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I have had experiences in the past that encourage me today, whether they be catching fish “on the other side,” or my raven flying across town to the window of the girl I would marry, or a man sitting “on the rock” for me, taking my place so that I would not have to end up on the streets. Please allow me to share a story with you that is equally encouraging and hopeful for me today. It is quite unusual.

Around 1985, I went to bed one evening and began feeling the oppressive attack of Satan. I am a fairly reserved individual and do not like to attract attention or do something extravagantly, neither would I want to do anything to disturb my family. But on this occasion, the agony I was feeling was so unbearable that I began to moan out loud.

My wife first came into the room and began praying for me, but the volume of my utterances ever increased to open cries of agony. Soon my two daughters were in bed with us as well, equally praying. I can remember my second daughter forcefully commanding, “Satan, leave my daddy alone.”

As they prayed ever more fervently, my agony subsided, and my groanings subsided. But concurrently, their prayers began to subside. As a result, my agony began to return and my moanings increased. All I could then do was to utter one word—“Pray.” Once again they began to fervently pray.

Shortly I could begin to speak. Based on the Christian teachings I had been taught, I commanded Satan to get off of me. I had been taught that Satan could not possess a Christian, but only oppress. Following several entirely ineffective commands, I desperately threw my Christian teachings out the window and spoke—“Satan, get out of me.” Instantly, the agony completely ceased and I was entirely delivered.

Why do I tell you this? First, this was a highly unique experience in my life, nothing like it was ever repeated. And second, after I cast Satan out of me, I intuitively knew precisely when he had entered into me.

Several days before, I was standing at the kitchen bar forcibly working with something and it slipped. When it did, I let out one curse word, and did not repent of it. Looking back, I knew that it was at that moment that Satan gained the authority to enter into me.

Now let me ask you, when do you think Satan gained the authority to enter into the church, to effect his agony on the church that was built on Peter, the rock? Very likely, it was also when he too cursed just before the cock crowed (in first Remnant Matthew 26:74 and Christianity Mark 14:71).

I believe that the experience I had with Satan entering into me as a result of cursing, was a foreshadowing of the experience I had on the night of Trumpets, October 16. In the latter, once again Satan entered into me. Furthermore, we read in second Remnant Luke 22:3 that Satan also entered into Judas. But, while his entrance into Judas resulted in Judas going out and hanging himself, his entrance into me was in order to effect the legal transfer of the Elijah office so that on Atonement the serpent could turn into a rod—the ministry of Yahshua in a man.

Do you understand this? In order for that office to be gained by Satan, he had to enter into Judas. Thereby in like manner, in order for that office to be transferred back to a man, he had to enter into me. And to do that, I evidently had to curse, even as I did around 1985.

Satan had to enter me so that the serpent could turn back into a rod. I had to become the serpent in order to become the rod. And, you will recall that Yahshua had to identify with Satan as well, taking upon Himself the sins of man—the bronze serpent (Satan) on the pole (Yahshua). And I might add, the body of Christ has had the like identification for 2,000 years. (Read The Rod, page 1.)

Repeating what I shared in the last posting, when Satan walked outside my house that day, he did not pass by because I was his destination. I also believe that it was quite revealing that I opened the front door to see who it was. In type, I actually opened the door to him. It was all a type and testimony of what was to shortly take place on Trumpets, October 16.

But one thing about the 1985ish experience also encourages me—I was successful in casting out Satan. Do you remember that Legion was successful in gaining the right to enter into the 2,000 swine? This act testified to the like success Satan would have in the next 2,000 years of the church. Thereby, I overcame my Christian error and cast out Satan. Today, I have equally overcome my Christian error and should have the authority to cast out Satan—the office of the twelfth apostle returning back to a man. Also, I had to accurately address where he was; and today, I know where he is now as well—he is the twelfth apostle, a place that he has occupied for 2,000 years and must now return back to a man.

Remember, everything Yahweh does is legal.

Let me share another matter that is encouraging. But first, is all of this a guarantee? The only guarantee is that Yahweh will do what He has ordered and declared, and I can only hope we are beginning to get a glimpse of what He is doing and will do.

