind was that Satan is always associated with red, the color that individual was wearing. Also at that moment, this and more gave me the insight I needed in order to understand the significance of the scarlet and purple in which Christianity Mystery Babylon is clothed—scarlet is sin. As confirmation, the dragon she sits upon is equally scarlet.

In the Remnant Bride Radio program, “Potpourri,” I described the marvelous truth regarding these two colors, stating that I had had a recent experience that helped me to understand their significance. What I am telling you now was that experience. And there was another matter that came to my mind at that time as well.

At a Trumpets gathering here in my home last year, 2007, Chris Meier, the co-host of Remnant Bride Radio, awoke the first morning when it was still dark outside and saw someone walk across the living room (where I was sitting when I saw the red-clad individual walk in front of my house) towards the kitchen, came back, picked up some books from the end table, and went back towards the front of the house. He noted that this person was completely dressed in red.

The next morning, Chris told this account, but the person he saw—confirmed by the fact that he did indeed walk in there on that same course—was actually completely dressed in black. But, this was not what Chris had seen. Instead of black, Chris clearly saw red.

That same person had been with the Bride before this, pulled away from me, went back into Christianity, fell into sin, and was about to destroy his marriage and another family. I contacted him at that time and helped him to see his ill and erroneous behavior and fate, whereupon he repented and returned back to me. However, even after this return, he has now, once again, pulled away from me and returned to the swine to eat their horned-things.

The unstable nature of this man likewise confirmed a/the man of sin, clothed in red. I was equally reminded of Isaiah 1:18, which reads, “Though your sins are as scarlet, they will be as white as snow.” When Chris saw him in red, we had no idea that he would once again pull away. But Chris seeing him in red revealed his sin nature, the very nature he has repeatedly told me that he has a compelling tendency to give in to.

Therefore, with the undeniable experience of me seeing someone dressed in red walking past my house, and then completely disappearing; along with the realization that Satan is always identified with red; that Isaiah identified our sins as scarlet; that this man seen by Chris as dressed in red has indeed proven to be a man of sin; and that Mystery Babylon was dressed in purple and scarlet and sat upon a scarlet beast (all of this now telling me what the scarlet in this case represented); the compelling evidence was that Satan had actually walked in front of my house. But this was not all. Something else happened that has prompted me to write you.

I told only two people about this experience, one of them, of course, being Chris. I did not tell the two ladies in the Bride here in Salem, or any others here, as I am not seeking for effects, or to incite people into hyper-spirituality. But even so, Monday night around 9:30 p.m., I received a call. One of the ladies asked me if Satan was in Salem. My thoughts and appropriate reply were that he roams everywhere. Then she got more specific—but did I think that Satan was personally here in Salem? Of course my thoughts were now upon my recent experience, so I asked her why she was asking this. She told me that she and the other Bride lady simultaneously had the personal revelation that he was personally here in Salem. I asked her if I could come over and talk about this, and they were glad to have me.

Upon arriving, first I asked them why this even came up. They told me the accounts of their harrowing day, but even so I could not see anything from it that would logically cause them to conclude that Satan was personally here. They then related to me that suddenly, they looked at each other with the same dawning revelation—that Satan was in fact here in Salem. One of the ladies even fell on the floor in humility and wonder. Hesitantly, they called me.

I then told them my story that I have now related to you. Putting all of these events together, along with the fact that Satan’s time is finished and his office has to be transferred to me, it is highly plausible that Satan has indeed been in Salem. Satan is not omnipresent, like Yahweh; so he can only be at one place at any time. And given the hope and purpose of this moment, it is, again, highly plausible that he is here.

There is another revealing matter that points to his presence as well. I noted that the gathering where Chris saw the man in red was Trumpets, 2007. It is thereby hopeful that the vision that Chris had was foretelling that Satan would indeed appear in Trumpets, 2008.

What will happen and what could this mean for us? We can only wait and see, but I cannot but be encouraged that the authority that Satan has had for 2,000, even 6,000, years is about to be given to me. As recently attested in tropical storm Fay (the raven) and Florida, immediately followed by hurricane Gustav (the rod of God), the serpent is about to turn back into a rod, a man. This is our hope, and evidences to be our promise.

And speaking of Satan—the devil—and Florida, baseball is once again dramatically prophesying. For ten years since their beginning, the Tampa Bay (Florida) Rays have consistently been last place in baseball (one year they were second from last). But, just yesterday they secured a 3-1 game victory over the mighty defending World Series champions, the Red Sox. So what could suddenly bring a team from last to going all the way to the World Series? This Florida, the rod, team was called the Devil Rays until this year, when they got rid of the Devil. When they removed the devil from their name, they went from consistently last, all the way to now leading as a contender for the World Series!

I trust you see the prophetic significance of this. Just as Florida’s Fay and Gustav just prophesied the serpent, Satan, turning back into a rod—getting rid of the devil—so now Florida’s Tampa Bay Rays (light) prophesy the same, evidencing what takes place when that is indeed effected—reversing the curse.

It will be interesting to see what will take place in the next few days from Trumpets to Atonement/Jubilee. I hope we are not disappointed—that will be very bitter if we are. I have been eating bitter herbs in darkness for fourteen years, just as the church has been eating them for 2,000 years in darkness, and I DO NOT want any more of them. I ask and hope that Yahweh will have mercy on us and that we can see the devil removed from his place, turning that office back into a now victorious and fruitful generative rod. May Yahweh have mercy and do good for us. We humbly present ourselves before Him, and watch.


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