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Following are some of the replies I received from the article, “Flora Jessop: The Troubled Woman Who Cost Texas $14 Million, and Hundreds of Innocent People Their Peace and Safety.” Each of these echo the very things this report reveals—a people whom, for numerous reasons, I have been privileged to communicate with.

Gary Naler


Dear Gary,

I was recently reading Brooke Adams Tribune blog and someone posted a link to your article. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time and effort to actually research and interview people involved with Flora. You did an awesome job with this article and I appreciate someone who will not be afraid to speak the truth! I am from Colorado City, but did not know Flora personally. However, I do know that the stories she has spread are blatant lies and I am thrilled to see the people who knew her finally speak out. It is people like you who will help heal the hurt she has caused by gaining the trust of those who know the truth, and being willing to set the story straight.

Thank You!



Thank you,

Your article about Flora is very true….
I am ashamed to admit she was once my Hero.
She hurt our family because I believed her lies.

If you would like I will tell how I came to be with her in Phoenix.



Thanks again, Gary.

This document ranks right up there with the most important investigative works of our time.

It, and the Texas Supreme Court ruling in this case, are great milestones for progress against what is wrong with our dear sick America.

Your input and ability to doggedly ferret out the truth and present it so well, provides an overdue but much needed tonic to the yellow stained media’s reputation.

Being responsible always solves problems. Irresponsibility accumulates problems. Selfishness perpetuates irresponsibility. A credo of “service to others” is what the FLDS are about, and bragging about it all, takes some of the luster from the reward for having done the good. Now you know, we couldn’t have done all this without you. You have been, and will be, a continued ‘God-Send’ for right.

“Thanks (literally) a million.”

Sincerely, Paul


I sure wish you would write up an article about Elissa Wall. Her story is very much like Flora’s, although she hasn’t got quite as public about it all yet and doesn’t tell as outlandish of lies as Flora. I am not really one to tell you much but I am sure that there are those who could.



Thank you Gary for the excellent article I read concerning Flora Jessop’s life. I’m ‘ex’ FLDS myself, having left when I was 15, but I still have family there, and I still respect and admire the people who honestly live their religion. It’s a very well written piece you’ve compiled, and it remarkably reflects the reality I have known surrounding the FLDS and others like them.




Gary, I am amazed at how accurate and intelligent your report is. Thank you for telling it like it is. It is obvious you have put a great deal of effort and time into researching out the facts. The truth has rarely been given in relation to this unpopular religion. I am a happy, content member of the FLDS and know Flora and her evil ways. I also know Haven and Ruby, a wonderful and happy couple. Thank you for the breath of fresh air. It’s about time someone stood up for what’s right! TRUTH WILL PREVAIL.




I sincerely thank you for writing this article, and I know how much you desired to get the story right from the source rather than from others. No one before has done as much as you have in getting to the bottom of the allegations made by this poor vicious woman. Your patience and commitment to the truth of the matter is a noble trait and very much appreciated.

Heaven bless
– Allen

Allen has a blog offering an FLDS perspective, FLDS View


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