The Peter I have spoken of in the last two postings who was dressed in black but seen in red, had pulled away from me two years before. He went back into Christianity and fell into sin. When he returned in 2007, I had hoped that he would be the fulfillment of the passage in Luke 22:31-32 that after being sifted like wheat, he would strengthen the brethren. But, Peter was not a particular strength to us at that time, but was in fact in need of a lot of help and understanding. And of late he has even pulled away yet again.

But what I now see is that Peter was only a type, a testimony of that which would be fulfilled one year later in 2008. Even as natural Peter was away for two years and returned, so now after 2,000 years we need the promised fulfillment. As addressed in the last posting, the Peter that needs to return and be established at Trumpets and strengthen the brethren, is the rock upon which the second Remnant must be built. And quite ironically, the very reason our natural Peter rejects me is that he cannot accept that the Elijah must be one man, one Peter—the very thing that he himself attests to.

The next point I would like to add is relative to what the brother reminded me of on the seventeenth, that Atonement was the day on which Yahshua began His ministry. Of all the things that have taken place and been evidenced leading up to and during this time, that truth is the most compelling and hopeful. In fact, it was that brother and Peter who were with me in Washington State in 2004 as signing witnesses of a document that is undoubtedly quite significant.

On September 25, 2004, Kyle Nixon entered into a contract with me whereby the place of the twelfth apostle that has belonged to Satan for 2,000 years, was transferred to me. Quite significantly, that contract was signed on Atonement, the very feast that we are now approaching come October 25, 2008, hoping for Yahweh to make that very transition. (To read this contract, click here.) So here we are, four years later at the same feast, Atonement, hoping that this transition we set forth legally will indeed take place. I pray that Yahweh fulfills this.

Let’s now look at the ongoing prophetic testimony revealed in baseball. If you do not remember, baseball is prophetic of the kingdom of heaven. I will try to be brief.

When the Rays lost to the Red Sox on Trumpets, my one ray of hope was crushed, I had an Uzzah experience, and Satan entered into me. From my standpoint at that moment, that loss was failure. Oh yes, they went on to win the American League Championship, but I was looking for something that night affirming a Trumpets victory. But what I failed to see was that the true fulfillment was that the scarlet thread had to go to a Satan, so that night Satan had to enter into me. Thus the win that night after a 7-7 tie, had to go to a red work and the Red Sox won. That night was a Satan night, and the Rays (less the Devil) had to lose the game. It was in fact an incredible turnaround for the Red Sox.

I hope you understand the scarlet thread now, how it represents the office of the twelfth apostle and is passed from Judas, through Satan, to the Elijah. This is clearly a scarlet thread of sin and death that leads to resurrection life.

In the seventh and final game, the testimony of the removal of Satan was evidenced. At the top of the ninth inning, all the Rays had to do was to keep the Red Sox from scoring. The Rays led by two points, so the pitcher needed to shut them out, or at least hold them to no more than one run. When I saw that the closing pitcher was number 14, I was quite hopeful. Why? I have labored fourteen years to receive the two-part Bride. (Fourteen is also the sum of the two sevens, 7-7, in the score on Trumpets.) Then I saw the pitcher’s name, and was even more convinced that this was Yahweh’s testimony. For fourteen years I have had to pay the price for the Bride, and the pitcher’s name was Price, David Price.

Now, if this was not enough, in the most revelatory movie I have ever watched—Unbreakable—there is an Elijah character whose purpose in type is to reveal the coming of Yahshua. And, his name in the movie is nothing less than Elijah Price. The name of the one who was the type of Yahshua was David Dunn, the Son of David who declared, “It is finished/done.” And if this is not enough, David Price and Elijah Price are both black men—the raven, the Elijah. David Price is also a left-hander, even as were the Benjamites—Benoni, “the son of my sorrow,” who was changed to Benjamin, “the son of my right hand.” Yahweh reverses the curse. The transformation of Benoni to Benjamin is clearly the course of the Elijah. (It can also be said that the first Remnant was a Benoni, and the second Remnant is a Benjamin.)

