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Did the flip occur on October 16 as we hoped and anticipated? I had a Christian friend write me on the 17th, imploring me to “come down to earth now,” that “a prophet’s validity/authenticity/indeed the source,” is known “by the accuracy of his prophecy.” His point was that on that day money did not fail, the stock market did not crash. But did I ever “prophesy” that money would fail on that day? I wrote and said that I did not know for sure what would take place, that the only thing I could anticipate at the time was that the stock market would fall dramatically.

But as the 16th approached, I told others that, based on the recent experiences regarding Satan as covered in the last posting, the most significant thing would not be the market, but that I would have some kind of encounter with Satan. And I did!

I will have to be brief, but when nothing outward took place to evidence the flip that day, the one “ray” of hope I had was that the Tampa Bay Rays would win the rights to go to the World Series that night—the devil having been put away by them (until this year they were called the Devil Rays). I stayed up to watch the game, watching the score go from 3-0 for the Rays, to 7-0, then to 7-4, then 7-7, and in the end the Rays lost in the bottom of the ninth inning at 7-8. The one ray of hope I had was crushed!

For fourteen years I experienced severe paralyzing heartache and unbearable disappointments and loss, including the loss of my family. Now, as I sat there and saw the one ray of hope crushed as well, I did not take this loss well. All the pain that I have experienced in the last fourteen years was stirred up and I could not bear it. For the next few minutes Yahweh heard my objections to Him once again crushing me, as I paced about, hollering at the very top of my lungs. I asked Him if He took pleasure in destroying me, and asked several times that, if He was not going to use me, then just kill me.

Someone had just sent me a ring in the hope of me receiving the signet ring of Yahshua’s authority, and I took it out of my pocket and threw it several times. My time had in fact become an Uzzah, as I came to the end of my strength. (Uzzah reached up to stabilize the Ark of the Covenant that was in transport, and for this cause Yahweh killed him. “Uzzah” means “strength.” As a result, David became angry because of what Yahweh did and was unwilling to go any further [2 Samuel 6:1-10].)

I am embarrassed to say that my pain, disappointment, and anger spilled over into cursing, something I otherwise rightly do not participate in. The Word of God was not being formed in my mouth at that moment. I did not curse Him, nor did I get vulgar, but I fully expressed my pain and sorrow, asking Yahweh God several times to just kill me if I could not receive what I saw promised.

For the last several years, I have had a practice of bowing my knee(s) before Yahweh before going to bed, acknowledging that He is God and I am but a mere man. That night I did not bow my knee but crawled in bed, dreading the future before me, wondering if He would forgive me. Yet on the other hand, I was too hurt and disappointed to care.

The next morning when I awoke, I wondered what the outcome of my actions that night would be—would He grant forgiveness if I even sought it. Then I began to see something. You will recall from the last e-mail that at the last Trumpets there was a man dressed in black, whom Chris Meier saw dressed in red. Black is the color of the raven, which is the Elijah. Thus, as prophesied in that event, the Elijah had to become Satan. This would therefore explain why the one walking down my street dressed in red (Satan) did not pass beyond my house. I was his destination! I also realized something else. The man’s name who wore black is Peter, and Peter the apostle became Satan as well—when Yahweh rebuked him, “Get behind Me Satan.”

It then became evident that a flip had indeed taken place on Trumpets—that night I became Satan! The man in black took on the appearance of red! At Trumpets, 2007, Peter was in fact a testimony of me. At Trumpets, 2008, I had to step into the place of Satan.

And quite interestingly, the score of the game just before the Red Sox won was 7-7, the two seven-year periods that I have served in order to receive the two Brides. Also, the eighth was added to the Red Sox, once again attesting to the red of Satan. And might I note here, this would add new meaning to the scarlet thread and Zerah (Genesis 38:27-30). These recent events and the understanding they afford point to this thread being the Elijah office of the twelfth apostle belonging to a man—Judas, and then the Elijah.

Later as the day unfolded, I talked with several Bride brothers and understood even more about all of this. Again, I will get to the point.

The flip at Trumpets required that I step into the place of Satan. But here was the problem with that—the serpent had not yet turned into the rod! So, when I stepped into that place, the serpent bit me, and I behaved as a serpent. Yet this is in fact a way of Yahweh—He begins things early. The throne of David began early with Saul. Yahshua came early and was killed. The church began early and was corrupted, being given over to Satan and the nations. So in like manner, I was given the place of Satan early. Thus, even as Yahshua had to identify with Satan at the cross—the bronze serpent on the pole—so I had to identify with Satan. When can the serpent be turned into a rod? At Atonement.

Wonderfully, one of the Bride brothers called me later in the day and reminded me that Yahshua began His ministry on Atonement, being baptized by John on that day. He was born on Trumpets and (thirty years later) began His ministry on Atonement. This is in fact what is being evidenced in my own experience. This latter work of Yahshua—for truly it is His work, though beginning in Elijah—equally started, or was birthed, on Trumpets, 2008, and will begin on Atonement, the same year.

