Who is the mother of the Elijah?

This is a very important question to ask, especially if one is looking for the Elijah to come on the scene at this critical time.  But he must be birthed.  If that was a riddle propounded to you, and as with Samson if you answered it you would receive thirty linen wraps and thirty changes of clothes—priesthood and an immortal body—what would be your answer?  Do you know the answer?  Could you receive the promise?  If you plow with the heifer you will know.

Let us ask another helpful question.  Who was the mother of John the Baptist?  That question is easy.  She was Elizabeth.  John was not Elijah, but he had the spirit of Elijah and pointed to him. 

Do you now know who is the mother of Elijah?  

What did we just learn about the seven?  That in heaven it is good; but on earth, red Adam man corrupts it and it becomes the mark of the beast.  Did you know that “Elizabeth” means “God of the seven,” or even “God of the oath”?

Now do you know who is the mother of Elijah?

Here is the answer.  The mother of the Elijah is the covenant with the many set forth in Daniel 9:27.  She is the covenant, the oath, of seven years that Yahweh makes with man—the seven that is from on high.  This is the seven whereby Yahshua walked out three and a half years, and John the Baptist walked out six months.  So who will birth the Elijah?  Who is the mother of Elijah?  The remaining three years of the covenant with the many, the Elizabeth, the God of the seven, even the God of the oath, of the covenant.  The covenant with the many births Elijah.

This I hope will take place in the very days before us.

What did Christian Adam men do to that seven-year covenant in Daniel 9?  The same thing they always do to the kingdom of heaven.  As it is written in Daniel 9:26, the people of the Prince destroy both Jerusalem and the sanctuary.  (Read the opening page of The Great Tribulation for a correct translation of those vital passages.)  They take that covenant of seven years and call it evil, saying that it is the work of the antichrist.  The very covenant they DESPERATELY need, they despise, in fact calling Elizabeth a beast!

Can Christianity bring forth the Son of God?  Quite obviously not!  They despise and corrupt the very source that brought forth John, evidenced by his mother’s name; brought forth Yahshua; and brings forth the Elijah who prepares the way for Yahshua’s return.  Here again, they make the heavenly seven into the corrupt.  This example alone demonstrates precisely what was written in the last e-mail.  Seven in heaven is divine; but, seven on earth is dearth!

How vital is the covenant with the many set forth in Daniel?  Without it there would not have been Yahshua, and without it Yahweh’s wrath would not be cut short by virtue of the Elijah (Malachi 4:5-6).

I trust that since we know this vital truth, we receive the thirty linen wraps and thirty changes of clothes.  And, I hope we are now in those promised three years, and that Tabernacles Pentecost will clearly evidence/birth the Elijah.



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