Of course David Price shut the Red Sox out in the ninth inning, the Elijah inning, sending the Rays to the World Series. But I must say, when I saw the number and name of Price as he warmed up on the pitcher’s mound, while momentarily encouraging me, it soon caused me to be quite distressed. Why? Given the obvious prophetic testimony, what if Price failed and the Rays lost?! I would once again be crushed! (This is why I do not like to watch baseball. It is too prophetic, and the games become very real representations of the kingdom of heaven.)

To my GREAT relief, the suspense was not too great or drawn out. That ninth inning was over rather quickly as Price fulfilled the testimony we all needed to see, particularly me at that moment.

And, it might not surprise you, this is where I am even today. Do you know how many times I have been disappointed over the last fourteen years? I can tell you this, that it was enough for Kyle to give me the name—the king of Disappointment. I have no problems whatsoever identifying with Benoni, the son of sorrow—so much so that it is sometimes hard to see that I and all of this could become the son of Yahshua’s right hand. I could become the king of Appointment.

I realize I could fail, but even up to this posting I am writing what I see. Yes, even as Price could have lost the game, this could all topple down and cease Saturday, as intercessions have in the past. But be that as it may, I still see hope, even great hope, and Price did succeed. Trumpets was a fulfillment, and I pray Atonement/Jubilee will be as well.

What do I, what can we, hope for on the 25th? I hope that what happened to Yahshua on Atonement will happen to me, less the Holy Spirit leading me/us into the wilderness with its fasting from food and water and being tempted by the devil. Instead, I need to lead people out of the wilderness into the promised land, even experiencing Jubilee.

The first golden Rod brought a death work, whereas the second golden rod must be a resurrection work. The other way to look at this is to examine what Yahshua did following His resurrection and in the days leading up to Pentecost. In Acts 1:3 we read regarding that time, “To these He also presented Himself alive after His suffering, by many convincing proofs, appearing to them over a period of forty days and speaking of the things concerning the kingdom of God.” Thus, instead of the forty days and nights in a wilderness, such we would hope to see in this like resurrection ministry period leading up to our Tabernacles Pentecost, yet via Elijah.

On the 25th, Satan needs to be displaced, the serpent turning back into the rod. Thereby, I hope to receive the signet ring that belongs to Yahshua and Haman-Satan has had for 2,000 years. He has been the in-place-of-Christ work since Yahshua left, and that cursed place needs to go to a man who will do good and not evil—the Elijah who restores all things and prepares the way for Yahshua’s return.

Even as Haman did evil with the king’s ring, so Satan has done evil with the King’s ring/authority. Thus, when Satan came into me at my Uzzah, I attested to his actions and did evil with the signet ring. Satan has not honored that office to do good but used it to effect violence, even as I evidenced by handling that ring with violence.

In addition to the signet ring, I need for the Holy Spirit to descend upon me like a dove, that I might walk in the power and authority of the Spirit, even as did Peter. (By the way, that final game was played in Saint Petersburg.) I also need to experience the outcome of the Father saying, “This is my beloved son, in you I am well pleased.” I need His affirmation before men that I am doing the Father’s will and speaking on His behalf, so that I can dispute and destroy the lies of Christianity and the world. We may see Satan displaced on Atonement, but he will have to be exposed and displaced in Christianity and the world as well. Again, Elijah restores all things.

One final word on the outcome of the former and latter rods. It is highly noteworthy that the first golden Rod that brought death came under a Passover-first, crescent-moon, Jewish calendar. Very importantly, the second golden rod that brings resurrection and begins the establishment of the new heavens and new earth, comes under the Trumpets/Tabernacles-first, full-moon, New Millennial Calendar. (Read The New Millennial Calendar to examine this comparison.) There had to be this legal flip in the calendar to effect this new work.

Thus, I hope you can see that the flip on October 16, as well as Atonement/Jubilee on October 25, have far more to do with governmental issues relative to the kingdom of heaven than with the world at this time. Will money continue to fail? Undoubtedly so. It failed over a period of three years in the Great Depression. But, the prevailing issue is the creation of the new heavens and new earth. This we will look to Yahweh to effect through His Son—His office He gives to a man, His redeemed associate (Zechariah 13:7), Elijah, who prepares His way.


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