It is quite interesting that the ring I received, I did not wear but placed it in my pocket. While in there, somehow a dime got inserted within the band, and I could not get it out. Several times I tried to do so, but no matter what I did, it seemed to be in there to stay. During my Uzzah, when I took the ring out of my pocket to throw it, I noticed that the dime had somehow fallen out. So why do I bring this up? A dime has a numeric value of ten, the number of days to Atonement. Trumpets is on the first, and like unto the dime, Atonement is on the tenth. If I am to draw any conclusion from this, I would assume that I will receive Yahshua’s signet ring on Atonement, Saturday, October 25. This would be the same as Yahshua’s ministry beginning on Atonement.

Also, while writing this, the Bride sister who sent me the ring, not knowing anything about what you have just read, told me that the verse in Revelation 2:10 about waiting ten days was on her mind. Her thoughts were that if she could just hang in there for the ten days to Atonement, everything would be better. That verse reads:

“Do not fear what you are about to suffer. Behold, the devil is about to cast some of you into prison, so that you will be tested, and you will have tribulation for ten days. Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.”

This promise was given to the church at Smyrna, which is prophetically the first Remnant (Philadelphia being the second). They have to wait for a work to be completed after ten days of the devil, and after that work will receive the crown of life. Thus the completion of the ten days required for the serpent to then turn into the rod, marks the soon end of their long wait and receipt of the crown of life—to rule and reign with Yahshua for 1,000 years.

So what is different about this latter ministry period that begins on Atonement, versus Yahshua’s ministry period that began on Atonement? His first ministry period was preceded by a six-month work effected by John, who denied that he was Elijah. Upon Yahshua’s baptism by John, this was followed by Him being led into the wilderness for forty days and forty nights, being tempted by the devil. The first golden rod, Yahshua, is thereby a work that brought, of necessity, death, Satan, and the breach. But the second golden rod is the Elijah, a man standing in Yahshua’s office, who restores all things and prepares Yahshua’s way via the three years remaining in the covenant Yahweh made with the many (Daniel 9:27—read The Great Tribulation, page 1). Upon the culmination of the death and burial effected by Judas and Satan, this rod can now bring resurrection life. The first Rod brought death, the second rod brings life. The first Rod was turned into a serpent, the second rod is the serpent turned back into a rod.

Let’s look further at this matter regarding Peter. Yahweh specifically called me to be an intercessor, and intercession requires effectual identification. We see that Peter cursed just before the cock crowed. Likewise, I cursed on Trumpets, before Atonement when the cock crows. Peter became Satan. Likewise, on Trumpets I became Satan. It was on Peter that the first Remnant was built (Matthew 16:18), and as we saw in the October 12 posting, the second Remnant must be built on Peter. Now evidenced, I had to become a Peter so that the second Remnant could be built on a rock as well. The first Remnant was built on a man, Peter; and the second Remnant will be built on a man, a second “Peter”—only this man is a “sharp spear.” Both Remnants are each built on a single man, a single rock. (This does not discount that both works each have twelve foundation stones—the former and latter twelve apostles.)

Also regarding the testimony of Peter, in second Remnant Luke 22:31 alone, Yahshua told Peter, “Simon, Simon, behold, Satan has demanded to sift you like wheat.” Wheat always speaks of Christianity, and for 2,000 years Satan has sifted Christianity. But after this sifting, at the close of Satan’s work, Yahshua then adds, “but I have prayed for you, that your faith may not fail; and you, when you have returned, strengthen your brothers.” “When you have returned”? Thus we see that on the other side of Christianity, a “Peter” must return and strengthen the brethren. What happened to Peter is a type and shadow of the establishment of a latter rain Peter. And, I am EXCEEDINGLY grateful for Yahshua’s prayer regarding not failing!

In first Remnant Matthew 16:23 and Christianity Mark 8:33, Yahshua spoke to Peter, “Get behind Me Satan.” These two works indeed mark the period in which, having been completed, Satan is put behind Yahshua as the Luke work is formed. If we continue to see these feast days unfold as they are now evidencing, the fulfillment of putting Satan behind Yahshua specifically takes place on Atonement, October 25—the serpent turns back into a rod, into a man. Very importantly, I had to become Satan, so that when the transition takes place, I am in that office. Yahweh turns evil into good.

This event would equally be Jubilee, counted specifically from Tabernacles when Nehemiah had rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem (read The Revelation of the Millennium, page 5). What is Jubilee? It is when “each of you shall return to his own property, and each of you shall return to his family” (Leviticus 25:10). This is exactly what we are talking about here—the office of the twelfth apostle goes back to a man, and the church returns back to being built on one man chosen by Yahweh God, built on a rock.

Finally regarding Peter, in Acts 5:15 we read that the sick were laid out in the streets on cots and pallets, “so that when Peter came by at least his shadow might fall on any one of them.” Quite obviously, the casting of his shadow beyond himself speaks to a work extending into time beyond him—the Peter work in this day. This obviously provides great hope for us as well.

As you can see, marvelous things are indeed being evidenced. So what then can we expect on October 25? I have learned by now that we are privileged to see Yahweh’s back—what He has done. So, until then we will watch and hope in Him. Our sandals are off, and this is His marvelous work.

Note: For more information and a personal explanation regarding these events and more, go to Remnant Bride Radio and listen to the program by this same title. I think you will find it very helpful and interesting.


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