Temptation cartoon
The answer? A lot!

Given the cartoon we see here from the 1911 issue of Life Magazine titled “The Temptation,” please allow a little highly revealing theology. As you can see, the cartoon begs it. And most certainly, there is more to this cartoon than the casual eye beholds—far more.

First, let us ask a simple question: In the beginning when God created man male and female, do you think His design for each bore any significance regarding the governmental relationship between the two? Was there an attesting governmental order in His design, or were His blueprints for the respective bodies of the man and the woman purely utilitarian?

Insomuch that God performed His creation in a very specific order over six days, including making the man first and later taking the woman from his side, it seems safe to assume that God’s creation of the man and the woman in distinctly different bodies is extensively governmental in its representation.

Likewise, why is it throughout all of nature that when there exists a distinct difference between the male and the female, the male is more splendid in appearance? The stag, the peacock, the lion, the cardinal, the guppy, on and on, all attest to a greater glory that is consistently given to the male. Quite obviously, to assume that this consistency is mere evolutionary happenstance is willful self-delusion, for in reality once again nature speaks to us.

On the other hand, the exception in nature to this consistent distinction in appearance is the black widow spider. In contrast to the female’s significantly larger size, glossy black color, and distinctive red hourglass, the male is not only much smaller but is dull tan in color and spindly in appearance. And how is it that she receives her name? Because during mating, if the male is not quick the female will capture and devour him—thus, a widow.

We find in this cartoon where the devil is offering the scepter, the right to rule, to the woman, a most remarkable reminder regarding God’s designed governmental relationship between men and women.

What is the most distinguishing outward anatomical difference that God designed in the man and the woman? Clearly, it is the genitalia. All other aspects of the outward anatomy of a man and a woman have some commonality but with variation, yet the genitalia evidence the most profound difference, differences that are critical to the success of their purposes. In fact, it is their differences that afford the two to become one; and in accordance with God’s government cause two to become one flesh.

You will notice in the cartoon that the devil, the father of rebellion, offers the woman a scepter with the promise of power. What is actually being offered to the woman here? The right to govern in civil affairs. Up to 1920, there was no federal provision giving women the right to vote. Various states had already given that scepter to women, including California in 1911. But many other states, such as Arkansas in the same year, had denied that right.

What then does this scepter, this rod of authority and the right to govern, speak to? Anatomically and governmentally there is one testimony: It speaks of the God-given right and responsibility of the man alone to govern.

The tribe of Judah was God’s scepter (Psalm 60:7), and the anatomical correlation to that scepter is made quite evident, as we read: “The rod will not depart from Judah, nor the scepter [same Hebrew word used in Psalm 60:7] from between his feet, until to whom it belongs comes …” (Genesis 49:10). There is only one scepter that is between the feet of a man—the anatomical testimony that the man alone has the right to rule.

What woman bears the testimony that she has the right to rule according to the will and design of our Creator? None, absolutely none! In fact, the woman testifies that her fruitfulness and the fulfillment of her own divine purpose can only come when she yields under the man’s scepter, evidencing yielding under the authority of the man. Women will not find true fruitfulness and lasting fulfillment until they learn to practice this. And while a woman can take an imitation scepter offered to her by the devil and give herself pleasure, she can never thereby bring forth the required offspring. It serves only to satisfy her wanton desires.

Such have women effected through the Eveonian women’s rights movement and women’s suffrage. To the severe and destructive detriment of the family, society, the church, and the nation, women have taken the scepter that belongs to the man alone and have sought to be a man. God did not give them this authority; they demanded it and took it by force, becoming the black widow spider who has devoured her husband.

This determined pursuit of the woman to be a man is further evidenced in this highly revealing cartoon. Look at the dark highlights on the woman’s dress and you will see the man’s pants, the two legs separated by the central white area. Her left shoe is protruding forward. The Eveonian women’s rights movement has sought all along to take the place of the man—to wear the pants, not only in the family but in the workplace and in government. Women have vehemently sought to usurp the man, not only in appearance but in authority, and they are destroying everything they touch.

And what have men done? Pathetically, they have had a sex-change themselves, allowing women to take the scepter that belongs to them alone and to be ruled over. And like the aberrant women, neither are they equipped to bring forth fruitfulness under the woman. That fruitfulness takes place only one way: When the man rules over the woman as God the Creator both designed and testifies, as well as clearly instructs.

Furthermore, this insane mindset that the woman can rule with the man as a co-equal is nothing less than the net effect of the woman taking the place of the man, and will thereby rule over him. Co-equal rule is governmental homosexuality—one and the same sex—and violates the proven fact that women are not to exercise the authority of a man. In fact, the only creature I know of that anatomically possesses both sexes is that little serpent the earthworm, that eats dirt and dead and decaying matter.

So women, I ask you a very simple question: To whom did God give the scepter, and who offers you that scepter now? This nation is being destroyed and will continue to be destroyed unless the scepter returns to whom it belongs—the man solos!


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