The writing, Kissing, Lips, and Attesting Glory, is now online.  Here is its description:

“There is only one thing harder than the writing of this article, and that is writing its description.  If you think that the three temples prophesy, wait till you see how your temple, your body, prophesies.  First you will learn that women have three pairs of lips and men have two; and from there the wealth of truth and information is staggering!  Here is something you will not understand until you read this: Mary birthed Yahshua as a virgin, and men will birth Immanuel, equally as a virgin.  Also, Yahshua first came in a female role, speaking volumes for women.  And did you know that when you speak, your words are a covenant equal to when Yahweh made a covenant with Abraham?  And, do you know what the lips prophetically represent, and what is prophesied when a man and a woman kiss?  And, what do other intimate acts prophesy?  In one word, WOW explains the content and revelation contained in this writing.”  

Here is one man’s comment after reading it:

It was interesting when you stated, “By writing and speaking on these intimate concealed matters, this man could be accused of having a mind that excessively delights in the sexual.”  That had actually never occurred to me.  One thing that really drew me to your writings and such was your lack of fear to try and analyze and explain sexuality.  You discussed it frankly and governmentally.  Sexuality is such a strong force in our lives, and yet it is a creation of Yahweh’s and has meaning.  Sex has such a spiritual feel to it, and you helped clarify how it mirrors the heavenly.  It also seems to be at the core of human sin on Earth.  Everything worldly is steeped in sexuality.  It is the largest “magnet” for sin.  But given your recent writing, it really comes from a lack of understanding of what the act truly means.

To read this writing in its regular online format, click here.  To read it in the PDF format, click here.   

There is also a second Remnant Bride radio program on this subject that came out following the one announced on January 29.  It is very helpful to listen to, and you can listen to it by clicking here.  If you have trouble, right click on the link and save it in you computer. 


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