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Recently I received an e-mail from a journalist in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, who was asking me some questions relative to the news release titled, “Last Man Standing: Saudi Arabia.” Here is their e-mail and my reply.

Hi Gary,

It’s my pleasure to contact you.

I’ve gone through the breifs about your book “the curse of 1920” and the intersting article you wrote to saudis “Last man standing: Saudi Arabia”. You know that many voices are coming from US requesting Saudis to give more spaces for women. I’ve read your proofs about the mistakes about these voices.

I still have some questions:

1. Have you been in Saudi Arabia? When? What was it for? how did find it?

Dear Name,

My reply is found below—margin left.

I have not been to Saudi Arabia. On two different occasions in letters to King Abdullah and Ambassador Al-Jubeir, I have asked for the privilege of being hosted to come to Saudi Arabia, the last man standing, and see first hand these qualities of life that are so worthy of praise. I have not heard from either of them to date. It would be an honor to come to Saudi Arabia for a visit, and I hope to do so. In fact, I will be calling the Ambassador’s office this week, as well as soon be sending yet a third letter to this same effect, including a third press release. I do not know if you have the first press release I sent out regarding this matter. It is an open letter to King Abdullah and can be read at I will send you the next release when it comes out.

2. What is your experince about the saudi culture and the saudi community? what are the similarties you find between Saudis and Americans that drives to write what you s?

I have no direct experience with the Saudi culture, something I would cherish to experience. Am I naïve to think that the Saudi culture is perfect? Of course not. I have lived too many years to expect to find perfection in any man or culture. But, the Saudi’s have a religious, social, and civil order that is more in harmony with that which is right and good than the aberrant affairs and pursuits of the vast majority of nations today, especially European and now American. In fact, the moral and religious qualities of the Saudis today are far more in keeping with those practiced at the founding of our nation. Though I have not been to Saudi Arabia, I raised my family of five children with the same standards of family government, modesty in dress and actions, and head covering. I have lived and experienced the same moral culture and practices that I see in Saudi Arabia, and value them greatly.

Unfortunately, the similarities I see between America and the Saudis is that you are seeking to go down the same primrose path of supposed “freedom” that is in fact destruction. This path has destroyed our nation’s families, our morals, countless lives, the financial stability of our government (we are now enslaved to you as a debtor), our religion, our sanctity of life (now killing 3,500 babies every day), our modesty, esteemed values, leading to our pursuit of wanton pleasure, immorality, sexual confusion and disregard for the sanctity of marriage, confusion of the sexes in appearance and right governmental order, and confusion of the rightful governmental place of the man and the woman. Any time one seeks to make men and women equal, it will destroy society.

One of our founding fathers and the second president of the United States, John Adams, wrote, “Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.” Unfortunately, we have abandoned that wisdom and greatly suffer the perils thereof, as will any nation.

3. Don’t you see you sayings as sort of new racism?

I do not understand how you can say that or even what you might mean, so I cannot reply.

4. In Saudi Arabia, the no. of unemplyment are going higher and higher and most of the unemployees are from the women. The reason behind that is the restrictions put around the women although we have seen many successful stories for women working and having good families. Don’t you find something inconsistent with what you have said in your letter?

Women who are mothers are never unemployed. Would you rather have in Saudi Arabia our statistics where we have now had over ninety years of equal rights for women and freedom to corrupt lives with immoral entertainment, etc.? Would you too like to have 53 percent divorce rates and only 50 percent traditional two-parent homes? If so, prepare for your children to begin having sex before marriage at a rate of 50 percent as well, and one out of four of your girls getting a venereal disease. Also, are you ready for 40 percent of your children to now be born out of wedlock (ours was 4 percent in 1950), without a stable two-parent family? Are you ready for marriage rates to dramatically fall and live-in relationships to escalate? Are you ready for your men to not want to ever get married, our nation’s rate now being three times what it was just 30 years ago? Are you ready for men to quit going to college as more and more girls abandon the home and crowd out the men, as well as the education system becoming feminized to the extent that men lose interest? And with this removal of the line of distinction between men and women, are you ready for a dramatic increase in homosexuality?

The problem with what you want and with what this nation has done is that you fail to look down the road to see where it leads, to see the consequences. These pursuits are like a drug addict who enjoys the pleasure of the moment too much to consider the future consequences. It is to live for the moment—yet some day you or the next generation or even the next will wake up to all the ill and destructive effects and realize your pleasure has destroyed you. If American feminists before 1920 could have looked forward to today and seen the consequences of their actions, they would have shrunk back in horror and straightway gone home (as many women urged). There is a passage in the Bible that is quite fitting here, it says: “There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.” This was written by the man who built the first temple in Jerusalem with the help and aid of the Saudis (2 Chronicles 9:13-14)—King Solomon.

5. What is your background in university since I didn’t see you talking about it? and what drives to go for the area of feminism?

I received a Bachelor of Science degree in 1973. But learning does not stop with a sheep skin (a degree) in hand.

What drives me to address the ills of feminism? What drives a physician in the throws of a life-threatening epidemic? What drives a fireman when there is a fiery explosion in a home or even hotel? What drives a lifeguard when he sees someone thrashing about in the sea? The answer is the consequential peril of life and destruction. That is what feminism is—it destroys lives, families, societies, religion, and nations—and that drives me.

6. Finally, are your wife, your mother, your sisters and your daughters (if you have any) satisfied with your view points? what do they say?

Unfortunately, my wife and family have rejected me. I no longer claim to be a Christian and now embrace truths that they have a hard time accepting under traditional Christianity. You can read these at There is a writing there titled, “Why I Am No Longer A Christian.” Also, they have abandoned the truths that were so important as our family grew and have turned to the pleasures that the world has to offer.

I know they are alot of questions, but a lot of discussions are being held in that area and what you said is something intersted that may add something valuable to that disscusions.

I am glad to add to the discussions and provide a perspective that is missed by the naïve and those who do not look at the long-term effects of their actions. I hope you will convey what I have said here fairly and accurately, otherwise it would completely contradict and nullify the discussion.

I am grateful for this opportunity and glad that the article has found its way to Saudi Arabia. Hopefully I will meet you some day in your country. Until then, I urge you and your entire country to walk circumspectly, and do not live for the moment or compromise that which is proven to be right, good, and virtuous.


Gary D. Naler

PS – I would appreciate your sending me a copy of the article or a link to it. Thank you.

Hopefully, to have your responds very soon since I’m preparing a report about you and your view points.

Please accept my best wishes.



Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


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